Skin ProSerum by ESPA

ESPA unveil their new Optimal Skin Proserum this September. It seems that September's going to be pretty mega in terms of beauty launches and this product has me excited. I personally think it's the packaging as I've never really bothered too much for the brand; I just don't feel that I know quite enough and haven't tried any of their products... yet. 

This product is a super-serum. It's aims are to combine strength and efficiency while treating your skin and face on a cellular level. Sounds confusing? in layman's terms it's a super kick-ass facial oil (or all over) serum that works harder to make you look better. 

Personally I just adore the bottle, those colours are simply gorgeous and the packaging looks very expensive and chic. I know I will test this out at some point but I've yet to find out the price; my wishlist is becoming mega so this won't be up the top of the list but it's definitely on it. 

Have you tried ESPA products before?  You can check this out on it's release over on the ESPA website HERE

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