Dermaco & Monu Partner Up

I adore DermaCo so when I heard that they had partnered with Monu I had to get my blog on to share the news. Monu are a leading supplier of non-surgical treatment equipment, machinery and of course, a skincare range. DermaCo are a supplier of awesomeness plain and simple if you missed my review of their Soothing Revival Balm you can check it out here

When I reviewed the Soothing Balm I literally used it multiple times per day and it went so fast. I was gutted when it ran out and it's definitely a product that will remain firmly on my forever buy list. 

So what does this partnership mean? In simple terms, it means that means that Monu and DermaCo are bringing their awesome technologically and skincare range to the public in the way of an advanced 6-in-1 beauty machine and a range of specially formulated skin care. The DermaCo Pro VX 6 in 1 machine offers affordability, flexibility and quality and treatments using this machine include: 
  • Thermotherapy - Also called heat therapy this helps a multitude of pain conditions and muscle aches and pains. 
  • Cryotherapy - Boosts immune system, improves fatigue and increases metabolism. 
  • Microdermabrasion - Exfoliating away dead skin cells while increasing the production of healthy skin. 
  • Ultrasound - Used in massage and for increasing collagen in facials. 
  • Micro-current - Used for facial toning and non surgical face lifts. 
  • LED Light Therapy - Excellent treatments for fine lines and reversing the signs of ageing. 
The DermaCo skincare range was produced in close co-operation with MONU skincare using pure ingredients and was originally created to provide beauty professionals with the most technologically advanced equiptment in Europe. 

MONU Professional Skincare have over 30 years' experience in developing unique, gentle and naturally pure products. MONU uses formulations that use the special properties of plants, herbs, minerals and essential oils. 

The DermaCo Pro VX 6 in 1 machine is targeted towards beauty salons, spas and health clubs so all I will say is keep your eyes peeled for these services coming to your local beauty outlets very soon - I know I will be. 

Ultimately you can contact DermaCo skincare here and can contact MONUhere to find out where these will be located. You can indulge in the skincare ranges just now though, I promise you won't be disappointed. 

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