OPI || Couture de Minnie Runway Minnie's


I finally got this collection *yay*, you have no idea how excited I was when I got the email saying these were up for grabs over on Buyapowa I think I was something like the second buyer in. I just can't stop myself when it comes to mini polish sets and the OPI mini's apply so well and so easily. 

This set normally rrp's around £18.95 and it contains four mini 3.75ml polishes. Three of them are normal polishes and one is a liquid sand polish which I ADORE. I really adore liquid sand's and if I was forced to choose only one type of polish finish to wear for the rest of my life it would be liquid sand hands down. 

Look how pretty those swatches are. I'm not a fan of metallics, I'm not a huge fan of shimmers and tend to go for cream finishes or glitters. These however, don't fall into any of those categories because they have a pigmented cream type finish with the finest glitters deep which seems to sit behind the main colour - it's really so-so pretty. 

Pictured above from left to right is: 
  • A Definite Moust-Have - This is actually a vibrant fuchsia-red shade with a fine shimmer. 
  • Magazine Cover Mouse - This is the liquid sand polish. It's a matte strawberry red with a hint of gold. 
  • Chic from Ears to Tail - Bubblegum pink with the finest 
  • Innie Minnie Mightie Bow - Rich crimson red with a fine red shimmer 
I love the fine shimmer in these shades and they remind me of the fine shimmers that come in so many Orly polishes. The price of this set varies from place to place, I paid £7.95 WHAT! absolute bargain I know. Look Fantastic have this for £12.95 and Nail Polish Direct have this for £9.99. It's definitely best to shop around though. 

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Sampar || Glamour Shot Eyes

I've been testing the Sampar Glamour Shot Eyes for a few weeks now and it's wonderful really, I adore all of the Sampar ranges to be honest so I knew that this would be a quality product that would offer some form of improvement and it did. 

It works by blurring the under-eye wrinkles and fine lines but the best part is that it's enriched with hyaluronic acid which offers long-term effects *yay* Kapow to those fine lines! - yep, I'm doing Charlie's Angels style gun fingers. 

Here is my wand ammunition: 

The Glamour Shot formula contains an 'anti-oedematous' which in simplistic terms means it reduces swelling, inflammation and puffiness. Oat Extract provides a lifting effect, HQA Microlens gives the skin a soft focus effect by reflecting light. Encapsulated Hyaluronic Acid targets wrinkles and fine lines from within and Urban Advance Complex acts as an anti-oxidant shield with the ability to neutralise pollution and other toxins. 

Basically, it's a bitching formula that works its butt off for your eye area. 

You can't get it wrong, you wash and moisturise as normal (if you use serums etc apply those). You then use the want to apply the product to the eye area and then gently tap your under-eye area to help the product absorb - once five minutes is up you can then apply your make up as normal. That's it. 

I've used so many products this year especially which target this area and yes the best one's always get blogged about but this one is way up there with the big boys. It costs £26 for 10ml which will last an absolute age. 

You can pick this up at Marks & Spencer's or in store lovelies. 

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Nails Inc || Modern Art Collection

I adore Nails Inc and somewhere down our polish filled relationship I became 'loyal' to this brand. There are only a few brands I've ever felt that loyal connection to as I tend to have a need to jump about. You know to try and find the best products ever made and all of that jazz. Just because I'm loyal doesn't mean I'm not going to slate a product when it turns out oh-so-bad as in how the Beaded Polishes turned out - you can read that review here, if you missed it. 

This collection is described as being a matte full glitter coat which is how the Models Own Velvet Goth collection was described. This however, doesn't look the same on the nails (I think) just judging from the main image above. There are four polishes in the collection and here they are: 

Cromwell Road - Green, Black and Gold. 

Millbank - Blue, Black and Gold. 

St Martin's Place - Peach, Black and Gold. 

Bankside - Red, Gold and Black.

I'm not hugely drawn to this collection it feels like it's been done before although, the Bankside above is so-so pretty so I may eventually purchase that. Is it just me or does it look like it's pink, blue and purple with gold rather than red? Hmmm...

