The Breast Side Story | True Story

I know this is a fashion and beauty blog, but I was recently considering beauty from all aspects and really wanted to post about breasts because they were an issue for me for so many years. I know I don't really post 'true life' blog posts about myself and wanted to change this, so you can really get to know me and my reasons for blogging. This is also an issue I feel we should consider so here goes...

The bigger the better. 

The smaller they are then the less female you are? 

What size cup? 

What size nipples? 

Do you have hairs on your nipples?

These are all questions that run through the minds of the female population on a daily basis around the world. Growing up I couldn’t wait to grow some boobs and to wear an adult bra, for me wearing a bra was the epitome of femininity and adulthood and was surely my ticket to being taken seriously.

At eight years old I felt out of place beside girls of my own age, I was taller, dumpier, irregular shaped and just different but I couldn’t understand why. I would come home and spend time on my own trying to wrack my brains to figure out just what it was that made me feel and look so much more different to everyone else but I could never figure it out.

I was popular at school and fitted in, I was a happy and intelligent girl but there was just something I couldn’t quite put my finger on that was until boys started calling me fat.  All of my friends were all dainty and petite and because I was chunkier. I really felt like an ugly duckling.  

At nine years old I remember getting a letter to hand to my parents asking for permission to get lessons on the female body mainly on the menstrual cycle, I really had no idea what it was but my friends were all excited about these lessons so I was too.  In the run up to these lessons, my friends visited the toilets a lot just to check they hadn’t started their periods and I remember a monitor telling them Don’t be so silly girls you are far too young.  It was about three weeks later I started my periods. I had turned nine only a matter of weeks before, I went from feeling like the oddball to these feelings confirming my oddball status (in my mind).

Shortly after my mum said she should measure me because I definitely had a chest, I then found out I had gone from no chest size to having a chest the same size as my mum – a 34B. I suppose it was at that point that I blamed my chest size and my feminine curves for making me strange and I really hated them with a vengeance. I wore baggy clothing, I became shy and retiring and I hated getting any sort of attention from boys who mainly paid attention to my boobs, I hated having boobs!

Oppositely my friends not knowing that I had started my periods still wished they had boobs and couldn’t wait to start their periods. They would get excited at the prospect of bra shopping one day and boasted about owning the prettiest lace crop tops and mock training bra’s whereas I had the ugliest thick strapped bra’s around.Starting my periods at such a young age meant that I had womanly hips and bum whereas my friends and even older family members were still pin-thin. My curves lead to me feeling fat and uncomfortable in my own skin and each month that my period arrived felt like another reminder that I was a freak. 

My periods were terrible and I suppose always were terrible over the years, I think I suffered from all of the issues that came with the female cycles including pimples, oily skin, PMS, cramping, heavy flow and they always stayed for at least 10 days to 2 weeks. In the summer when everyone else was paddling in their swimming pools I sat by the sidelines hating everything about being a woman including my breasts, I blamed my breasts I suppose for all of these issues as they were the first sign of me being different.

As I got older nothing really changed with my body issues and I tried everything to stay thin so that my boobs would stay smaller, I strived for a flawless silhouette and paid so much attention to how I looked that looking back I think what a waste of time spent doing nothing. I will be thirty next year and it’s only now at this point in my life that everything seems clear and I am now comfortable in my own skin.

So growing up I could never understand why there was so much attention paid to boob size and why stuffing your bra or popping in a couple of chicken ‘breasts’ into your bra was the thing to do? I suppose now that some focus on boob size in order to seem attainable and beautiful similarly like I did with being thin and wanting to have smaller boobs. It makes me sad though that I see more women targeting others on the size of their breasts and if it’s not the size it’s the fullness or the sagginess that’s focused on.  I believe that we should be focusing our negative views on the more positives of being female such as the curve in a woman’s back, the tiger stripes that show that we birthed new life or the curves and hips of a woman.

For some, even after having a boob job they are still tormented by further breast scrutiny. Sagging breasts, breasts that sit too low, breasts that turn outwards, nipples that are large, nipples that stick out too much and nipples that have a hair or two. Companies have jumped on this by making creams that are aimed to tighten, creams that lift, creams that smooth and creams that increase your size.  What about focusing more on breast health rather than prettifying breasts? 

