Guest Post: 6 Modern Day Queen's of Vintage

6 Modern Day Queens of Vintage

Read on for a look at some of the celebrities who have taken a vintage look and put it at the heart of their signature style.
Vintage clothes are hot right now and all across the country people are infusing their wardrobes with old school styles. We're going to have a look at a few of the leading lights of this fashion trend – six women who have put their stamp on the vintage look.

  1. Barbara Streisand
You might be thinking that this screen icon is a bit of an unlikely pick but this living Hollywood legend has long been one of the pioneers of vintage fashion. Throughout her career the star has never been afraid of stylistically striking, flowing dresses and sharply detailed accessories that characterised times gone by – and she's always looked great as she's done it.

  1. Kate Moss
As a star of the London fashion scene it's no surprise that Kate Moss is usually dressed beautifully at red-carpet events and exclusive parties. What's a little bit more surprising is she can often be seen picking through vintage clothes stalls at Camden and Portobello markets looking for the little items that spark off her unique look. In 2007 it was a vintage gold satin gown at the heart of a near-fashion disaster, but Kate handled it with a class and elegance that matched her look.

  1. Paloma Faith
Since singer Paloma Faith broke through to the big time a couple of years ago she's become a figurehead for fans of vintage clothing and she has gone a long way to shaping modern women's fashion. Her distinctive use of retro clothing, bright colours and a make-up scheme that brings the glamour of the fifties and sixties right up to date in a chic and positively fabulous fashion. Those vintage fashions have the perfect design to complement Paloma's hourglass figure and she carries them off perfectly.

  1. Dita von Teese
The whole celebration of burlesque dancing speaks to an earlier age when the style was a popular phenomenon in the thirties and forties. As the brightest light of a resurgent neo-burlesque fashion Dita von Teese is a real icon of vintage fashion. A lot of work goes into the risqué outfits and impeccable styling that the globe-trotting dancer sports, but never more so than when she sported nothing other than $5m worth of diamonds for an event at the New York Academy of Art.

  1. Florence Welch
This singer, from Florence and the Machine fame, has got one of the most powerful voices in pop and her wardrobe is just as commanding. Florence isn’t afraid to make a statement with her outfits and has been seen sporting a range of unique looks, from sharply cut suits covered in bold patterns to flowing gothic dresses that make her look less cutting edge music star and more pre-Raphaelite brotherhood muse.

  1. Katy Perry
With a look that screams small-town fifties America, this singing superstar, and former wife of Russell Brand, has one of the most distinctive styles in pop. Katy's hair often carries that typical fifties bounce and her cherry-red lipstick provides a flash of colour that harks right back to the decade's classic look. Katy injects this style with modern sex-appeal, although it's a push to think that many of her skin-baring outfits would have been aired much back then. Let's just say we wouldn't have seen Joanie get away with it on Happy Days. 

Written By: Joanne Reader, Freelance Writer. 

TIGI Your Highness Volume Collection

TIGI is in no way shape or form a new brand, and this collection was actually released around 2010. However, I have so much love for these products I simply had to post about them. 

You will notice one of these products in my April empties post coming which is coming up. It was only while I was photographing my empties I thought 'why don't I ever post about older products that are simply amazing? ' It was a 'doh!' moment for me, so I have now changed this so you will be seeing more awesome products coming up that have all ready been released and are readily available. 

If you don't know who TIGI is, well frankly I am a tad surprised because it seems to be everywhere. The TIGI brand were created in 1986 by the Maslow brothers, they wanted expert liquid products that allowed them to give their clients the best chic hairstyles in the industry.  Their persona is equal to a hipster, urban chic goddess that everyone looks up to, emulates and wants to be. 

Their packaging is usually bright, clashing and innovative and if you have a magpie complex you will HAVE to get some TIGI in your haircare collection. In the past I have tried some of their other products such as the Head rush Shine Spray, Manipulator, Oatmeal & Honey Shampoo and Rockaholic Shampoo & Conditioner but I wasn't hugely wowed, so didn't re-purchase them. It was only in February that my love came back for this brand hard and fast after going to the hairdressers. 

