Rituals Limited Edition Sacred Fire Candle - Cashmere Moments Seductive Kisses

I think when it comes to candles we all have a soft spot for them don't we? I could drone on about my love for everything candle and while I would be absolutely telling you the truth I know you've heard it on hundreds of blogs before - so I won't. 

I let it out the bag about my germ OCD a while back and that's mostly in and around the home for some reason, I'm not someone who won't shake a hand or touch door knobs or anything as severe as that but when it comes to having a clean home I'm quite pernickity about ensuring there's no smells, dirt, clutter or bugs. 

The thing is my husbands the same well not with the germs but the cleanliness and the home fragrancing I secretly feel it's him that's rubbed off on me and not the other way around, I wake up in the mornings to the house cleaned, floors mopped, washing on, hoovered rooms, dusted and dishes cleaned and away - in the kitchen he always has a Yankee Candle tart burning to make sure the house smells nice; I'm really the luckiest lady around aren't I? 

Rituals have always been a brand that's been firmly on my radar, I knew I'd get to it sooner or later. I feel a sort of kinship with the brand as it feels very spiritual just as I am. I adore anything that has meaning behind it and the collections at Rituals definitely are. I really believe that if a company sells body and beauty products as well as candles that if the candles are amazing you know the rest will be too. This candle is the Sacred Fire candle by Rituals and it was me testing the brand 'waters' if that makes sense. 

First off the packaging is gorgeous, rich colours, substantial materials and when you lift off the top of the box this is what you will find; again it's just packaging but it really reminds me of Buddha's and origami for some reason. 

And the candle *sigh* I could actually tell what this was before I opened the package as it's scent is so noticeable, my post woman (girl power) was saying she wanted it because the smell was lovely. The candle itself burns for 50 hours, it's made with natural ingredients and is scented with White Patchouli and Cedarwood. 

It smells warm and cosy like cashmere, musky and seductive with a hint of oriental flowers. I'd say it's definitely going to be loved more by females but, it can suit both genders, it's definitely one to burn for those stressful moments or if you plan to baby dance with your partner. The box also has some amazing wise words that I felt was inspiring ''The earthy and musky tones of White Patchouli will permeate your senses with feelings of excitement and positivity. Cedar has a soothing aroma that has been used since ancient times, and is an age-old symbol of immortality.'' Beautiful isn't it. 

This is now no longer available, however you can browse the Ritual range here.

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