Christmas Must-Have Gifts #bbloggergiftguide

Currys are holding a blogger gift guide challenge and I for one wanted in. I do buy most of my electrics from Curry's and we always pop into the decadent store at our local business park - my sons love the Ipad's, headphones and computer games; hubster loves the TV's and I adore the camera's and laptops - oh and the stand mixers for baking. 

So I split the wishlists into two parts because it would be greedy to do one just for adults wouldn't it. There are two wishlists comprising of my top five must have gifts for this Christmas. This is my entry but if you read it to the bottom you will find out how you too can enter and be in with a chance of winning an Acer Inspire VP-122P Touch screen laptop, here's a pic of it to spur you along.  

Here's my wishlists sweeties...

5 Childrens Gifts

I know this list may look strange but hear me out. 
  • Xbox One Game Console (£429) - We have this! Hubster and I however are big kiddies at heart and ended up caving so our sons were given this before Santa managed to come. We reserved it in the first week of pre-ordering so we did get the special edition version but for those who are contemplating getting it or have ordered it, you're going to be super impressed - it's so savvy and the graphics are out of this world. Our sons have the Lego game and it looks better than the Lego cartoons you get on Sky. 
  • Ipod Touch, 5th Generation (£219) - The Ipod is just really a mini Ipad isn't it. If you love music or even your children then this is a fantastic way to get them to listen to their favourite tunes quietly. Kiddies can also play games for free such as Minecraft, Cut The Rope and Angry Birds. 
  • Tabzoo Tablet Holder (£14.99) - How cute is this! there's a few animal variations that aim to keep your children's tablet safe and sound. 
  • PNY USB Stick (£12.99) - Right hear me out. Lots of people ordered games for the Xbox (360 or One) but what they didn't realise is that many of the games needed a 16GB memory - a lot of the Xbox 360's are 8GB... yup it happened. While there are a ton of people searching for Xbox hard drives to make up for this error you can in fact purchase a memory stick and plug it in the back, viola - issue sorted. (It happened to us, we actually purchased the pink version of this from Currys). 
  • Monster DNA Headphones (£119.95) - Our sons love these chunky headphones. I'm normally not fussed but these changed my mind. They look chic, come in a few colour options and have fantastic reviews across the net. 
Christmas Wishlist

Now for the adults. 
  • Orla Kiely DAB Radio (£149.99) - I adore the classic Orla Kiely patterns and this DAB radio is no exception. I listen to the radio in the kitchen when cleaning, making dinner or baking but I promise my radio's not as sexy as this beauty. 
  • Fitbit Flex in Slate (£79.99) - I want to get fitter in 2014, apparently 'fit' is the new skinny so I know this is going to be on a lot of people's wish lists. It records your exercise, calories and even sleep. It makes it easier to set targets and really check if you're moving as much as you should be. Separately you can purchase extra coloured bands to fit this into your outfit. 
  • Nikon D3200 Camera with Zoom Lens (£449) - This is expensive I know but if you're in the market for a professional camera then I'd highly recommend this. I don't own it but it's on my wish list for sure as it has fantastic reviews. It also has the option of HD video recording which is perfect for vlogging and is the main reason why I want this so badly. You can purchase a tripod and remote release accessory too for this model. If you love photography, blogging or vlogging this is going to be perfect for every occasion
  • Samsung Ativ Touchscreen Laptop (£539.10) - I hate my laptop. It's caused me a ton of stress so when I'm in a shop that sells laptop I kind of get all dreamy, thinking about owning that one special model. This model is customisable (important to keep me on schedule) and it's touchscreen! that's amazing. Any laptop loving techie is going to adore this.  
  • Breville Strawberry Cream Hand Mixer (£14.99) - So, I know you know a foodie or baker. Maybe you're the foodie and are thinking 'why doesn't she add a stand mixer' As a lover of all things sweet and baked I contemplated adding a stand mixer but then my mind wandered to marshmallows. I love to make home-made marshmallows and even if you dislike them I promise you will adore the delicate, bouncy home-made versions - to get your mallow on a hand mixer is necessary. 
You can check out these products over on the Curry's website here. Also if you want to take part you can check out the details over on their blog post which you can find here

