The Best Man Song - Incredible Wedding Gift

I recently came across the most awesome video over on You Tube. It's not a beauty video or even a tutorial and it's really not normally the type of video I would hit play on but, something compelled me to do so and I'm glad that I listened to my instincts for once. 

Normally parody video's bore me, I mean come on people you just look silly and it's just now fresh anymore as everyone and his dog creates parody's. This video however isn't a parody, it's a genius song and video created by brothers in an eighties style (If you're an eighties child put your hand up - H-e-y!). 

The song is original and it's been made a gift for their brother who is getting married. At first you might think oh gosh what am I watching, but once you get in and their voices really hit that top note you start to think 'wow' they can sing. Imaging being given this as a gift - I would have loved it. Now we're ten years married I would have loved to have pulled this out to watch. 

So here's the video lovelies: 

What do you think? It's genius huh, the younger brother has the most amazing deep voice; I'd love to hear him sing something modern. 

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