The Dragonfly Collection by Ciate

Ciate have presented their Dragonfly collection and it's a good one lovelies. I really love the packaging on all of Ciate's bottles, that simple little bow makes you feel really special (or maybe it's just me that gets that feeling?) like you are worth that time and energy it takes to sticky dot that bow on to the bottle. 

It's simple things like that which impress me as a consumer, secondly it's the colours and of course the price and this collection ticks every box for me personally and I know a lot of other polish fans.  This collection launches next week exclusively at ASOS so I'd advise being q-u-i-c-k off the mark to get your hands on these bad boys. 

Priced at £9 each the collection consists of: 

  • Hidden Gem - Mustard 
  • Fly With Me - Holographic Green 
  • Encore - Rich Orange
  • Empress - Pearlescent Nude 
  • Tear Drop - Flecked Lilac Grey (or taupe as some like to call it)
  • She's Electric - Purple Blue Duo Type (on the left)

The seven polishes are inspired by the iridescence of dragonfly's and of course haute-couture style. Random inspirations but it works oh-so-well. Once available you can check these out at ASOS HERE or Ciate website HERE

Which is your favourite? I'm opting for She's Electric and Empress. 

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Rihanna Launching New Fragrance - Rogue

When it comes to fragrance I tend to try and forget about the brand name or celebrity behind it, I try to forget about any specific marketing types and PR stunts and judge the fragrance on three things; notes, packaging and price. 

First off the notes in this fragrance are Lemon Blossom, Cyclamen, Jasmine, Rose, Plum, Suede, Vanilla, Patchouli, Musk, Woody Notes and Amber. Overall it's described as being a woody, white floral and musky scent so it's either going to be a sexy scent or far too feminine for my personal tastes. It's all really down to how much amber, musk and patchouli they add. 

The packaging initially I hated. Remembering that I was basing my opinion on the bottle and box and not the brand I had the feeling of it looking a little outdated. It didn't zing in my opinion and it could have been far more glam/tough/rocker/sophisticated (which ever look Rihanna's going for at the release date) but instead it was just blase colours in a blase bottle. However, taking a pic at the image with JUST the bottle I changed my mind; see the bottle and box was a bit Poundland own brand for my liking but remembering how the bottle is what normally sits out, the banding of leather around the cap and the tough thick bottle did look chic - also the 3 little studs or stud like dents stood out much more without the box. I think my initial opinion was more so based on the box which does look old-fashioned. 

Finally it came down to price. Rogue by Rihanna is priced at £43 which is reasonable, especially considering it has amber, jasmine and patchouli notes which do tend to increase a perfumes price. 

Rogue is of course by mega-star Rihanna and this will bring her fragrance total to four scents. This one launches on October 24th at Selfridges although they are hosting an exclusive online pre-sale event on September 10th at 10am. 

If you want in on the action then I'd definitely recommend this based on those three principles rather than the branding which is also fab. You can check it out HERE on it's release. 

Will you be going Rogue? 

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Bobbi Brown's Charity French Pink Set

Bobbi Brown are also doing their bit for charity - well done Bobbi Brown! To coincide with Breast Cancer Awareness and Breast Cancer Awareness month the company are launching their new Bobbi Brown Limited Edition Breast Cancer Awareness French Pink Set. 

The set will feature a pink ribbon embossed French Pink Blush and Mini Face Blender Brush. Priced at £35 Bobbi Brown will be donating £5 from each sale in the UK to Breast Cancer Care. 

If you want to do your bit for charity then I fully recommend either raising money in sponsorship or purchasing some of your favourite branded items such as this. Also if you know of anyone who would love this, why not purchase it and pop it away for crimbo? 

The French Pink Set will launch on October 1st and you can check it out HERE once it's available lovelies. Will you be doing anything to raise money for this breast cancer awareness month? 

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Wild about Beauty AW13 Collection

Founded by the beautiful Louise Redknapp and Kim Jacob, Wild about Beauty will be launching their Autumn-Winter range on September 26th. This is another brand I was honestly unaware off, I'm seriously needing to step it up aren't I? 