Naturalmente Rosemary & Lavender Shampoo

I previously professed my love for the Naturalmente yoghurt and millet condition, if you missed it you can find that post here. I've since tried one of Naturalmente's shampoo's and I'm h-o-o-k-e-d. I mean seriously hooked, line and sinker. 

The shampoo is the Rosemary and Lavender shampoo and it's especially great for oily or dandruff prone hair. I do suffer from combination hair which stresses me out. I can wash my hair until it feels clean then leave it to dry naturally (which I normally do) and when I wake up in the morning it's oily at the roots slightly or on the temples. I judge a shampoo on how well it cleans my hair and by this I definitely mean clean as in leave my hair looking happy, healthy and not oily until at least the next night. 

Most shampoo's I try are OK, they clean well and on occasion my hair looks OK in the morning but they leave my hair looking lack-lustre. There's been a few shampoo's this year that have been absolutely fantastic and this Naturalmente one is the best of the best. 

I was equally impressed by the conditioner so I did have high hopes for the shampoo. It smells gorgeous and fresh like crushed rosemary and lavender but the scents not overwhelming. I found it doesn't lather as much as cheaper brands but I wasn't too worried by that as many cheaper brands get their lather from nasties such as SLS - I despise SLS. I lathered up and left this on for five to ten minutes to allow it to work it's magic and on the first night I only used this shampoo so I could judge it based on it's merits alone. For the rest of the week I've been using both the Naturalmente shampoo and conditioner and my hair is so soft, it has shine and it actually seems to feel thicker and healthier. The best part is that I don't wake up with oily patches at the roots or on the temples *yay* 

I have the 50ml travel sizes of these products but do plan to put in an order for the full sizes on Monday. The full sizes of these products are £9 each You can purchase Naturalmente products from their website here, I thoroughly recommend this brand to those wanting to make the change to something a bit more natural, those who are sick of having dull, frizzy or oil hair or those looking for something suitable for both adults and children. 

Artdeco // Love is in the Air Collection 2014

Oooh it's a sneaky peek at the new Artdeco Love is in the Air collection today sweeties. This is of course a 2014 collection which is due to launch around Januaury time. It's similar to a lot of the seasonal 2013 collection in that the product line up remains the same but of course the shades are different. 

I adore Artdeco because their products are both functional and exceptional. The shades tend to veer more towards a functional rather than fashionable take on colour but this is what makes the brand I feel, I have so much make-up that's bright and fun but isn't functionable for day to day wear but with Artdeco you can have your classic style and you can also work in your brighter pops of colour without attracting the wrong sorts of looks as you walk into the workplace or the school grounds. 

This collection is said to be inspired by springtime and how the new season gives us all that feeling of love, being born and hope. New flowers, butterflies, bee's, baby animals and sunshine - if you mixed all of this into one bit idea pot then this collection is what would come out the other end. 

Let's take a peek shall we... 

With each collection comes a newly designed Quattro box to store your favourite shadows and blusher in. This design is of course limited edition but that being said the concept is genius, I adore custom palettes. This Quattro stores up to four eyeshadows as well as a blusher.

There are four new eyeshadows being released those are: 251 Faded Line (light lime), 253 Emerald (dark green), 273 Violet (modern purple) and 275 Lavender (gentle lilac).  

There's two Art Couture Velvet Lipsticks in 667 Natural Beauty and 671 Velvet First Kiss. Perfect Colour Lipstick also comes in two shades, those are 57 Deep Love and 96 Happy Kiss. I adore Natural Beauty it looks like such a perfect nude shade doesn't it. 

