Rihanna's Second River Island Collection

Rihanna's second collection launches in September and then again in November. This time round it definitely has an urban tomboy feel to it with leathers, mesh and camouflage prints. 

Colours are all within an Autumnal palette - Yellows, blacks, khaki and Burgundy's are on point for this season. My favourite pieces are the baseball shirts which come in two shades - Yellow and black, the pencil skirts which are leather and also the striped maxi dress which seems to be stuck firmly in fashion. 

Personally I'm in two minds with this collection. It's very masculine and while I do like masculine I like pieces I can mix with more feminine pieces to balance out my outfits. These pieces verge on nice to what the heck! The leather MC Hammer styled trousers are horrendous. The J-Lo Jenny from the block styled heeled work boots should NEVER be allowed back into fashion - EVER and the camo knee highs I'm speechless. 

RiRi River Island Collection

I'm not sure if I'll be purchasing much because I can see these items being in fashion and back out again pretty quickly with the exception of the pencil skirts and maxi dress. I like classic pieces that can be mixed with on trend pieces, these well not so much. They also don't seem to have any benefit to the female form but as street pieces they seem OK. 

I'll probably change my mind in a few weeks but does anyone else feel like we've seen all these items before? Of course not from Rihanna but it does feel like every designer and his/her dog's done this sort of thing. 

What do you lovelies think of Riri's second collection? Hit or miss? 

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