Beauty Craziness || Double D

Foundations, Concealers, Primers and of course BB creams. What started as a new fab then progressed onto the next alphabet letter CC, we all joked about their being DD, EE and even FF creams not really thinking it would ever happen. 

Well it did  will be coming soon. If you felt confused about the differences between BB and CC creams them chances are you maybe even more confused about the next edition. 

BB Creams: The BB stands for 'Beauty Balm' it basically works like a tinted moisturiser offering additional benefits such as anti-oxidants and SPF protection. BB creams apply like a cream while many brands moisturise in the same way as a serum would do. 

CC Creams: The CC stands for 'Colour Correcting' CC creams are suppose to address issues such as colour variations, redness and dull tones. CC creams usually contain light diffusing particles which brighten the skin, CC's usually apply lighter and can at times scare of new users due to their funky colours; these colours which are usually blue, green, red or yellow do not transfer to the skin instead they balance out and neutralise the skin tones. 

DD CreamsDD actually has a couple of possibilities - 'Daily Defense' and also 'Dynamic Do-All'. The DD cream is set for possible release next summer but as to it's actual use we're still kind of in the dark. One of the possible uses is for the body and feet rather than the face and the second is the baby of a BB and CC coupling. Coverage and neutralisation and balance - sounds too good to be true? 

Most brands however offer BB and CC creams which don't really act in the way they're suppose to. BB's are more tinted and CC's are more for balancing your tone to give an airbrushed, natural healthy colour. It seems brands are just throwing the double letters onto any of their correcting products hoping for a sales surge. 

Like foundation BB creams can be just as troublesome. They are marketed as offering great coverage with a light texture, leaving your skin moisturised and hydrated and nourished with a variation of vitamins, antioxidants and SPF's. The truth is - some lie.  I'd urge you to test our a range of brands before purchasing because some do leave you looking flaky, dry and orange - never a good look. 

When trying out a new coverage product it's best to test it out on your jaw line, to see if it really blends in with your face tone. Testing on the inner wrist or the back of the hand is no use to anyone as the skin tones never the same as your face. 

While it's definitely exciting when a new coverage product is released I'm not sure if this is a bandwagon I'm going to buy into. For a start most brands don't offer light enough shades so the DD could either be a hit or miss for light toned girls. I don't get how they're going to offer the right shade - and - the right colour correcting tone in the one product; surely there will be too many options? 

What's your opinion on this double letter craze? personally I think it's all a bit too gimmicky and basically a way to get more money out of consumers by telling a little white lie, I'd love to know your opinions however. 

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Ted Baker Nails It

Ted Baker revealed that they will be releasing a new range of Nail Polish Strips (£7.50) and Artificial Nail Sets (£8.00) on September 9th. The designs are said to be contemporary and bold and are certainly in line with the fashion lines AW13 collection. 

The collection will include 

  • Dark Bejewelled Wing 
  • Feminine Treasure Orchid (above)
  • Purple Haze - With orange and purple. 
  • Gold Bird 

I don't have the full images yet but the image above is going to be a sure-fire-hit with the Cath Kidston shabby style fans. To be honest I'm personally over the false nails, nail wrap and nail polish pad trend, it all gets very samey (its a word). However, I may change my mind when seeing these in person - What do you lovelies think? Is this collection a yay or nay? 

These sets will be available either in store at your local Boots or on their website HERE.

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Miley VMA-Trocity - But Wait a Minute...

I decided to throw my two cents out there about the whole Miley VMA outrage that's on-going just now. The major consensus is that Miley is a slut!, she's an embarrassment and so on. First of all I do believe that some of the things have been said are verging on troll-like and if they were said in person to someone it would be deemed bullying, is there really any excuse to be so hateful towards a celebrity? 

I can see both sides of the story. 


