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I recently went on the hunt for a new necklace. I simply don't have enough necklaces due to them breaking or getting lost along the way and I'm at the stage now where I'm craving some new neck embellishment. 

The problem is that when ever I find a nice necklace at a reasonable price they end up being gold plated! Even my beloved Swarovski mostly sell gold plated, what happened to the solid and 9ct gold jewellery? When I was younger it was always 9ct or solid gold jewellery that was available. 

I want something that looks nice, unusual even and is affordable. I don't mind paying for an item if it's worth it but most companies are charging £300-£500+ for plain 9ct gold. After about two weeks of continued searching I came across Alexis Dove Jewellery. What I loved was that the designs are current, classic and very much suitable for day to day wear. The materials used are 9ct gold and solid silver vermeil. While it's not sterling what the company offer in terms of pricing and design made them stand out.  

Here are my absolute favourite items from the Alexis Dove website. I am SO in love with the Buddha necklace which is at the top left of the image below. 

Alexis Dove

How cute is the little owl and fox. Even the 'Olive' necklace which resembles a cut gem is just so effortlessly chic and simple. I could really see me wearing any of these pieces and I have asked Hubster if he can consider asking Santa for one of these items. Prices are very reasonable and range from £45 to around £120+ (that's the prices of my favourite products). 

What do you think of these designs? cute aren't they? I'm so glad I stumbled on to this company because to be honest I hadn't heard anything about them before, I wanted to blog about them purely because their designs need to be shared to the world and with December just around the corner (who else is freaking out??) these also would make excellent crimbo presents.  

You can purchase Alexis Dove jewellery over on their website HERE and also at John Lewis stores. 

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