Taking a peek at their wares over on their website I have to say it looks gorgeous. Their mattifying balm was also a contender for a CEW award, Louise was quoted as saying 

'I don’t believe the motivation behind this is vanity, more about the confidence you have when you feel good. When I first met Kim, shortly after having my first son Charley, I was suffering really badly from skin pigmentation. The products that Kim mixed and created herself alongside her 'less is more' approach to application made me look fresh and natural, like myself again.'

That quote is exactly what I think make-up should be like. Highlighting and benefiting what's already there, Wild About Beauty offer make-up that inspires confidence and looks so creamy and professional and overall expensive. 

The collection will consist of: 

  • Nutrilips Balm shades (£14) - Available in Hannah (deep berry plum) and Laura (coral). 
  • Eyeshadow Pencil Duos (£14.50) - Available in shades Kim (sea green) and Penny (aubergine)
  • Nutrilips Colour Lipstick with SPF 15 - Available in Cherrie (rosy red) and Caroline (dusky pink).
  • Long Lasting Varnishes - Available in Jake (aubergine), Benjamin (emerald), Michael (black) and Joe (taupe). 

You can check out the collections either on the Wild about Beauty website HERE

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LOLA Unveils En Noir AW13 Collection

Launching into M&S stores this September is the En Noir collection from LOLA. This will be their autumn-winter range and it features deep and rich pigment shades that will leave you with a strong statement eye, powerful pout or gothic nails. The main shades are deep purple, dark green, midnight blue, silver, burgundy, grey and rich pinks. 

En Noir collection consists of: 

  • Six Eyeshadows (£10) - Colours unavailable just now. 
  • Eye Pencil (£10) - Colour options unavailable just now. 
  • Lipsticks (£12 - There are two variations, Soft Embrace and Berry Crush. 
  • Lip Pencil (£10) - This comes in shade 'Autumn'. 
  • Lip Gloss (£10) - Available in Light Plum and Rusty Pink. 
  • Nail Varnish (£8) - Available in Dark Cherry, Pebbles and Stone Grey. 
I've yet to try this brand so would love to hear of any reviews you may have lovelies. The pricing is in the upper scale for what I would expect from M&S but I do know they're trying to improve their brand image with a lot of new collections such as PUR Minerals and Glamglow - Hopefully LOLA ticks all boxes when it comes to testing it out. 

What do you think of this collection and ultimately the brand as a whole? 

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Burberry Brit Rhythm Has Launched

Burberry-oh-Burberry you confuse me so. Burberry is a chic premium quality brand there's no denying it, but the damage chavs done to the brand with the iconic Burberry tartan was kind of horrific. Of course it wasn't the brand's fault for creating something to entirely awesome but in my area Burberry's a tad-taboo and yes for sometime I did cave to the peer pressure. 

See Burberry Brit because my secret fragrance and still to this day I love it and Burberry Touch for men holds so many memories for me also when hubster and I first started dating *tee-hee*. I am going to stop caving in and put my heeled foot down! no-more will I be ashamed of loving Burberry and the Burberry fragrances - who's with me? 

Burberry have launched their newest fragrance Brit Rhythm it is for men but I love men's fragrance (especially Clinique Happy for men) this one in particular is said to be inspired by music; the campaign features British Musician George Barnett from These New puritans (nope never heard of him) and British actress Suki Waterhouse. 

Notes include basil verveina, cardamom and juniper berry top notes over a heart of black leather, patchouli and styrax resin. Cedarwood heart, incense and tonka bean lie at the base; I'm already craving it as I adore cardamon, tonka bean and patchouli notes in any fragrance. 

They are actually giving away scented tattoo's over on their website HERE. The tattoo's resemble miniature Burberry Rhythm bottles - totally cute and I can't wait for mine to arrive. 

Go, rush away to get your freebie samples lovely. I'll update a review once they arrive. What's your impression of the Burberry brand? did you ever own any Burberry tartan? 

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Aromatherapy Associates Unveil Christmas Collection

Aromatherapy Associates blend the finest essential oils with unique botanics which is what results in their products being of a superior-quality. Essential oils contain compound that aid healing, improvement of mental and spiritual health as well as really taking care of the mind, body and soul holistically. I have a little first aid box stocked with my essential oils to tackle most ailments from migraines, stress, cuts, bruises and more. 

