Caribbean Essential Face Spray

Take Me Away.....

Caribbean Essentials offer a range of products aimed to balance and restore your chakras as well as overall inner and outer beauty. Using aromatherapy sensory therapy these potent products were created by Linda Hall who is a passionate leader in spa consultancy and well-being. 

Personally I hadn't heard of the Caribbean Essential range before receiving this. When I do receive products I test them prior to checking out any websites, checking prices and availability. I want to make sure that I am using the same standards of testing for all products. I then take my favourites and let you guys know about them, of course there have been a few not so favourites but this products falls in to the favourite category. 

The product itself is the Radiance Facial Spritz and it's made using amazing natural active botanics and smells so fresh and herbal. The fragrance is made up of neroli, carrot seed oil, aloe Vera, sweet orange and witch hazel.  The fragrance disappears quickly leaving you with a fresh glowing complexion and I've also noticed that using this, in correlation with my favourite 3 step skincare regime, my skin seems more toned and balanced and clear. I also no longer get that tight feeling as the day goes on. 

If your considering purchasing this product or any facial spritz product what I would recommend is to spritz when your skin starts to feel dry, tired and tight. I swear your skin will thank you for it. Face Spritz's depending on their aim and ingredients are made to re-hydrate skin and to soothe. Sort of like taking a drink when you're thirsty, but for your skin. 

The Caribbean Essentials range is based around three aromatic blends; Rapture, Restore and Release and there are products to suit all holistic and non-holistic beauty aims. I will be taking mine out over the weekend to stop the sun burn and to soothe my heat puffed skin. (I look horrendous in any sort of heat). 

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One Moment With One Direction?

Harry, Louis, Liam, Zayn and Niall are the five handsome chaps that make up One Direction. We in the UK know them as the boy group that was put together at X-Factor and, in the USA you guys know them as the 'oh ma gerrrddd it's those sexy guys from that band'. 

It's fair to say that One Direction have BLOWN up! They seem to be putting the Biebs to shame and in all honesty I think they will over take Justin Bieber's success by a mile. So what's next on the cards for these hard working lads? 

They are currently in the middle of their 'Take Me Home' tour and are in the USA. For the last year they have been working with Firmenich. Firmenich  is a huge fragrancing company that brought us the likes of Pink Friday by Nicki Minaj and Flora by Gucci. 

The fragrance will be called 'One Moment' named after a song from their 'Up All Night' album. I'm not sure if I'll personally be jumping on this as the notes don't wow me, but I did kind of feel like that about Wonderstruk by Taylor Swift-Which I now adore. 

The top notes are; redcurrants, wild berries and pink grapefruit, coupled with softer middle floral notes of frangipani, freesia and jasmine which all lie on a bed of powdery musk's, sheer woods and white patchouli. 

It all sounds a bit blah doesn't it? I'd have loved to have seen some amber or sandalwood in that base giving it more of a feminine, sexy depth. Juicy notes do nothing for me unless they are coupled with a strong floral unisex note such as Neroli or Vetiver and I'd have also loved to have seen a bolder fruity note such as apple or blackberry. The soft powdery musk's tend to not have enough throw and the white patchouli and sheer woods can 'at times' turn a bit granny on my skin. Oh what the heck you know that I am going to test it, who am I kidding? 

The packaging will feature the bands faces and be mainly pale pink (love the colour) and the bottle is to look like a cut gemstone. It has a silver crown with a pink mesh flower which, in my opinion looks like a girly Mohawk. I'm thinking I may like this bottle better than the fragrance but we shall see. What do you lovelies think of this bottle? a tad too cliche? 

I may be eating my words come it's release so I will have my humble pie on order. The release of One Moment is due around August 25th at Harrods and September 9th everywhere else. I think the US are trying to obtain licencing for the same dates. 

Will you be sharing 'One Moment' with One Direction? 

Weleda || Calendula Baby Range

Weleda recently relaunched it's calendula baby care range. It now looks more summery due to the daffodil yellow packaging and it has a cute little lady bird on it too which is so sweet. Weleda are known worldwide for their Eco-friendly and natural based products and I particularly love their Arnica and Almond ranges. 

My middle son who is now six suffers from dry skin and eczema, he takes it from his dad and both of their skins can at time be sensitive. We tried using so many products over the years including Johnson's baby care range, these were also too strong and left red marks.  Finally we found a product that worked by Lush, but then Cooper decided he was bored of it and wanted a newer product. 