My hair is now medium length and is fine, lifeless and dull. I really despise my hair as it doesn't hold much style and having 2 cows licks it makes fringes difficult. I wish I had thick shiny hair but I just don't and don't ever see myself having hair like that and I've accepted that. After going to the hairdressers she used a volume spray that resembled a hair spray but turned into mousse on the hair, what is this magic you might think! My hair had volume, was thicker and just looked and felt amazing in my opinion so I quickly Facebooked her asking what the spray was which is what lead me to the TIGI Your Highness Volume collection. 

The collection is made up of 6 products. The elevating shampoo, nourishing conditioner, thickening gel creme, firm hold hairspray, weightless shine spray and root boost spray. The price varies from shop to shop and you can usually find a ton of offers on the gift sets in various salons. I know my local salons usually have the large size gift sets for around £20-£25. 

The products I have personally tried are the shampoo, conditioner and root boost spray and it was the root boost spray that was what sold this collection. It also smells divine and if TIGI released a perfume based on this product. I would buy it sharpish, it contains Lavender, Wisteria, Jasmine and Violet and smells floral feminine and sultry.

Shampoo - This is a Sulphate free product which leaves the hair soft, supple, voluminousness and shiny. My hair looked better after around 2 washes and when this ran out I noticed a huge decrease in how my hair looked when using another brand. Needless to say it has been re-purchased toot suite. 

Conditioner - The perfect partner to the shampoo this left my hair soft and moisturised. It didn't leave it looking lank, greasy or dull like some other heavy moisturising conditioners do. 

Root Boost Spray - This is FANTASTIC! I might be truly in love with this. Simply spray close to your roots and watch it foam up, it leaves each layer bouncy and I find that curls and hair styles stay in for longer than they would with no product. 

You can get this collection over on Feel Unique, Amazon, Ebay

Are You In The Mood? || Miners Cosmetics Mood Gloss

Anyone who has been following me over on Twitter will know that I had a sudden accessory craving for a silver mood ring. Who knows why but I did and I searched high and low looking for the right ring and eventually found it and here it is...

As a child I loved mood rings and I really did think they were magical, I still get this feeling of innocence and magic when I think of mood rings as I am transported back to being about 6 or 7 years old. When I saw that Miners were doing a mood lipgloss you can imagine the mega squee that came out of my mouth! clicked and ordered! I had to get it... right? 

So when it arrived I looked at the pretty packaging and then thought 'how the heck does a lipgloss become a mood based product?' I popped it on my lips and then was still as confused as before.. until I read the packaging correctly duh moment or what. 

So this lipgloss starts out as a basic clear gloss and after applying it the heat from your lips makes it turn pink. Magical right? I tried to photograph this but my camera is crap and It didn't really show the change correctly. 
The gloss / The Swatch 
Mood gloss at the start (it's clear but has already started to change) / See it turning pink?

The turn comes on pretty quick and it leaves a delicate pink tone to the lips, I have Fordyce markings on my lips so the inside of my lips is normally white and the outside is dark pink, this gloss has evened my lips out so on someone with no white markings will be left with pinker lips. (see the difference between the top and bottom lip, the bottom is an even pink gloss and the top is lighter and whiter). 

These glosses come in 2 flavours, this one is Glastonberry which is a play on words. It's a sweet berry flavour and is so yummy even my son wanted to try it. The second mood gloss flavour is Peace Pout and I haven't tried that yet but really want to. 

These glosses cost a mere £2.49 and are available over on Miners website.

Weleda || Lavender Relaxing Body Oil

I adore aromatherapy and tend to use essential oils daily for things such as relaxation, home medicine, healing cuts and sore bits, cleaning our home to ensure it's really clean and fresh and I also use essential oils in the bath, cooking and to relax. 