  • It's a family show. There wasn't enough clothing and the movements were too sexualised at times. 
  • It was cringe-worthy for everyone including Robin Thicke it seems. 
  • It's not doing anything for the Miley brand in the long run but more on that later. 
  • I feel for Miley's long term partner (and fiance) Liam Hemsworth. 

For (well not really but here's how I'm not entirely 'against' her)

  • Miley is indeed a 'brand' it's up to her management and herself to drum up media miles in any way shape or form. As they say any news is 'good' news. 
  • Twerking is the new 'hipster' thing. I don't get it goodness I've tried to shake my butt in the house like that and nada; no shake, no shimmy, no nothing. It just seems that Miley's taken the whole 'cool' twerking movement too far. Miley it's no longer 'cool' move on. 
  • Her outfit wasn't crazy and she didn't look 'horrible' it was more her movements with her twerking and her foam hand that done it. 
  • Miley's possibly going through some stuff. Her relationships on the rocks, she was caught in the middle of her parents horrible cheating and separation and then getting back together. Her dad at one point stopped all forms of communication so what would a young naive girl do? act out of course. Miley's sexual behaviours maybe her feeling the need to be 'loved' to cling onto something when it feels like everything else is falling apart. Here's hoping she picks herself back up. 
  • Where's her parents and her management? This wasn't the first time she acted out in this way, check her last video for some evidence. Why is no-one stepping in or holding some form of meeting to get her on to the straight and narrow. 
  • Miley's getting to that age where previous Disney stars end up going cray-cray and breaking down or end up doing something genius and become adult stars in their own right. Miley seems to be OK but is going downhill...quickly. Where's the support for her? 
  • While this maybe Miley trying to 'find' herself or a new strain of fans she's not doing anything to really help herself in the long run. 
So it's done we can't erase that awful performance away from our eyes but, we can take a moment to consider what we are saying and to who. Yes I completely agree that she has not acted like a role-model recently and yes as a celebrity she has a duty too act in a certain way. On the other hand do irrational people consider their actions beforehand? I worry, as a parent I'm a natural worrier and there's nothing worse than seeing a train wreck in action. 

Hopefully Miley sees the error of her ways or someone steps in before she ends up just like Britney Spears and Amanda Bynes and looses everything. what do you think of the whole VMA-trocity? 

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Roja Parfums Creates Candles to Exceed All Others

I love candles, I get very excited candles but it's the fragrance type that I get very irked with or super picky at. Why? simply because most candles smell awesome in their jars or containers and when you get home... nada. No scent or at least no scent that lasts or fills your home. Because of this I tend to opt purely for Yankee Candles (especially the grass scent or the foodie ones), Febreeze Sandalwood or Glade's Chocolate and Honey. I love that Glade candle so much I literally want to pour it's molten scented wax all over me but of course that would be stupid.

Because I am so picky I do get quite scared when it comes to buying candles, I have a few brands and particular scents on my 'want/wish' list but I've yet to pull my finger out and buy them. If you have any suggestions for candles that actually smell and have lasting power I'd love to know please. 

Perfumer Roja has recently announced that they will be releasing 12 fragranced candles in September. Typical of a premium brand they have used complex and precious raw materials in their candles which turns your home into an olfactory delight. 

