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I've been trying to scrimp and save recently for Christmas. This time of year normally causes me a heap of stress what with the car insurance, MOT, bills, birthdays and Christmas all saturated into a few months monetary wise - it's stressful. 

I tend to reduce the amount of spending I do on treats for myself and use any 'treat' money on buying gifts, making use of sales such as Toys 'R' Us, Argos and Smyths Toys Superstore. It was only after receiving the latest H&M (I love H&M) email with it's 50% off sale that saw me spending the day window shopping. I ended up hoping all over the place, wanting lots of bits and pieces, adding them to my shopping basket, umming and ahing again about whether I should check out or not. 

I decided that I would create a wishlist. These are the top 10 items in the sale that I wanted. I figured if I can't get them out of my head over the next 24 hours then I should indeed purchase them. Chances are I'll forget about at least 5 and if it goes well it will be just the one item that I'll wake up thinking 'Yep go buy it' I'm currently feeling that way about the two pairs of boots and the ASOS swing dress in black. 

Here's the deets for the top 10 items and their before and after prices: 
  1. & Other Stories Open-Back Boots  £33 was £65
  2. & Other Stories Panel Dress £28 Was £55
  3. H&M Shoulder Bag £9 Was £14.99
  4. H&M Imitation Leather Boots £20 Was £34.99
  5. Topshop Monster Tee £5 Was £18
  6. Topshop Ribbon Bodycon Dress £15 Was £40
  7. River Island Orange Cut Out Top £12 Was £30
  8. River Island Blue Oversized Sweater £10 Was £28
  9. ASOS Sleeveless Swing Dress £9 Was £18 - Variety of colours orange/black/blue/coral. 
  10. ASOS Geo Peg Trousers £11 Was £22 
What do you think? If it was you which would you go for? I remember last year I wanted boots similar to the H&M knee high ones. They too had a cowboy shape and a little heel but they were £120 and I'm sorry I just won't pay that amount for a pair of boots at Christmas time (for myself).  The £20 price tag on those are so affordable but on the other hand the & Other Stories grey cut out boots are so stylish and would go with anything and everything... *sigh* it's a tough one let me tell you that. 

Have you eyed up any sale bargains recently? 

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