My 5 basic oils are

Grapefruit - Antibacterial. I use this for cleaning the kitchen and bathroom and do sometimes mix it with lemon and sweet orange. It's fantastic for killing bugs and leaving each room smelling super fresh and fruity. 

Neroli - I adore Neroli, it's one of those scents that reminds me of my youth. I love it's sensual but womanly fragrance and do use this in my laundry and as a fragrance oil. I grate soap and mix it with baking soda. I then leave this mix in a sealed tub with a few drops of Neroli so that the oil absorbs into the soap and baking, it leaves the washing smelling so delicate soda. 

Patchiouli - This rich musky and Herby essential oil is one that screams 'free love' due to it being so popular in the 60's. The musky properties definitely make this an aphrodisiac and the woodsy notes make it ideal for adding to homemade perfumes as a stabiliser. This is great teamed up with Neroli and Sandalwood for the ultimate sex appeal perfume.  Other than perfumes I use this oil on those little padded hearts which are hung in my wardrobe to stop pests from ever daring to eat my favourite pieces of clothing. 

Lavender - Relaxing and soothes the mind. My mum used to mix this with a little almond oil and apply it to my temples as a child to ease my migraines. It can also be added to food (as long as it's a pure EO) and I have added it to cupcakes and marshmallows before with lemon. Lavender is in so many baby products now  as it helps aid relaxation and ultimately sleep and it's also a great antibacterial oil so adding it to your bath is the best way to relax and kill any untoward germs. 

Sage - Having grown up as a somewhat hippy type child I always have Sage in my oil arsenal. I have used Sage sticks on so many occasions to cleanse and detox my home but do get frustrated with them as some just go out midway through and some are so poor at smoking. Sage oil is a fantastic option for oil burners as the cleansing properties make their way throughout your home, doing the same thing as the Sage sticks.  Sage is also great as an oil additive in homemade body and face oils as it reduces pore size, cleanses the skin and can help with period cramps and menopausal symptoms. 

As you can imagine I have a lot of essential oils so when I was asked to try out this Weleda Lavender Body Oil I said heck yes! I had only tried Weleda twice previously so I knew this body oil had the ability to be amazing and after trying it I wasn't disappointed.  The Weleda body oil is 100 ml's and costs £11.95, it can be used on the body and the face and I would urge you to try this after coming out of the bath when your skin is nice and warm so the oil absorbs nicely and apply by using circular motions to get the blood flowing. 

I'm not sure if it was purely the Weleda but I tend to be a night owl, I'm normally up until 2 or 3 am each night but after using the Weleda for 2 nights in a row I woke up at 4am, having fallen asleep on the couch at around 11 pm! This is a first for me, especially over the last 4 or 5 years. Coincidence I think not. 

If you suffer from stress, insomnia or just want to get a helping hand at shutting off the day's events then I'd say give this a go, I also have combination skin and this didn't cause me to break out like some other facial oils have and to be honest I feel that my skin really does need a facial oil as a base at night to ward off those fine lines (SCREAMS). 

Instagram || Pic Update

Row by row left to right: 

♥ Vanilla Flake Cupcakes made by my adorable husband who then went on to make homemade  sweet popcorn. I'm one Lucky girl./ KIKO & gradient manicure also done on my wonderful husband / Hailstones in Spring / The Good and the Dirty face cleanser and berry mask. 

♥ My Etat Pur Goodies- Review coming soon / My Pink hair streak / Healthy dinner of noodles and melon slice / Oriflame lip swatch / Oriflame lip swatch / 

♥ The Oriflame Giordani Gold Lippy's / My fashion icon Jeannie Mai / Homemade berry ice with coconut / Peace man! mood ring / My Little Pony Mystery Bags

♥ Marc Jacobs watch - I need this in my life / Senna gold lipgloss / Healthy cheese baked potatoes to shift this excess but fat / Makeup goodies / My youngest son Rome engrossed in Jimmy Neutron /

♥ Naughty puppy scratches / Dyed dark hair when I was poorly ill / Before picture as I'm ready to tone this body up / Jameela gold face masks / I am a unicorn...fact! 

