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Currys are holding a blogger gift guide challenge and I for one wanted in. I do buy most of my electrics from Curry's and we always pop into the decadent store at our local business park - my sons love the Ipad's, headphones and computer games; hubster loves the TV's and I adore the camera's and laptops - oh and the stand mixers for baking. 

So I split the wishlists into two parts because it would be greedy to do one just for adults wouldn't it. There are two wishlists comprising of my top five must have gifts for this Christmas. This is my entry but if you read it to the bottom you will find out how you too can enter and be in with a chance of winning an Acer Inspire VP-122P Touch screen laptop, here's a pic of it to spur you along.  

Here's my wishlists sweeties...

5 Childrens Gifts

I know this list may look strange but hear me out. 
  • Xbox One Game Console (£429) - We have this! Hubster and I however are big kiddies at heart and ended up caving so our sons were given this before Santa managed to come. We reserved it in the first week of pre-ordering so we did get the special edition version but for those who are contemplating getting it or have ordered it, you're going to be super impressed - it's so savvy and the graphics are out of this world. Our sons have the Lego game and it looks better than the Lego cartoons you get on Sky. 
  • Ipod Touch, 5th Generation (£219) - The Ipod is just really a mini Ipad isn't it. If you love music or even your children then this is a fantastic way to get them to listen to their favourite tunes quietly. Kiddies can also play games for free such as Minecraft, Cut The Rope and Angry Birds. 
  • Tabzoo Tablet Holder (£14.99) - How cute is this! there's a few animal variations that aim to keep your children's tablet safe and sound. 
  • PNY USB Stick (£12.99) - Right hear me out. Lots of people ordered games for the Xbox (360 or One) but what they didn't realise is that many of the games needed a 16GB memory - a lot of the Xbox 360's are 8GB... yup it happened. While there are a ton of people searching for Xbox hard drives to make up for this error you can in fact purchase a memory stick and plug it in the back, viola - issue sorted. (It happened to us, we actually purchased the pink version of this from Currys). 
  • Monster DNA Headphones (£119.95) - Our sons love these chunky headphones. I'm normally not fussed but these changed my mind. They look chic, come in a few colour options and have fantastic reviews across the net. 
Christmas Wishlist

Now for the adults. 
  • Orla Kiely DAB Radio (£149.99) - I adore the classic Orla Kiely patterns and this DAB radio is no exception. I listen to the radio in the kitchen when cleaning, making dinner or baking but I promise my radio's not as sexy as this beauty. 
  • Fitbit Flex in Slate (£79.99) - I want to get fitter in 2014, apparently 'fit' is the new skinny so I know this is going to be on a lot of people's wish lists. It records your exercise, calories and even sleep. It makes it easier to set targets and really check if you're moving as much as you should be. Separately you can purchase extra coloured bands to fit this into your outfit. 
  • Nikon D3200 Camera with Zoom Lens (£449) - This is expensive I know but if you're in the market for a professional camera then I'd highly recommend this. I don't own it but it's on my wish list for sure as it has fantastic reviews. It also has the option of HD video recording which is perfect for vlogging and is the main reason why I want this so badly. You can purchase a tripod and remote release accessory too for this model. If you love photography, blogging or vlogging this is going to be perfect for every occasion
  • Samsung Ativ Touchscreen Laptop (£539.10) - I hate my laptop. It's caused me a ton of stress so when I'm in a shop that sells laptop I kind of get all dreamy, thinking about owning that one special model. This model is customisable (important to keep me on schedule) and it's touchscreen! that's amazing. Any laptop loving techie is going to adore this.  
  • Breville Strawberry Cream Hand Mixer (£14.99) - So, I know you know a foodie or baker. Maybe you're the foodie and are thinking 'why doesn't she add a stand mixer' As a lover of all things sweet and baked I contemplated adding a stand mixer but then my mind wandered to marshmallows. I love to make home-made marshmallows and even if you dislike them I promise you will adore the delicate, bouncy home-made versions - to get your mallow on a hand mixer is necessary. 
You can check out these products over on the Curry's website here. Also if you want to take part you can check out the details over on their blog post which you can find here

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