Dirty Works Vs Soap & Glory || Who Wins?

S&G Righteous Butter vs D.W Supreme Cream Body Butter

In the ring is two hard hitting beauty brands. Soap & Glory and the newer lesser known Dirty Works. I'm not going to preach about who's good and who's bad, because I know some people adore Soap & Glory and have huge stockpiles. It's because of these Soap & Glory fans that I won't be preaching instead I just plan to tell you what I personally like or dislike.  

Dirty Work's - sounds a bit naughty, a bit indie and a bit industrial doesn't it? Having tried a sample of the Dirty Work's foot cream from their Facebook page last year I became hooked. I have issues with my nervous system and ultimately it affects how I touch things. To give myself a layer of protection I need to use lush balmy creams and Dirty Work's ticked every box. 

This lead me to Sainsbury's where I found they sold other products, I suppose the Dirty Work's products would fall into the same category as Soap & Glory. Vintage, colourful packaging with products that work.I *blush* had never tried Soap & Glory up until last year. While searching for Dirty Works I stupidly thought it was Superdrugs that sold it-doh which meant I was unable to find it. 

I was about to give up when I had an ah-ha moment. I thought instead I'll just go get some Soap & Glory goodies to tide me over because surely they're the same, maybe even S&G will be superior. I purchased the Soap & Glory Righteous Butter, got home and whipped out my tootsies and..... 

I was gutted. It just didn't leave the same balmy, soft and velvet coating. 

D.W Coconut Caress Body Scrub vs S&G The Greatest Scrub Of All 

I then tried to Soap & Glory The Greatest Scrub Of All and Flake Away. Again I found it doesn't even come close to beating Dirty Works when compared together. 

So, moisturiser aside my second favourite D.W product is the newest addition - Coconut Caress Body Scrub which costs £3.99. It also comes in a plentiful 200 ml size. It scrubs away dead skin, while softening your body with coconut oil. You can also purchase the Coconut Caress Body Wash which is £2.99 from Dirty Works. Both products smell like a tranquil beach, fresh coconuts or coconut daiquiri *yum*

D.W Power Berry Detox mask vs S&G No Clogs Allowed Face Mask

The last product that I tried was the Soap & Glory No Clogs Allowed face mask and the Dirty Works Power Berry Detox Mask. In all honesty these both leave similar results. They have the same texture and thickness and feel lush on the skin. The difference however, is that Dirty Work's mask smells like fresh crushed berries, not synthetic chemical scent 

Some may dislike the scent of course, some may prefer the Soap & Glory packaging and some may just prefer one brand over the other. All I would say is try both brands. Compare them and you will find that while they are marketed in a similar way-they are both very different. 

Personally I prefer Dirty over Soap & Glory. It's the results of the Dirty I like, it's very moisturising and the effects last much longer than it's counterpart. You can find Dirty Works here and of course Soap & Glory on FB (here)

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May 2013 || Empties

Wow the end of May all ready, is it just me or did this month feel like it went way too fast? This month I probably didn't use up as much as normal, I was having a ball trying lots of new products and jumping about - oops. 

You will notice a few of these from my last empties, there are a few products I tend to always buy and will continue to do so until it stops working as well. You may also spot a few of these in my most reached for post which is coming soon. 

Empties Are: 

Nicky Clarke Endless Waves Leave-In Conditioning Spritz - I've tried so many shine sprays and so many leave in conditioners but this tops them all! I bought my last one in Poundland, I wish I'd stocked up now as they no longer have it. My hair is always soft and so naturally shiny with this product, I tend to spray it in after washing my hair at night so it's lush in the morning. 

Along Came Betty Butterfly Devine Smooth Rich Butter 300ml - This is one of those products that I adore. It's a pretty big tub but I get through so much, it's also currently on offer for £2.99 in Tesco's.. go buy it. 

Weleda Wild Rose Creamy Body Wash - This is really creamy and delicate. I adore rose scents so this was the perfect body wash. I will be buying the full size very soon. 