♥ Nail Polish Swatches galore / Battle of the yellow polishes / Beauty Sale packaged up and ready to go / Holland & Barrett Sleeping beauty box / New Jeffrey Campbell 'Brooklyns'

♥ Snake eye cream / Urban Outfitters Illuminati top / Lip Boom swatch / Wonderful colours for Spring / MUA makeup haul. 

I swear I am addicted to Instagram. If you're on Instagram pop over and visit me over HERE 

KIKO || Makeup Nail Art in an Instant

KIKO Ready-To-Go Nail Lacquer 

KIKO have created this clever little product that combines a base coat, colour coat and top coat into one and  although these look like nail stickers I can promise you they certainly are not. The Ready-To-Go range covers all nail preferences from opaque colours, fluorescent tones like hot pink or orange and patterns such as the Taupe Lace above or my  personal favourites, Timeless or Black Leopard! wowzers the leopards are amazing.

These are suppose to last 14 days and they cost £5.90. In each pack you will get 2 strips of 8 pre-molded patches ready to apply and shape. I know you're thinking '8? why is there 8?' this is due to the variations in nail sizes. It also allows you an extra few to get your nail art on. 

What I especially loved about these nail patches were how easy they were to apply. Unlike nail transfers, tattoo's and stickers not once did they crease or fold on themselves. The finish felt secure and so professional. 

How To Apply 

1. Prepare your nails by shaping them and applying a base coat. 
2. Select the correct size for your nail. Don't worry about the length as that's fixed at at later stage. 
3. With your chosen nail, take off the clear backing.  
4. Now take off the paper backing so you have what looks like a thick dried layer of stretchy polish. 
5. Now place this onto the nail and  smooth down with a cuticle stick or even the back of a makeup brush or cotton bud if you don't have a cuticle or orange stick. 
6.  To get rid of the excess, pull downwards over the nail so the excess comes off or...  
8. You can trim the length appropriately and to give your nail a professional finish buff the raw edge down and under. 
9. Finish with 2 coats of clear topcoat or glitter to seal the patch and protect your manicure. 

You can use this as a full manicure or as a focal nail like I did below. This hand also is the hand of my wonderful husband who is such a trooper allowing me to paint and primp him. Unfortunately, my hand is very shoddy due to a naughty puppy chewing it. 

Used Above
 KIKO Lace nail patch on index finger
Graduated nails (with similar tones) using:

Base Coat/Top Layer || Illamasqua , Jan.
Middle Layer || Nails Inc, Walton Place.
Tip/Bottom Layer || Models Own, Pastel Pink NP033.

I am thinking that these would look wonderful mixed and matched or even using these ready to go patches trimmed as a french manicure! How out there would it look with the Black Leopard with the Pink Graduated  Patch cut as a french tip!  I shall be trying this for sure over the next few days and will update the pictures over on Instagram or Twitter.  

So guys what do you think?  Hot or not? 

Gucci Westma & Revlon Collaboration || Pacific Coast Collection

Gucci Westman is one of my beauty idols! 

Originally born Chelsea, got her name at a kundalini ashram and it eventually stuck. With a name like Gucci, you would expect her to shine and she certainly does.  Gucci was named 'fashions favourite face' and eventually took on the role of Revlon's global artistic director back in 2007-08 having previously worked with, Lancome and major celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Biel, Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore to name a few. 
I was stoked when Gucci took on the role of global artistic director. Her aim was to shake up the product shades and make them available to everyone. Unlike many other brands, this was what I could relate to and this is the brand I grew up with. 