Personally, breasts, in my opinion, are the female equivalent to the male scrotum, men aren’t too fussed about their bits, are they? So why are females so different? Is it females that are making this breast issue bigger than it needs to be (excuse the pun) or is it the media or the male population?

Personally I have beaten myself up over the years and I realise now that my breasts played a huge part in my own body dysmorphia, I hated them being big and smaller breasts made me feel slimmer, as I’ve aged I have also gone through the whole are they full, are they toned, are they smooth and are my nipples the right size and now as I’m hitting the back end of my 20’s and nearing my 30’s I am putting up the white flag in the war against breasts to say let’s just love our uniqueness! My breasts are in no way 'perfect' but they are what partly what makes me who I am, although they aren't perfect they were perfect enough to feed my sons so that they thrived, they don't give me any grief and my husband is more than happy with them so why would I want to change them? If you are reading this and thinking about changing your breasts, ask yourself 'why' you really want to change them. 

We’re all women, we should be standing together to make breasts a beautiful thing. Regardless of size, shape and which way they turn, every mark, every dimple and every inch should be deemed beautiful because that’s what makes us unique.Let’s ‘try’ to stop judging other ladies on their chests and let’s 'try' to stop feeling jealous of others.  The next time you feel jealous you should focus on what makes you unique. If you’re not happy with your shape then change it, tone it, slim it, bulk it or dress it up. 

Just don't compare what you have to other's as you are unique! 

Here are some facts about breasts…

1. In the UK around 136 women will find out they have breast cancer every day. That’s a huge 49500.00 women a year.

2. There is around a 1 in 8 chance of being diagnosed with cancer. Look around at your office space, group of friends or family members there is a chance at least one of you will be diagnosed with this form of cancer so always check your breasts for changes.

3. The signs to watch out for include; a lump especially one that isn’t moveable, an area of thickening, skin texture, changes in size or shape, swelling around the breast or armpit, dimpling of the skin, nipples that invert inwards when they are usually outwards, discharge from the nipples or a rash. Of course, if you have anything unusual that’s not mentioned it’s worth getting it checked out.

4. Did you know that women who have noticeably different sized breasts, the left is usually the largest in around 62% of cases.

5. The world’s largest breasts are a 38KKK – Wowzers! 

6. In America, breast augmentation (boob jobs) are the top-selling cosmetic operation. 

7. Men can actually breastfeed too. Men like us have mammary glands so if they are on hormone treatments they can also breastfeed – Strange but true. 

What's your breast story? Have your lady lumps caused you grief over the years or have you always embraced your breasts?

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March Birchbox Review

March Birchbox

I received my March Birchbox yesterday. I previously subscribed when the company was Joliebox (there are reviews on this blog) and I actually loved Joliebox more than any other UK beauty box company, I actually only un-subscribed due to Christmas coming up and my husband changing jobs so I am so happy to be subscribing again. 

This is my first box since the brand became Birchbox, Birchbox is an American beauty box company but they now own Joliebox and have re-branded as Birchbox. The contents I feel are still as good and the packaging blows any other beauty box out of the water. 

Birchbox costs £10 per month and once you subscribe you aren't held in to any contract. So the items I received are: 

Laura Geller Purple Inkwell Waterproof Gel Liner - Full size £24.50
I haven't tried the Laura Geller branded products before so I was really happy to find this in my box. I love a good liner and this was definitely a good one, the purple was a true royal purple with a teeny amount of shimmer. It applies like a dream and stays put all day, when I tried this after using a primer the colour really pops so I would recommend also trying it with primer on your eyelids. 

  Molton Brown Valbonne Fragrance Spray Vial - Full size £65.00
With tops notes of bergamot and hints of leather, rose, vetiver and orange flower I was left confused as to whether this was for men or women. The scent smells strong and powerful at first like a sexy topless man but it then smooths out and becomes more feminine, I wasn't sure if it was for men or women so I did Google it and had an 'ahhhhh that makes sense' when I found out it's actually a unisex fragrance, it is definitely suited to both men and women and I actually really like it. 

Nick Chavez Beverly Hills Plump 'N' Thick Leave-In Thickening Mist - Full size £13.90
I have never heard of Nick Chavez so this was one product I felt indifferent to. I have fine flyaway hair and I really wish it could be thicker, I currently use Aveda to give my hair that much needed fullness so this was tested straight away. After testing I hate it, it's really as simple as that, it got me all excited with the prospect of thick hair and then just completely let me down. My hair was left just as thin but it looked greasy-ish and lifeless the next morning. I wouldn't purchase this personally. 