L'Occitane Immortelle Precious Cream - Love this, I've yet to try a L'Occitane product I didn't like. This is great for dryer skin types so I'd give it a miss if you have combination skin. 

Alva Hand Cream - This is a beauty box product and although it's a good product I won't be purchasing it again. I'm not even sure in all honesty where you can buy this as it looks foreign. 

REN 25ml Clearcalm 3 Replenishing Night Serum - I liked this serum, I didn't feel it done anything amazing to warrant buying the full size though. 

Somme Institute A-Bomb Step 4 Sample - Oh gosh I adore these, I actually received these from my Sindulge order as freebies. I hadn't heard of Somme Institute but after trying these and loving them, I Googled them to find their products are quite expensive. The A-Bomb actually costs a whopping $70. 

Somme Institute Serum Step 3 Sample - There is so much product in these little samples. I would have purchased the full sizes had it not been for the hefty $82 price tag. 

REN 25ml Clearcalm 3 Clarifying Clay Cleanser - I really love this and found my skin cleared up. I used this more as a mask as it is thicker than most 'cleansers'. 

Olay Total Effects Serum Daily Concentrated Anti-Ageing Serum - Good old Olay. Olay was always my go-to product but now there are so many more advanced skincare products, Olay tends to sit in my 'incase of emergency' pile. 

Aveda Invati Exfoliating Shampoo 10ml - I received this as a sample when I ordered my shampoo. This is an 'exfoliating' shampoo. Not sure how it exfoliates but I didn't like this, my hair felt drier than normal and looked dull once dry. 

Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream 7ml - I really like this cream but don't think it will be on my repurchase list. It moisturises well but doesn't compare to my favourite Etat Pur.

Time Eau De Toilette - This smells floral with a slight citrus twist. It's nice but not really for me. 

Organic Babies Soothing Baby Lavender Salve 10% goes to charity. - I've had this for ages and it's one of those miracle balms. You can use this on lips, cuts, elbows, cuticles, feet etc. I have been using this on dry areas and our lips. It's nice and works well and my sons really like it so we will be buying to again. 

Greenwood Organics Clary Sage & Jojoba Cleanser Sample - Herbal and creamy this cleanser really does clean the skin without drying it out. 

Natural Elements Rejuvenating Day Serum Sample - LOVE Natural Elements, you may remember seeing the full size in my first empties post. Natural Elements pride themselves on making natural products with the smallest amount of ingredients. This one contains only 7! 

What empties do you have? 

Real Men ...

Real Men

So Elyse is ill so I'm stepping in for her today. I wanted to kick off my guest role with a 'real men' series. I know first hand that many men think moisturiser is a feminine product, that real men don't do anything as girly as applying a moisturiser to their manly rugged face. 

While it's OK for everyone to have their own views and ideas about male grooming, men don't have any inhuman superpowers that allow us to have skin made of steel. I think some guys forget that, maybe some think it's not macho to care about yourself but by caring for yourself it shows you care and respect yourself - as well as  about how you look for your partner too. After all we all still want to look attractive to our partners in the long run. 

So here is my top ten favourite moisturisers. Guys you can even apply this slap dash if it makes you feel better. Moisturiser helps support your skin cells, reduces razor burn and ingrowing hairs as well as reducing sebum production. You can't tell me that pimpled razor burned skin is a good look. 

These top picks all represent a range of budgets, ladies if you want to get your man into grooming then moisturiser is a great first step. 