I was pleased that Gucci was going to be taking this brand by the nuts so to speak and giving it the revival it needed. 
So, I was majorly excited having seen the whole Pacific Coast collection. I have seen the individual products and to be fair I never really think much other than 'oh that's a lovely lip balm' or 'lush nail polish' but as soon as I see whole collections my need to shop goes into overdrive! 

I love how the Pacific Coast collection easily takes you from day to night and suits all beauty needs. It's ideal for beauty beginners as well as beauty professionals and I NEED it. 

The Collection 

Emma Stone is the [beautiful] face of Revlon's Pacific Coast collection and she is so perfect, I love me some Emma Stone with her quirky features and her natural beauty. So here are the products guys: 

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter

I love this lip butter! There are 4 shades in this collection. Wild Watermelon is a coral tone, Juicy Papaya which is a more of a nude pink/orange shade, Sorbet is a bright pink and finally, Pink Lemonade is well pink *hehe*. 

Revlon Colorstay 16 hour Eyeshadow

There are 2 palettes available. The one above is called Sea Mist and contains green, purple, light sea blue and a coral nude tone. The second palette is called Free Spirit and contains a cool toned nude, black, dark blue and light blue and is so perfect for blue or brown eyed gals. 

Revlon Colorstay Longwear Nail Enamel

There are 4 gorgeous colours in this collection. Jungle which is a dark black shade (and seems to be called Kiwi on site? strange I know), Sunburst which is the vibrant orange, Seashell which is a pink nude and finally Tradewinds which is the mauve nude polish show above. 

Revlon Limited Edition Baby Stick for Lips & Cheeks

This cutie is available in 3 shades. Tahitian which is a light pink, Pink Passion which is pink and Sunset which is an orange toned coral. 
Revlon Colorstay Creme Gel Eyeliner

Available only in 'white mist' this waterproof eyeliner is ideal to create dramatic lines. 

The Looks
The Emma Look 

 Natural tones with focus placed on the eyes, this is a great day to night look as the eye can be built up to pack a punch in the evening. 

Paradise Look

 Great for girly glamazon's the focus is on both the lips and the eyes equally.

The Surfer Girl Look

 Delicate pops of colour on the eyes and a somewhat nude toned lip. This is my preferred look. 

The Tropical Look

Juicy tones with emphasis placed on the lips, this look is very modern but feminine and is great for day and nightwear. I really love this and I can definitely see myself rocking this. 

What are your impressions of this collection? are there any items you see making their way to your beauty bag? I must have the Juicy Papaya lip butter and the Tradewinds polish! 

Disney Style || Fashionable Footwear or Hot Mess?

I love shoes and I like to think my choice of footwear loves me but with shoe designs becoming more outlandish I fear that I may at some point (eek) cross the boundaries of fashion and end up looking like an unemployed comedy clown. 

Just like art, I know shoes and shoe design is very much a subjective topic, as is fashion I suppose. I believe even with fashion that there is a very fine line between what is fashionable and what is costume. Some get it oh so right time and time again whereas others well, we have all seen those disaster award outfits celebrities can't even rock... right? So here's is a few designs ranging from crazy to cray-zeeee, let me know what you think is wearable (and not just pretty) and what is down right wrong! 
Kobi Levi for Disney

Kobi Levi is famed for his crazy shoe designs and he has designed shoes shaped as everything from dogs, sling shots and flamingos. His recent collaboration, however, with Disney Villains shows a much more wearable shoe but it is still very different to what you would find elsewhere. This collection reminds me somewhat of Irregular Choice and although these are pretty out there I do still really want to test them out. I think I'd opt for the Snow White evil queen if given the option, there are two other designs in the collection; Ursula from The Little Mermaid and Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty. 

