Plus Size Mango!

Firstly wow how amazing does that model look? Mango are due to release a collection called 'Violeta' which is in fact a plus size collection. Now I know that ladies of plus size are going to say 'Why don't they use a 'real' plus size mode' what I will say is that everyone's shape is different. I know when I was a plus size my shape remained the same as it is now but just got wider, some ladies are wider at the hips, some at the boobs and some at the stomach. 

This model however may just be a toned plus size, gosh I wish I looked like her I mean that butt and those calves *jealous.* This collection will be available in a large range of sizes from a 12 to a 24. I love that Mango have designed this collection because it's a step in the right direction, more brands need to have plus size collections (and Petites!) as the average UK lady is getting larger - fact. 

The range is aimed at a younger market but going on the model's dress I think it can be eeked into the thirties, I would totally wear that and I'm no young adult. There's no pictures of the clothing yet but as soon as I get those I will for sure update you with a new post. You will be able to purchase from this collection from January 15th over on the Mango website here

Will you be checking out the range? 


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