I love the idea of the Eye Designer Applicator which is also limited edition, there are two refill shades which are 57 Emerald and 70 Lavender. I've used a similar smudge type colour applicator before with another brand and it was truly awesome - I wish I could remember which brand it was though. 

I adore two mascara's the first being Benefit's They're Real and the second is the All In One Mascara from Artdeco, for this collection they are releasing two shades which are 04 Blue Violet and 11 Emerald. I'm really not sure how well these colours will go down, I wish they'd brought out a new brown, plum, darker shade but then I suppose this is a spring collection isn't it. 

LOVE the Blusher and Cream Rouge (for cheeks and lips) which both come in one shade each - The blusher comes in 10 Gentle Touch and the Cream Rouge is 25 Creamy Love. It's rare that the blusher in a collection becomes my main focus but these shades are so perfect, I can totally imagine wearing these in spring *sigh* I can't wait until spring. 

The Ceramic Nail Lacquer, ah what to say, what to say? I dislike these so badly, they're everything I hate in polish but I do realise that they will be adored by fans of pearl polish. As you can see there are four polishes and those are 233 Emerald Mirror (green-blue), 246 Dark Violet (vivid violet), 247 My Love (rose tone with gold) and 273 Gentle Touch (apricot with gold pearl) 

What's your thoughts on those polishes? 

How soft and lush do the Waterproof Soft Eyeliners look? There's two shades 63 Emerald and 91 Blue Violet. The Soft Lip Liner comes in 73 Deep Love and looks equally soft and pout-able (yup it's a word, deal). 

Lip Gloss, ah it's so pretty. I've yet to try any of the Artdeco lip glosses so I do wonder if these give full coverage or just a hint? Does anyone know? The Long-Lasting Brilliance Lip Gloss comes in two shades 08 Brilliant Lip and 59 Brilliant Kiss, these two however would look fab worn together wouldn't they. 

Have you noticed more people are wearing two colours on their lips? I think it looks fab as long as the colours are similar - what do you sweeties think?  You can purchase Artdeco products from Debenhams here if you fancy it. 

Too Faced Launching The Return of Sexy Palette

I know this palette is going to get some Too Faced mega fans excited, Too Faced seem to have a crazy following similarly to how Urban Decay mega fans are going crazy for the Naked palettes and Soap & Glory go crazy for their goodies - I get it I totally do, honestly I wish I could become a mega fan and go stockpiling crazy on a brand but I jump about too much. 

Getting back on track Too Faced are launching it's new The Return of Sexy shadow palette for the holiday season - they're so good to us. It contains fifteen shadows which are organised into three sections - neutrals, purples and greys. There's a mixture of finishes from shimmer, pearl and sparkles. Also included is a 'how-to-glamour' guide so you can perfect your favourite eye looks and a Deluxe Shadow Insurance Eye Shadow Primer and a full size Perfect Eyes Eyeliner in Perfect Black. 

The palette will cost £38.50 and is wearable throughout the year, I love palettes that are function able but for some reason this doesn't have me excited. I feel bad though for not 'wanting' it, like I'm hurting it's little Too Faced feelings or something (it maybe late as I write this and I maybe on a coffee high). I think the main reason for not wanting it is that I have these colours but separately. You will be able to purchase this from ASOS as soon as they re-stock. 

what do you sweeties think? Is it a wishlist nominee or a we'll wait and see? 

Benefit Lollitint Launch Date Revealed As...

Benefit Lollitint is available now! well in America that is. For the rest of us it's going to be a super long wait until February 2014 when it's due to be released. 

I can't wait, Lollitint is described as being a candy-orchid tinted stain suitable for all skin tones. What I love about this shade is that it's going to look so natural in comparison to other stains and I n-e-e-d it in my life. 
While the tint looks purple-pink here it does look really natural on the cheeks and lips, it looks natural and healthy although if you prefer more colour it can be layered up. The bottle is metallic pink - very girly. It comes with the usual brush type applicator which is also seen in the Benetint, Cha Cha Tint and PosieTint, I suppose it's similar to Posietint but Lollitint is a lavender-pink and Posietint is a poppy-pink shade. 

