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I recently joined Instagram (yay me!) so have been trying to get to grips with how it works. If you're on Instagram my account is HERE so get adding purlease. 

This is a quick round up of the week so far and what my favourite products are. 

Left to right - top to bottom. 

I am currently trying to get some weight off especially in the run up to summer (snow be damned) recently my blood glucose have been a bit all over the place and this has left me having to eat when I don't want to eat, every few hours I'm forced to eat or be left with a migraine and sickness so I saw these while online shopping and thought at £2.88 they were worth a try. 

The little pack contains 24 dissoluble rectangles that taste minty. You simply pop it on your tongue and leave it to dissolve and your hunger disappears, having now tried these for 3 days I can promise they do work and definitely make it easier not to snack!! Yay for Now Slim. 

I adore this lipstick, even my youngest son keeps telling me to put the 'lipshtick' on mummy. In the tube it looks brown but swatched on to the lips it leaves them looking finished, dewy and just luscious, I really love the nude brown tone and the finish of this lipstick. 
Dainty Doll Lipstick Storm in a teacup swatch

I have blogged about these, if you missed the post click over to read it HERE

I won't say too much about the beauty sleep other than I'm currently testing this out so I can give you guys a thorough review. Basically it's the tooth equivalent to a night time, illuminating skin serum. 

I truly love this body butter, I have tried so many in hope of coming across a product that left my skin smooth, soft and comfortable but was also long lasting. I tested a Dirty Works sample a while back and loved that it left my skin silky smooth but the emollients lasted for well over an hour, leaving my skin comfortable without having to reapply. 

I couldn't find any places locally that sold Dirty Works so I went on the hunt, having tried Soap & Glory, Clinique, REN, The Body Shop, Burt's Bee's, own brands and more I couldn't find a product that matched the results of Dirty Work's that is until I was last minute food shopping in Tesco's. I remember the day well, I spotted this beaut and grabbed it opening the lid with no care of who might see me test it out, that day people was a true human-body butter love story. (haha I scare myself sometimes). 

I spotted this on Saturday past, I have a real love affair with lip stains especially good lip stains. While this was chosen because it looks like an awesome colour and it was only £1 I secretly was hoping that it was going to be amazing! 

I have been surprised before with Primark's beauty products and when I got home I swatched it (as you can see from the next image) and found that the colour went on really easy and was even , the colour was more of a red than a pink but the colour was really nice so I didn't mind, the lip stain definitely stained the lips and didn't easily rub off and the only negative about this is the absolutely yuck taste! It taste's perfume-y but this is easily overcome if you apply a lip balm or gloss over the top. I love to pop some Smith's Rosbud  & Co Minted Lip Balm

You can see it takes on more of a red tone, I do love the colour though. 

Are you guys on Instagram? pop your links and user name's below so I can take a peek. 

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Review : Miners Colour & Kohl Eyeliners

Having run out of eyeliner I found I was lucky enough to be sent these from Miners Cosmetics, Let's just say they saved me some drama and I seriously could have hugged Miners for reading my mind. These are the new Colour & Kohl liners and this range comes in 4 colours which are black, brown, blue and gold; which are shown above. 

I like my eyeliners to glide onto my eyelids smoothly, I hate ones that crumble or make your flicks look pathetic and because of this I tend to opt for Kohl's when shopping myself. I always have a brown and a black in my arsenal for daytime and night time looks. 

If you are wondering 'what's the difference between an eye liner pencil and a kohl pencil' then let me just tell you. An eye liner pencil is made to line the lower eye lids and water line, it's a little bit harder than a kohl and gives a really defined power packing line. A kohl however is softer, more blend-able and is fab for giving softness to the eyes, it's a must have in a smokey eye look and can be used on both the upper and lower eye lids as well as on the eyebrows like I do myself. 

The Miners Colour & Kohl pencil allows you to both line your upper eyelids giving a real definition to your flicks but it also allows you to blend and smooth the lines for use on both the upper and lower lids. These only cost £1.99 and have been a huge hit with both beauty lovers and professionals and I can see why.  