1.Origins Save The Males £28 - I haven't tried this product... but I want to. It not only offers moisture but contains antioxidants in the form of mangosteen, carrot extract and chinese wolfberry. I'm intrigued to see if it makes a visible difference. 
2.LAB Series Pro All-In-One Moisturiser £22 - LAB Series are the brand that got me into grooming. I started off with their exfoliator as it was really grainy and minty and then moved on to the rest of their products. I cannot hype this product and range enough and fully recommend it. 
3. Nivea Pure & Natural Moisturiser £5.39 - It does what it says on the tin, you do need to watch which product you purchase as some of the Nivea moisturisers are fragranced. 
4. Rodial Bee Venom Moisturiser £115 - This is not cheap and to be honest it's one of those products I would purchase when I felt I really needed that extra helping hand. I know it's fantastic as I have seen Elyse using it and she hypes it so much. She also tried a lower £1.99 venom product and again loved the effects. 
5.Amie Matte Finish Moisturiser £4.95 - We love Amie products, they don't look amazing but they really are. This one's great especially for combination skin types and Elyse uses this, having tested it a few times it is better than a lot of the high street brands but costs less. 
6. Clinique Dramatically Different Lotion £17 - I have tried this, it's light but creamy enough to care for your skin all day. I have sensitive skin that reacts to a lot of products but this one didn't cause any reaction. 
7. Bare Escentuals  Purely Nourishing Moisturiser £22.99 - I haven't tried this product and to be fair the packaging might be deemed to feminine for some guys. If you are worried by the packaging simply chuck away the box. It also has some great reviews across the blogosphere so it's worthy of a try, although some of the lower ranges might be better as a starting point. 
8. Eve Lom Moisturiser with SPF15 £45 - Protecting your skin with SPF is a clever move chaps. This is a two bird one stone product, although I haven't tested this it does have great reviews across the blogosphere so it had to take it's rightful position in this top 10. 
9. Steamcream 3-in-1 Jam Jar Tin £13 - Steamcream products contain natural ingredients which is great BUT they contain parabens. I have to say that this product regardless of those nasty parabens is one of my all time favourites. We go through a ton of Steamcream in our household. 
10. Clean & Clear Essential Moisturser £3.59 - I have tried this as well as other Clean & Clear products and I find that they are either too strong for sensitive skins or don't offer enough moisture for drier skins. If you're a combi or normal skin type then this is for you. 

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Victoria's Secret || Bombshell Fragrance


Oh to be a Victoria's Secret model. Those bodies, that glowing skin and ugh their lush hair - I'm 'maybe' having some slight body envy but it's really hard not to. I think I may have to start some conspiracy theory that the Victoria Secret models aren't human, that they are from Nibiru and have implanted themselves into the human race to make us all feel [and look] inferior.

That's my explanation and it's the one I'm sticking too. I can only but dream of one day looking like that  and to be honest I know I will never reach that level of glam, I feel knackered just thinking of the work and exercise (ugh! exercise) they must put into achieving their washboard stomachs and toned mile long legs. 

So to make us mere mortals feel better, the lovely people at Victoria's Secret continually release products such as their newest Bombshell fragrance. I in all honestly love some of their perfumes although they aren't the easiest to come by in the UK. I normally purchase mine from abroad, Ebay or Amazon but you have the small chance of buying fakes over on Ebay.

'Bombshell' would fall into the sexy, provocative  but feminine family of fragrances, it's a good one I can tell you that. Top notes of Boysenberry, Lavender Flower and Pamplewood which transform into fresh honeysuckle, lily and soft baby lavender. These fruity florals lay on a bed of sexy musk's, vanilla, moss and enticing amber's and those amber's are just oh-so-sexy. 

I hold my hands up though I have a penchant for amber and musk notes teamed with jasmine, my review maybe slightly biased due to this. If you're more of a fruity notes girl then I'd say this isn't for you likewise if you're prefer more unisex scents of perfumes that are more masculine-feminine then again this may not be the right fragrance. . 

To accompany the Eau de Parfum V.S have also released a body lotion and body mist so you can really layer those notes up. Prices in the US vary from $20 for the body lotion upwards to $68 for the larger bottle of EDP. I'm not sure what the exact prices will be for the UK so it's worth shopping around

Being Selfish & Forever Unique


When it comes to dressing each season nothing beats pieces that have great lines. Personally I believe your wardrobe staples should consist of great lines in monochrome and denim as a basis, then built upon with more seasonal pieces such as dresses in the current shape and print, shoes in a specific style and so on. 

