The Cutest Lipbalm Ever

Ahhh! how cute is she? 

This little doll was one of my random Ebay purchases (honestly I could literally start a blog on random Ebay purchases) I bought it simply because of the way it looked, when purchasing this I had no idea how good it would be or even if it had any flavour or well anything. 

My sons thought I had bought a little shelf doll (I like to decorate my polish shelves with cute little things) but when I pulled off her head *muahahah* here's what she looks like. 

Ta-da she's the cutest little balm. The balm is surprisingly good and tastes (well smells) like strawberry but a good strawberry rather than synthetic. This little beaut cost a teeny 99p - I like 99p purchases that turn out to be surprisingly good. 

The packaging though arghhh, I'm a sucker for the cute packaging! I purchased this HERE but there are a few sellers offering this little cutie-patootie. 

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