Christmas: Givenchy Unveils Ondulations Précieuses

Wow-wow-wow. This collection is just so breathtakingly beautiful in the most simplest way. Givenchy are releasing their Ondulations Precieuses collection for Christmas this month, and I'm excited. 

First off the colours are very seasonal but at the same time very wearable throughout the year. The packaging is chic and sophisticated and the palette I'm going to be all over that palette so hard if and when I get it. I mean look at it's awesomeness...

I'm pretty sure it would take me ages to start using it, I'd be scared to ruin it's prettiness. Here's what's in this collection: 

  • Ondulations D'Or Palette (£38.50) - Featuring an embossed star in shades of black, gold and bronze. The colours can be used individually or blended together to create a soften look around the eyes
  • Lash Sparkles Glitter for Lashes (£19) - Non sticky gel that can be used over the lashes to create a starry eyed look. 
  • Le Rouge (£24) - Available in two colours, Rose Precieux and Violine Precieux. 
  • Le Vernis (£15) - Available in Rouge Precieux and Bronze Precieux.
  • Phenomen' Eyes (£22) Available in Bonze Precieux. 

The collection is available over on the Givenchy website HERE

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