I know many wouldn't agree with that belief, you may think that it's best to just purchase what is in fashion. I cannot stress enough however, that fashion will not always leave you looking fashionable. Why waste your hard earned cash on clothing that doesn't play on your best assets   or goes out of style a few months later? 

By purchasing a capsule wardrobe that lasts for many seasons and can be mixed and matched with your other clothing, you're not only saving yourself money but guaranteeing that you will be on trend season after season. So how do you chic up a monochrome capsule wardrobe? Simply add accessories and footwear. Makeup and hairstyles also play a huge part in your overall look and style so don't forget those. 

Take for example these Forever Unique Brent trousers and the cute Bound t-shirt. I think together they pack a hefty style punch, while showing everyone that you mean serious business; especially when styled up right. 

To bring this outfit up to date adding some colourful accessories, such as this on trend blue clutch and this gorgeous neon bright bracelet. Teaming your neon's with more cool tones such as the chunky silver cuff will stop your outfit from looking childish. If you're not much of an arm party fan, why not swap out the monochrome heels for some bolder booties. 

Why not clash your accessory colours? I love red and pink or similarly red and orange, a few years ago this was seen as a pretty big no-no but now they just look so right. I dare you to try wearing red heels with a fuchsia scarf and a bold red lip or an orange lip with a red based arm party. Monochrome outfits allow you to try out these awesome colours where as a colourful patterned outfit base will leave you looking like a) a raver b) a clown c) a worker in a paint factory that has just exploded. I just don't think anyone would choose to look like any of those options - do you?

Monochrome is for sure the way forward guys. If you're having a chunky butt day opt for the black bottoms and the white on top. Clothing that has has hourglass panels or side panels are very slimming especially when the panels are in black as they will leave you with the illusion of having curves in all of the right places. 


So many people are scared of wearing certain colours, white is one of those colours. If you're scared off white skirts such as the Silmo skirt  above then why not team your white skirts with a black top and tights. The black tights will give you the slimming illusion while protecting your modesty Or vice-versa if you're are scared of wearing white up top, why not layer with a sheer black shirt or kimono. With fashion there is always a solution, stop letting your fashion wear you and start wearing you're own style. 

You can visit Forever Unique by clicking over HERE

OOTD : Chasing Cars

  Cardigan / Topshop | Vest / H&M | Leggings / Asos | Pump Shoes / Lacoste | Leopard Shoulder Bag / H&M | Necklaces / Sphere Of Life    

With the weather eventually behaving we have been out enjoying it all weekend. Today we headed to the Odeon to see Epic in 3D and in all corny-ness it was Epic. The kids loved it and I did also although the 3D has made me terribly ill and nauseated. 

Unfortunately today's outfit of the day was taken around about this time, we just came out and I literally was so sick. I decided to post it anyways because we can't all look like rainbows and diamonds can we? I know this is not an aspirational OOTD but, if anything it's a real one. 

I don't walk about in dresses and heels all day - although I would love to. I don't wear my hair hanging down all shiny and glossy and sometimes I use products that are so bad they literally leave my hair looking limp, dull and pathetic. With no time to re-wash it I tend to go for the tied back bun look. The product in question was the Dr Bronner's castille rose soap. I've been trying to get through all of the ways it can be used, washing your face and washing your hair is a big no-no! I have spots and my hair feels like it was dipped in a bucket of starch and then dried with a hairdryer. 

At this moment in time I am still feeling like death warmed up so this post will be short (sorry) but I hope everyone is having an amazing bank holiday weekend. 

Not On The High Street || My Latest Purchases

When it comes to shopping I love to find new and unique products. There's nothing worse than walking down your local high street to find five other ladies all wearing similar outfits. Because of this I tend to mix up high street with more expensive or vintage pieces, and a few years ago I found Not On The High Street via my favourite Etsy sellers and became hooked. 

Not On The High Street have been around since 2006, they offer a well curated platform for  professionals to sell their quality products via a store within the N.O.T.H.S website - as well as offering us consumers a different range of useful, pretty and quirky goods. 

Here are my latest goodies... 

