Sneek Peek: China Glaze SS14 Off-Shore Summer Collection

Due to be released in 2014 the Off Shore Collection by China Glaze is one of the best I feel. I was just recently saying that while I love lots of collection it's very rare that I like every single polish. This collection is right up my street as I adore each and every single colour. 

Because there's quite a wait I've heard that the name 'Off Shore' may change, I will update you over on Twitter if it does. Here are the colours...

This is the 'Stoked to be Soaked' collection. Colours from left to right are: 
  • Sea's The Day
  • Stoked to be Soaked 
  • If In Doubt, Surf It Out
  • Sun Upon My Skin 
  • Shore Enuff
  • Be More Pacific

The Dune Our Thing Collection's colours are from left to right: 
  • Feel The Breeze
  • Float On 
  • Dune Our Thing
  • X-Ta-Sea
  • I See The Point
  • Wait 'n' Sea

All shades as far as I believe are cream finishes which I adore. Which shade's your favourite? 


  1. Definitely want to try that creamy orange color!!


    1. It's gorge isn't it. I'm in love with the pinky purple and plum in the Dune set. X


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