With everything Nails Inc offer some excellent freebie deals. If you spend over £35 on two or more products (not sale products) you can get your talons on this awesome gift set.

The Modern Art polishes cost £12 each and can be purchased now over on the Nails Inc website HERE. What's your thoughts and opinions on these 'matte' glitters? 

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Christmas Countdown || Chloe Fragrances

Sometimes the best things are things that have been around for a while. Take for example these two Chloe fragrances, having been around since 2008 - 2009 (apparently) they remain firm favourites in the fragrance world. Chloe always pulls out new notes and new blends and they change things up so they remain current. But, for me personally it's always been the Eau de Parfum and it's counterparts that have stood out. 

I chose these two as a Christmas gift idea because of the notes in each of them as well as the packaging. They look elegant, expensive but still remain a classic option. The original Chloe Eau de Parfum is a 'smooth and radiant bouquet of roses with a velvety heart interlaced with the floral notes of magnolia and lily of the valley'  The Chloe you see below is the Eau de Parfum  version. 
The original version was described as:

'An enchanting and imperial rose. Its generous accord embellishes the Chloe woman with a sensual and feminine fragrant trail. Sparkling pink pepper head notes caressed by sandalwood and tonka bean tinge this with the oriental accents needed to refine, intrigue and allure'. 

Whoa! I'm crushing on a perfume description, it reminds me of the M&S adverts, that voice-over could seriously make pie and mash look high class. It's the packaging that makes this so special, the elegant bottle that's cuddled in silver embellishments with a deep grey ribbon. It's such a simple packaging method I mean who would have thought a square glass with a bit of ribbon would look so sensual and feminine? I mean there's no pink here at all! 
If the original version isn't your cup of tea then have you considered the Eau de Parfum Intense? The Intense in the same was as the original is a rose based fragrance but rather than highlighting the floral notes the Intense fragrance has been made to be more seductive and elegant. It contains floral powdery notes with hints of peony, lychee and freesia. It's the amber and cedarwood base however that lends itself to the natural seductive qualities. 

I've always been more of an Intense woman rather than a classic and I just can't say no to a good amber base. The bottle just like it's predecessor is square with the silver embellishments and ribbon but this time, the tones including the ribbon all merge together giving it a night time, warm and attractive appeal. 

You can pick up these Chloe fragrances from all good perfume stores and of course online. Prices vary depending on where you shop but I can recommend these Chloe perfumes if you're stuck come Crimbo shopping time. 

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Malibu || Hair Prescriptive Treatments

We recently had major issues with our water provider which resulted in sediment in our water which resulted in the bath being a nasty orange shade. Because of this, my hair really took a beating and was so dull and lacking lustre that I was over the moon when these Malibu C hair sachets arrived. 

Depending on where you stay water can in fact, be bad for your hair? I fortunately, live in a soft water area but it still comes with issues. Harmless H2O contains mega amounts of damaging deposits such as chlorine, magnesium, coper, silica, iron and lime. These minerals cling to the hair building up over time so that the hair becomes dull and resilient to beneficial products such as treatments, hair dyes and hair masks. 

These Malibu C treatment sachets contain a blend of fresh-dried vitamin c crystals that gently remove the mineral build up - this results in soft, shiny and manageable hair which 'then' becomes receptive to colour and conditioning services. 

The sachets I have: 
  • Hard Water - Removes build-up restoring vitality, shine and softness. 
  • Swimmers - Naturally removes the harsh elements from swimming pools that damage and discolour hair. 
  • Blondes - Increases shine, infuses moisture and restores vibrancy. 
  • Colour Prepare - Gets the hair ready for colour absorption, coverage and retention. 
I've only used the Colour Prepare sachet so far and it's so easy to use. You pour the crystals into the palm of your hand, add some water and mix with your finger so it becomes paste-like. You then spread it over the hair and leave it. I found it went soft and bubble and my hair did feel ultra clean but soft, I did think it was going to dry my hair out but it didn't. 

