Nails Inc // With Love

I love a good nail polish and I'm more than happy to use Valentines day as an excuse to buy more lovely shades. Nails Inc have chosen the colours below with Valentines day in mind and I think you'll agree they are certainly sexy. I love red polish it's my favourite colour by far as it gives any outfit a feminine glamorous feel without having to overdo it. I love nudes for day to day wear but I would love to have a reverse French polish with both the St James and Notting Hill Gate. 

The colours are:

St James // Nail stopping pillar box red this shade comes in full size 10ml for £11 or mini polish for only £5. 

South Molton Street // Natural pale pink this one also comes in full size or mini. 

Tate // Classic deep red shade this is glamour in a bottle. Also comes in full size and mini but it seems the mini is out of stock. 

Porchester Square // Muted natural mushroom shade this is excellent for all nail conditions, sizes and shapes. 

Notting Hill Gate // Bright neon pink shade although this resembles more of a fuchsia tone I personally feel. 

Victoria // As worn by Heidi Klum, this shade is a deep cherry brown shade and comes in both full size or mini.  

However, I decided to choose my favourite shades, you know just in case Mr Silver is reading this and wasn't sure what to get *hint hint*

My favourites are

Edinburgh Feather - So unique I do love new ways to do polish. This is a pale blue, yellow and peach feather effect polish £11
Stafford Terrace Polish -  Like molten melted chocolate this polish is also in the 3 for £22 offer.  £11
Gatwick Matte Polish - Pillar box red but with a matte texture £11
Walton Place Polish - This is an ultra bright pink without the neon edge, I adore this for real bubblegum girly-ness. £11
Sweets Way Sprinkles - White, pastel blue, silver and pink this is names after sprinkles cupcakes £11
Elizabeth Street Polish - £11

Want something even more special? When I first found out that Nails Inc offered the fully couture option I was like a kid in a candy store. You can only ever dream of creating your own polish. 

First you choose your cap, there is studded or rhinestone options in an array of colours, the next step is the hardest... choosing your colour, then you can further customise the polish by designing the label and the polish's new name lastly comes the box stickers. 

These are 2 that I quickly designed. I thought the first would be a gorgeous one for myself ( Mr Silver, are you taking note? ) and the second would be a sweet way for someone to ask for a hand in marriage, it's got the bling, the nudeness (ahem) and you could name it something sweet like Mrs___ or Will you marry me, Let's get nude or something equally sweet or corny. 

Prices range from £16 -£20, these 2 actually cost £20 but for a couture custom polish I think that price is amazing! Head HERE to start designing your own. 

Why not try?

Fancy French Polish : Source

Reverse French Polish : Source

Plus it's worth hinting further that if you or your loved one spends over £25 you can choose from either one of these FREE gift sets 

So whatever you do for Valentine's day, make sure you enjoy yourself and spoil your loved ones. I know I have 4 men I have to spoil in my life. 

Hugs and lots of pre-Valentine's day love

Nails Inc // My Pick & Mix Selection

Pretty Polishes all in a row. I adore nail polish and have a few firm favourites. Nails Inc, OPI, Bourjois and Essie are my currently favourites. Normally Nails Inc polishes cost anything from £0-£13 and gift sets do vary. I know I have purchased many magazines and Diet Cokes to gain those wonderful free polishes and I'm guessing you all have too. 

Nails Inc currently had a 'pick and mix' offer on where you could purchase 6 polishes for £15 but you couldn't choose your colours, I wasn't too worried about this as I adore most of the colours and any I didn't like could be gifted to other polish lovers. 

Well they arrived, I am very happy with my selection and wanted to quickly show you the colours. I have included a quick swatch of them with 1 coat and 2 coats but to be honest this doesn't show the real colours so I will try and get actual nail swatches uploaded this week. 

The colours are:

Hampstead Gardens (132) - This is a gorgeous mustard yellow colour and I do currently have this on my fingers as we speak. This is still on the site at only £5 and is second from the left in the picture. 

Henley Regatta (182)  - This looks like a vibrant fuchsia pink in the bottle but when you swatch it is looks like raspberry jelly. It would be amazing as an overcoat with 1 layer or as a full colour polish with 2 coats. This is second from the right in the picture. 

Holly Walk (032) - Not sure why this is called holly walk as it is a metallic shimmer steel grey/blue colour with a silvery undertone. This is pretty on but not my favourite out of the bunch. This is 3rd from the left in the picture. 

Callow Street (341) - Very similar to Holly Walk this has a similar steel grey/blue colour but only a slight metallic undertone in blue's, pinks and reds. At first glance this looks like a flat colour and is much nicer than Holly Walk. This is the last one to the right in the picture. 

Belsize Avenue (042) - This is gorgeous (not pictured) this looks like oil spill in a bottle and has metallic blacks, golds, greens and pinky reds. It looks like a dark black/chocolate but when you move your fingers about it looks amazing. 

Hoxton Crackle Topcoat (231) - This is still on the website priced at £11. This is a metallic royal purple colour and is apart of the 'special effects' collections. You simply apply your base colour ( I used the Henley Regatta) and then you apply a think top coat and watch it crackle as it dries. I'm not a huge crackle fan but this is really nice. This is the first on the left in the picture. 

This is one swatch of the polishes. There is 2 of the Henley Regatta as I used one as a base for the crackle. The main picture shows the polishes with 2 coats. 

