50 Shades W-H-A-A-A-T!

I feel slightly gutted - as though someone's stolen my last chocolate bar or I've suddenly gained a stone over-night. I feel like stamping my feet on the ground or even throwing a major toddler tantrum - but I won't cause I'm a lay-dee. 

So why do I feel so gutted? This is why... 

Yip they're two perfectly formed grown ups, so what's the problem you might ask? I think I'm probably best to show you this visually. This is my problem...


Nope still don't get it? okies.... over the last few months the media have speculated on which celebs would take the much sought after sexy role of Mr Christian Grey in the film adaptation of 50 shades of grey. We all watched as the media narrowed it down to a few celebs and even in some interviews the prospective celebs straight out said they wanted the role. Surely only celebs who were close to getting this role would be so cocky to say they wanted it? 

Clearly not. I had my heart set on the human shaped bundle of sexiness that is Mr Ian Somerhalder aka Damon from Vampire Diaries. I haven't read the books but I would have rushed to the cinema to see him in playing this role. To be fair I would have bitch slapped and scratched my way to the front of the queue to ensure I got in. 

So who are the actual stars? The girl is Dakota Johnson, she looks so much like Jessa from Girls that I thought that's who it was. Dakota's the daughter of Don Johnson from Django Unchained and Melanie Griffith who we all know is the owner of the infamous trout pout and wife of Antonio Banderas 

The guys name is Charlie Hunnam of Sons of Anarchy - he's just blah, he may shock though and end up being really amazing but meh. When I found out who got the starring roles I was kind of like whaaaa-t! it just didn't sit right. I know I won't go and see it but what do you guys think? 
Here was some of the lady contenders? 

I'd have loved Lily Collins and Ian Somerhalder to have taken the lead, now that would have been exciting to watch. I'd love to know who you guys would have chosen? 

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