There are nine sachet treatments to choose from, the four I have and also Miracle Repair, Colour Correction, Scalp Therapy, Crystal Gel and Malibu Make Over. These cost £2.99 and are available from Sally Express here.

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Kevin Murphy || Shimmer shine Hair Mist

Ooooh, it's shiny.... 

I love shiny things but no-one wants their hair to look OTT shiny. Kevin Murphy's Shimmer.Shine includes essential oils, bioflavonoids and vitamins which works to repair the hair while giving you a healthy shine without the oil slick look  which is so not cool.

Do you remember me talking about Immortelle and Baobab in my review of the Kevin Murphy Wash and Rinse? The Shimmer.Shine also contains these amazing antioxidants which work by adding elasticity to the hair, nourishing each strand and restoring the hair surface. 

Bamboo Extracts and Vitamins A, C and E are also included and are absorbed deep into the cortex. Bamboo contains mega amounts of silica which restore the effects of the hair leaving you with sleek, shiny hair that looks naturally healthy, lustrous and radiant. 

When you shake up this bottle it sparkles with the teeniest bits of gold, my initial worry was that I was going to look like I was heading to an eighties disco with that spray glitter type stuff in my hair (do you remember that stuff?) I needn't have worried because the particles are so fine and dainty that it was even hard to pick them up in the photo's I took; there are some teeny-weeny bits of gold on the tip of my finger if you look hard. 

I found the Shimmer.Shine definitely made my hair look shiny and healthy, you simply spray it onto wet hair and then dry and style as normal. I also didn't notice the gold sparkles to be honest which made me feel silly for even thinking my hair was going to be all 80's glittery. My hair is also naturally combination especially with it being flyaway, normally shine sprays are too heavy making my hair look greasy or lank but this didn't. There have only ever been about two or three shine sprays that have worked successfully on my hair including this one. 

This costs £19.95 and is available over on the Kevin Murphy website. 

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Dermaco & Monu Partner Up

I adore DermaCo so when I heard that they had partnered with Monu I had to get my blog on to share the news. Monu are a leading supplier of non-surgical treatment equipment, machinery and of course, a skincare range. DermaCo are a supplier of awesomeness plain and simple if you missed my review of their Soothing Revival Balm you can check it out here

When I reviewed the Soothing Balm I literally used it multiple times per day and it went so fast. I was gutted when it ran out and it's definitely a product that will remain firmly on my forever buy list. 

So what does this partnership mean? In simple terms, it means that means that Monu and DermaCo are bringing their awesome technologically and skincare range to the public in the way of an advanced 6-in-1 beauty machine and a range of specially formulated skin care. The DermaCo Pro VX 6 in 1 machine offers affordability, flexibility and quality and treatments using this machine include: 
  • Thermotherapy - Also called heat therapy this helps a multitude of pain conditions and muscle aches and pains. 
  • Cryotherapy - Boosts immune system, improves fatigue and increases metabolism. 
  • Microdermabrasion - Exfoliating away dead skin cells while increasing the production of healthy skin. 
  • Ultrasound - Used in massage and for increasing collagen in facials. 
  • Micro-current - Used for facial toning and non surgical face lifts. 
  • LED Light Therapy - Excellent treatments for fine lines and reversing the signs of ageing. 
The DermaCo skincare range was produced in close co-operation with MONU skincare using pure ingredients and was originally created to provide beauty professionals with the most technologically advanced equiptment in Europe. 

MONU Professional Skincare have over 30 years' experience in developing unique, gentle and naturally pure products. MONU uses formulations that use the special properties of plants, herbs, minerals and essential oils. 

The DermaCo Pro VX 6 in 1 machine is targeted towards beauty salons, spas and health clubs so all I will say is keep your eyes peeled for these services coming to your local beauty outlets very soon - I know I will be. 

Ultimately you can contact DermaCo skincare here and can contact MONUhere to find out where these will be located. You can indulge in the skincare ranges just now though, I promise you won't be disappointed. 

