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With the weather hot I just love to wear dresses and trainers for a casual style. Trainers aren't normally my thing, that is unless they are feminine and girly. Do you remember the post about the Nike and Liberty collaborative trainers? It's HERE if you missed it. I can't seem to get enough of patterns. I just had to get rid of a ton of fabric as my sewing pile had got out of hand, seriously it's patterns and specifically ditsy florals that drive me crazy. 

I keep seeing more brands making clothing and shoes with floral patterns (which is fab) but it's the trainers I can't get enough of and for me that is strange. I decided to compile my favourites in a top ten, I became so clear once I put together in the image above that it's clearly why I've fallen head over heels in love with trainers once again. 

Now I'm pretty sure hubster won't allow me to get them all, will he? *ponders* nah, he definitely won't be happy if I did that. Which ones would you go for if you had to choose? See the way I see it is the Keds are more of a plimsoll therefore 'shoes' the Nike Dunks are also shoes because they have that raised-hidden heel so could you get away with buying the sporty 'shoes' and also trainers? 

The list goes something like this: 

1. Van Cedar Anchor Trainers  How cute are those anchors, these would be so versatile also wouldn't they. They would go with a dress or jeans easily. 

2. Keds Champion Oxfords See ditsy prints look so pretty don't they. I'd wear these with pride and they would look awesome clashing with another floral print. 

3. Converse Dainty Floral Brogue Is it a shoe, is it a trainer? who knows but it's pretty damn cute and unique. 

4. Joules Lottie Trainers. These take feminine to the next level, I love the bold purple and the ribbon laces. 

5. Converse Double Tongue Trainers It's those pastel colours in the tongue that makes me want them. Is that shallow? These would also go with everything but, and here's the big but I've seen other baby pink trainers go baggy shaped and look cheap. 

6. Gola For Liberty Betsey Shoes. So these are feminine without screaming in your face. They also have the gorgeous touch of the ribbon laces just like the Joules do, would these look out of place on a thirty year old do you think? 

7. Nike Dunk Hi Skinny in Carmine These are gorgeous but I'm thinking these maybe the hardest to style up with the pattern being bolder and more spaced out. 

8. Converse Hyperculture Ox Trainers Aztec print I love these but are they too teen? 

9. Nike Dunk Hi Dark Atomic Teal I love these I really do. Can anyone recommend them? are they comfortable to wear?  

10. Converse Chuck Taylors I love these *sighs* these are one of the one's I'm seriously debating, they're just so hipster-girly aren't they. It's that whole yin and yang fashion styling. Feminine pattern, masculine shape equals bliss. 

So you see my dilema? What's your take on overly feminine trainers? If you had the choice which would you go for? 

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Seeing Double // Babyliss & Conair Curl Machines

There is so much hype around the latest gadget by Babyliss which is the  Babyliss Pro Curl machine. I know I fell hook line and sinker for it and can only dream about getting those perfect curls that you see on the blogger video's but it's downfall is that it carries a hefty price tag. 

My hair is thin and flyaway and even with the best products it tends to drop curls quicker than Helen Flanagan posts selfies on Instagram. If I had hair that held a style then I would most definitely pay the £165 price tag but I worry about wasting money, especially when it's the summer holibobs and my kids seem to need everything going. I've tried a few curlers, tongs and curling thingy-ma-bobs and while some leave my hair nice and curly they fall flat or frizz up as soon as I head outdoors - yup that's even with the best products in my hair alongside the curlers. 

This is the Babyliss Pro Curl. I think most buyers know that this is the only machine of it's kind, I thought so too until I read that an American brand Conair are bringing out a curl machine too.  So clearly Babyliss are a tad mistaken with their marketing, here's the Babyliss Pro Curl 
And this is the Conair Curl Machine... 

Scarily similar huh! 

Now normally I hate it when companies copy original ideas but I suppose it it happens every day. Eventually the market becomes over saturated and there tends to be one brand that sticks out more than others which is mostly down to good marketing and PR rather than the product in my opinion. 

In this case I'm actually glad that there are other companies copying the Babyliss Pro Curl, why? because it means they will all start competing against each other and that means two things. The first being the price may drop and the second means that they will compete to offer the best results - higher temperatures, quicker results, lighter machinery, oh the list goes on and on. 

