Nails Inc || Colour Collections

Nails Inc. have gone and done it again. These limited edition colour collections are gorgeous, there's no other way to really describe them and they really cover most people's preferences from bright pop shades to soothing blues and nudes they really have it covered. 

Also because I'm currently doing the Christmas gifts countdown these would make excellent gifts for ladies and girls of all ages. Each collection costs £25 and includes four current polishes all boxed together. These are limited so best get your selection quickly before they sell out. 

The collections are:  

Royal Blues Collection

Chelsea Physic Garden : Pastel Blue.
Baker Street : Cobalt Blue, this is a best seller. 
Haymarket : Duck Egg Blue. 
Kensington Park Road : Neon Blue.

Heatwave Collection 

Shoreditch : Hot Pink. 
The Hurlingham : Tomato Red 
Baker Street : Cobalt Blue, this is a bestseller and is also featured in the Royal Blues Collection. 
Devonshire Row : Rich Lilac. 

The New Nude Collection

Porchester Square : The Perfect Nude, I can vouch as I own this shade. 
Diamond Arcade Nail Jewellery :Transform your favourite nude polish.
Belgravia : Beaded 3d textured finish. I reviewed this here.
Clerkenwell : Buff leather effect. 

Shady Days Collection

Green Park : Dusky Slate Blue. 
Porchester Square : The perfect nude. 
The Southbank : Soft Grey
Wellington Square : Delicate Peach

There's different things I love about each collection, the stand out one however has to be the Shady Days Collection. That Wellington Square peach is sublime, which collection would you choose? 

You can take a peek and get your shop on over on the Nails Inc. website here.

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Get Jourdan Dunn's Style at ASOS

Jourdan Dunn is a beauty of a woman it's hard to not get slightly envious. That streamlined figure, that dewy perfect skin and her hair *ugh* I won't keep going on. 

This picture was of Jourdan at the Glamour awards 2013 totally rocking her Victoria Beckham dress and looking very sophisticated. I for a fact would wear everything she's wearing in this picture, especially the VB dress but the cost is simply too much for me. 

So what does a fashionista do when you can afford pieces that make up a style you've seen? why, you look elsewhere of course. I headed to a few sites but it was ASOS that I found had the best range of similar style pieces. Of course you're never going to get exact copies but, I thought these were pretty much a similar concept and with a bit of styling they would look so gorgeous on a night out. 

Jourdan Dunn Style

I'm definitely on the hunt for the best party dresses - with party season quickly approaching time's running out (oh gah, I sound like the tax credits advert don't I?) What do you guys think of the sophisticated style of these dresses? do you tend to opt for sophistication, festivity or something completely different? 

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Models Own Elements Collection

Models Own will be launching their new Elements Collection comprising of four new colours and four new nails effects tomorrow. These colours are not going to be released as normal single Models Own shades and can only be purchased through the new exclusive Elements Collection. 

Inspired by the elements of fire, air, water and earth these polishes really take your manicure to the next level.  Made from combined colour base coat; special effect top coat while easily co-ordinated and mixed and matched depending on your mood these will be easily taken into AW13. I ADORE them so much and can't wait for Autumn to hit so I can get back into these warm tones. 

You start off with the 'paint it' colour base and top it off with the 'cover it' topcoat to make your polish pop. The shades available are...

* Terra Crystal : Terra Firma and Pink Crystal

Cloud Drops : Cloud 9 and Dew Drops. 

Ember Red : Hot Red and Ember Glow 

Blue Spray : Blue Maldives and Salt Spray

These cost £6 each and are available over on the Models Own website HERE as well as Boots as of tomorrow *yay*. 

Lips & Eye Pencils : 18p Each!

OK so this was a complete spurr of the moment decision while browsing Ebay for more cheap products - for my Ebay wish list posts of course. What actually sold me on these was not the sheer amount for only £2.26 but it was when I zoomed into the image and noticed the nibs. 

The nibs?? what do you mean by the nibs? When I purchase any eye or lip pencils or chubby sticks I tend to look at the nibs; do they look soft, do they look smooth and what type of product are they made from - These are the question that run through my mind in that moment. 

My perfect eye and lip pencils resemble crayons that look as though they are made from waxier lip balms, basically I want it to apply smoothly with little drag and I want a lot of colour while I'm at it. Surely, that isn't asking for much? There are more brands offering pencils like this now rather than the old style hard sticks. Brands like Clinique and Barry M tend to call them 'chubby sticks'. 