  • Bergamote De Calabria - Calabrian Bergamot. Complex Italian sophisticated citrus. Fresh and effervescent. 
  • Lavande Des Alpes - Lavander. Natural, fresh and warm this is the smell of summer. 
  • Rose De Mai - Stunning floral, sweet and cool this candle captures the scent of fresh, dewy rose petals.  
  • Neroli - Exclusive and floral. Sweet, fresh and heady tones with the added luxury of fine sensuality. This maybe the finest Neroli candle in the world. 
  • Jasmin De Grasse - Rare and legendary. The jewel in the crown; sophisticated sensuality.    
  • Lilas De Biarritz - No description yet. 
  • Gardenia - Intoxicating symbol of love. Warm, voluptuous and heady.  
  • Tuberuse - Floral. Sweet, soft and creamy. This adorable tuberose is light and delicate; perfect for a summer evening.   
  • Vetiver - Deep, rich and naturally distinctive. Redolent of smoky, burning embers.    
  • Cedra De L'Atlas - Atlas Cedarwood. Captures the grandeur of the mountains.   
  • Ambre D'Orient  - Amber. The scent of the Orient. Blended with sacred, scarce and exotic materials to exude seductive opulence. 
  • Leather - Seductive, suave and ultra sensual. Exotic exotic blend that is pure hedonism.    
Each candle will burn for around 45 hours, I'm desperately wanting to try these out but will wait for some reviews. They are super pricey at around £75 each but this isn't set in stone (I think). If given the option I would choose either the amber or leather - which would you choose? 

Available from Harrods, Fortnum & Mason or the Roja Parfums website HERE once released. 

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Cloggs - Essential Wellingtons


Essential Wellingtons

10 years ago plastic shoes were a big no-no. Wellington boots were usually seen in the 
school playground with children ecstatically jumping into puddles, or farmers clearing out 
stables and collecting hay. Fast forward to 2013 and wellies are now a top selling key 
fashion trend.

When Kate Moss was seen wearing her pair of Hunters at Creamfields with her then 
boyfriend Pete Doherty, the fashionistas and retailers went wild for ‘festival chic’. Worn 
with a pair of hotpants and cropped tops, this fashion trend became as popular as the 
headline acts.

Do not underestimate the black plastic boot, as they now come in a range of different 
colours and prints, knees boots, ankle boots, wedge heeled, kitten heeled and even plat 
formed heeled.

Retail stores like Cloggs UK are not only selling wellies as essential footwear in snow and 
rainy weather, they are making them the essential footwear for the summer seasons and 
festival weekenders. 

Written by @zerio

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Jane Iredale New Puremoist Lipstick Collection

Jane Iredale are really popular in Scotland among beauty therapists and make-up artists, I think the college place major focus on the brand due to it's ability to suit all skin types and tones while remaining pretty classic. Similarly to PUR Jane Iredale are a mineral make-up company and if I had to put it into an age range I'd say it's mostly marketed towards 30 year old's onwards. 

Age range aside you can't fail to not love their newest additions -  Puremoist lipsticks. Inspired by autumn, this range offers seductive, darker and richer tones to really bring your look into season. The lipsticks are made with vivid pigments that have been blended with nourishing oils and superfruit extracts. 

The range includes neutrals, warms, pinks, plums and reds. There are a range of finishes so you can take your pick from sheer glossy lippy's to matte and creamy. While you show off your new pout the lipstick is actually infused with vitamins A and C and coffee seed extract to offer you subsequent antioxidant protection. 

Here are the shades: 

Priced at £19 each you can find the brand in local beauty salons and online outlets, doing a Google search also shows Look Fantastic offer the range HERE. It's best to shop around for the best overall prices though lovelies. 

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Bodhi Collaborates with Breast Cancer Care

In my ideal world I would be able to not worry about money, I'd eat organic healthy and nutritious foods, and take an annual yoga trip to balance my mind, body and spirit. I would live as eco-friendly as possible and have my own line of eco-friendly, amazing and professional skincare that really did do what it said on the tin. 

I would describe myself as a new-age hippy somewhat. I don't have dreadlocks, I don't say peace-man but I do have a peace sign tattoo. I dream of owning a VW Camper Van *sigh* and I do think that dream will become reality - one day. Although I'm very much a peace-loving lady I do still enjoy my modernist goodies too. 

Bodhi is a firm favourite because it combines the two needs. Eco-friendly and modernist 'need'. Bodhi was created a few years ago by minds similar to my own, they wanted to create a line that worked amazingly but was kind to the body and the earth. Bodhi's products don't contain nasties in the form of parabens, petrochemicals and sulphates; instead opting to natural ingredients such as coconut oils and Shea butter. 

