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Tatty Devine / Yankee Candle Classic Gift Set / NOTHS Personalised Sheep Booties / Neom Organic Reed Diffuser / Neom Serenity Candle / Anthropology Matt Bernson Booties / Day Birger et Mikkelsen Velvet Shift Dress / Calvin Klein Naked Glamour Bra / Marc Jacobs Bolt Ring / Wildfox Marilyn Monroe Top / River Island Boys Dog Jumper / River Island Tartan PJ Bottoms / Fairtrade Pink Leather Notebook

Each day there's a new notification email trying to lure me on to their sites with the promise of money off their wares - damn it because it works! My inbox is chock-a-block with sale emails at the moment and funnily enough I like it. 

Chances are you're the same, do you like sales or do you find their overwhelming? I use to hate them with a vengeance as they always seemed to stock the same items, last seasons stock, summer items or still seemed as though they were priced too high. Now, I love them simply because I've gotten into online window shopping more than previously and I can appreciate things for their value rather than just what they're used for. As I get older I fully welcome the spend more for pieces that will last rather than pay less for throwaway products. 

So those gorgeous goodies pictured above were my top twelve picks. I included a range of products and prices because sometimes it's good to spoil yourself especially when it comes to buying a product that's beautiful but costs half the price. I adore Anthropology but it's one of those companies that's more for looking rather than splurging, the velvet tunic dress and those utterly lust worthy boots are huge discounts. 

For the kiddo's there's that absolutely awesome Snoop-dogg rap jumper and those personalised sheepskin booties for younger dudes, cosy and cool and purse friendly. To take you into the New Year I had to include a leather notebook - I am weak when it comes to journals and notebooks, I literally have them for everything from Cosmic Ordering wish books, notes, blogging feature ideas, lists, references, drawing and more. A fresh notebook for me signifies a new start and I totally recommend getting a new one even if it's just for a diary or a cosmic ordering wish book. 

Candle........ do I need to explain these? candles are good, especially when they're fragranced with a scent that travels outside of it's container and all around your home. Yankee Candle are one of the most popular brands, I received Christmas Cookie from Santa and it's gorgeous, sweet but not too sweet with a hint of warm homeliness. I've yet to try the Neom candles but I've heard so many positive reviews about them and they're currently heavily discounted *yay*

The Wildfox vest - how cute is that! I'm not a Wildfox fan generally although I do love their products. I realise that just doesn't make sense *haha* their prints and shape just aren't 'me' as I would look like a hipster gone wrong or a little girl simply because of my height and post-baby body shape. This vest however is so me and I want it, like really want it so badly. That bolt ring I've been oogling for a long time possibly about nine months, I can imagine this alongside some glossy nails and delicate stacked rings - that would look so amaze wouldn't it and that Calvin nude lace bra is simple but sexy - it's a woman's bra rather than a man's bra isn't it. 

I'm braving the weather tomorrow for a days shopping to Livingstone, it's going to be messy but after a year of penny pinching I think we deserve to let loose before the need to save begins again in 2014. What have you purchased in the sales, are there any amazing brands, companies or products I've missed? 

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