For those that don't know, my son blogs over on Cooper in the City. He loves to try new products (mainly stealing mine of course) and then telling me what his opinion is. When he was asked if he wanted to try some Weleda calendula products, he was so excited both because he had been asked to test out the cream - and because he knew all about Weleda from my many purchases beforehand. 

Once his samples arrived we decided that it was only fair that we test them out on the rest of us also (karma and all that). Cooper was more than happy to let us test them as he had all ready smothered himself in the Calendula body lotion. He's so used to applying creams now it's second nature, he squeeled about it smelling yummy and like flowers, he never once did this with Lush's products.  I find his dry area's which are mostly around his neck, arms and leg areas looked softer and calmer very quickly. 

He tested the body lotion for 1 week and then moved on to the body cream. The lotion of course is much thinner than the cream but both smell the same and offer the same benefits.  This range was reformulated and re-packaged as Weleda wanted to ensure they were packing each bottle, with as much calendula as they possibly could.  Did you know Weleda  also grow their own calendula! 

Here are the 2 products we tested out. 

Body Cream Vs Body Lotion

In the long run Cooper preferred the lotion as he found it was easier to apply and absorb where as I preferred the body cream, due to it being thicker and especially good for my tootsies and elbows. I know this is marketed as a baby care range but we're all someones babies aren't we *hehe* 

I was so glad over the weekend that we had this product in the house, especially the lotion. My sons were of course all out playing in the sun, even with a factor 50+ sun cream, they still managed to turn a lovely lobster shade. My youngest son tends to get little blisters from the sun so after their bath I whipped out the caledula lotion, smothered it all over his red bits including his face and ears. Calendula is excellent for sore skins, sun burns and healing wounds as it reduces inflammation and helps to heal. Sure enough, the next morning their faces were back to their perfect smoothness. No blotches, blister type spots trying to rear their ugly heads and best of all no sore sunburned cheeks. 

There are a few products in the Calendula baby range such as the nappy cream, baby oil, face cream, tummy rub and weather protection cream. Prices range from £2.45 for mini sizes up to £12.95 for the gift set. The body lotion and cream that we tested both costs £7.95 and will last us a long time, even with us being a family of 5. 

If you want to try out that range first, I would recommend getting some minis, even if you're going abroad these are excellent products to have in your suitcase to soothe dry skin, bites and stings that you may get along the way. 

Here are the minis. 

Weleda Mini's

There are mini sizes of the nappy change cream, body lotion, face cream and calendula oil. You can also purchase fully fragrance free products but to be honest the fragrance is so very minute and delicate it shouldn't bother any little noses. 

Did you know that this range and Weleda in general are loved by celebrities? Courtney Cox, Jessica Alba, Demi Moore, Fearne Cotton, Dannii Minogue and Gwyneth Paltrow all love Weleda. If it's good enough for them it's good enough for us. 

You can purchase it directly from Weleda or in your local Boots. 

It's Water But Not As You Know It

Micellar Waters

Micellar water has exploded over the bloggersphere. It has literally gone boooom! But unlike most booms this one is a good reliable boom and one that I completely agree with. I like it when a good product booms but I didn’t always feel this way about Micellar cleansers.

If you’re not sure what the heck I’m on about.  Micellar products are  water based cleansers that contain small molecules of oil. These cleansers don't strip the skin and they are so much more gentle than most other cleansers. They don't foam, they don't sting the skin and they feel light on the skin. To be honest they really don’t feel like  cleansers at all. That is until you take a look at the gunk filled face pad you've just used to clean your face with.

Most cleansers strip the skin, of course if you're stripping away the good sebum you're also leaving yourself wide open to fine lines, wrinkles and a production of excess sebum, and no-one likes a sea-bum!

Micellar Water cleansers allow you to glide the pad over your face with no scrubbing or tugging but still leave you with super clean and unclogged pores. I know it all sounds dreamy and make believe and I did think ‘what’s the big fuss? ‘ prior to testing my first Micellar. I am now a full convert to the humble watery product.  Here's why.

* I cleansed my face initially on day 1 with REN and found my sensitive Bioderma  still got rid of a heap of gunk, that should not have been there.

*Day two I cleansed my skin again as normal,  then used Clean & Clears toner (which is quite strong) and Bioderma Sebium STILL managed to get some filth out of my pores. Honestly I do clean my face.