This will cost £24.50 when it's released and of course will be available over on the Benefit Cosmetics website here

Nails Inc. Message in a Manicure Kit Launched Today

So this is how I feel right now...

But maybe a bit more like 'Ermahgerd!' This exclusive gift set has me more excited than any other gift set I admit it. I adore miniatures, I've said so many times before that I much prefer mini sized polishes that I'm sure you sweeties are getting sick and tired of hearing it. Miniatures for me tend to apply far more easily and look better as well as being used up more quickly. After all, there's nothing worse than off date polish or polish that's separated (I know separation is normal but it still annoys the beejezus out of me). 

So this beaut' is called the Message in a Manicure Kit and will be released exclusively at Selfridges today. It's inspired by the classic airmail letter and features 18 beautiful mini nail polishes. There's Leather effect, cobalt blue Baker Street (that seems to be featured in most gift sets doesn't it) and emerald Queen Victoria Street - miniature leather effect how darn cute huh. 

The line up includes:
  • Baker Street - cobalt blue 
  • Queen Victoria Street - emerald cream
  • St James - Best selling pillar box red
  • Portobello - Neon coral. 
  • Notting Hill Gate - Neon pink
  • Kensington High Street - Back by popular demand, this is a beautiful deep wine shade
  • The Thames - Cool grey cream shade worn by Victoria Beckham
  • Porchester Square - I adore this shade and always have it in my arsenal. It's a nude cream. 
  • Elizabeth Street - Classic pink cream
  • Noho - Black leather effect
  • Buckingham Court - Red galaxy effect
  • Mayfair Mews - New purple fibre optic effect
  • South Kensington - Silver foil effect
  • Chelsea Square - Rose glitter polish
  • Chelsea Embankment - Full coverage gold glitter
  • Party Lane - Rainbow glitter
  • Kensington Caviar Base Coat - Nourishing base coat
  • Kensington Caviar Top Coat - 45 second dry coat with high gloss and chip resistant finish. 

So... who's heading over to Selfridge's now sharpish? I am that's for sure! Click here for quickness. Nails Inc website can be found here also. 

Pixi SS14 Collection Announced

February 2014 will see the release of the new Spring, Summer collection from Pixi. I love the Pixi brand especially their nail polishes and cannot wait to get my beauty loving mitts on some of these products. 

The line is looks like this: 

  • H20 Skintint - New super-hydrating, gel tinted moisturiser which contains deep sea water, rose water, camellia extract and lavender extract. This product aims to treat and protect skin. 
  • Shea Butter Lip Balm - This balm comes in a generous six colour options and aims to protect and nourish lips. 
  • Hydrating Tint Stick - Available in three shades. 
  • Mesmerizing Mineral Palette - Contains six coordinated shades
  • Natural Brow Duo Colour Extensions - Features a double ended applicator with a waterproof brown pencil and angled tip and a tinted gel on the other. 
  • Endless Silky Eye Pen Colour Extension - Available in Bronze Beam only. 
  • Nail Colour - Available in tropical colours including Oh So Orange, Sizzling Sunshine and Lime Lustre. 
  • Purse Pixi - Miniature sizes of Flawless & Poreless, Redness Reducing Primer, Flawless Beauty Primer and Flawless Vitamin Veil. 

Unfortunately there's not too many images of the products but as soon as they're all released I will be sure to update you sweeties. Are you a fan of Pixi? I was going to link to a previous Pixi review I did but Bloggers being a pain in the bum today and isn't allowing me to search *booo* You can visit the Pixi UK website here if you fancy it. 

Neom Organics Christmas Collection

Neom has released their Christmas goodies in the shape of reed diffusers and Christmas candles in gorgeous festive metallic packaging, so-so pretty don't you think? 