So what I will say is that, if like me, you want to get your curl on, but don't have the £100+ readily available to splurge, it maybe wise to hold off. Come Christmas I'm guessing you're going to see plenty more of these curl machines on offer and at a lower price tag. 

Have you seen any more of these curl machine dupes anywhere else? 

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ISWAI: It Started With An Idea

ISWAI, short for it started with an idea is a relatively new company by Caggie Dunlop. Caggie was frustrated with the fashion worlds snobbery so she decided to set up ISWAI. She also wanted to make it available to everyone, turning the brand in to the people's brand. 

If you have an awesome idea or design but have no fashion degree then you can still contact them to see what they think. There is no other brand that offers that service, ISWAI says 'All you need to be involved is a creative and positive mind' I love how the brand gives everyone the opportunity to further themselves and I really believe in the mind-set of ISWAI. 

As a boho-hippy chick stuck in a standard girls body, I do get the sense of the company being very boho chic. Caggie herself has a very casual but bohemian style and she definitely stood out as a girls girl while on Made in Chelsea didn't she? The clothing over on the site you can totally imagine being hung in Caggie's closet, worn at Glastonbury festival or en-route to your Saturday morning yoga class; It's definitely very versatile. 

My outfit is very simple. I've been told that before over on Lookbook and on the blog. You look around the fashion blog world and see the same outfits over and over again, the individuality seems to have been sucked out of the fbloggers world. I know that not everyone who comments on my style saying it is a 'classic style or simple style' means it positively but I do take it in that manner. 

As a parent I want to look good, I also want to be comfortable and maintain 'my style' I like to let my clothing speak for itself. Yes I could go out and purchase creepers and a midriff cutout dress but that's not me and for me to do that and then to post about it I feel would be wrong. It wouldn't be a true representation of who I am and I feel I would be lying to my readers. 

So this is me, no duck face, no excessive body parts showing and no orange glow. I rock boho because it's simple, it's a way of life and it's classic. I love ISWAI particularly because it's like they have taken my personality and put it in to a collection of awesome clothing. If you're like me then you're going to love it too. 

You can't see from the picture but other than my 'trying to serious but laughing and failing miserably' I was wearing a feather ear cuff also from ISWAI. You can see it poking out a bit on this more serious photo. 

And here it is in all of it's full glory. Basically you hook it on to your ear and it looks like you have feathers in your hair, awesome right? It's really comfortable to wear and I love feathers. My sons get mesmerised by the feathers, they just can't understand how they miraculously stay sitting in my hair. 

You can check out ISWAI and their wares by clicking over HERE. They're also on Twitter HERE.

OPI || The Mini Bond Girls Polish Set

Do you guys remember my Oz The Great and Powerful polish review? If not you can find it (here). I absolutely love that set so much so I had to jump on this set when I got the email from Buyapowa saying this co-buy had gone live. The set normally costs £13.95 but I got it for £7.95, bargain or what. 

The set contains 4 mini liquid sand polishes, if you dislike textured polish then this might not be the set for you. I dislike textured polish but really like the liquid sand polishes. I love that I can apply them and not have to worry about chips or bumps making my manicure look shabby. I've found the liquid sand polishes easily last a week with normal wear and tear. 

This set contains 4 of the 6 colours in the Bond Collection. It doesn't contain Honey Ryder which is a gold shade and Tiffany Case which is an icy blue shade. However, the colours it does contain are as equally gorgeous, take a look... 

Vesper | which is a dark purple polish with multi-coloured sparkles. 
Pussy Galore | A baby pink with a white shimmery iridescence and white sparkles. 
Jinx | which is an orange-red shade with yellow, gold and red sparkles.
Solitaire | A light silvery-white with silver sparkles.  

I love each of them. Vesper looks amazing when you apply one coat, a real royal purple shade. I actually wished they would bring out a liquid sand in that shade. My favourite has to be Jinx because it seems to change in different lighting. From deep red to tomato orange- it really is beautiful. 

