Shopcade & ASOS Competition

Competitions are suppose to be fun but so many online ones these days require you to click this, comment here, share that and follow here, there and everywhere. Not, Shopcade. They make it plain and simple and offer the best prizes - this time round they're giving you the chance to win £150 ASOS gift card (UK) or $150 ASOS gift card (USA). 

Pretty amazing prize isn't it. I know what I would do with it but do you? There's a few ways you can increase your chances of winning. Firstly sign up for an account if you don't already have one. You can gain entries for following ASOS over on Shopcade (just tick a box), you can gain 10 entries for Tweeting and you can buy an entry by using 100 Shopcade points; the exciting part is making your wishlist. Simply click over and then window shop until your heart's content - that's it. 

Above is just some of my favourite 'picks' from ASOS over on my Shopcade (here), I love their latest products and would love to go shop crazy with £150 *sigh* I'd purchase a rake of jumpers, slouchy day dresses that I could team with opaque tights, shoes or chunky boots. 

You can sign up HERE and get your window shop (and real shop if it takes your fancy) on. 

Good Luck lovelies. 

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