La Sultane De Saba Body Lotion with Argan Oil - Full size £26.50
I couldn't believe this product costed £26.50 full size as the tester I received didn't look like it fit that price range in regards to it's packaging. However, I tried it out and it smells gorgeous and very similar to the scent that baby products have (like Johnsons baby wash and shampoo), this is a lotion so is thin and would be suited to normal or greasy/combination skin types. Unfortunately I have dry skin and while this left my skin feeling soft and balmy the results didn't last for even an hour. I wouldn't pay the full size price as there are so many more products suited to my skin type but I do like having this sample to use on my neck and hands. 

Yu-Be Mosturizing Skin Cream - Full size £19.50
Again this was another new brand to me and the product information says it's a glycerin based cream containing vitamins B2, C and E. It's suited to dry and sever dry skin areas including your body, hands, face and lips! The using it on your lips part intrigued me so I have literally just popped some on to my lips as I type and bleurgh! it tastes really disgusting, like Vick's mixed with dry wood, the consistency is fab but the taste really needs some work done to it, I can see this being used as a healing balm for spots, dry elbows and things like that and I do like it as it is really moisturising but not on your lips. 

Sanctuary 30 Day Thermal Transformation Mask - Full Size £27.50
This product was actually a beauty extra and I have received this before in a previous Joliebox, the product is actually amazing and I would love to purchase the full size but at £27.50 it's a luxury buy especially while my shoe addiction has kicked in with full force. This comes with 2 samples one being a peptide transformation serum and the other a thermal rose clay. You apply the serum (which is more of a cream consistency) to the face and then apply the rose clay on the top. Your skin will start to naturally warm for around 15 minutes and then you cleanse your skin removing the mask. I did notice that my skin looked tighter, fresher and this didn't leave my skin feeling dry and sore.  I would recommend this (if you don't have a shoe addiction to pay for). 

Lindt Lindor Heart Tin with Chocolate Truffles - Full size £2.99
Does this really need any commenting? it's pretty, it's Lindt and it's chocolate? These were scoffed in 5 minutes and yes they were oh so good! 

What are your opinions of this box? did you get the same products as I did and if so, did you try the Yu-Be on your lips? 

If you want to subscribe or just check out Birchbox's website you can do so by clicking HERE

X Disclaimer:: I purchased this myself X

OPI // Oz The Great And Powerful Collection

I recently purchased the Oz The Great And Powerful Collection set as I adore natural tones and this set is made up of 3 natural shades and 1 liquid sand lacquer.  This set is a mini lacquer set and to be really honest I prefer mini polishes as they get used up before going off date and I find the brushes easier to use and my manicure always looks so much more professional, does anyone else find this? 

This collection is inspired by the Disney film Oz The Great And Powerful film, starring James Franco as Oscar who is the main character and the magician who ends up in Oz. I haven't went to see it yet even though it was released on March 8th this year.  There are 7 polishes in the Oz main collection and this set does not have the Lights of Emerald City, When Monkeys Fly and Which is Witch? 

So since I haven't watch the film I figured I should at least get the polish (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it).  I purchased this via Buyapower and this cost me £6.95 but the prices will vary from place to place with Asos selling it for £13.95 as you can see you're best to shop around. The set comprises of 4 mini polishes, 3 are more natural tones and 1 is a liquid sand textured polish, here they are swatched on to a nail round. 

I Theodora You // Delicate pink cream
Don't Burst My Bubble // Sheer white
Glints of Glinda // Sheer but build-able nude
What Wizardry Is This? // Liquid sand bronze with gold flecks

And here they are swatched on to my shabby nails, I completely apologise for the shabbiness but when the need to swatch happens, you swatch. 

My pinky finger and thumb is swatched with I Theodora You and my ring finger is swatched with the liquid sand What Wizardry Is This? My index finger is Don't Burst My Bubble and while this looks the same colour as the I Theodora You it is actually a lot lighter and has a more opaque white tone, finally my middle finger is swatched with the Glints of Glinda and it was this colour that led me to purchase this set but when swatching I found it wasn't opaque enough and left me looking like I smoked 40 a day. 

About 3 hours after taking this photo the Don't Burst My Bubble completely peeled right off my nail? I've never had that happen before so I tried again and the next day the same things happened once again? Has anyone else had that happen? 