Julian Hakes 'Mojito'

Julian Hakes designs these unique but desirable 'squiggle' type shoes which are named 'Mojito'. They are constructed from one wrapped piece and do support the main areas of the foot supposedly allowing you to walk with ease. I have to say that as crazy as these look I wonder what they would actually look like once you got a foot in there? also I wonder how comfortable these actually are? I personally love the black tones and this super baby pink at the bottom and the longer I look at them the more normal they are starting to seem....... hmmm slightly worrying. 
Balenciaga Latex Boots

These are from years ago I do realise that but could these have been the start of the crazy shoe trend? These were from around 2000 and although these are more wearable than many of the others I've posted about, would you be laughed at walking down the street in these? What are your thoughts on these booties? 

DSquared2 Spine Heel Boots

These babies are from 2010 and are so awesomely gruesome, I like that they are unique but again still wearable. Teamed with a pair of skinnies and an awesome top these would be totally rockable even 3 years later. I think due to the crazy design aspects being kept mainly to the heel has allowed these to be seen as wearable art rather than just art and I remember everyone wanted or had these after their release. 
Do you have these? what are they like to walk in?  

Alexander McQueen 2013

Beyonce wore these for her Vogue shoot in March and although these aren't too 'out there' the heels is really unique. I can bypass the unique shape of these only because they are filled with red crystals! I love the concept but I doubt these are ones I will be rushing out to purchase.

I know there are oh so many more crazy shoe designs available and I know designers will keep on creating barely wearable shoe designs but, are these types of shoes covetable or just something that will turn any fashionista in to a hot mess? 

I would love to hear your opinions on this, also if you have found some wacky designs pop your links in the comments guys. 

 photo NEW.png

YSL // Tie & Dye Top Coat Collection

YSL Tie & Dye Nail Polish 

Ysl have released their 'tie and dye top coat' collection over in America and I have to say it left me intrigued. I couldn't figure out what these were initially suppose to do other than be applied to the nails, but I still wanted to know more due to how awesome these look in the bottle. 

 There are 4 polishes in this collection and each bottle has 3 gradient layers. The top coat is most sheer and is used as a clear glossy top coat, the middle layer is the most pigmented and leaves a semi-sheer colour on the nails and the bottom layer  has a micro iridescent shimmer that will leave your nails looking  ultra shiny with lots of sparkle    

This collection was made to be used alongside the YSL La Laque Couture nail polishes, but I have heard of others using it with non YSL polishes with getting the same results.  The Tie & Dye collection will leave your manicure with a sugary sweet look that can be altered or built up layer by layer. 

Although these have been released in America there is no set date for the UK... yet. I have heard that May is possibly when they could be released but don't hold me to that guys. These will cost £16 each and are $25 in the U.S. 

So, here's how they can be used. You can choose to shake up the whole bottle, mixing each of the layers into one sugary sweet glossy iridescent op coat or, you can apply these singularly layer by layer. Of course each layer will give you a different look. How about adding the middle pigmented coat then the bottom shimmer and finishing with the clear top coat layer for an ultra HD manicure. 

The four colours are: 

Hip Coat - Purple Tones
Cool Coat - Orange Tones
Pop Coat - Pink Tones
Ice Coat - Blue Tones

I would love to see how the Ice coat sheer layer would look under the Ice coat iridescent layer?  Whichever way you work these they will leave your manicure looking sophisticated, fun and pretty and I want to be all over that nail look as soon as I can. 

Once these are available you should be able to get these from the YSL Beauty website HERE as well as the usual sites such as Debenhams and Harrods.  Which one is your favourite? I personally need the Pop Coat in my life asap. Come on YSL give us an update on their release...............pretty please! 

Oriflame Giordani Gold | Voluptuous Lipstick Review

Giordani Gold Lipsticks

When I was younger I couldn't wait to grow up and be a woman. Strange I know but I wanted to look and feel as glamorous as my mum looked. She loved having her black hair styled just so, her nails were always shaped and polished and her makeup flawless. I remember her having this knee length jumper style dress that was black but made in the most shimmery fabric ever created, I wanted this dress so bad. I also use to clip-clop around in her black stilettos on the bathroom floor because it makes the clip-clop sound even more clippity-cloppoty. 