Bodhi have created an exciting new product that will be launched in September available for purchase only for two months; Desert Rose Rejuvenating Face Oil Limited Pink Edition in support of Breast Cancer Care charity. The oil features Damask Rose Otto from Bulgaria, organic Argan oil from Morocco, and rose hip oil which offers anti-ageing and scar diminishing properties. 

I'm so excited to do what I possibly can to help support Breast Cancer Awareness Month this year. I will post about this separately, Bodhi are going to donate £10 from each product purchase which is amazing 

In an ideal world, what would your life be like? 

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Organic Pharmacy : All That Glitters is Indeed Gold

Orange Blossom Fragrance to give you an idea of what the product 'may' look like. 

Organic Pharmacy have recently announced that they will be adding a 24 carat gold shimmer to their classic fragrance collection this October. It's not going to be cheap I'll get that out of the way right now the bottles are priced at £145 but, they are so-super-duper pretty; I love pretty things don't you? You know when a 'dupers' added to the description that I'm really into something. 

Personally I've not sniffed any of this fragrance but, it seems there really is something to suit all tastes. 

Included in the classic collection is: 
  • Limited Edition Orange Blossom - Shimmery Brazillian Tangerine, Green Mandarin, Sweet Orange, Moroccan Orange Blossom and Rosewood.
  • Oud - Moroccan Cedarwood, Indian Oud, Black Pepper, Cardamon, Rose, Sandalwood, Vetiver and Tonka Bean. 
  • Oriental Blossom - Opens with subtle citrus notes of Sicillian Bergamot, Lemon and Mandarin, Cinnamon, Clove, Rose, Neroli, Oakmoss, Vetiver, Pepper, Vanilla, and Ylang-Ylang. 
  • Citron - Fresh Lemon, Bergamot, Moroccan Orange Blossom, Ylang-Ylang, Patchouli and Neroli. 
  • Jasmine - Heady Edgyptian Jasmine, Ylang-Ylang and a twist of Bergamot and Sandalwood. 
  • Orange Blossom (non-limited edition) - Brazillian Tangerine, Green Mandarin, Sweet Orange, Moroccan Orange Blossom and Rosewood.

You can check out the fragrance collection HERE and of course the new 'shimmers' once they're released. 

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Carven Launches Carven Ma Griffe Xmas Gift Set

Okay so this may not be hugely exciting - it's the packaging, but, we all have different tastes and different peeps to buy for at Christmas (or generally any time of the year). There are two new gift sets available by Carven. This Christmas gift set is the Carven Ma Griffe fragrance and was actually sold back in the 1946. Is it strange that now I know this I actually want it? I love the 40's and 50's so bad. 

The Christmas gift sets are: 

  • 50ml EDP & Body Lotion Set (£58) 
  • 100ml EDP, Body Lotion & Shower Gel Set (£75)

The second gift set is the Carven Le Parfum option. This is so pretty but I don't have an actual image of the new gift set yet (boo). 

  • 50ml EDP & Body Lotion Set (£55)
  • 100ml EDP, Body Lotion & Shower Gel (£72)

Both options will be available at Harrods, Harvey Nichols and Selfridge's very soon. What do you make of these? would you purchase these? 

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2True Metallica Polish Collection

2True have released their heavenly inspired Metallica polish collection. There are five shades in the collection with each polish being a gorgeous mid-range jewel tone with a chrome metallic finish. 

Priced at a teeny £4 each these are as usual available at Superdrug's. Having tried the brand before I really love their durability. Suited to both younger girls and grown women these are a fun way to brighten up your wardrobe and polish collection for not much money. 

Colours available are: 

  • Turquoise Aglaia
  • Green Arete
  • Pink Aphrodite 
  • Blue Athena
  • Purple Artemis

You can pick these up in store or over on the 2True website HERE or Superdrug's website HERE. 