The collection includes Christmas Wish which features mandarin, cinnamon and tonka bean notes; Harmonise features pine, cedarwood and eucalyptus and Comforting features cedarwood, vetiver and star anise; each of these scents are limited editions so bag yours before they sell out. Each scent is available in three product options; the reed diffuser, standard candle and smaller travel candle. 

Gift collections include The Perfect Night in Bathing Collection (£22) which contains a travel candle and Bath Foam in the Tranquillity scent. Notes include English Lavender, Basil and Jasmine; Three Nights of Peace Mini Bath Oil Collection (£10) features three mini bath oils made from essential oils, safflower and vitamin E oils and finally The Christmas Travel Candle Collection (£42) is available in three scents which include Christmas Wish, Harmonise and Comforting. 

What do you think of these? I have to say I love the clashing metallic containers that the candles are in and think they look gorgeous all together, scent wise the Christmas Wish scent sounds very inviting don't you think? You can purchase these candles, diffusers and gift sets from a multitude of places online as well as from the Neom website here


Woods of Windsor Cedar Wood Collection

Woods of Windsor, Cedar Wood Collection just launched in the UK and I was kindly sent these two products to review. I didn't really know what to expect having never seen or heard of the brand prior to this month but I appreciate the small things in life so wanted to judge simply on performance and packaging. 

The packaging is classic, it definitely has a British feel to it (possibly the Windsor part) and the labelling is uncluttered and fresh with a nature themed design. I love that both products come in pump top bottles as it means there's less mess and pump top bottles just look really chic don't they. Here's a peek at the products individually. 

The Moisturising Hand Wash (£5.99). First off the pump top made this easy for us all too use even my little four year old monster found it easy to push down to clean his hands - as a parent that means a lot as it saves me a lot of time throughout the day as you could imagine. The wash gives off a good lather and my hands felt soft and comfortable after continued use. The fragrance however is simply to die for. I want need them to make this scent into a perfume. 

Notes include Citrus, Lime, Mandarin and Violet Leaf; Cardamon, Elemi, Sage, Nutmeg, Fourier, Lavender, Patchouli, Cedarwood and Musk. The overall scent I'd say is unisex, full bodied, spicy and sexy - there I said it, it's a sexy-sexy scent and I'd be shocked if anyone disliked it. 

The Hand and Body Lotion (£8.75) is an affordable lotion that is suited to normal and oily skins or those who don't need a thick butter. That being said it could be worn as a light daytime lotion or simply as a hand lotion - I use mine as all three and layer it over my body oil spray at night. It's a large 350ml size so even when I use this it's barely scratched the surface in the bottle. This lotion has the same scent as the hand wash but it's lighter, I really can't get enough of it. 

Also included in the range is the Bath & Shower Gel (£8.50), Fine Talc (£6.99), Fine English Soap (£4.99). It's definitely a scent that would layer up well and would be suited to both men and women so if you like multi-purpose products or want to be a bit of a thrifty chick then try these out. 

On the same note these would be amazing gifts for all ages. The scents gorgeous but I do get that the packaging may not be everyone's cup of tea and in that case I would focus on the more mature person to gift this too - personally I would love these but then hubster does say I'm a granny in a young woman's body the cheeky sod that he is. 

You can pick up these products and also the others in the collection over on the Woods of Windsor's website which you can find here. If you still feel that it's not young enough then check out the Blue Orchid range over on their website, if you adore Cath Kidston style shabby chic floral you're going to love that packaging design better - promise. 

Diptyque Holiday Collection

I am in love with these and they definitely feel more ethnic or boho rather than autumnal and seasonal? That being said they are so gorgeous and I'd have trouble choosing just one given how amazing the three look together like the picture above. 

