My Truth: Fighting Fibromyalgia


I suffer from chronic Fibromyalgia, M.E, persistent pain disorder and a number of auto-immune conditions that basically make my life hell - but I'm dealing with it. This is hard for me to write because these conditions (mainly the fibromyalgia) are so wrongly viewed and understood by most people and in all honesty it's very upsetting and frustrating trying to explain what it is and how it affects sufferers. Most people presume 'oh that's the one that makes you tired' that's wrong on so many levels. 

M.E is the condition that causes soul crushing fatigue and tiredness and I'm not talking about general tiredness, I'm talking about blacking out just because you've stood up, falling down steps because taking that step is so exhausting and dropping scalding pots of water and food on yourself because your wrists and body simply couldn't support your own weight. M.E can disappear however and then return later on. 

Fibromyalgia never-ever goes away. I try to describe it in a way that a non fibromite may understand. Have you ever had that flu, the one that causes you to lay up in bed for a week minimum, the type that even the smallest brush of your bed covers hurts your skin due to it being so sensitive and sore? the type of flu that leaves you unable to get up, move or live in any way shape or form? if you have had THAT type of flu imagine having that EVERY DAY. Couple that with the M.E, Ulcerative Colitis, Endometriosis (that grows outside of the womb and around your bowels) and then the various other conditions that have happened due to a snowball effect which also have associated symptoms attached to them also. 

Imagine gritting your teeth so you don't cry as your son gives you a tender hug, imagine feeling like an absolute failure because you can't walk your sons to school, you can't play football outside and even getting up to get them a drink causes you to black out. A few years ago this was me. I had always been someone who worked hard, ate right, exercised and lived positively it was only after having my third son that my 'fibro' cranked up to chronic so much so no medication would help and my body started shutting down slowly. I walked with two walking sticks and my house was slightly adapted - ashamedly. 

I was put on Zolpadex and Decapeptyl three years ago which basically stops oestrogen, yes that meant going through menopause (I still am) at the age of 26 but if that meant reducing my pain (oestrogen causes the pain signals to fire, it's the messenger hormone) and regaining some of my life I was all for it. It did help and I did regain my life as much as I possibly could. I started blogging because it allowed me to feel normal, it gave me positivity and drive and passion which had been missing in the previous years. 

During my ill years I took an honours degree, I was determined to learn all I could about health and ultimately medicine because I was determined to find a cure, to help everyone going through what I was going through and simply because it gave me hope. That's why you will find a lot of my blog posts are based on fact, information and what causes an action in the body (diet, natural beauty etc) 

It was only after I fell ill that I realised how detrimental everything can be to the body, our health and alsp my outer beauty. I seemed to age-overnight due to the sheer amount of medications and the strength of the dosage that was taken daily. Even now I have to take daily meds which I hate so to combat the effects I aim to improve my health naturally.  

There are so many factors with these conditions that it's become a bit of a what came first, the chicken or the egg sort of thing. When one bodily system doesn't function correctly it puts everything else in the bodies 'engine' out of whack. This causes inner stress, struggle and ultimately disease and illness. Typically most people with disease and illness are deficient in minerals and vitamins. I know my body (NHS blood test revealed this not self-diagnosis) doesn't create Vitamin D3 as it should, this can cause increased pain also. 

Magnesium is one of those minerals that's said to improve some of the symptoms associated with fibromyalgia when the body is deficient in this mineral it causes symptoms such as pain, fatigue, poor concentration, cramps, bowel problems and lots of fibro similar symptom. By introducing Magnesium back into the body it's supposed to reduce those symptoms so I'm putting them to the test. 

While these won't 'cure' any of these conditions (because they're unfortunately incurable) my aim is to see if they reduce the symptoms a lot, a little or not at all. The two products that I have which were kindly sent by Better You (I emailed then kindly asking if they would be willing to let me test them and not the other way about) are: 

  • Magnesium Oil - This is a supersaturated magnesium body oil. You can spray it onto the affected areas directly or just cover your whole body (I have pain from head to toe) like I am, it works in the same way as anybody oil in that it hydrates and nourishes will introducing magnesium back into the body via the oils. 
  • Magnesium Flakes - These work in the same way as bath salts but are flakes of magnesium. I personally wash my hair while in the bath then add 1/2 cup of flakes to the bath and just relax for around 30 minutes allowing my body to soak in the magnesium. 
I have only just started testing these products out. I wanted to post this simply to give you an understanding of why I'm putting these to the test, to possibly tell you that I'm here and I understand if you're going through the same living fibromyalgia hell. I am going to try to find something that helps even if just a little bit because I know that if you're going through this you will have already wished for 1 day where you have no pain, where you can live normally, if I can find a product that genuinely helps I'm going to tell you about it plain and simple. 

I plan to do weekly updates on these products so if you've tried them let me know. You can check these out as well as the rest of the Better You's products over on their website HERE

Gentle hugs, 


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