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Ebay Wishlist || Jessica Alba's Style

I recently saw this picture of Jessica Alba during New York Fashion Week and had to take a minute, her outfit is just simply 'wow.' She has the outfit ying and yang down to a tea with the jumper being chunky and dark and the bag being chunky and dark therefore being masculine and the delicate, baby pink flowing maxi tutu and delicate strapping on her heels being feminine. 

Keeping in mind that if an outfit veers too much to either side of it can turn into more of a dressing up outfit or an outfit that wears the person rather than vice-versa. I simply adore Jessica's outfit here, it's fun, flirty and feminine and she looks expensive. I was having a think about how I was going to get my mitts on this outfit..... Here's how you can get the look on a budget.
Ebay have an amazing selection of tutu's in a variety of methods but I opted for the baby pink shade, I'd have loved it if it was slightly more muted. If you're not a pink fan why not opt for a peach or cream tutu? 

* The shoes are simple and strappy and are a shoe wardrobe staple. They literally go with everything from trousers, jeans and work wear these varied from £4 upwards to £12 over on Ebay.

* The cat eye glasses are not overly 'cat' so can be used at any time of the year. These cost £1.79 (including p&p). 

* The slouchy tote bag costs £5.99 (including p&p). It's perfect for lugging your goodies around either at work or play.

* The crochet knitted jumper costs £7.99. It comes in a few colours and sizes so you can change up the style to suit your own tastes.  

* And my favourite part is the tutu skirt. I've not linked this because prices vary from £3.99 to around £7 depending on the seller and your chosen colour. Simply type in maxi tutu (which is what I typed) and then chose 'price plus p&p lowest' and then 'buy it now.' 

* The earrings, bracelet and lipstick all cost 99p. The lipsticks by L'Oreal Colour Riche range and at 99p

 I think you can guess the bracelet's not real gold but what do you think? still cute huh? All of these items are available over on Ebay

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Sjal Skincare || Science Meets Holistic Skincare

Sjal Skincare where have you been all my life? I recently came across Sjal when I was sent these lovelies goodies. You know how much I believe in taking care of our bases (internals and skin etc) and I really have a passion for good skincare so these were tested to the limits. 

First off Sjal has major celebrity clout with Angelina Jolie, Katie Holmes, Demi Moore, Cameron Diaz and Helena Christensen all being fans of the brand. I mean Angelina, Helena and Katie who doesn't want skin like those fabulous ladies? I know I do but then I do get suckered into the celeb world quite easily. 

Sjal integrates Ayurveda, Homoeopathic, Chinese and Vibrational medicine with cosmetic science. Science and holistic cosmetology coming together in the most perfect way - 100 exclusive and rare crystals are combined with natural, active ingredients and nano minerals which are found in gold, silver and platinum. Whether you believe in the healing power of crystals and gemstones, you cannot fail to see how well this brand performs on the skin when you use it. 

I was sent three products to test out as well as a few samples and here they are: 

The first product pictured above (the large box) is the Balans Deep Pore Cleanser . It's a cold cream type of cleanser which feels light and refreshing on the skin. It does clean the skin up nicely which I can tell from my grimy cotton pads (tmi I know). The cleanser contains pearl extract which brightens the skin and African Whitewood which reduces the sebum oils while minimising the appearance of those pesky pores. My skin felt fresh, clear and hydrated rather than that uncomfortable tight please moisturise me asap type of feeling I get with some cleansers.

Next up...

Sjal Kashmir Saphir Perfecting Mask Now this product is amazing I really can't express how well this performs. You need a teeny amount of product which you apply as a mask, the mask aims to calm, restore and firm the skin while also working to minimise pores also. I did see a difference straight away with this. My skin looked brighter, clearer and more youthful - I just wished it lasted forever. 

Ingredients include: Chinese herbs, silk proteins, blue lotus to protect and calm the skin while increasing the uptake of C02. Also included is Copper peptide, gold, silver and platinum as well as GABA amino acids which also help skin to firm and lift. The Blue Sapphire's suppose to help stimulate the pituitary gland also so this is especially beneficial for those with thyroid dysfunction or SAD disorder (apparently of course I'm no doctor). 