The Holiday Collection is a collaboration with Tse & Tse. The candles come in those gorgeous colours you see above and when illuminated will look even more dazzling. The scents of these candles are Orange Chaya (Orange Chai) which contains notes of Orange, Cardamom, Cinnamon and Ginger; Ecorce de Pin (Pine Bark) which features notes of Hinoki which is a Japanese Cypress, Galbanum, Cedar and Patchouli; and Encens des Indes (Indian Incense) which features notes of Incense and Myrrh with Rose and Cornflower. 

The collection is available now over on the Diptyque website here and they cost £25 or £45 depending on what size you go for. The difficult part though is deciding which scent to opt for? I love notes in all three so I'm really struggling. Orange Chaya draws me in because of the Cardamom and Cinnamon, Ecorce de Pin draws me in because of the Patchouli and Encens des Indes is the Incense notes. 

I am heading off now to go purchase one - seriously. I shall keep you posted on my decision. Of course help in deciding wouldn't go amiss. 

Advanced Nutrition Programmes Skin Supplements

After the amount of issues I've had with my weight and the serious allergies my skin is an absolute mess. I've always had pretty good skin with the occasional hormonal breakout (a spot or two) either on my chin or forehead but recently you'd be forgiven for thinking I was an acne sufferer who's acne is starting to clear up. The spots and boils that have gone away have left red marks and each day I wake up with new spots, lumps and boils. 

My GP does think it's going to clear up as my body repairs itself and I have noticed a difference in both my skin and weight since I stopped eating the foods that lead to the allergic response but it's still frustrating. I look at my skin and feel disgusted at times, I do everything right with regards to cleaning and treating the issue and I think that's why it's so upsetting - because even when I do things right it's simply not enough. 

So once again I find myself going back to basics. I would love to pop up a photo of my face right now but honestly I'm not comfortable doing that. What I will do is take a photo and show the difference from this point to what my skins like in say four or six weeks. I shall be starting to supplement my skin routine with these two mini pouches of supplements. 

The Mini Skin Collagen Support (£8) contains 14 capsules and the Mini Skin Omegas (£11) contain 20 capsules. Both work to increase collagen building blocks that leave the skin looking plump, glowing and youthful as well as also working as antioxidants (reduce the rate of nasties that damage your skin) and protectors. They're both gel capsules so won't taste disgusting, I really struggle to take some chalky supplements or supplements that smell or taste like beef (yes I'm looking at your multi-vits). 

You can purchase your own mini pouch or the larger pots of these supplements from the Advanced Nutrition Programme website here

Jewel Candle's Santa Clause Christmas Candle

Three little words - Candle, Christmas and Jewellery; the perfect three things for any lady. I had heard of candles that housed jewellery before but didn't realise that they were available in the UK until about six months ago. I did debate getting one but over the months there wasn't a scent that really grabbed me so I held off. 

I recently followed the Jewelcandle Facebook page and noticed they'd released new Christmas scents and instantly debated which to get because Cinnamon Buns and Santa Clause both sounded yummy and I do tend to go for more warming, foody scents. I opted eventually for Santa Clause which is suppose to be caramel scent, when it arrived I did initially think it was strawberry for some reason that is until it was lit in which it definitely gives off a delicate warming caramel sweetness. 

First up when you receive your candle I would advise you to snip the wick as it's really long, if you light the wick at this length it will burn unevenly. It advises that the candle should burn for around ten hours before your jewellery piece is made visible but in all honesty I am so impatient I dug that foil out *smiles* 

The larger candles all contain a silver ring with varied colours and styles of gems and cost £24.95. The smaller have earrings in them also in varied styles and cost £16.95. The jewellery comes inside a bag which is then wrapped in foil so that it's not covered in wax while burning.

Want to see what piece I got? 

I got the ring that's on my middle finger, it's absolutely gorgeous. It's silver (Sterling I'm led to believe as it's hallmarked) and it has 3 rows of Cubic Zirconia which just sparkle. This ring fits my middle finger perfectly but you can't choose your ring size, if you receive a ring that's much larger you could always get it re-sized at your local jewellers. 

