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Halloween or Samhain is one of my most favourite if not my favourite celebration of the year. I always purchase a new outfit for Halloween and Christmas, it just feels right. Even if I'm staying in and doing nothing you will always find me donning a dress - I love dresses. 

For this post, I wanted to show you how Halloween could be used to really let your inner vamp out. It's oh so extravagant, rich and luxurious but I swear this will make any woman ooze with that inner sex appeal - whether you let that out is up to yourself *winks*

Vamp It Up

I believe in colour palettes but normally hate matchy-matchy outfits. This is matchy-matchy but it had to be I feel to really give off that sumptuous appeal that Halloween calls for. Halloween, the night when the veil is the thinnest when people interact with spirits and let their hair down. Parties, candy, sugar highs and tipples are all OK so you definitely won't look out of place going overboard with a luxe style like this. 

Afterwards, these could all be broken up and easily worn with other pieces to get full use out of them. The heels are the type to go with everything from jeans, pencil skirts, maxi dresses and even dressy shorts. The dress, I know you're thinking it's too embellished to be worn in the 'normal world' but hold on for to seconds. Team it with a leather jacket, booties and your hair worn in loose beach waves or in a loose fall out bun and you are good to go! 

The faux fur shrug can also be worn in the normal world, team the shrug with the stiletto's and some skinny jeans and a clutch with gold fixtures and you have a completely awe-inspiring day outfit that will make you look like a VIP. 

You know my rules for dressing by now if you missed those somewhere down the line then let me refresh you; it's all about balance and because of that I tend to apply yin and yang to my dressing rules. If you verge too far into one side it can become too much like a costume, so many people do it and it's this exactly what causes the clothes to wear the wearer which is never good - ever. 

My rules are: 

Apply the Ying and yang rules to your outfit to ensure you have a style edge. You want to make sure you are wearing your clothing when you wear your clothing correctly your confidence soars and this comes out for everyone to see. Mixing the feminine with the masculine is the easiest way to achieve this. 

So what is a feminine piece of clothing? It all comes down to fabric, pattern, colour, cut and style. Fabrics such as organza, cashmere, lace, pointelle, silk, satin, mohair, cotton, tulle, sequin and wool are all seen as being quite delicate but luxurious fabrics and all lend themselves to the feminine category. Prints that are small, floral, curvy or sheer regardless of overall coverage are feminine and it comes down to colour palettes rather than individual colours. Of course, shades such as lilac, yellow, pastels, beige, milky coffee, pink, grey, turquoise and teals are very much feminine. 

What would a masculine piece of clothing be? Fabrics such as tweed, animal print, leather and pleather, acetate, calico, cord, suede, chambray and denim all fall into the masculine category. They're generally thicker and tougher fabrics, more closely woven together and generally tougher to rip. While it may seem like I'm being sexist I don't mean to be, moving on. Onto prints, geometrics, patterns that are large, sharp or bold are all deemed masculine and colours in the primary pantones and darker variations of the feminine shades are all masculine. 

Mixing them together is very easy once you get to feel what is feminine and masculine. It's easiest starting with your focal point, maybe you've opted for a leather shift dress. Some may team this with some booties, a leather jacket and some rocking accessories - and that would be OK. But, it could come across as being too biker chic, too masculine or too costume like on certain people. To ying-yang it you could take the leather shift, team it with your booties, pop on a sheer kimono and finish with a pop of feminine polish, some dainty long gold chains all worn at the same time or even a ribbon wound around a loose top knot bun - simple but balanced. 

What if your focal piece was a sheer layered skater style dress? some would team it with a faux fur and some barely there heels, accessories maybe a cocktail ring, some delicate earrings and a full mani. Once again that would be OK but could come across as too baby-like. To ying-yang that outfit you could take said dress, team it with either a denim cropped jacket some peep-toe booties or some leather ballet flats and finish with a collection of dainty bangles all bundled up to make an awesome arm party.  

If you're going for a certain look such as a Marilyn Monroe, a vintage vixen or a an era in the past then throw the rules out of the window because you will need to follow either ying or yang to get that 'costume' type feeling to show if you get what I mean. 

Either way, it's bloomin' Halloween soon and I'm mega excited to get my dress up own and my inner devil out. How about yourselves? 

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