Growing up I did buy a glitzy dress or two or three, I did shape my nails and buy a tonne of polish and I do have stilettos in my arsenal... always! I didn't however, wear lipstick because I never thought I could look as good as my mum did, I was quite self-conscious and hated the attention it gave me also. Now, as I'm a mum I am more happier in my own body than I have ever been and lipstick has become a staple, making me feel put together and giving me that touch of colour when I look wishy-washy. 

When I was asked if I wanted to test out the Oriflame Giordani Gold Voluptuous Lipstick I of course, said yes, I chose the shades Chiffon Rose and Satin Plum as they were the two shades that stood out due to their vibrancy. Here they are in their wonderfully glam packaging. 

Left: Chiffon Rose Right: Satin Plum 

These lipsticks are described as 'veils of glossy colour' and for once I would have to totally agree with a brand statement. These offer just enough pigment to colour your lips and leave them super glossy. These remind me somewhat of the Clarins Rouge Eclat lipsticks in Tropical Pink and Red Wine and are just as good if not better in my opinion. 

 photo 20130420_185459.jpg
Bottom: Chiffon Rose Top: Satin Plum

Here's a hand swatch of the two colours, you will be able to see what I mean by 'veil' (I've tried everything to get this image the right way, seems Blogger likes it better this way). 

This is Chiffon Rose swatched, it evens my lip tone out and you can see just how glossy it looks on the lips. I love this lipstick and it's suitable for both day and night wear. 

And on to Satin Plum 'wowzers' this is a pinkish red with blue undertones, it's very glossy and so easy to apply and is great for that sultry sexy night appeal. Although this is darker than the Chiffon Rose it's still light enough and glossy enough to be worn during the day. 

Although these do seem like dupes of the Clarins Rouge Eclat, having tried the Clarins and this lipstick I prefer the texture of the Oriflame and also the price (Clarins costs £18.50).  Both of these were so easy to apply and just melted onto the lips. The colour lasts for hours even after drinking and I found that even as I was taking off my makeup at night I was left with a slight tint to the lips, just as though it has slight stain properties. These are the first lipsticks I have tried from Oriflame and I now would love to try others. 

There are 10 colours in the range covering nudes all the way to pinks, reds and darker purple tones. I next want to try the 'Nude Silk' lipstick as it looks like a fantastic light day colour and I'm slightly wondering if it will rival my Susan Posnick Dubai shade.  The Giordani Gold lipsticks cost £13.95 but are on offer for only £8.95 which is very reasonable for the quality and amount of lipstick you are buying. 

You can check out these lipsticks by clicking over HERE 

Which colour would you choose? 

Pierry Hardy for Nars Limited Edition Collection

Nars and Pierre Hardy have collaborated on this collection and I have to say I am personally loving it. I love the vibrancy of colour, while it is vibrant it's still bordering daytime vibrant and I love that!

This collection is limited and only available online, the collection is inspired by the Pierre Hardy summer shoe collection which can be found HERE

Limited Edition Blush 

Left to right: Rotonde & Boy's Don't Cry. 

There are only 2 blushers in the limited edition collaboration between the two brands, each blusher costs £30 and they are called Rotonde and Boy's Don't Cry. 

Rotonde is a peach based blush with the iconic shimmery Pierre Hardy print, on the other hand Boy's Don't Cry is a pink blush again with the same shimmery iconic print. While they both are suitable for most skin tones the 'Boy's Don't Cry' will be sure to leave you with a healthy high glamour look. 

There are 6 provocative pairs in this limited edition series and I have popped them below in order of my personal favourites. Each set of pairs costs only £22 which is so affordable and when you factor in the rarity with them being limited makes them oh so covetable! 

Ethno Run 
Orange & Navy

Yellow & Lavender

Peach & Burgundy 

Gunmetal & Black

Coral & Dusty Rose 

Easy Walking
Rose Gold & Camel 

What do you think of this collaboration guys? will you be adding any of these goodies to your collection?