Nars Eye Paints

Nars Eye Paint Range is due to launch in October. Let's just say there's LOADS of awesome products launching in October isn't there and I'm so excited - only a few says to go but these Nars Eye Paints launch on the 15th. 

They are described as being a high-impact pigments with a weightless gel formula that glides on smooth and dries quickly. They sound perfect don't they? You can use them all over the eye or as an eyeliner and with Halloween & Christmas coming up I'd imagine you could create some dramatic eye looks with major impact. 

There are ten shades in the range including: 

  • Black Valley - Black 
  • Transvaal - Grey 
  • Solomon Islands - Turquoise Blue 
  • Mozambique - Olive 
  • Snake Eyes - Black & Green Shimmer
  • Tatar - Black & Purple Shimmer 
  • Ubangi - Black & Blue Shimmer
  • Interstellar - Silver 
  • Iskandar - Gold 

They cost £18.50 each and will be available over on the Nars website HERE once launched. 

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