Have you tried this collection? 
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* I purchased this myself *

Heat Sub Glossybox

I recently posted over on my Facebook page and Twitter about the Glossybox offer Heat Magazine had in June. The offer was six Heat magazines for £6 and a Glossybox. I signed up straight away because I love magazines (it's an addiction I tell you) and I figured six pound wouldn't even get you a Glossybox, with this offer I was going to be getting six magazines and some beauty products. How could I turn that down? 

I got my confirmation in the post last week and then a few days ago got my magazine and Glossybox, super quick right? Glossybox have had a pretty bad rap recently with loads of people leaving or complaining. I have to say having tried Glossybox when it started I was impressed but then it kind of went down hill. It became normal to find cheap and tacky eyeshadows, fake eyelashes and tanning products - none of which are suitable for me. I unsubscribed sharpish. 

I was hoping this box would be different, there have been more and more positive reviews from Glossybox subscribers and the review pictures look pretty damn awesome. I'm not sure if this is specifically a box that was made for Heat or if it's a June or July box. I've tried to find out but can't seem to figure it out so here's what I received anyways. 

Anatomicals 75 ml 'Just Don't Clean It Woman, Scrub It Body Scrub RRP £3.49 for 200ml 
This product is really scrubby, if you like a good scrub this is great. If you have sensitive skins I'd advise you to stay away. As much as I love the product I hate (with a vengeance) the grapefruit smell, I've tried letting it grow on me but nope I hate it. Of course this love-hate relationship is enough to stop me purchasing it full size. 

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Polish Full Size £6.99
This polish is suppose to be a five in one polish. Combining a base coat, strengthener, growth treatment, colour and top coat. I received a dark black shade. 

Yves Rocher Hydra Vegetal Anti Wrinkle Moisturiser 30ml Full Size RRP £18
I've not really put this to the test yet so can't really give a good review, I do think that 30ml's for £18 is a tad steep. I've found Yves Rocher in the past to be completely over-hyped and over-priced. 

Dr Jart BB Beauty Balm 15ml Size. Full Size £24 for 40ml.
Love this product. It's the first time I've tried anything in the Dr Jart range and I'm so impressed. This really balances out the skin and feels light and airy. I have super light skin and normally BB creams leave me looking tangoed but this doesn't. I fully recommend this product. 

Skinetics Anti-Blemish 100ml £6.99 
This is a bloggers favourite product and is seen on a heap of beauty blogs. I have a full size bottle sitting doing nothing as it just didn't grab enough to use it. I do think the price is expensive especially when there are other toner products that do the same. This does contain alcohol and I definitely think it's the alcohol that does dry out your spots and pimples. It's a good product don't get me wrong it's just not hugely exciting. If you're not a packaging magpie like me you may love it. 

This is shade '670 Midnight in NY' it's hard to see it clearly but those little specs on the top of the polish are teeny bits of glitter and not dust. the glitter is so gorgeous and in different lights glimmers shades of silver, red and I'm sure there is some green too.  It applies well but you do need around 3 colours for it to be fully opaque and although this is suppose to be a complete manicure, I'd still advise you to use a base coat to prevent discolouration.  

Apparently the total box costs £59.47 if you're buying the full size products. This actual box using my crap mathematical skills should costs around £30.  Although, I'm pretty sure you can get these items for much less than the stated prices. I was happy with my box, yes there were a few things that didn't suit me and my strange preferences but all-in-all this box was well worth it. I probably won't re-subscribe yet but this may change over the next few months. 

Did you get this box? what where your opinions of these products? 

Mac By Request 2014

By Request

M.A.C By Request was a huge success last year, so much so they have brought it back this year. M.A.C By Request gives M.A.C lovers the chance to bring back their favourite shades from the ninties and noughties for a short period of time. 

You can vote on three lipsticks and three shadows. No lipglass this year though, not sure why they have made that decision. The successful shades will be available in Spring 2014. 
Voting begins from July 8th to July 21st so make sure you get your vote in. 

Personally I'm voting for Tomango which is so current for this season and I'm pretty sure it will still be in for spring 2014. The full list hasn't been revealed yet but supposedly Hoop and Tomago lipsticks will be in the running as will Ashbury and Fiction eyeshadows. 