*Day 3 I used L’Oreals micellar and found I had no stinging.  Sometimes my cheeks or chin sting, even with Clean & Clear’s Sensitive cleansers and toners.

* I didn't feel the need to moisturise like normal as most products leave me with that tight skin feeling.

*My combination skin is definitely reverting more to the normal side of things.

*My pimples (hormonal) are clearing up (quicker than they do even with my beloved Etat Pur).
*I love how light and fresh it feels on my skin especially with this awesome weather.

*The lack of fragrance is perfect for non-fragranced face products fans. 
I would definitely recommend giving a Micellar a home. The Bioderma products that I thoroughly recommend start from £3 and the L'Oreal costs a mere £4.99 from Boots. Of course there are a range of price points but I personally tried these little £3 ones below and they are awesome. 

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Vampire Facials

Kim Kardashian is like Marmite, some hate her and some love her. I am somewhere in between, I don't know her to hate her and I don't believe in getting jealous or stalkerish so the love part is out of the question. There is one thing I do think however, Kim is one gorgeous looking lady. Her skin always seems to look so luminous even in those naked-faced post workout photo's (if that was me I'd be red, shiny and frizzy haired). 

Kim recently posted on her Instagram and subsequently was shown on Kourtney and Kim Take Miami getting a 'new' type of procedure. The procedure has been dubbed the 'Vampire Facial' and has been around for many years making it actually not so new. The vampire facial uses your own blood to help regenerate collagen. The blood is then injected back in to your own face. Yuck. 

Many commented hateful comments over on Kim's Instagram and Twitter. Mostly about her being a terrible mum (Kim's currently pregnant) and that she's so selfish etc, but what many don't realise is that she wasn't pregnant at the point of this being filmed for the show. I suppose it's the whole thing about finding out both sides or even don't judge a book by it's cover.

Long story short It looked painful, Kim even said in the show that she would never get a face lift if it felt anything like the Vamp facial did. 

As much as it grossed me out, it did seem to be over quite quickly and her skin looked fantastic afterwards. This got my little brain cogs ticking and I started to investigate some more. 

How Does It Work

Your own blood is spun in a centrifuge - this separates the plasma and platelets. The safe (PRP) Autologous platelet-rich plasma is then re-injected back into the soft tissue areas of the face, similar to how Restylane and Juvederm is injected. This stimulates collagen and slows down ageing -helping to improve scarring, wrinkles and gives the skin a youthful texture and volume due to the stem cells on the platelets which produce growth factors. 

Where Does It Work? 

It can be used to treat the face area, neck and also specifically sunken eyes and darker circles. 

Who Can Get It Done? 

It's not just for celebrities guys. Kim seems to have ignited a huge influx in Vampire Facial purchases but other celebrities do get it done, some even started getting it done well before Kim did. Anna Friel and Dannii Minogue especially love this youthful facial. 

And the legal bit to cover my ass, if you're thinking of getting this done- always, always seek medical advice and do your research. Purchasing the lowest priced clinic is not always the best option. In these cases Google is your friend as you can read a heap of doctor and clinic specific reviews. 

I honestly at first hated the idea of this, seeing Kim in so much pain I couldn't understand why anyone would want to do that. However, I think once my needs that extra help this treatment maybe one I would consider prior to doing Botox. It seemed to be a quick treatment and her skin did look awesome. 

Will you be jumping on this vampire treatment? 

Seche || World's Finest Polish

Would you believe me if I told you the swatches above where 1 coat with no base or topcoat? I wouldn't believe me either but I can tell you I'm not lying. The shine is outstanding and the colour just so creamy and opaque. 

I haven't ventured into the world of 'Seche' until trying these polishes. These were purchased myself and not sent for consideration. I actually purchased these over on buyapower which is a co-buying site. Basically the more co-buyers the lower the price. These three polishes retail at around £9-£9.99 and I eventually got them for a bargainous (it's a work ok) £11.50 for all 3.  

The colours are Portobello, Coral and Snapdragon. Portobello is the creamiest nude-mushroom tone and is the perfect colour to suit all skin tones. Of course depending on your skin tone it may resemble more of a nude and vice-versa it may look more mushroom on other skin tones. Snapdragon is a hot pink creamy lacquer, it reminds me of a kids bubblegum. Coral is well, just that... Coral. I wished they had come up with something more unique. It reminds me of a tropical creamy guava tone. 