Kate Rowland Illustration Geometric Triangle Necklace £10 | Ginger Pickle Moon and Starry Sky Earrings £4.75

Badgers Badger Porcelain Earrings £7

I am absolutely in love with my goodies. I have had so many compliments on my lilac heart earrings today and I even went and purchased two more Royal Brownies for my sister-in-law just to prove how Moorish they are. I love that these are handmade in the UK and that by buying locally I am not only helping them put food on their tables but also helping them continue ding what they love. 

There are so many items I want from Not On The High Street especially with Father's Day coming up very soon so I will be sure to post about some Father's Day inspired products to ease your heads (men are so hard to buy for aren't they?) The sellers do really offer a huge range of products catering to all types of consumer and the postal service is next to none.  I personally found my products arrived so quick two days tops for the lilac hearts and the next day for everything else. 

You just don't get service like that on the actual high street do you? Are you a NOTHS addict? 

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What's In My Handbag || 2013

This is my first ever 'what's in my bag' post. I tend to carry about a lot of random bits and bobs, this started after I became a mum and eventually became a normal trait. You will see what I mean as you read my contents. 

This bag is my favourite hand bag. It's by H&M and it's the perfect size and slouchy-ness for day to day wear. It can be worn as a shoulder bag or handbag too which is great and it has small sections of leopard print on the sides which is cute rather than garish. 

Inside my bag you will find: 

Hand Cream - I tend to pop in a small travel sized or sample sized hand cream in my bag. They take up less room and by popping it in your bag it allows you to test out all of those samples quickly and easily. The current one I have is Nivea. 

Lip balm - Rosebud Perfume Co lip balms are my favourite by far. They are so soft, moisturising and yummy and are all mint based. This one is 'bramble berry mint' They resemble jelly and flavour is delicate with a fresh twist of mint which leaves me with a kiss worthy pout. 

Lipstick - My lipsticks tend to vary depending on where I'm going and what season it is. I currently have Revlon's 'Candy Pink'  in my bag. 

Multi-Use Makeup - MUA's mosaic blusher in English rose is perfect for my skin tone. Although it's a blusher I do tend to use it all over. This one looks patch worked and contains mattes and shimmery sections. The tones range from pinks to peach and lilacs and at £2.50 it's absolutely fantastic. 

Mascara - Artdeco's 'All In One' mascara is simply the best mascara I have ever used. Quite a bold statement I know, but I have yet to find one that beats the results I get with this product. I carry shade black 01 in my handbag and at home. 

Illuminating Powder - MUA again. This only costs £3 and is perfect in so many ways. You can add this to your cheeks, brow bone, Cupid's bow, decolletage, eyes or even nose to define and brighten the skin. For example you can simply pop some on your cupids brow for a perky pout, on the brow bone or in the corners of your eyes for a wide awake look. 

Large & Small Makeup Brushes - These sizes are great all rounders. Applying eyeliners, brow powders, blusher and foundations. I don't like to carry a lot of beauty products in my bag so carrying these two opposite sizes is exactly what I need to get me through the day's touch ups. 

Perfume - The perfume I carry varies, similarly like my hand cream I tend to carry smaller sized pocket perfumes and even samples. I am currently using Burberry Body which is a really grown up sensual fragrance , this is nearly finished though so watch out for it on an empties post soon. 

Mints - I either carry mouth spray, Tic Tacs or chewing gum to keep my mouth minty fresh. 

Glasses - Both my reading and sunglasses are regulars. My readings glasses are from Specspost and my sunglasses are from New Look. 

Painkillers - I suffer from terrible migraines so painkillers are a must have, there is nothing worse than sitting in meetings with a pounding migraine. 

Plasters - For those pesky blisters, paper cuts and other boo-boos. 

Crystals - I love crystals and use them a lot. Typically to try and balance my life, create luck or to help improve my health. They are also really soothing to just play with when I'm in stressful situations. I have rose quarts, clear quartz, moonstone, sodalite and obsidian in my bag at the moment.  