You can keep up to date with the MAC By Request deets over on their Facebook page HERE

Ebay Wishlist

Ebay Wishlist

Another month calls for another Ebay Wishlist. I love finding treasures over on Ebay and I especially love when they are low cost, I tend to head straight for the buy it now as purchasing from sellers rather than stores can at times lead to stress. 

When you search for the buy it now products you tend to either find a lot of basic crap or weird and wonderful gadgets. I won't lie I have purchased a few just to check them out, at 99p I figured they would either work out to be genius or at least give hubster a chuckle when he sees me trying them out.

So my top ten picks for this month are as follows from left to right: 

1. Eyeshadow Palette - 120 fantastic colours, priced super low at around £6 including p&p this maybe worth a try. I purchased a china palette before from here and the eyeshadows actually really good. 

2. Makeup Brushes - I've tried some pretty dire brushes. You can do so much when you have good tools but to be honest I I grudge paying for them. I think those bad brushes really mentally scarred me and I just keep thinking that expensive brushes are never going to be worth it. However, these brushes are super soft, silky and do not shed! win-win right. 

3. Makeup Bag - How cute. Grown up but cute, at 99p I'm thinking I may pick up a couple. One for the little things like accessories like brushes, eyeliners, pencils and sharpeners and the other for eyeshadows, blush etc. 

4. Nail Art Studs - Love these studs. I purchased the gold square studs, I'm just waiting on them coming. Again these are only 99p for 100 of your favourite design. 

5. Girl Shaped Lipbalm - Fruity lipbalm is one of those products you can never have enough of. I don't know if these will be any good but if they're not at least they will look cute on display. They would also make great gifts and stocking fillers for teens too. 

6. Folding Pocket Comb - Handy to pop in your bag or to get your back-comb on. This looks as though it's made by Anna Sui also although it's not. 

7. Assorted Nail Decorations - More nail decorations, this wheel has pearls, flowers, fruits and glitzy bits. You can decorate anything with these from nails, shoes, bags, headbands, clothing and journals; the list really goes on and on. 

8. Neon Nail File Block - It's a visual thing. I love the colours - I'm a sucker for pretty colours.

9. Pencil Shaped Lipbalm - Another visual product but I can totally see me applying this down the town and the grannies looking at me funny, as though I'm drawing on my lips -muahaha. 

10. Fluorescent Nail Polish - Oh the colours. Which would you go for? The lilac is screaming my name right now and at only 99p, this product could be terrible or it could be absolutely ah-mazing. You know me always searching for that dirt cheap wonder product. 

What do you think of the list guys? have you purchased any of these products over on Ebay? 

River Island & Eudon Choi Collaboration

Korean born Eudon Choi was named the 'One to Watch' in 2012 by British Vogue. Choi's known for his attention to detail, masculine cuts that shape the female form, sartorial techniques and his ability to create flawless pieces. London based Choi turns out pieces that ooze elegance and sophistication. Take for example these pieces from 2011, I adore each of them. 

Choi will be collaborating with River Island for Autumn/Winter 13 through their Design Forum Initiative. The collection will comprise of 16-pieces made up of skirts, tops and dresses which will range in price from £30 to £250. 

Choi was quoted saying "As an emerging  designer, the opportunity to work with a major high street retailer is an  incredible opportunity. My mainline collections are sold in high end stores and  I love the idea that people all over the UK will be able to buy this  collection.
I personally hope that he brings his high end fashion sparkle to the high street because I want in. I will be keeping my fingers crossed until it's launch on September 23rd where you can get your shop on online and offline. Design collaborations have been known to go either way but looking at his past collections I think it's going to sell-out fast. 

What makes this collaboration even more enticing is the fact that celebrities such as Jessie J, Ellie Goulding and Rita Ora are all huge fans. I love Jessie J's style and if it's good enough for her to rock then like I said earlier, I'm in! The collection is said to star an array of luxe fabrics such as soft buttery leathers, biker detailing and clean cottons - These fabrics scream Jessie don't they. 
Are you excited for this collection? I hope I get my mitts on something and it doesn't sell out too fast. Although I will be buying something I doubt it will be anything in the range of £250. 

Guest Post: What you’ll be Wearing Next Season

Autumn / Winter 13 Trend Report: What you’ll be Wearing Next Season

So far this summer has been a bit of a write-off. The sun has been a rarer sight than February 29 and it seems as if those overbearing grey clouds might just be a permanent fixture above our heads.