So whether you believe in taking a holistic view or not you can still totally appreciate each of the products and the sheer amount of thought that's gone into making them. The brand are due to release their Christmas collection on October 20th which will include: 

  • Little Blue (£10) - Miniature sized bottle of Revive Morning Bath & Shower Oil, presented in a bell-shaped box. 
  • Festive Collection (£35) - Presented in a Christmas-tree shaped box and offers ten miniature-sized fragrant therapeutic blends, and includes their recently launched Inner Strength Bath & Shower Oil. 
  • Ultimate Collection (£50) - Contains one of each of the Relax, De-Stress, Revive and Support Collections. 
  • Indulgent Bath & Shower (£33) -Contains three bath and shower oils, including Relax Light, De-Stress Muscle and Revive Morning, along with Revive Body Wash.
  • Deep Night Time Ritual (£65) - Features properties of Vetivert, Camomile and Sandalwood essential oils within the Relax Deep Bath & Shower Oil and the new Relax Deep Balm. 
  • Rose Deluxe Trio (£29) - Includes the new Renewing Rose Hand Cream, Hydrating Moisturising Lip Balm and Renewing Rose Body Wash. 
  • Rose Infinity Set (£198) - Newly launched premium Rose Infinity collection includes the Rose Infinity Serum, Moisturiser and Eye Cream, 
  • Refinery Shaving Essentials (£35) - Aimed at men this set features the Refinery Face Wash and Refinery Foam Gel
  • Refinery Skincare Essentials (£65) - No idea at present what this includes - sorry. 
Available on their release at a variety of stores such as the Aromatherapy Associates website HERE, Space NK, Fortnum & Mason and Liberty's. 

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Customised Kicks & Fit Inspiration

I am trying to get fit and healthy but to be honest I'd rather get teeth pulled at the dentists. It's not that I'm lazy it's just I'm so weak and it hurts and I hate that 'uuugh' feeling, I'm also super impatient, I want results but I want them yesterday sort of thing. 

So while considering a new healthy eating plan and specific exercises I ended up procrastinating over on the Nike website. Nike ID I love it! you get to design your own custom kicks *yay* 

I've done the whole white base with splotches of colour and then thought hmmm how awesome would a clashing shabby chic style Nike look? Here's the result of that...

While I like them, I'm not in love with them. I'm feeling that they may need some more white in their somehow? maybe the tick? maybe the laces? I'm not sure? 

What I have realised is that if you feel positive before starting something it definitely makes the doing easier and more enjoyable. I decided to stick with my yoga for now, the diet aspect well I'm waiting to hear where my thyroids at. I feel like I've eaten as healthy as possible, yoga'd my butt off and nada, apparently it's common if your thyroids out of whack. Until I get those results I plan to wait but I've been hearing excellent reviews of the 5:2 diet. 

Ultimately I don't want to 'diet' I've a stone and a bit to loose to get me back into a healthy BMI and shift the weight that was gained from my thyroid so I really want to sort out an action plan - a change in eating habits if you will. I also really want to get the allergy testing done as I tend to react (puff up especially) to certain vegetables and additives which I know is not going to help. If you know of any reliable places that offer that service please let me know lovelies. 

Also if you have any 'fit inspirational' tips, tricks or well anything Tweet me or comment below. Also if you have a weight story or anything focused on eating and exercise please feel free to email me with your proposed guest blog outline lovelies. 

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Get Pink Hair with Label.M

Pink hair or what I call 'unicorn hair' went through a mega-surge in popularity over the last quarter, although that surge has started to wane - personally I still adore pink and lilac shades. I would totally have gone the full pink route but didn't think my hair could withstand the strong bleach out. 

Label.M however are launching their official London Fashion Week product which will be - Powder Pink Spray! Basically you spray in the powder for a temporary soft pink look which can simply be washed out as and when suits you and your mood. 

It will be rolled out at Toni & Guy and Essensuals salons from September and globally from October. It will cost £9.95 which is really reasonable considering how much they really could have hiked this product up by. 

What do you think? is pink hair past it or will the trend end up being one of those invincible trends that never go out. I'm hoping it's the latter. All hail the unicorns and their awesome rainbow manes. 

