Queen Cosmetics Eye Make-Up Remover Review & Vlog

I was recently contacted by Queen Cosmetics and asked if I would test out their Eye Make-up Remover, I had heard of the brand but hadn't purchased anything so I was definitely excited about testing out the remover, I find most removers don't meet my high standards. Testing a remover out on Benefit's They're Real Mascara seems to be my normal way of testing how good make-up removers are. 

Most remove some of the mascara but the next day I'm left with spider lashes or panda eyes, the worst offenders don't really do anything to the They're Real Mascara. Take a peek at the video and I'll explain how this remover works and if it was in fact any good. 

You can see why I had to create the little video. Photo's alone didn't really show how it worked because it simply looked like a standard face cream or cleansing cream - it isn't obviously. Apologies firstly for the quality of the video, it was taken with my mobile literally as a spur of the moment idea and was done one handed. 

The Queen eye Make-Up Remover comes in a 50ml sized post and costs £15.50, considering how long this is going to last (and I'd say it's going to last around a year to be honest) means that it's super value for money. I spend a lot of money on removers so this was a real breath of fresh air. The novel idea of making it a melt-able solid is genius. 

You can pick this up over on the Queen Cosmetics website HERE if you want to get in on this action. Believe me you want to, especially with party season coming up fast. 

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