Surprisingly I love the What Wizardry Is This? the texture is bumpy and easy to apply and even now 1 week after first  swatching this polish my nail is chip free and still looks fab, just like a gel polish would act this polish has stayed put although I have been left with the growth gap at the cuticle. Although you can really see from the image this liquid sand polish is actually really glittery, the main colour is a bronze toned brown but it has rainbow sparkles when you move your fingers, I really wish I could capture it on camera. 

What do you think of this set? Have you gone to see the film yet?

Nails Inc Limited Edition Spring Polish

I know everyone's trying to latch on to some hope that Spring will indeed arrive, I am driving myself crazy with my Met office app refreshing each day to see if the sun will arrive here in bonny Scotland but so far, I'm still waiting.

I rarely post about press releases and emails but when this one from Nails Inc arrived in my inbox I just had to, I mean what's not to love; pretty colours, freebies, limited polishes and spring! So here's are the little bottles of spring, sunshine and happiness (Limited mind so you will need to be super quick).

£11 This is a gorgeous glossy pastel toned yellow. 

£11 This is a dusky slate blue tone and is one that I will be buying as I don't have any of this tone in my arsenal. 

£11 Lilacs are huge for spring and this is no different. Hyde Park Corner is a powdery glossy lilac. 

This is what excited me the most, I am absolutely loving the glossy chocolate ice-cream shade and the limited edition mint sprinkles polish! This set is made up of 3 mini polishes and costs a mere £12. 

I prefer the mini sized because they are ideal for popping in your make-up bag, I also find the brushes on the mini bottles leave my manicure looking more professional. 

And as usual there are freebies if you spend over a certain amount. I love how Nails Inc offer freebies it shows they care about our custom I feel. The freebies are always amazing and are great for putting away for surprise presents or when you're feeling poop and want to pamper yourself. 

This offer becomes a possibility if you spend £35+ on two or more products, you can choose from either the naughty or nice option which consists of 2 polishes and the gorgeous make-up bag. I really want the nice option! 

Will you be treating your talons to some limited edition action this spring? 

March Empties

March Empties

You may have read previously seen my February empties and my Instagram image of my few days worth of postal samples, I decided to tackle the increasing amount of them by using mostly samples for the whole of March. 

I managed it y-a-y! So here's what I used. . . 

♥ Washing & Deodorising ♥

 Vaseline Active Fresh 48h Deodorant
This is the new compressed version and I love it, it doesn't leave white marks, smells fab and lasts all day. 

  Simple Refreshing Shower Gel 250 ml
I buy this due to it being really good on sensitive skins, it stops my sons skin from getting dry and patchy and sore and it doesn't have any scent. 

   Aveda Tourmaline Charged Skin Refiner 7 ml
Again another product that is miles above many high street brands, this has really small grainy bits that get even the smallest pores clean without stripping your skin bare. 

 Shu Uemura Ultime8 Sublime Beauty Cleansing Oil 4 ml. 
I was scared to try this I'll admit it, my skin was doing it's own crazy oily thing and I just couldn't get round using oil to clear your face? however, biting the bullet I tried it and loved it but and there's a very big but here  the next morning after using this my face broke out like never before! so I waited a few days to re-try and again the same thing happened. This isn't really oily like you would expect and once mixed with water it resembles more of a face wash, it leaves your skin looking fab and balmy but that's twice it left me with spots and boils in places I have never had them before. 

    Amie Pure & Natural Beauty Spring Clean Cooling Clay Mask 10 ml
 This mask contains organic peppermint, French white clay and lime butter and is made with 94% natural ingredients, I've had this for a while and wasn't too bothered about using it, after all most clay masks are the same right? wrong... This mask was so zingy and fresh I wanted to eat it! the scent of limes and the clay made me want to keep it on and once I took it off my skin felt so amazing that this mask is my new best friend. A staple product in your skincare arsenal for sure. 

♥ Lotions & Potions 

    Olay Regenerist 3 point Treatment Cream 7 ml 
This is quite thin and resembles more of a lotion than a cream, I hated the scent also which is so hard to describe and I honestly never saw any improvement in my skin. 

      L’Occitane Crème Divine 1 ml 
I really love this product, it leaves my skin soft and balmy and doesn't result in pimples and spots. 