Of course, there is still time; we have the whole of July and August for things to turn around. But, instead of waiting despondently, wallowing in a deep depression brought about by the British weather, you could be using this dreary summer to your advantage.

It’s never too early to start planning for the next season. We’ve all been denied the joy of shopping for sandals and summery beach dresses, but you don’t need to wait for next season to get into full swing before you swot up on the new hottest trends.

We’ve taken a look back over some of the biggest shows from the fashion weeks last February and rounded up some of the overriding trends that we think will be a hit. After all, it never hurts to be sartorially prepared.
(Haider Ackermann, Dries Van Noten, Christopher Kane: Autumn/Winter 13)

The Shape: Oversized

The shape of the season is undoubtedly oversized, so it’s time to ditch the skinny jeans and tight tank tops. This season, size does matter.  Carried over from last season and taking it to new levels, designers such as Carven and Stella McCartney experimented with even more extremes. This trend allows you to play around with layering and colour palettes of muted putty colours to candy pinks and violets, which is a nice change for winter. The cocoon shape will become even more prevalent and the shoulders of coats and jackets will drop, creating a luxuriously casual aesthetic. Exaggerated volume is a great trend and perfect for allowing you to wrap up warmly without compromising on style. If you’re going to invest in a key item this season then it should always be the thing you will get the most wear out of. Opt for an oversized coat with chunky fastenings and drop shoulders for an instant Autumn/Winter 13 wardrobe update.
The Print: Plaid

(Christopher Raeburn, Saint Laurent, Calvin Klein: Autumn/Winter 13)
Next season’s big print will move away from geometrics and bold florals and move towards a more grungy aesthetic with a plethora of plaid, which was used everywhere from shirts and skirts to trim. The great thing about plaid is that it’s a genderless print so you’ll be able to steal your boyfriend’s clothes. The ways to wear this perennially stylish print are limitless and designers played with it by experimenting with colour, scale and spacing. Plaid is tied up with work wear and street culture as well as punk and has an androgynous feel that makes for a cool-casual aesthetic. Saint Laurent perfectly encapsulated the attitude by pairing oversized plaid shirts with feminine dresses and boots. But if you fancy trying out this trend for next season then we recommend taking a more directional, fashion-forward approach that doesn’t look dated. Swap the plaid shirts for a statement pair of tapered plaid trousers or a dress for a look that really packs a punch.

The Fabrics: Fur, Leather and Velvet

(Saint Laurent, Roksanda Ilincic, J. Mendal: Autumn/Winter 13)
It hardly comes as a surprise to see leather, fur and velvet back for Autumn/Winter but this season takes a more avant-garde approach than usual. There was an abundance of high-shine, highly coloured leather and lots of colourful furs. Roksanda Ilincic debuted a particularly sumptuous collection with an unrivalled use of diverse materials, moving away from the simple leather sleeves of last winter and towards a more ‘all or nothing’ approach. From full fur coats to interesting fur trims to dramatic leather trenches, this trend is not for the faint-hearted. It’s a hard one to recreate for everyday unless you have the money in the bank to splash out. High-street fur and leather equivalents can sometimes look a little cheap, so keep an eye out for those pieces that look more luxurious. We’d love the high street to do a version of Saint Laurent’s leather trench.

The Trend: Minimalist
If we were forced to choose just one trend for Autumn/Winter 13 it would have to be minimalist. With roots in the sports luxe look that has been around for the past few seasons, minimalist takes the basics and pushes them further. This season it has morphed into something more grown-up, with stark shapes, clean lines and immaculate, clinical colour palettes. The asymmetric skirts of this season will stick around and become even more popular. Minimalism offers a sophisticated aesthetic, with just a hint of an edge that sets it apart from the other big trends this season.

We may have jumped the gun, but these are our favourite trends for next season. They’re totally wearable, adaptable and will fit into your wardrobe with ease. Although if you’re going to rock the minimalist look, then we advise investing in some decent detergent to avoid stains!

Which trends will you be trying out next season?

