The Best Nail Polish Shades For Your Skin Tone

Have you ever coveted that gorgeous nail polish? you know the one that's just been released and seems to be the 'it' colour. You've probably seen a ton of swatch pictures and Instagram pics and just can't shake that need to own it. 

Have you ever got the polish home, swatched it and thought 'urghghgh' it looks gross. I know I have on many occasions but I just couldn't figure out why the ones that looked gross on me looked awesome on everyone else? My maiden name was Kelly. My family are from an Irish background  and I have green eyes, so it's only natural that I would have a soft spot for green shades, especially the Kelly green shade. However it looks hideous on me, any green shade to be honest looks so wrong and at one point I kept purchasing greens just hoping one would work - they never did and I accepted that. 

To solve the issue I decided to break it down eventually settling on the actual colour. Just like the clothing we buy certain colours can either make us or break us so why would polish be any different? 

Taking my addiction to colour and my need to organise I eventually figured out what colours look good with what skin tones. You know how some outfits pop with certain hair colours and eye colours the same can be said for your skin tone. 

Polishes For Fair Skin

Fair skin can be either cool or warm. Blush tones and corals are ideal natural bases for lighter skin tones. For a glamazon look paint on some rose golds or metallic bronze to finish your look and if it's a brighter look you're after brighten up your look by opting for a bright fuchsia or creamy sky blue is the way to go

Polishes for Olive skin

Olive skin tones look amazing with juicy coral toned orange-reds which can look so bad on many others, similarly caramel nudes, dusky pinks and gold tones and pewter look amazing for glamourous daywear that can so easily be taken into the evening. Prefer more of a pop of colour opt for a neon electric green such as the Nails Inc. version above. 

Polishes for bronze skin

Bronze Skin suits most shades but can become slightly tricky with nude tones. Try opting for golds, copper tones and mauves for a laid back look and brightening up your mani with hot pinks, glittery shades and hot oranges for that fun time summer style. Midnight blacks and navy tones also look hawt on bronzed skin so you can really never go wrong with those shades. 

Deep Skin Polishes

Deep Skin offsets rich jewels tones amazingly. Vibrancy is key as most in-between colours can look washed out and dull on deep skin tones. Top picks are deep indigo blues, teals and purples, for a more subdued look opt for cafe-au-lait and salmon pink tones. 

These shades are all great starting points for a polish capsule collection, they can easily be mixed up with some nail art and cover everything from daywear, evening wear and special occasions. As much as these are great starting points you will of course have your own preference and your own eye for colour, rather than just purchasing a colour because it's nice consider what it would look like on - just as you would say a dress. Would you wear a dress in a similar colour? if so - go for it. 

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