Palmer's Cocoa  Butter Formula, Tummy Butter
 This product is aimed at stretch marks and contains Vitamin E, Collagen, Elastin, Lavender and Bio C-Elaste which is suppose to help repair and treat the look of those tiger stripes. I have a heap (well more than a heap to be fair) so I didn't notice any difference, I think this would have to be trialed over a longer period of time to see any benefits. 

  Elemental Herbology cell food protection & repair facial serum 2ml 
This smells like fresh crushed herbs, I loved this product so much so that I would use it again and was quite saddened when this sample had run out. It's a moisturiser that is suppose to feed your cells and help repair them making your face baby soft. I don't know if it repaired anything but my skin did feel amazing and even in the morning it was less dry than normal. 

 VaV Manucure Absolue Crème Hydratane Regenerante 2 ml
This left my skin feeling soft and peachy but not for long. It has a fresh lemon scent and is a good product but in comparison to the Elemental Herbology it doesn't even come close. 

 Garnier Ultralift Anti-wrinkle cream. 1.5 ml
Surprisingly I liked this cream, the effects lasted all day and my skin felt super soft and moisturised. I don't think I would purchase it however as I swear I am a human magpie and the packaging doesn't do it for me (beauty snob I admit it)   

Cocoa Butter Formula For Stretch Marks
This is a massage lotion for stretch marks which smells absolutely yummy. Really chocolatey and inviting but after application I felt a little bit like an oil slick as it didn't absorb well on my skin. It also felt quite grainy, this normally happens when the cocoa butter is melted at too high a heat and then left to cool so I don't think I will be purchasing this anytime soon. 

 Shampoo's & Conditioners 

     Aveda Smooth Infusions Shampoo 50 ml 
I love the scent it smells like fresh floral essential oils. It also works wonders on the hair and leaves it soft and manageable, far better than high street brands. 

      L’Oreal Elvive Triple Resist Reinforcing Shampoo 'fragile hair with tendency to fall’ 10 ml
My hair is fine (but apparently I have lots of it) and it does fall out excessively in clumps which can be upsetting, I never actually knew there was a shampoo that focused on these types of problems until I found this in my stash. Having not cared much for L'Oreal shampoo's before I was hugely surprised that this left my hair soft, strong and bouncy and is one product I will be buying for sure. 

L’Oreal EverPure Shampoo 10 ml & Conditioner 10 ml 
This contains botanical oils that treat your hair and stop them from further damage, the Everpure range are products that I have previously tried and the results didn't astonish me. Again these samples cleaned my hair, left it manageable but didn't w-o-w me so much that I would consider them when purchasing in the future.

  Tresemme Split Remedy Hair Treatment 
This is suppose to stop your hair from splitting by 80%, I tried this twice and on both occasions my hair ended up hard, crispy and greasy looking underneath. There is absolutely no way I would recommend this product so can't advise if it did improve any split ends. 

   Tresemme Split Remedy Shampoo & Conditioner 
Again I wanted to love these products I really did but I was left with limp, greasy looking hair. The treatment also disappointed as did a previous heat spray I tried in this range. 

♥ Perfumes  

 Givenchy Dahlia Noir EDT 
Powdery rose with the sexy notes of vanilla, this scent is my ultimate feminine daytime scent and I will be buying this for sure. 

   DKNY Pure Fresh 
Very light with a hint of floral, it's really nice but lacking that extra 'something' 

     Escada Rockin Rio 
This was too sweet for my nose I'm thinking it might have been due to the sheer amount of fruity notes which don't really appeal to me. 

    Dolce & Gabbana Pour Femme
 This tries hard to be grown up and sophisticated but on me it comes through as being overly sweet. This isn't really my taste for perfumes so I won't be purchasing this. 

    Gucci Premiere
 With notes of musk, woods, bergamots and orange this was going to be a sure hit and it didn't fail. This is simply sex in a bottle and is more suited to night time and evening wear. 

 Roberto Cavalli 
I'm not a huge Cavalli fan as it is, the brand is a tad too excessive and I think this fragrance is no different. What struck me as being strange as this smells equally sweet as it does fruity but the two don't mix well?  This is a strange one unfortunately. 

   Be Delicious DKNY
 I'm not a huge fruity note fan so this was a no go for me but if you like fruity scents you will love this.

Calvin Klein Euphoria 
Another sex in a bottle type of fragrance that I adore and have adored since it's release in 2005. 