Purse - I love this jelly coin purse. The rain never gets inside and it's easy to squeeze into small pockets too. 

Coffee - I always keep a sachet of Nescafe 3 in 1 in my bag. It tastes so yummy and makes the perfect cuppa. Great for when my fatigue starts to rear it's ugly head. 

Organiser - This is my new Filofax organiser. Filofax held a competition called 'Cover Story'. This flamingo design was the winner and was designed by Rebecca Mountain. 

I've always been a huge Filofax fan and I remember my first one was a tiny plain black one which was then upgraded to a pink Cancer charity version. I unfortunately lost that organiser and I have to say my week became utter turmoil. 

This flamingo pocket organiser is the replacement to my lost Filofax and is apart of the 2013 collection. It comes in two colours - either dark blue or this sage green, both have the screen printed flamingo's on the cover. Like all other Filofax products this can be customised with inserts to really suit your needs and so you don't have to replace the whole organiser each year. Remember guys a Filofax is for life and not just for Christmas. 

What's in your handbag guys? 

OPI // Couture Minnie Collection

OPI have over 200 shades and regularly release limited collections such as Oz the Great and Powerful collection, Vintage Minnie Mouse and now Couture de Minnie. Couture de Minnie is inspired by the most fashionable mouse ever - which could only be Minnie Mouse couldn't it.

Minnie Mouse is very sophisticated, she’s a strong powerful lady who stands by her man while rocking her bows, polka dots and heels. OPI decided to shake Minnie's style up with their vintage Minnie collection in 2012 proving to be very popular. They decided to shake up her style yet again for 2013 bringing out her glamorous inner diva.

OPI are for sure a world leader when it comes to the nail care industry, they continually create products that are fashionable, modern and innovative and as a fan of OPI I can safely say that the hype surrounding the company is deserving

So far I've noticed each collection contains a liquid sand textural polish. I have read some other blogs where they absolutely hate these polishes but personally, I adore them. I would jump all over a full collection of liquid sand why? I hate chipping, I hate having to re-do my manicure every few days and as a perfectionist I hate when polish just doesn't look immaculate. Liquid sand applies so easily in 1 quick swatch, it stays on my nails for well over 7 days without chipping and because of the irregular texture you don't notice any flaws. Liquid sand isn't suppose to be worn with a topcoat but... you can apply a topcoat if you want a smoother result. 

The Couture de Minnie Collection

Magazine Cover Mouse // Sparkling liquid sand strawberry polish that will surely hit the headlines. 

Minnie Style // A white and read glitter polish that oozes style and playfulness.

A Definite Moust-Have // A covet-able fuchsia.

Innie Minnie Mightie Bow // Catch this crimson by the toe.

Chic from Ears to Tail // A totally fantastic bubble-gum pink

 Each OPI polish contains their 'pro-wide' brush. In all honesty I haven't noticed anything stand out about the brush although OPI polishes do apply easier than say Nails Inc. In all honestly I've found Rimmel's chunky square bristle brushes the best.

Couture Minnie collection will be available in June 2013 and will cost $9.00 in America and 'possibly' around £12 in the UK.

To get your hands on this collection as well as the 2012 Vintage Minnie set and other OPI goodies, you can head over to my ‘Inspired by Minnie’ board over on Shopcade.

Purple Lipsticks // Top Ten

Purple Pout

Purples are huge right now. Everyone seems to be rocking the purple pout or at least coveting some purple toned product. I know I am. Generally I go for the more purple toned make-up, especially cool toned red lipsticks. There's just something about blue and purple tones that seem to suit everyone regardless of age and skin tone, as I carry on blogging I am getting braver in my make-up choices for sure so I really am desperate to get a few bold purples to test them out. 

This list is my top ten picks of lipsticks that are various shades of purple. You will also notice that I made sure the price range was quite wide, just because something is 'in' fashion doesn't mean it has to cost you the earth. I know MUA lipsticks are really good and at a teeny £1 there is really nothing to loose-on the other end of the scale Illamasqua lipsticks  products in general are amazing, I haven't quite found a company that offer that amount of pigmentation. Personally if I had to choose two out of this list of ten I would choose the YSL Sheer Candy and Illamasqua in a heartbeat. 