So I saw these on Ebay and figured I really had nothing to lose, working these out at cost per pencils they are only around 18p each (give or take). They looked colourful, smooth and creamy and at that price I had to try them out. There are twelve lip and eye pencils in the pack, I personally wouldn't use many of them on my lips but for the eye's I would definitely rock most of them. 

Here are the colours swiped once...

I've found that using primer underneath gives them more of an even shade but for less than £3 these are really good. The only downside is that you don't get much product at all but the plus side is that you get a good range of shades to test out. I also found this helped me find colours to try out that I normally wouldn't purchase, such as the blue's and burgundy. 

I have used the pinks, burgundy red and purples on my lips and I even applied the dark purple over the deep pink and it looked lush, I shall try and Instagram that effect for you lovelies. 

If you wanted to check them out I got them from this seller (HERE) but you can just do a search, remember to choose price + P&P and then opt for the lowest priced buy it nows. 

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Orly || Mash Up Mini Collection

Good old Buyapowa does it again. I just can't seem to stop myself from snatching up mini polish sets, especially when they're on Buyapowa. This time it was the Orly Mash Up Mini set which I nabbed for an affordable £8.50 rather than the standard £11.50-£15.00 (varies depending on sites). 

The Mash Up collection is a summer 2013 collection and this mini set contains all but two polishes from the collection. The two that are missing are Beautiful Disaster which is a deep shimmery purple and Sparkling Garbage which is a blue-green glitter. I don't actually like the two that are missing as they just seem so out of place in this beautiful pastel set. 

When I looked at these colours they yell 'sixties' free love, peace and setting the world to rights for some daisies in my hair. I'm all about the peace bay-bee so had to snap these up - I couldn't not got them, surely it would have been a crime not too? 

Ta-Da, pretty colours huh, I just love pastels and although these are vibrant pastels the shades just marry together so well. The colours included are: 

Pretty-Ugly : Described as an aqua shimmer it's fair to say this descriptions pretty spot on. The two 'blues' on the left are BOTH Pretty-Ugly; the one on the left is one coat over a base of Nails Inc white (Floral Street) and the one on the right (next to it) is actually three coats of polish. Either way it takes a fair few coats to get it opaque, the white base leaves it slightly lighter but the shimmer comes out more than just layering three coats of polish. 

Harmonious Mess :  This is a lavender cream polish that's fully opaque with only one coat. It's pretty amazing on to be honest. I adore it so much. 

Mayhem Mentality : This is a vibrant orange cream polish, just like Harmonious Mess this is fully opaque after just one coat. 

Choreographed Chaos : Bubblegum pink shimmer, the shimmery bits look lilac, blue and silver and are really pretty. The shimmers very fine and remind me of the shimmer that Essie use in their polishes. This did take two coats to become fully opaque but I normally apply two coats anyway so it's not really unusual. I found this polish was thicker than the Pretty-Ugly shimmer. 

My favourite is Harmonious Mess that lavender is perfect and I don't actually have any other polishes in that particular shade. Which shade do you think you'd prefer? 

I purchased these from Buyapowa and I know they have since sold out, I'd definitely recommend signing up so you don't miss out on any future deals. You can choose what types of deals you want notified off - I tend to do the polishes and skincare. 

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What Magic Is This? : Colour Changing Lipstick

OK so I 'may' have a slight purple lip addiction, I just can't shake that purple passion. On one of my many hunts for the perfect purple lippy I came across La Femme - A brand I had never heard about and had they not made a lilac lippy; probably never would have purchased. 

I am a brand and packaging snob, I'm trying to sort that out and in my journey to shake off my snobbishness I have found a few awesome low cost brand lippy's that I adore with La Femme now being placed firmly in that 'love' list. Again this was a 99p Ebay purchase and well worth the money in my opinion. 

While I purchased this because I figured it was lilac so it would transfer to the lips with a subtle lilac sheen it actually didn't - At all! that's not a bad thing though and to be honest I'm actually glad it didn't see this 'lipstick' is a colour changing magic lipstick *ta-da* 

Here it is in all of it's glory...

It's a well made lipstick in a gorgeous casing, it feels weighty and the metal parts set against the matte black base make it look as though it belongs in the high street alongside brands such as Bourjois or Barry M. 