  Marc Jacobs Daisy
This smells delicately floral, I really liked the scent and how it played out throughout the day but the scent doesn't last that long. 

  Marc Jacobs Daisy Oh So Fresh 
I prefer the original Daisy out of these two. 

♥ Teeth ♥

     Pearl Drops Beauty Sleep 
This is a product that you rub on to your teeth at night, similar to how you would moisturise your skin at night. This product is suppose to nourish and protect your teeth while you sleep. Your teeth are more prone to damage at night as bacteria increase so I had to jump on this bandwagon. To be honest I haven't noticed any difference but that maybe due to using the Crest strips which blow any tooth whitening product out of the water (in my opinion) I will keep using this however. 
Nourish & protect overnight serum, for teeth and gums to whiten help restore, and protect their radiant youthful look.

3D crest white stripes professional effects.
I have tried both the sensitive version and the professional effects versions and love them both. while watching the hit US teen-angst programme 'Awkward' the main character used these so I had to get in on this secret American tooth tape action. You apply them to your teeth and wait 30 minutes, that's it and you will I promise be left with noticeable results that should wow you as much as I was wowed (yay for white teeth). I also normally suffer with sensitive teeth that crack and break and I didn't have any problems after using these with sensitivity. 

Phew, huge post I know but you know me. What empties have you got for March? are there any products you loved or hated? 

Coming Soon :: Nails Inc Denim Effect Polish

Denim Nails! 

Yee-haa cowboy, I love denim who doesn't? I love that there's a huge surge in textured nail polishes and kits as they really do make your nail look chic and well put together. I know when I've used my Nails Inc textured polishes they look more professional for longer and don't tend to chip or peel as easy as the simple one toned polishes. 

Nails Inc will be jumping on the SS13 denim trend by bringing us polish and denim lovers a polish that leaves your nails looking well, demin. They will also be bringing out a denim effect bling it on kit which will retail at £19 and include the polish and silver stars to really give your nail a denim studded feel. 

Here's a video showing you the denim polish in action. 

I have no idea what the exact release date is on this polish and kit or what the polish will retail at on it's own but I'm guessing it will cost the same as their other textured polish which retails around £12. 

I know this is one bandwagon I will be jumping on but will you be? 

Artdeco Cosmetics // Creating a Swinging Sixties FOTD

You may have seen my post titled 'Groovy Baby' which coupled my new favourite Sheinside dress and Sphere of Life necklaces. I did mention that I would post separately on my make-up look because I really wanted to show you these products on their own due to their sheer awesomeness. 

For my 'Groovy Baby' look I wanted to let my dress be the main focus so opted for a more demure makeup look. The sixties were all about the eyes so I was sure that I would be rocking the flicks and thick lashes, I wanted to use a opposite colour palette so it was black and white/silver and because the eye's were my main facial focus the lips had to be lighter. 

I really don't own any light nude lip colours because I look washed out enough but lucky I had just received a lip glaze that I really hated due to it washing me out and funnily enough it was perfect for this look. I will now be keeping it as I know I can use it when I need a nude tone and it tastes like tangerine which is really nice. 

 Face & Base  

Artdeco 15ml Skin Perfecting makeup base £18 // Silicone free - Expires within 12 months. Serum like formula refines, mattifies and perfects your make-up base; smoothing your complexion and evening out small lines and wrinkles. This formula feels really soothing on the skin and stops those horrible patches of dryness that some brands leave you with. 

Artdeco 30ml Anti-aging BB Cream SPF 15 in shade 02 // Expires within 12 months. Like many other BB creams the Artdeco beauty balm has many benefits. This is an anti-ageing tinted beauty balm with a 10 in 1 effect. It reduces visible signs of ageing, creating an immediate lift in the skin as the light reflecting particles visually smoother and soften. Suitable for sensitive skins and it also protects your skin from free radicals. 

Artdeco 5ml Eyeshadow Base £8 // Expires within 12 months. This eye shadow base resembles a concealer, highlighter and primer all in one little tub. It feels amazingly smooth and evens out the eye area regardless of your skin tone. The base improves the durability, colour intensity and luminescence of any powder eye shadow you apply. This is why I chose my cheapest eye shadow palette to test out this theory, let's just say my leopard palette was never used due to the colour not 'popping' enough but as you will see from the image below they do after using this base. 