This goes on smoothly, the line is the right amount of chunky and has the right amount of definition to be used on either eye lids. Look at those gorgeous colours! The only thing I would change, or add more like is that I think they should be adding silver and green pencils to this line, I would snap them up in an instant. 

If you want to take a peek at Miners Colour & Kohl pencils and their other fabulous cosmetics then click over HERE 

If it's good enough for Dancing on Ice, it's good enough for me! 

February 2013 Empties || Thoughts & Opinions


I decided to join in with the empties posts that I see around the blogging world and because this is my first month I don't have as many because they were thrown out. I am slightly nervous about doing the empties posts only because I do tend to hop onto the next product if I get bored or it doesn't wow me and leave lots of products half filled at the back of my cupboard. 

So this little challenge is my way of forcing myself to use up my cosmetics, haircare and skincare even if I get bored. It also allows me to give the good, bad and the ugly about products I have currently fully trialed. 

So here goes...
Sanex Deodorant 250ml 

This has been my favourite tough acting deodorant for years. Having tried many of the brands and new released products I found that my old trusty Sanex was the only one that really did keep me dry and smelling as fresh as a daisy all day. It doesn't sting your skin and comes in this huge 250ml size which is great as both myself and my husband use this. It states that it's suppose to last 48 hours but to be fair I can't guarantee this does as I haven't gone 48 hours without washing but the new 'micro talc' is no way near as good as the previous formula as it can leave slight white marks if your spray a little too much, the last formula didn't do this at all.  I purchased 

Morrisons own brand Ibuprofen pain relief gel 30g 

I have to live with a variety of immune based health disorders that cause huge amounts of pain, it's something that I've struggled with and was one of the deciding factors in me becoming a blogger so I could regain some normality in what seemed like an unfair world. I do rely on heaps of daily medication and to get those sorer areas that medication just won't touch I tend to whip out my pain gel, I have used prescription branded gels and shop bought gels, personally they both do the same thing and do help to some degree. As you can see February was a very painful month due to my sons and myself getting ill. I would however, fully recommend this own brand gel if you do need to cope with pain of any degree. Of course, speak to your doctor or health professional and always read the labels. 

75g Steam Cream 'Gris Gris' Limited Edition  (Design 114)

Ooh I loves me some Steam Cream! I am actually very sad that this has finished but do have plans for the pot as it's so beautiful. I love Steam Cream and will definitely be buying more as both the packaging and the cream are amazing. Steam Cream is an an award winning brand that creates the most nourishing natural cream ever, once I finished this cream I actually went on a hunt for a cream that matched this but couldn't find one. They also tend to collaborate with designers creating these limited edition designed tins. This one was 'Gris Gris' and was by Mako Kikkawa. Take a look at their gallery of tins HERE (No longer available), you can also purchase some but personally I am coveting the Japan Exclusives especially the Disney ones, possibly because they are the ones I can't have?? I love design 171 and 154. 

REN Photoactive Sun Veil with SPF 15

This product acts like a barrier between your skin and UVA's and UVB's which are what cause photo-ageing, pigmentation and cancer. As I get older and more worried about the damage the sun can cause I am grateful that REN have made a product that takes those worries away. I pop this on after moisturising, it leaves no marks and is basically the same as a moisturiser but so much more powerful. I'm not sure if it's suppose to but my skin looked matte after applying and it felt and acted like a primer in so many ways. I will definitely be purchasing this again and I'm slightly gutted that I don't currently have any left. 

REN Kit for Combination Skin £12

I only had the box left as the tubes were thrown out before deciding to keep my empties. This kit contains everything you need to smooth, moisturise and cleanse combination skin. It contains 3 products so I'll review each separately. 

T-Zone Balance Fluid 15ml 

This was possibly a little too lightweight for my skin and while it nourished, my skin didn't stay nourished for too long. I have heard others talking about REN and loving the brand and while I adore their rose products this fluid didn't do it for me and it felt like a pointless step. I wouldn't purchase this product again. 