On first swatch it gives off a balmy lilac shade but when you apply it to the lips the magic really takes hold. I actually wasn't aware of said 'magic' when I first applied this and it was only after a lot of confusion and constant questioning Hubster that I realised it had to be a special product. (Googled played a huge part in me figuring that out also) 

See lilac, balmy lipbalm styled lilac; but still lilac... 

This picture doesn't really show off the amazing colour but this is actually bright pink on the lips. So how does it go from lilac to purple? I'm not entirely sure but apparently it changes depending on the person wearing it, your bodies chemistry and also the heat of your body. Each wearer apparently gets a different shade and mine ended up being bright pink by the end of the day. 

It feels really soft on the lips just like a good quality lip balm would but it doesn't transfer; I suppose the colour has a stain-type property to it as it really lasted all day long. I love this so much I have since purchased both the red and the blue, I can't wait to find out what shade they end up on my lips. Eventually I will do a post with all three, showing you the colour variations from start to finish. 

Have you tried any 'mood' changing or colour changing lippy's? If so I'd love to hear about them. 

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Rapid Lash Eyelash Enhancing Serum

As apart of my groundwork plan to improve things such as my hair, skin, body, fitness and including eyelashes I've started using a few products that will take a few weeks to work. RapidLash is one of those products and it's aimed at helping to grow and strengthen your eyelashes. I have been applying this alongside the RapidShield which I blogged about HERE.

The product is basically a serum that you apply just as you would a liquid eyeliner. I brush mine on at night along the upper lash line and the base of my lashes (because you want to make sure you're really hydrating those lash roots), I also apply it to my lower lashes but in all honesty I'm not fussed about improving those as much. 

The product comes in a similar packaging to mascara and even the RapidShield but the brush is very fine and dainty. The serum's clear, non-fragranced and it dries within less than a minute so you can apply your makeup pretty quickly over the top. 

I do plan to give you weekly updates with pictures so fingers crossed the lashes keep on growing and I've some major advancements to update you with. So far I have noticed a difference but I'll wait until next week to show you the current before's and after's. 

You can purchase RapidLash from their website HERE or also Boots HERE,

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Benefit They're Real Mascara

Want to hear a secret? I've only JUST got Benefit's They're Real Mascara *oops* - My bad. The reason why? it's purely because I found a mascara that I adored (Artdeco) and really didn't think that anything would ever exceed or even match the results I got from that, believe me I have tried so-so many mascara's over the last few years especially trying to better the Artdeco brand mascara - most have failed miserably. 

But, you've probably guessed or why else would I be blogging about this? I LOVE it! Let me show you the product first of all. 

It comes boxed first of all, the box is a standard no fuss style packaging that's synonymous with the Benefit brand. Opening up the box you'll find a sleek mirrored mascara packaging that oozes glamour. 

The brush stands out due to it being different from most other brands. Most brands believe that adding a ton of fibre bristles in varying lengths will 'catch' each lash coating it with product. Benefit funnily enough don't - Their brush is rubbery and those rubbery bristles are spaced at even lengths apart rather than being bunched up. 

I found it so much easier to brush on the product and to actually get awesome looking lashes. My eyelashes actually look healthy and long. You've heard me moan about how short, stubby and sparse my lashes are but this mascara and I'm hoping the Rapidlash have made a huge difference. 

Take a peek....

Lashes *yay* there's no falsies, extensions or what not here guys. The mascara is more fluid than other brands, hasn't yet clumped or flaked and doesn't smudge, it is also a black-black rather than a dark grey black which most brands tend to be. 

They're Real costs £19.50 and is available over on the Benefit Cosmetics website HERE. Remember they also have their Booster Pack available shortly - You can read about that HERE.

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Transforming My Eyes With Transformula's

Transformula's are used by the likes of Victoria Beckham and Simon Cowell so surely they must be pretty darn awesome or at least worthy of trying out? I have two products from this brand that I've added to my skincare routine. You know how badly I want to sort out my beauty 'groundwork' and these products are a great way to do so. 

Simon Cowell's apparently a bit partial to the EyeLifting Gel supposedly because his constant use of Botox was leaving his left eye droopy and bruised. Never a good look is it, so he had been seeking out natural products and Transformula's is one of two products that he uses to fight the signs of wrinkles and crows feet. 

