Yardley Polaire Gift Set

Yardley offer a range of scented products in typically traditional notes like English Lavender, English Rose and London Daisy. Growing up I would always see Yardley sitting centre stage on the dressers and beauty shelves of my elderly family members so, it kind of stuck that Yardley was for old people. 

I do like floral traditional scents and the products that I have sniffed before from Yardley I have liked, I think to be honest it was always the gentle and traditional packaging design. This gift set however is quite different from the normal products and I can see that Yardley have tried to market this to a younger age group. 

This is the Polaire gift set which includes a 50ml EDT and a 100ml scented body lotion. The packaging style is still quite traditional and the box has an art-Deco feel to it. 

If I was to blindly sniff this fragrance I would have sworn blind that it was a fragrance that was suited to the twenty something, it's definitely a scent that I would choose to wear and I've been asked a handful of times 'oh what's the perfume you're wearing?'

Top notes include Pear and Freesia; Middle notes are Rose, Pink Pepper and Ginger which all mix with a base of Patchouli and Amber. I adore most patchouli and amber scents so this was always going to be a winner for me. It smells fresh and floral at first but then dries down to a warming, seductive scent which isn't in your face and doesn't fade away instantly it's really gorgeous and would suit most ages. 

If you want to get someone older a gift this Christmas you really can't go wrong with this scent. The EDT normally costs £19.99 which is the same price as this gift set, you're basically getting the body lotion for free - yay. You can pick it up over on the Yardley London website here.

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