Again another product that should have been amazing but really felt like a pointless step. This gel does cleanse but it doesn't feel like it sloughs away the oil, sebum and dead skin cells. I found my skin starting to breakout slightly and it felt oilier after a few days use and I have to say that my skin didn't improve at all while using this. 

I did however, love this product. It acts like a clay mask drawing out impurities and cleansing those pesky pores. It didn't do an amazing job like some of my other brand favourites but it did leave my skin feeling clean. I probably would buy this again as a summer detox mask when my skin needs more of a gentle routine. 

50ml Natural Elements Orange & Kiwi Moisturiser for Combination Skin £15.50

I love this moisturiser and really do not have a bad word to say about it. I love how the product contains minimal ingredients (literally about 9 ingredients and that's it) contains no nasties, preservatives, parabens and all of that other scary stuff. This product is for combination skin and from the get-go I noticed a difference, my T-zone stayed matte for longer than it does with other brands, it stayed moisturised and my dry cheeks were smooth and moisturised as they should be. This is the type of product that REN should have as the formula is amazing. I would for sure purchase again but my only worry is the price and the sheer amount I tend to use, this would be an expensive habit but one my skin would be grateful for. 

Dior Addict Eau Sensuelle EDT

This was just a sample as I am so fussy with fragrance. I like a fragrance that smells classic, sexy and womanly but find that many fragrances smell alike. Notes include white floral, musk and woody notes and you can really smell each of them. It's powerful but feminine and I adore it. I'm not and haven't ever been a fan of Dior's perfume line but this has started a possible new love affair for me. I will be buying this for sure.

I was so excited to have received this tester from Viktor & Rolf as this was one of those majorly hyped scents. Notes include patchouli, white floral, greens and citrus and I was so excited to hear it had patchouli in it, I of course adore patchouli but was a little apprehensive as I don't tend to get on with citrus scents. While the smell is nice, on me it doesn't last very long and I really wish it had some woods or musks in it to give it more of an oomph so slightly disappointed and I won't be buying this in the near future.

Honey, floral and sweet this is definitely an enticing potion. I was drawn in by the promise of a black perfume that turns normal coloured once sprayed. I expected and hoped this would be deep and dark just like the advert but it was a bit too floral and not enough dark for my liking. I won't be buying it again for now but that's not to say I won't ever buy it. 

I expected to hate it but I absolutely adore this fragrance. I would have thought it would be filled with rainbows and sunshine and lots of sugary floral but surprisingly Taylor Swifts team have created a masterpiece. It combines notes such as raspberry, green tea, vanilla, amber, musk, sandalwood and peach and it's these notes that make this so warm and inviting. It lasts for ages and doesn't turn into a bitter cloying mess on the skin. I have actually purchased the full size bottle as well as a gift set (from Ebay) which included a medium sized bottle and tiny purse sized one. 

I sprayed this thinking it was a body fragrance to find it may have possibly been a room spray, either way I won't be using it again as it was horrid! I can't stand citrus scents so it might have been that but it smelled too strong, too thick and felt like I was being gassed by fake lemons and herbs. Even my kiddies ran out of the room after spraying it, enough said really. 

This cream aims to balance, tighten and brighten the skin while moisturising where needed. I absolutely adored this cream and will be for sure purchasing it. It felt smooth and silky like I was literally smoothing over some melted silk and my skin felt nourished for hours. I didn't notice any tightening or brightening with this little sample but I'm hoping it will show visible results once I purchase the full size. It costs £69 so it is expensive but when it comes to skincare and skincare that is as good as this, then the costs seem fair for the benefits. 

Oxygen Teens Vitalising Moisturiser 30ml 

This range is aimed at teens but I felt that with my hormonal issues this may be the ideal product to tackle the pimples, redness and dryness that had suddenly taken ownership on my face. The moisturiser is more fluid than the other empties brands and it does moisturise but not enough. I didn't notice any significant improvement so probably won't be purchasing this again. For anyone considering purchasing it does smell amazing!! 