I'm a nip it in the bud type of girl and my undereye are is needing a heap of TLC at the moment. My skin tends to be quite thin in this area as well as everywhere to be honest. You can clearly see my veins and arteries so any changes in health show very easily under my eyes. I suffer from hyperpigmentation, dark under eyes and of course, fine lines which are getting decidedly less fine each year as well as looser eyelid skin.  

This product is the Eye-Lightening serum which aims to lighten and brighten the skin around your eyes. The serum is clear and dries quickly, you simply swipe it onto the area you want to treat after cleansing your skin. There's no fragrance and no stinging at all and the area's dry within a minute or so. 

The second product is the EyeLifting Gel. The funny thing is as much as Simon Cowell isn't the epitome of youthfulness I was really excited about trying this mainly due to my eyelids becoming slacker but also because Simon seems to be a stickler for only using the best products. If he was using it - then I wanted in. 

When you open up the boxes you find the mirror effect product tube, I also found a sample and an internet coupon for £5 off my next purchase - awesome I love coupons and samples. Both products looked the same which is why I'm only showing the one image. 

Again both products look the same so there was no point uploading two of the same products. They have a lip gloss type applicator which makes applying the serum is a breeze, you simply swipe it on and leave it. There seems to be quite a bit of product and there is no colour or fragrance to the serum. 

I have only been using these products for a few days so again I will be reporting back on a weekly basis. My next post will show before's and updates, but so far I'm impressed. Once I apply the product my eyelids do feel tighter but not uncomfortable tight - more toned I suppose is a better word for it. There's no visible improvement on the under eye area yet, but I still have high hopes for it. I'm hoping these don't leave me deflated, though. 

Have you tried any of the Transformula's range? I'd love to hear your views or even take a peek at your blog posts. Comments below guys, I'll visit each of them this week. 

You can take a peek at their range over on their website (here), you can also purchase Transformula's from Boots(here) and Feel Unique (here).  

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Smurfume Coming To A Toys 'R' Us Soon

As a child my dad taught me how to make perfume. It started off with the basic old jewellery box - preferably Argos's Elizabeth Duke range, why? just because everyone and their dog had that range of jewellery and those boxes were pretty damn sturdy. The perfume was made by using water and fresh rose petals which were mashed and left to steep in the water. 

Over time this moved to essential oils and alcohol but I was always fascinated by perfumes. As a child I adored floral waters and especially solid perfumes. I always thought my mums perfumes were far too strong and all smelled 'old' so real fragrance never held much of an interest for me - Lipstick on the other hand, well that was a different story. 

Imagine my shock and horror at seeing these perfumes, these are due to be released in time for Christmas and are called 'Smurfume' The shocking part is that they're targeted to an audience between the ages of 5 and 10 years old. Is it just me that thinks that's f-a-r too young? 

They're available in either 50 ml or 100 ml bottles and will be sold at Toys 'R' Us. There are just some products that while they seem cute and novel are just too old for certain ages, I think this is one of those products. I also think those baby shoes with faux heels are down right wrong and thongs for children - Don't even get me started. 

Overall the perfume may smell really nice and delicate and I get maybe a ten year old using this but five years old is too young surely? It's just a downright greedy marketing ploy which has annoyed the beejezus out of me. I know when I was young if these had gotten into my hands then at least my carpet would have smelled nice - Yip give me ten minutes with these when I was five, six or even eight and they would have landed straight on the floor (I use to get called butterfingers), what a waste of money. 

So what happens to the child who's over ten? surely this big marketing ploy hasn't missed the chance to fleece those kids parents? oh heck no, of course they haven't. 

Here's 'Smurfette Blue Magic' this fragrance is targeted to those children over ten and also ladies under thirty. Where do they think it's OK to target something for a child of ten onwards as well as an adult under thirty? I'd be ashamed if my cousins little girl was wearing the same fragrance as me. 

This fragrance however does sound nice. It has notes of Oriental Mandarin, Pink Pepper, Red Raspberry, Peach blossom, Wet Leafy Greens, Hyacinth, Lilac, Amber, Patchouli and Bright Woods. Sounds quite nice doesn't it? But just take a look at this eyesore of a bottle? 

The shape is just plain strange, the embossing of Smurfette looks cheap and tacky and there's just too much going on. Apparently this celebrity (are you kidding me - Celebrity?) fragrance is suppose to give off an appearance of being fashionable as Smurfette is a fashionista.

Ugh, well that's my two cents on this, what do you guys think of the whole marketing concept and those products? would you buy this for your five year old? 

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