Sweater Weather

Autumn's finally here, it's chilly, dark and the leaves are everywhere. I love stomping through them on the way to the school and my sons love making huge bundles and jumping in them. I started sorting out my wardrobes again especially now I've put on weight (damn thyroid) and realised that I'm really not prepared for the cold weather - at least not prepared in a stylish way and one that would leave me feeling confident. Clothing definitely boosts confidence in the same way a hair cut does, I find when I make these changes my personality adapts also and it's exciting. I look forward to the change of season to be honest. 

So to help you lovelies out and to curb my need for shopping I've collated my top ten sweaters suitable for this sweater weather. 

I love wearing cosy comfy sweaters but it can be difficult trying to change up the look when wearing them. Chances are by the end of Autumn/Winter I'm going to be craving a look that shows off my semi-pear shaped figure once again. 

What clothing types do you love to wear in Autumn? are you a jersey dress woman or a chunky opaque tights and boots woman? 

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