This contains cotton extract which is possibly what gives this it's smooth feeling, it feels light on the skin but still retains the moisture of a thicker product. My skin felt better after first use and I definitely noticed I had less redness, I'm not sure if this is due to my skin getting the right amount of moisture or if it was due to this formula being a bit more gentle on the skin than other brands? I will be purchasing this probably before any other skin care products. My only gripe with this is the scent, it is scentless but does kind of smell like pva glue??  

So what empties do you have? post your links and blog posts below. 

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Review :: Dainty Doll Cosmetics

Dainty Doll Cosmetics

Dainty Doll cosmetics is a range that was designed to enhance the skin tones of super pale chicks like myself,  designed by Nicola Roberts of Girls Aloud who is also one woman who is milk bottle white and proud. Many cosmetic brands don't cater for us and even the typical 'porcelain' tone can look like we have been tango'd. I decided to try out a few of their products to really find out if I had found my new must have brand, here's what I found.  

Left to Right: 

My absolute favourite product is by far the Lollipops & Roses eye shadow. Wow this baby is pigmented and you only really need a tiny bit of colour to give your eyes a bright pop of fuchsia, you can also use it to create a fuchsia pink or layer it for a real neon tone or mix it with a little bit of water (wet brush) and use as a vibrant eyeliner. I tried the wet shadow liner look and it was really vibrant and modern,  I do really need to capture more photo's don't I? 

The eye shadow contains vitamin A and E which is what gives it it's smooth texture, I also found that the colour didn't fade during the day and didn't need re-touching at any point. I would love it so much if they brought out a red in a similar pantone range and a yellow shadow as they would really look awesome don't you think? 

The packaging is also so cute but very hi-fashion-esq, pure black matte textured tubes and pots with an elegant type in gold I suppose the product really does speak volumes, this is shown by the lack of crazy designs that can be found on some hyped products that end up being a big disapointment. 

The Storm in a teacup lipstick was made with 1940's sirens in mind, growing up I was used to wearing brown tones rather than pink partly due to my mum being a 40's-50's child. I adored the elegant glamour of a brown tone that is, until I became old enough to rebel against anything my parents liked and unfortunately brown tones disappeared from my life for a long time. As a parent myself I  no longer feel the need to rebel so decided to eek some brown tones into my make-up collection, Storm in a teacup was one of the first tones that I actually liked. 

I would say this has purple/pink undertones rather than a yellow brown tone, the colour looks very current and natural on the lips and you can see from the swatch that it actually only has a hint of brown. The lipstick itself is a dream to apply and wear and I definitely would buy more lipsticks within this range. 

The concealer pen, well this product had me in high hopes of an even coverage for my super light Scottish skin. I was so glad to find a brand that was being positively reviewed on the Internet and was tailored to light skinned beauty addicts like myself. I opted for the 001 which is the very light option but the product also comes in 002 light, 003 medium and 004 green (to  neutralise red tones). This pen works in a similar way to Touche Eclat and other branded pens in that it's brushed on to the skin after the product is clicked through. 

I brushed this onto my skin focusing on the under eye area, the sides of my nose and my chin area as these are where I have more uneven colour, the product went onto the skin nicely, it blended in smoothly and then it all went down hill. Within five minutes the product looked slightly cakey where it hadn't previously it now resembled pigmented eye shadow that had pooled into the crease of an eye but only on my face. I tried to re-blend it but it just came off like dead skin. I know for a fact it wasn't dead skin and was in fact product. By the half hour mark the whole of the concealment was no longer well, concealing. 

I tried the pen again the next day and had similar results again so I am slightly gutted as I really did high hopes for this concealer.  I think I will just need to stick to my YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat foundation as a concealer and foundation until another suitable product comes along. 

Have you tried Dainty Doll Cosmetics? what did you think about them? 

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