Eyes & Brows  

Artdeco Eyebrow Color Pen in shade 6 £11.25 // Expires within 12 months. The eyebrow pen allows you to define and fill your eyebrow with colour using it's felt pen type tip. It dries quickly and looks totally natural, you can build colour by applying more than one layer and it's best to apply using small light strokes. This is also suitable for those who wear contacts, glasses and suffer from sensitive skin. 

Artdeco High Precision Liquid Liner in shade 01 £21 // Use within 6 months. I love the nib on this liquid liner, it's soft and so easy to apply. The nib is made of varied fibres that resemble an oriental calligraphy brush, you can apply it with soft light strokes for a thinner line or press slightly harder for a thicker more defined look. The formula is also suitable for sensitive skins. 

Artdeco 10ml All In One Mascara in shade 01 £14.50 // All in one mascara leaves your lashes looking darker, thicker and volumised. The brush is fantastic as it is made of varied fibre lengths and ensured each lash it caught and coated making your peepers really stand out. 

Clever Cat Magic Eye shadow palette 06. Approx £2 // This was purchased from Ebay, it cost less than £2 delivered from Japan and consists of 6 eye shadow colours in a leopard print palette. The colours have no name but are white metallic, bronze tone, metallic gold tone, metallic silver tone, metallic gunmetal and matte black/navy. 


Revlon Color Stay Mineral Lipglaze // Shade '520' Unlimited Nectar. This goes on smoothly, blends well into the lips and tastes like yummy tangerines. 

Normally I don't use liquid eyeliner only because my eyelashes are so short and sparse. Normally I am always left with a skin coloured gap that looks so shoddy, but the Artdeco liner however as you can see leaves no gap, looks fluid and smooth and coupled with the all in one mascara I feel makes my lashes look lush, and  as though I'm wearing a set of natural sized falsies. 

So what do you think? I can see the clear difference as my skin looks even, smooth and youthful and my eyes really stand out. I really need to upload a no make-up image so you guys can see just how much of a miracle worker Artdeco cosmetics really are.

 photo NEW.png
* PR Sample *

OOTD || Sphere Of Life - Groovy Baby

I wanted to post my outfit of the day as I am in serious love with it. I just received this She Inside retro print dress and had been eagerly anticipating its arrival for the last week or so,  (I'm in the UK and it came from the USA). This dress cost $29 and She Inside always offer free delivery which allowed me to purchase another dress in a similar style. Unfortunately the other dress has sold out, I really struggle with what to choose when shopping on She Inside but only because I want everything. I don't know what to purchase to replace the item that never arrived *sigh* it's a hard life, right?  

I teamed the dress with my new Next suede leather grey heels which I purchased online from Next, you may have seen me squeeing about them over on Instagram and as for accessories I wanted to maintain a retro style but didn't want to take this outfit too far into the 'dressing up' costume route. 

My 2 silver Sphere of Life necklaces teamed perfectly with this dress as the glam collection Let it Bee necklace lies lower down the stomach, this was a popular length for accessories back in the sixties or so I'm told and If you look closer you will also see I am also wearing my 'Daisies' Sphere of Life necklace which sits around the collar and is so pretty and of course fits in with the flower power theme. 

I was so appreciative when Sphere of Life offered to send me my choice of necklaces and I will admit here it did take me days to choose because I couldn't decide between Cuddles which is the cutest little hedgehog from the glam collection, My Missing Piece; which is a jigsaw sphere and Connecting the Dots which my son says looks like the moon due to its holes and cubic zircons. 

Sphere of Life 'Let it Bee' necklace from the glam collection. This necklace costs £39.95 and comes with a long 36' chain. The glam collection necklaces are larger than the standard collection and these cuties are a whopping 25 mm. They are made of brass and are plated in pure silver, the bee is plated in 18k gold and these comes in the most amazing packaging that I have seen to date.  

The message for this particular necklace is 'Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans'  it's definitely a conversation starter and so chic that it won't ever go out of style. 

This cutie is called 'Daisies' and comes from the Sphere of Life silver collection. The pendant is 16 mm and is made from enamelled Sterling Silver. The silver collections comes with a shorter chain than the glam collection and you will see from my photo's that the chain is around 16'-18'.  It costs £64.95 normally but is currently on sale for only £58.50 and again this comes with the most beautiful packaging ever. 

The message of this necklace is 'Celebrate the child within you with a daisy chain'. 