Oh it also smells amazing - a hint of delicate flowers and marine freshness all rolled into one. 

Sjal Kura Intuitif is a gorgeous rich moisturiser that works to repair damaged skin. It's great for all skin types but especially good for dry or dehydrated skins  as well as the delicate under eye area. While this works exceptionally well as a rich moisturiser it also works by reducing hyper-pigmentation which I have slightly on my forehead. It has reduced since I started using this and I will continue on until this is finished to see if it gets rid of it completely - I'm pretty sure it will be to honest. 

There are fifty soothing, active ingredients including antioxidants, peptides, lipids, algae  vitamins, super-moisturisers all working to soothe, tone and firm the deeper dermis rather than the outer epidermis. (Basically it works deep into the skin working it's way outside rather than sitting on the outer layer doing not that much). 

Sjal Serum 1 samples and Sjal Face Oil

Serum 1 is the extra ammunition in your fight against bad skin. It contains no fillers, emulsifiers or nasties and is a great pre routine product. The face oil is made from a rare blend of essential oils and supra-3 which is an anti-ageing bio-active complex that's designed to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, increase elasticity and also plump and revitalise the skin. It's also called 'liquid silk' so you can imagine how it feels on the skin.

You can purchase the Sjal range from Harvey Nichols. 

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Frankensteining My Dream Body

If you were given the option of choosing your own body parts, moulding them into the perfect shape, colour, length and tone; who would you choose as your inspiration? While I'm pretty happy in my own skin I knew exactly who I would choose for each area. If I was given the option of painlessly making these changes would I do it? heck yes to certain area. 

I'm not someone who advocates cosmetic surgery, I think ageing naturally is a beautiful thing and I'd much rather treat a problem holistically or by working my butt off. There comes a time when you may need a helping hand and I think as far as I would go would be non-invasive treatments. There's one that I'm actually considering called 'Shrinking Violet Wrap' which induces lipolysis within the area treated - it works in the same way as the non-invasive lipo. 

I really have no problems with people opting to go for cosmetic surgery, my only problem personally was the risk aspect. Being a totally over-protective (yep I put my hands up proudly to this) mummy I couldn't justify getting an operation and not coming out the other end, believe me I was given the option of having a tummy tuck which I debated but turned down. 

So, if you had the option of changing each area who would be your inspiration? would you choose a friend, family member, co-worker or celebrity? Here's my picks. 

Jessica Biel's (Mrs Timberlake) luscious lips. Her natural fullness and equal lip size looks so pretty, I'd love to swatch on some postbox red on to those bad-boys. 

Her hair was the highlight of the tennis wasn't it. I think there was even a Twitter page set up for it (some people really need to get out more). I love how soft it is, natural and classic looking but it's the epitome of health and I want it badly. 

Megan Fox's hair colour looks glossy and bewitching. My hairs naturally dark blonde, I have Cara Delevigne style dark eyebrows that use to be equally bushy but I hated it. This lead me to dying my hair an array of colours finally settling on dark brown. The problem though is that I dye my hair dark brown, black at times even and within the week it's faded to light brown or takes on a red tinge. I want glossy natural looking darkest brown hair. 

Guiliana Ranci is a goddess. She's so lean and lithe and reminds me of a Bratz doll (in a good way). Her arms are toned, smooth but not muscley which is exactly what I'm looking for. 

Nina Dobrev is an action girl who loves yoga, it's only natural that her legs are toned and shapely. I would love slender legs but still retain the shape without them looking too ripped. 

I LOVE HER - I LOVE HER - I LOVE HER SO MUCH. Her style that is, it's so kooky, comfortable and feminine without being dowdy, the pieces she chooses suit her personality to a tee and Hubster says my personality is similar to hers so surely I should be rocking her style? (kooky, nerdy with random duh moments). 

Emma Stone is another major girl crush of mine - I do love a good comedy girl. You never see her splashed over the worst dressed pages or websites as her style is pretty but classic. She let's the lines of her clothing work for her rather than overdoing it with the embellishments and craziness. 

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