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Christmas: Bailey's Chocolate luxe

Let's get the whole legalities out of the way. Alcohol is for 18 years and over, please do not buy this or get someone to buy it for you then hold Sweet Elyse Blog accountable for any hangovers, antics or drunk dialling that may happen. I do not condone under-age drinking in anyway shape or form. Plus it gives you wrinkles.... don't do it. 

Moving onto the tasty treat that is Baileys Chocolate Luxe. Baileys in any flavour is a hit with party-goers and as receiving as a gift. The Chocolate Luxe flavour is the first time that real Belgian chocolate has been fused with alcohol in this way. 

It's a pure multi-sensory alchemy lovelies. Available to purchase just now the 50cl costs £16.99 and I'm pretty sure a bottle of this is going to make someone super happy come Christmas.  

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Black Chicken On Your Face?

Hahaha got you! you're not really expected to dye a chicken black and smear it on your face (imagine if that was in fact a beauty trend - eeek). Black Chicken Remedies is an award winning Australian skincare brand that is stocked in a variety of stores in both the UK and America. 

Recently they added the purifying oil cleanser to their product line and the good thing about it, other than it being an oil cleanser which I simply think is the best way to cleanse is that it's chemical free.  The product is rich, luxurious and works as a cleansing and anti-ageing formula. It removes make-up, dirt and grime while nourishing and boosting radiance - hell yeah I ordered this straight away. 

I'm actually so excited and can't wait for Mr or Mrs Post[wo]man to deliver it as I've not tried this brand yet. Cleanse My Face uses 14 medicinal oils to dissolve excess oils - this is amazing and having a background in herbalism and my current nutritionist and dietitian course I am all about the medicinal oils. Basically this product cleanses the skin is the best possible way without disturbing the skin's delicate flora. 

Because this product is so gentle it's suitable for sensitive skins as well as problematic skin types. Cleanse My Face contains Castor oil to really hydrate the skin; Castor oil actually penetrates the skin deeper than any other plant oil while drawing out impurities, organic Camellia Tea oil is rich in nutrients and antioxidants, Organic Sesame Seed oil for it's antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory abilities, Organic Jojoba to balance oil flow plus Organic Macadamia oil for it's anti-ageing properties and it's ability to revive flagging skin. 

Essential oils include Palma Rosa to balance sebum and stimulate cell regeneration, Patchouli to calm inflamed skin and Geranium to combat the effect of hormone craziness. Pretty awesome sounding isn't it? 

I will put this firmly to the test once it arrives, it costs £38 for 100 ml's which will last a long-time. You can check out Black Chicken Remedies website HERE. It also lists local and online stockists too depending on where you stay. 

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Nails Inc. Pretty Pinks

Pinks are all over the autumn-winter catwalks and are going to be a firm fashion pack favourite. I love pinks especially the deeper more muted pinks like powdery pastel shades to salmon and rosy tones. This season (AW) pinks are doing just that; softening, maturing and becoming more ballet-esque. Forget your fuchsia's softer tones are where it's at. 

Nails Inc. offer a range of suitable pinks to see you through AW13 straight to SS14. Take a peek at what's available. 

Brompton Place - Sweet bubblegum pink. 

Elizabeth Street - Delicate nude pink. 

Kensington Palace Gardens - Limited edition salmon pink. 

Shoreditch - Classic hot pink 

St James Park - Limited edition hot pink. 

Warwick Avenue - Soft pale pink.  
You just can't beat a good pink polish in my opinion. I love doing French mani's with pink and black tips as well as polka dot nail art for a retro 'Grease' type pink ladies style. Pink also looks really nice done conventionally and suits all seasons and ages from young teens to seventy year old glam foxes. 

They each cost £11. I personally love the salmon pink Kensington Palace Gardens, which is your favourite. You can take a peek at the pinks and the rest of the Nails Inc. collection on their site HERE. 

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