I'm a huge lover of sentiments, quotes and collections such as the Willow Tree ornaments. The Sphere of Life collections remind me of the jewellery version of those ornaments. Each piece comes in a mirrored sphere which sits inside a uber chic white box and the necklace comes in a branded baggy which sits inside the sateen lined mirrored sphere. Each piece also comes with a collectors card, clearly showing the name and the message.... sweet right. 

I finally teamed my outfit with a retro, classic makeup look and have used my favourite Art Deco cosmetic products to give my eyes those flirty sixties flicks.  I will be posting about these items separately tomorrow though.  

 Disclaimer: The Sphere of Life necklaces were received with no charge to myself but were chosen by myself 

Clay Products || Getting Clay-ful

I realised while in the bath last night that I am currently going through a 'clay' phase. I find that I do go through phases but don't realise I'm doing it until afterwards, for example most of the items I am using are clay based products, before that it was natural or organics, before that it was brights or tropical scents, butters and oils and balms and balmy type products.

Do you find you do this also?

I'm not sure if it's due to advertising or if it's due to finding a product that I love that makes me want to delve further into similar product types but I have to say that I have found some amazing products over my phase's that I normally wouldn't have tried. So, at the moment  my current phase is clay based products so what better to post about than clay and which products work and which don't?

Current Products I Own

Aveda Pure Abundance Volumizing Conditioner £18.50 200 ml  || Clay volumising hair conditioner, who would have thought it? I love this conditioner and it does leave my hair soft, smooth and does help volumise in combination with the shampoo. My hair definitely felt more normal also after using this rather than reverting to it's combination oily roots, dry ends.

REN Clearcalm 3 Clarity Restoring Mask £30 50 ml || This is the product I recently posted about. It started oh so good but closer to the 15 minute deadline it left my skin smelling very egg like due to the sulphur. I won't be using this one again that's for sure.

REN Invisible Pores Detox Mask £18 50ml || This product has a fresh herbal scent to it and contains kaolin clay and red tea to detox, I do like this product but it doesn't compare to the clarifying cleanser.

REN Clearcalm 3 Clarifying Clay Cleanser £18 150 ml - This product is ah-mazing! Ingredients consist of  manuka honey, french kaolin clay, may blossom and chamomile which cleanse, exfoliate, smooth and moisturise better than ANY other product I have used. My skin looks fresher, healthier and balmy after using this product.

Bag of Green Clay Powder, price varies. || I purchased this from Ebay so prices do vary but it is a very low cost must have product. It may also be called Bentonite clay so try searching for that and green clay for the best prices. I keep it to mix in with a little water to add to angry spots so that the spot is treated and my dry areas are left untreated. It's also amazing mixed with a little bit of fresh cooled coffee and spread on the thighs as a detoxifying mask (and treating the orange peel effect) and it can also be used as a hair mask by mixing with your conditioner.

Aveda Tourmaline Charged Radiant Skin Refiner £32 for 100 ml || I love this product, it is pricey but after trying the sample sized version It was a must have purchase. It exfoliates and leaves your skin feeling fresh but nourished unlike many other brands that leave your skin feeling tight after use.

Red Earth Clay Mask by Montagne Jeunesse £1.50 for 1 sachet. || I have 2 of these at hand, I have no ideas where they came from as I don't tend to purchase these but recently I did try one out. It comes all ready shaped so you pop the scary face shape onto your face (it's quite big so you need to squidge it about a bit) and then leave it on, I did use the opportunity to scare the bejesus out of my sons (as we mummy's do) and although my skin felt clean it didn't wow me and the clean up.. gah it was very messy to say the least.

Clay Types

Rhassoul Clay - This is a popular clay and is used in skin and hair treatment. It can be used in a variety of ways and contains minerals that aid cleansing and detoxification. Rhassoul clay has been used for centuries so it must be doing something right.

Kaolin Clay - Also known as 'white clay' due to it's colouring. Kaolin is popular in skin and hair treatments due to it's ability to mildly exfoliate the skin, even for those who have sensitive skin types.

Pink French Clay - This has similar properties to the white clay and is known also as 'rose clay' due to it's pretty pale pink colour.

Green French Clay - Contains calcium, potassium, silica, manganese, copper, selenium, oxides and dolomite among other beneficial vitamins and minerals. Do you like any clay based products? I would love to hear which ones so I can try them out. 

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