I am just hooked to be honest. I can't wait to see where Seche take their polishes over the next few years. 

You can visit Seche (here)or head to Buyapower and Look Fantastic have a 3 for 2 offer on (here)

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Pur Minerals & Beautiful Creatures Collaborative Palette || Review

I received this gorgeous Pur Minerals palette which was inspired by the movie, Beautiful Creatures. It plays on the light and dark aspects and is really about choosing who you want to be when you apply it, do you want to be darker? or lighter? good or bad?

Beautiful Creatures was released in February at the cinema's and is a film about young love and the struggles between good and bad. Having read the book I seriously cannot wait to see the film. I am desperate to know how similar the book and the film are as I know some stick quite closely like Twilight and some completely change it up. 

This palette however is made up of 8 eyeshadows, 1 brush, 1 eyeliner and 1 lipgloss. I hadn't previously tried Pur Mineral's although it was on my wishlist. I've read so many great reviews on the brand that I wanted to test them for myself. I did think they would be awesome but didn't realise how awesome until now. 

I swatched the palette below, you can see a definite change from the wet and dry swatches. You can also get even more colour depth when you apply with a sponge applicator these were swatches using the brush provided. 

The colours in order are from left to right on both swatches:
Forbidden, Supernatural, Siren, Spellbound, Fate, Fantasy, Secret, Cursed. 

Forbidden : A dark taupe. 
Supernatural : Shimmery nude with hints of pink and white. 
Siren : A cool khaki brown with hints of silver. 
Spellbound : This is more of a matte nude than the other nudes. This would also be great on the inner eye and brow bone.  
Fate : Shimmery mushroom toned brown. 
Fantasy : This is actually a violet purple with brown undertones. 
Secret : The lightest shimmery pink. This would be great as a highlighter also. 
Cursed : A rich plum with black undertones. 

These are self-explanatory really. The black heart is the Black Magic shade of charcoal eyeliner, I've smudged it slightly to show how soft and lush this is. The lip gloss heart is Lust. Lust is a nude shade on the lips. Here's a swatch of it in action.  

It balances out the tone (remembering that I have Fordyce spots which leave my lips looking as though they have permanent 80's style lip-liner around them) of the lips and makes them glossy and non sticky. It's a win-win. 

This palette is only available in the US at the moment as it is limited edition so I'm not sure if they plan on bringing it over here.  If they do I would definitely recommend you snatch it up as these will go fast. 

Weddings || Love & Other Things

I've been married now for coming on ten years. I was always one of those ladies who was adamant that I would NOT be getting wed at any point. I didn't see the point in all that fuss for one bit of paper, that going on statistics would lead to divorce and ultimately heart-ache. 

I did have a fear of having my heart broken for sure, I still do but not from my husband. As I get older I find that I am becoming softer, romantic and empathetic towards well, basically everything.  As a parent my heart breaks daily at the thought of my sons getting hurt, when they cry because they have fallen or when they tell me that I'm the bestest mummy in the world. 

I realise now that heartbreak makes us tougher, that being said it doesn't make it any easier to go through. So on that note I want to say to anyone reading this- if you were like the old me, not believing in love, not believing in marriage for fear of having your heart broken then put it aside. Give in to your emotions and jump right in. 

Being in love, having something to look forward to and having someone by your side is the greatest *exciting* feeling. It stops us becoming complacent, lazy even. It keeps us healthy and at times on-our-toes. 

So if you're a dreamer, romantic or love go-getter here are some of my top wedding picks to get those cogs working. I've picked my favourites for dresses, accessories and footwear. While you may see items you love you may see others you hate. It's good to have this balance because planning any wedding you need to know definite yes's and definite no's. I've tried to ensure the picks cover the girly girls and the tomboys, the fancier bridezilla's and the more boho bridechilla. 

Here they are...
 A Fairyland Mermaid Bridal   Pure Magnolia Couture  Dahlnyc This Vintage Girl  Lemon Wedding Dress | Xiaolizi Ouma | Dress of Shop
Love From Australia Topshop |  River Island | Serendipity Gift Shop | River Island  |  Rocket Dog @ Schuh | Red or Dead | Schuh | Christy NG Shoes

Tre Perle  | Weddings With Flair  | Blue Petyl | Frosted Willow | K is for Kani | Aurum Jewelry | Veiled Beauty |  All For Love Love | Elle Jewels

So will you be taking the leap this year? 

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