Overall my favourites are the Hampstead gardens and the Belsize Avenue and I currently have my eyes on the new Marble Arch concrete effect polish and the Bling it on leather effect set with the skull embellishments

Where you lucky enough to get the pick and mix? what colours are you currently coveting. 

Recipe // Caribbean Sweet Potato Chunky Soup

Caribbean Sweet Potato Chunky Soup 

Some call this a soup some call this a stew, I'll call this a chunky soup just to meet everyone in the middle. This recipe is one of my latest favourites, it's nourishing, healthy and most of all satisfying. I have tried to keep as much raw as possible to keep the nutrients into the soup, the blender stages allow the food to be cooked for less time. 

♥2 medium onions 
♥2 teaspoons olive oil
♥3 garlic cloves
♥2 teaspoons ground ginger (ideally fresh)
♥2 teaspoons ground coriander
♥1 teaspoon ground turmeric 
♥1/2 teaspoon dried thyme
♥1/4 teaspoon ground allspice
♥5 cups vegetable broth
♥2 cups sweet potato cubed. 
♥1 cup coconut milk
♥1 cup diced tomatoes (drained)
♥1 cup black eyes peas (drained)
♥squeeze of lime juice
♥1 medium broccoli (the mini sized ones)
♥1 medium cauliflower (the mini sized ones)

♥ Soak your black eyed peas for 24 hours or drain the juice from tinned black eyed beans. 
♥ In a pot add your beans, sweet potato and broth and boil until the sweet potato has softened
♥ Now add the garlic, onion, spices and oil into the blender and blend until it is smooth and add to the soup mix. 
♥ Add your tinned, drained tomatoes to the soup mix. 
♥ Turn down the heat so it simmers for around 10 minutes and then take off the heat. 
♥ Slowly add in the coconut milk stirring continuously. 
♥ Finish with a squeeze of lime. 

You can now at this stage eat this as a soup, if you prefer the chunky stew then follow the next step. 

♥ In a blender add your broccoli and cauliflower and blend until it resembles rice like this, add this mixture to your soup and mix.  

Your chunky soup will now look like this

Nom, Nom


Review | Glamglow Youth Mud Mask

Have you heard about Glamglow? 

I hadn't heard of Glamglow until late last year, if you don't know about this amazing brand then let me tell you some more. Glamglow is a mud mask that is loved by celebrities such as Selena Gomez, Nina Dobrev and Miley Cyrus to name a few. 

I firstly wanted to point out that this is not a sponsored post and I started off thinking probably what your thinking just now, 'is this another hyped celebrity product' it was this mentality that lead me to sample the product to really see if it lived up to its claims and was it worth its price tag. 

Initially the Glamglow product packs a glamorous punch with it's black and silver packaging, it's universal, classic and unisex so it ticked major boxes for me straight away ( I adore nice packaging) Glamglow claims to be a '10 minute facial in a jar' I opened the product and spread a thin layer onto my skin as directed and waited for the 'tingle'.   At first, I thought maybe my skin was a little bit sensitive but then realised this sensation was supposed to be happening.  

Glamglow contains heaps of gorgeous ingredients such as green tea leaves, volcanic minerals, French sea clay, purified clay, micro volcanic rock, chamomile, green tea and magnolia extracts as well as a variety of additional extracts and natures goodness. Glamglow claims to clean all skin types and skin problems without stripping it of its natural oils, the extracts and natural additives certainly do this and the volcanic rock absorbs all of the nastiness. 

The photos are up next, I wanted to point out that I have no make-up, concealer, foundation or any sort on my skin and also I hadn't done my hair so I do apologise for 'naked' face photos. This is an image of the mud mask starting to dry, you can see from my nose area that the pore matrix causes your icky bits to turn black. This mask was my second application within the week and I noticed a huge improvement just after 1 application. The first application showed really dark larger pores. 

This photo shows the mask with the green tea leaves (the darker areas contain larger leaves.) I couldn't smile at this point as the mask was deliciously tight. I really felt like I was 16 again. 

Just after washing off the mask. I did have a big red spot on my forehead, as you can see the redness has gone and it has shrunken tremendously. My skin looks even and has no tight or dry areas like most products that I have used before. 

I am so glad that Glamglow did live up to its reputation and to be honest I feel it may be one of a few products that work extremely well. I can completely justify the price tag and I know that the pot of Glamglow will last for ages. I love the fresh, clean feeling I get from using this product and the nice scrubby texture of the volcanic rock. 

Afterwards, my skin felt 'primed' without actually using a shop bought primer, my makeup stayed on and didn't need reapplying by midday and even 2 days later I noticed my t-zone felt less oily. 

If you want to try Glamglow and see the benefits for yourself I would advise you to do so, your skin will thank you for it. You can purchase a 7ml trial size Glamglow youth mud for only £4.99 by heading to GlamglowThe 15ml Youth mud costs £22.50 and the 50ml costs £49.99 you can save 15% if you sign up for their newsletter. 

Money Saving Idea 

Although to be honest it would make more sense to save money by buying three trial sized samples for £14.97 and you then have 21ml or buy seven 7ml trials sized for £35 which will give you a whopping 49ml. 

This means more product and parting with fewer pennies = happy days. Although if your a packaging and pot lover go for the full priced option. 
        photo NEW.png
* All Opinions My Own *