Written by Lucinda Bounsall from farfetch

Nordstrom Get Pinterest-ing

112 Year Old Brand Gets Social 

Nordstrom are bringing the online and offline shopping experience together by clearly labelling certain products as 'Top Pinned Items' in stores with a clear Pinterest brand logo. This shows customers which items are the most popular online and will I'm guessing make some shoppers feel the need to purchase them before they end up unavailable. 
Nordstroms Pinterest account has over four million followers and they receive millions of re-tweets and shares. Nordstroms corporate affairs said Pinterest is their fastest growing social channel and they love it because it allows them to get a direct understanding of their customers and their customers shopping habits, while highlighting which items are going to be top sellers. 
It's currently available in 13 Nordstrom locations and while I think it's an innovative idea I wonder how attractive the idea is to customers overall? I'm not sure I would be attracted to clothing and accessories with a big 'P' Pinterest logo on them? Isn't red suppose to deter us away from things rather than draw us in? 

I know I love to shop and I do love when brands think of fresh ways to promote their brand or products but this screams publicity stunt to me. I personally love to purchase items because of the style, fabrics and how they look and fit me so I know I wouldn't rush out to buy the 'top seller' or most 'pinned' items. I like to look classic but still unique and buying these items amidst an irrational shopping frenzy would just make me look like everyone else wouldn't it? 

What's your take on this social media, brick and mortar collaborative initiative? is it a good way forward or a gimmicky quirk that's crying out for attention? 

It's Mean And Green

I've seen so many people jump on the green juice bandwagon and as much as I love fresh food, juice and smoothies, I just couldn't get in to the whole fruit and vegetables mixed together... Yuck! That is until I fell prisons to the Instagram masses of green juices and figured I would start but ease myself in to the whole vegetable part. 

I'm definitely a girl with a sweet tooth so I was nervous, it's sad really but I decided to purchase a 'green juice' from my local Sainsbury's at the weekend. It was this one by 'Naked' juices. It contains apples, pineapple, banana (although not sure how the heck you'd juice a banana), mango, wheatgrass, ginger, broccoli, spirulina, chlorella, barleygrass, parsley, spinach and blue green algae. It literally sat in my fridge for 3 days before I could get the courage to drink it and even when I did you should have seen how screwed up my face was. 

So I took a drink and instantly was hooked. It didn't taste of nasty vegetable juice, it tasted more like an apple and banana smoothie juice. Then I realised at £2.50+ a pop I was going to save a heap by making my own. 

So I plan to regularly post my own tried and tested recipes which can be found in the 'diet' section on the front page. I swear by these and they are so good for your inner and outer beauty. 


2 x Green Apples
1 x Pears
1/4 lime
1 bunch fresh parsley
1 handful spinach leaves 
Optional: Fresh Ginger 
Optional: Supergreens powder or chlorella, wheatgrass or barley grass or heck throw them all in. 

This juice actually tastes like a sweet apple juice with a hint of fresh lime, the pears stop this from tasting too tart and the parsley rounds it out. You can't actually taste the spinach, parsley and any of the supergreen based powders. 

 It's so delicious and I was craving another straight away. Normally it takes me a while to drink smoothies or juices, I struggle to down overly citrus drinks or drinks that are tangy but this is just so sweet and yummy.  While this looks like an innocent Hulk-esque juice it also packs a Hulk-esque health punch. Here's how: 

Green Apples: Fibre, Vit C, A, B6, Riboflavin, Iron, Potassium, Copper, Manganese, Magnesium, Zinc and Calcium. 
Pears: Vit A, C, K, B2, B3, B6, Folate, Fibre, Boron, Iron, Potassium, Copper, Manganese, Magnesium, Zinc, Calcium and Quercetin. 
Lime: Calcium, Iron, Copper, Fibre, Vit C, A, E, K, Niacin, Folate, Pantothenic Acid, Choline, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sodium, Zinc, Selenium, Omega-3, Omega-6, 
Parsley: Vit K,C,A, Folate, Iron, Glutathione-S-transferase and Myristicin.
Spinach Leaves: Fibre, Niacin, Zinc, Vit A, C, E, K, B6, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Folate, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphoros, Potassium, Copper and Manganese.
Fresh Ginger: Choline, Folate, Vit C, Potassium, Copper, Omega-3, Omega-6, Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Sodium and Phytosterols. 
Chlorella: Chlorophyl, Vit A, D, E, K1, B, Beta-Carotene, Lutein, Iron, Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, Zinc, Chlorella Growth Factor, Amino Acids and Glyconutrients, 
Wheatgrass: Chlorophyl, 17 Amino-acids, 92 minerals such as Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, Vit A, C, E, K, B-complex and Laetrile. 
Barleygrass: Chlorophyl, Vit A, B, C, B 12, B1, Sodium, Superoxide-Dismutase, Iron, Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, 

