Five Fashion Bloggers You Need to See

When it comes to style some people have it and others copy it. Here are my top pick of fashion bloggers who have style in the bag. 

Mayo Wu blogs over on Mellow Mayo Blog. Mayo's style is very ethereal and feminine and I have to say I've yet to come across an outfit post I disliked. She seems to stick to her style rather than what's in fashion and that's what makes someone truly a fashionista. 

Second up is .Konstantina who's a blogger from Greece and blogs over on Serial Klother Blog First off you can't not notice her natural beauty, that jaw-line wow; jealous much *haha*. Konstantina is typically seen wearing feminine styles with brighter pops of colours, she's not afraid of a bold print or two but this look on her was a 'oh wow' moment for me.  

Third up is Elle-May from Australia who blogs over on My Love Life Blog. Unlike the first two Elle-May's still's very simple but with a street edge, she wears more muted tones which suit her complexion perfectly. Again she's a woman who sticks to what suits her rather than letting her clothes wear her.  

Fourth on the list is the ubber cute Sabina who's from Sweden. Although this outfit looks muted Sabina's style is grungy, gothic but ultimately chic. She mixes up lace, shabby fabrics, leather, jersey and flowing materials with masculine-esque worn footwear. She's not afraid of showing her personality with her ever changing hair colours, piercings and love of smoking - She's just too darn inspirational not to love, she also blogs over on Slaktatom Blog.

Fifth up is my all time favourite fashion blogger, Annabelle's from America and blogs over on Viva Luxury Blog. I swear she's made of butter, her skin just looks amazing and when she does arm party photo's I can't ever see any arm hair? (I'm jealous as I have clearly visible arm hair). Her styles feminine, she's not afraid to mix up her fabrics, rock a print colour or two and go wild with her accessories. She just looks expensive, I swear she could rock Primark but make it look like D&G. 

Keep your eyes peeled on these ladies, I have a feeling we will be seeing more of them. What I would recommend is taking some time, visit their blogs and see how they style up their outfits. They wear the clothes rather than their clothing wearing them, they know what colours suit their personalities and complexions and they know what shapes and piece styles suit their frames. 

What do you think of these ladies? 

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