You can find out more from the Label.M website HERE lovelies. 

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How To Wear Holograms

How to wear holograms

It's a tricky style to pull off I'm not going to lie but you can wear holograms if you are over sixteen I promise. First of all holograms with other metallics or glittery materials are a big no-no and can only ever be pulled off by a) someone with no style or b) someone with absolutely no body fat, lumps, bumps or hips. 

So how can you wear those delicious holographs? Treat your holograph prints as you would a pattern. Team the print with simple colours, well cut pieces and sharp shapes - this ensures you stay high class rather than child-like. 

When it comes to holo's you can dress it up or down. The Warehouse joggers at first glance (above) look black but they actually have a black holographic undertone. Add some wedged trainers or boots and a simple tee and you have holographic casual to a tee, similarly you can do the same with the ASOS grey joggers with the holograph strip down the side. 

For a day wear look why not team up the stunning ASOS grey loose t-shirt dress with the purple holograph panels around the arms and hem with some patterned tights and ballet flats. Because the majority of that dress is made from the grey casual material you can easily pull off pattern in the tights - I'd steer clear of accessories with that look however. 

Want to go even more glam? Try teaming the Sass & Bide Wonderlust dress with a gorgeous clutch and some heels; either opt for no straps on the shoes as in Classic Louboutin style point heels or go for a simple one strap (no ankle straps). Because that dress is gold and white tones you can either wear gold or white shades or, pick a complementary colour like teal, royal purple or taupe even and highlight the dress with accessories in that shade. Nail varnish and a clutch is the easiest way to add a pop of colour. 

Still scared of the holograph trend? why not just start off small with a hologram varnish, belt, bag or heels that you can dress up with your normal wardrobe. 

You can check out my top holograph print pieces over on my Shopcade HERE. If you've not signed up yet you really are missing out, it's easy to sign up and you can do so HERE

What's your take on holographs? 

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Christmas: Wavelines Jewellery

I recently came across Wavelines and had to blog about them. I love a chic necklace and at the moment wear my Sphere of Life Daisies necklace every day but there comes a time when you just need to change things up a bit. 

Wavelines are a family run business that create these gorgeous wave pendants using stainless steel, bronze, brass and Nappa leather. The first wave in the collection is called 'Rosie' and there is also a new pendant and bracelet set ready for launching on October 1st.

I also wanted to feature this brand not only because they are unique products but because they would make excellent gifting ideas for Christmas. My aim is to take/reduce the stress that comes from shopping around for gifts for you guys, so you will see a lot of gift-able products on the blog over the next few months. 

I can just imagine how this would sit on the decolletage, I really like the rose colours of the brass also so would most probably opt for the bronze or brass variations just to change up my accessories. 

Ther are three lengths to hang your pendant on and you can choose from silver pearl, bronze and dark brown leathers; the sizes are 18'', 28'' and 36'' The super long 36'' would look amazing don't you think combined with other necklaces this would be the perfect layering addition to any wardrobe. 

You can check out the Wavelines products over on their website HERE.  

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Company's #BBloggers Beauty Award Results Are In

The company beauty blogger approved beauty award results are in. The awards took place today and the aim was to come together to honour the best and most-deserving beauty products. There were nine panellists including bloggers Lily Pebbles ( and Sabrina Babo ( and Company's Editor Victoria White and Company's Beauty Director Sophie Qureshi. Overall the line is was pretty fab and it's fair to say we as consumers can really put our trust in the beauty products that were put up for vote. 

There are some results in the list I was a little surprised at, some I completely agree with and some I don't but the results are as follows: 
  • Best Cleanser - Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser
  • Best Dry Shampoo - Baptiste Dry Shampoo
  • Best Hair Mask - Aussie 3 Minute Miracle 
  • Best Nail Polish - Revlon Nail Enamel
  • Best Highlighter - Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick 
  • Best Bronzer - Benefit Cosmetics Hoola
  • Best Make-up Primer - Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer. 
What do you think of the results? I was a tad surprised at the nail polish and hair mask results, I really think there are better ones out there but of course I may just be a minority. 

Tweet me your feelings on the results lovelies - @sweetelyseuk

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