Pretty awesome right. You no longer need to worry about getting your five-a-day either. Your skin, internal organs, hormones and hair will thank you for it as well as your mental health. 

Skinceuticals Ultra Facial Defense Cream

Knowing how well the Skinceuticals Phloretin CF serum worked with my hyper-pigmentation I decided to purchase the Ultra Facial Defence cream to protect the good work the serum had done. I also wanted to start using this to see if it helped with reducing the left over pigmentation marks. 

This product comes in 30 ml tube and you really only need a small amount of product to cover your face. It works as a moisturiser and great makeup base but it's real super-power is that it contains SPF 50 which protects against nasty UVA and UVB rays. It's those rays that cause hyper-pigmentation and photo-ageing and it's those rays that I really wanted to stop because no-one wants pigmentation marks on their face do they? 

This is a firm favourite with Sienna Miller, Gwyneth Paltrow and the celebrity that sold it for me was Katherine Heigl. Katherine's skin just always looks flawless doesn't it. It does cost £31 but isn't cheap so I'm going to really test this out before I recommend it. I've only been using it for a few days so I'll keep you posted.

You can find out more on the Skinceuticals website or purchase it via Bliss World or

Have you tried this product before? What was your opinion if you have? 

 photo NEW.png


Faves || Blogging Round Up

I wanted to start a weekly bloggers round up. There are so many excellent blogs and posts out there that I just want to round them all up and share them on my little blog. Sometimes it's the smaller blogs that really stand out but they just don't get noticed. Sometimes larger blogs hit on topics that are so current and informative. I hope this round up inspires you to visit some new blogs, read some awesome posts and get to know the amazing bloggers behind the screens. 

Each week I will post the round up, I aim to include at least 10 awesome posts each week and not all of them will be the last post the bloggers written, if you have come across an awesome post and want to share it you can email me or Tweet. Some of my chosen posts may be from months ago but are just too good not to read. You can find these round ups directly by clicking the fav's section in the content bar from the home page. 

VIPXO : This Has To Stop Discussing the abuse bloggers get and weight issues. 

Viva Luxury : Revolve + Fashiolista I am so in love with this outfit. Annabelle's leather jacket and neon full skirt is just ah-mazing.  

Beauty Balm : Weekend Away. I love that how there is so much to look at, there is also food and anything with food is basically sold in my opinion. 

Minty Essence : My London IMATS Haul 2013. Excellent pictures that just make me jealous. I so wanted to go to IMATS. 

How About Orange : DIY Folded Bow Tie. I love this it's just so cute, I wonder how well this would work with super starched fabric? *hmmm* 

A Thrifty Mrs : 1 Year / £100 Beauty Challenge. I'm pretty sure she's crazy but I can't wait to see if it can be done. Spending only £100 on beauty products in one year what do you guys think? 

Dulce Candy : Earn Your Stripes. I love her outfit. This is so effortlessly chic it hurts. 

Lydia Elise Millen : Protein Cupcakes. Not only is she so gorgeous, Lydia has some great health tips including these yummy looking easy bake protein cupcakes. I will be trying these for sure. 

London Beauty Queen : Penhaligon's Iris Prima: Spirit Of The Ballet. I adore Penhaligon's and this post has made me want to try out this fragrance. It's such a well written piece. 

Blogilates : Transformation Tuesday! Nisha. Blogilates is my newest favourite health blog. It's just filled with awesome tips, pictures and stories. I really feel inspired to get fit and healthy. 

Are any of these blogs on your bloglovin favourites? Also with GFC no longer being available you can keep up to date with my posts over on Bloglovin by clicking the link below. Please let me know if you do follow and leave your blog link. 

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