Here's the line up...

MUA £1 // Available in 16 shades, this one is lipstick shade '2' I have tried MUA and they apply really well, are pigmented and leave you looking glossy and kissable. They are worth oh-so much more than the teeny £1.
Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture £25 // This is shade '101 Violet Singulier' It looks quite similar to Illamasqua's Esp but I'm guessing it won't be as pigmented. I do like the lush packaging too. 
 Calvin Klein CK One EDT Spray 100 ml (CK One) £13 //  Available in velvet (this one) and red. I'm surprised there aren't more colours but this looks lovely. 
Illamasqua Colour-Intense Lipstick £16.50 // This is 'Esp' but there are two other purple shades which are 'Growl' and 'Underworld'. Wowsers right, look at that pigment and Illamasqua tend to be 'that' pigmented on the lips. 
MAC - Viva Glam £14 // There are 6 shades with the rest being more pink tones. This is a no brainer as MAC's lipsticks are really good.
Yves Saint Laurent - Volupte Sheer Candy £23.50 // This is colour '2'- I need this in my life and can promise that their will be a review as soon as it comes. It just looks so pretty and I love that these are sheer. 
Natio Lipstick £8.40 (normally £11) // There are a whopping 22 shades with 8 of them being purple tones. Again I haven't tried Natio but it seems to have great reviews and is currently on offer. 
Topshop at Selfridges SS13 £9 // Available in pink and purple- I haven't tried any of Topshop's beauty yet (oops) so can't tell you if it's any good. Up close these do look excellent quality and look as though they would be pretty pigmented. Have you tried these? 
Clinique Chubby Stick £16 // This is 'grandest grape' there are 8 colours in this range and having tried the Clinique chubby sticks I can recommend them fully-they really are as awesome as they look. 
Barry M £4.49 // This contains cocoa butter and up close it looks so smooth and moisturising. It also comes in 8 other shades-this purple shade is called 'LP156.

Will you be trying a purple pout this summer or have you all ready gone to the purple side? 

Revlon | Baby Cheeks

Oh Baby, these little cuties are, well... cute. 

On the same mini haul day as the Rimmel 3D plumping top coat, I saw this and it had to jump into my basket as it was the last one - I know this has probably done the blog rounds but I just HAD to buy it.  As a lady who is naturally rosy cheeks with a tendency to blush, I steered away from blusher products for 28 years-shocking I know. Now I am slowly trying to eek in some blusher as I am starting to look slightly washed out. 

As a blusher amateur I don't particularly like the clown cheek blusher that some girls wear, it actually scared the bejeezus out of me. I have tried so many illuminators, pinks and natural tones and wanted to opt for something out of my comfort zone. 

I had previously blogged about the Revlon Pacific Coast collection- by Gucci Waterman, you can read that post here about Gucci Westman's Revlon Collection. Out of the range I did want to try the Revlon Baby Cheeks as it's a duo product and can be used for both lips and cheeks. At least I could use it for something else if the whole blusher cheek thing didn't work out. 

In the tube it is definitely a pinky coral colour. Swatched however I was surprised to find it was so sheer and natural with a slight illuminating effect. 

Left: This is it rubbed in, see how it looks even, slightly coloured and illuminated in comparison to the right which is a basic swatch on my milk bottle hands. 

There are 3 colours in this range, the coral tone I have is called 'Tahitian', there is also Sunset and Pink Passion. They are basically twist up creamy wax sticks and they apply quite easily leaving you looking pretty and glowing; I'm not sure if I'm yet bold enough to test out the other two. My only gripe however is that they smell waxy-like a crayon and as much as I don't want them to be fragranced I do wish they smelled slightly better. 

Again, I got these from Boots and they are on offer at £4.99- they will cost £6.99 at their normal price. Did anyone else find they smelled too waxy? Have you swatched or tested out the other two? I'd love to see your posts.