Each ring varies in RRP you could receive a ring worth £10 upwards to £250. Unfortunately mine didn't have a price on it so if you know someone who got a similar ring and you know the price could you let me know? Most people tend to get a ring that's around £10 to £50, I've yet to come across a more expensive one but considering the actual price and the fact that you get a ring and a candle it's really value for money isn't it. 

These would make an excellent gift this Christmas or at any time of the year as they do have a True Love candle (Valentine's, anniversary's, weddings or engagements) and also a Happy Birthday candle for well, birthdays. 

You can check out each of the candles and the scents over on their website here. They also have offers and competitions on over on their Facebook page which you can find here

Wonderful World of Just Be Botanicals

Just Be Botanicals are an amazing company that ironically are situated about an hour away from where I stay in Edinburgh. The company believes that everyone should 'Just Be' themselves; they also believe that balancing emotional balance and improving your overall sense of well-being is important to living a happy life - honestly, I couldn't agree more. I couldn't wait to try the range and of course share the reviews and pics with you guys. Imagine my delight when this gorgeous pink box arrived from Just Be Botanicals. 

Oooh what's inside I hear you virtually ask? First up I pulled out the JustBe Detox Herbal Tea (£4.80), I tried this and fell in love as it didn't give me allergy symptoms like normal tea does. I've since added it to my new health schedule every few days which I believe has helped me lose over a stone in weight *yay*

This natural blend contains Clevers, Elderberries and Hibiscus Flowers. You simply pop some of the blend into a tea ball (not sure of the official name but these are only 50p in ASDA's) and then pop the ball into a hot mug of tea, leave it until it looks right for your tastes and then remove and drink. Easy peasy. 

The JustBe Cleansed Cleansing Gel (£7.50) comes in a handy 30ml size. I adore miniatures and travel sizes because they get used up while staying fresh. This feels so soothing on the skin and didn't make my skin worse, it's also a PH neutral product so can be used by even the most sensitive skin including teenage skins. 

JustBe Soft Lip Balm (£9.50) is the perfect stocking filler, if you know someone who loves a good balm then seriously purchase this one or get them to purchase it. A lot of balms will leave your lips soft but tend to leave a plastic film type feeling don't they or they taste gross once applied - this doesn't. It's so soft and moisturising and stays on the lips even after you have a drink. It's enriched with Vitamin E to keep your pout soft and it also contains tea-tree to keep any pesky bugs, sores or nasties at bay. 

Gail from Just Be Botanicals also popped in a sample of the Radiant Restoring Cream. This cream was really hydrating but didn't leave my skin feeling greasy, it's marketed as a daytime cream and does include SPF15 which is super important even in this autumn weather. 

Look at the balm, it looks so soft and yummy, you'd be forgiven for thinking this image was a pot of cream.  

And my favourite product ever... Happy Body Butter (£19.95). This is a mega sized jar filled with gorgeous citrus scented cream that's just lush... The scent honestly it just makes me feel vibrant and awake. 

And here is the gorgeous butter. Although it's a 'butter' it's not hard like The Body Shops butter and I suppose it's more of a thick cream that has extra moisturising powers - It's a damn superhero in a jar that's what it is! 

I've got to the point in my life where I either feel fab or terrible when I apply products. As a parents (and an overprotective one at that) it started with bath products and progressed from there - I hated the fact that I could have been putting something on my sons that may cause them health concerns later on in life. This obviously then grew to concern for my own health but brands such as Just Be Botanicals make me feel at ease when I apply them. 

I feel so positive I do apply these products to my sons (the butter and balm) after they have a bath as their skins are dryer now due to the weather. My middle son has sensitive skin that's seriously dry and he never had any side effects so you know this is good stuff. You can check these products out over on the website here - you won't be disappointed.