Nail Care During Chemotherapy

While we come to the end of Breast Cancer Awareness month it's important to highlight that the cause should be something we consider throughout the year. 

We're told about periods, we're told about pregnancy and I remember saying that menopause just isn't talked about. No-one truly knows what to expect and the same goes for those going through cancer treatment - chemotherapy included. 

Making yourself informed on these subjects will ensure you're far more relaxed and able to  tackle it head on if you or anyone close to you has to go through this. While cancer care can be life and death treatment I know so many people who go through it feel a sense of loss, they no longer feel like themselves and it feels like the cancer has truly taken over. Normally I don't post infographics but this one felt right. I know beauty is a materialistic thing to some but it can help improve moods and confidence and confidence makes you strong. 

If you're currently going through cancer treatment - stay strong. If you're currently in remission - I'm proud of you, you beat it! Love and hugs to everyone affected by this horrible disease. 

Top 15 Halloween Must See TV Shows & Films

There's no better way to get into the Halloween mood than watching a good movie or TV series. I have a long-long list of films suitable for the season but wanted to compile my top 15 which includes TV series, adults and children's movies. 

Why not snuggle up in your cosy PJ's with the rest of your loved ones, some snacks - cupcakes and popcorn are my all-time favourites and do nothing. Turn off your phones, draw the curtains and drown out the world. 

Halloween Movies

TV Series
  • Vampire Diaries - Who's side are you on Stefan or Damon's? I don't really need to introduce this series do I? Oh I'm Damon all the way. 
  • Grimm - The Grimm is played by a detective called Nick, this is the perfect crime and supernatural mix with the normal issues that come into our lives such as crazy ex's, BFF woes and relationship stuff. 
  • Supernatural - Supernatural fighting brother duo, Dean and Sam fight lots of baddies while trying to get their lives in order. 
  • True Blood - Blood, sex and faeries. This isn't for children's eyes I can tell you that 
  • ParaNorman - Norman can see and speak to ghosts, the rest of his town can't. Can Normal save them from an ancient curse? 
  • Hotel Transylvannia - We love this anytime of the year. Adam Sandler plays the dad so you can imagine how funny it is. It's his daughter Mavis's coming of age and like most parents he doesn't want her to move out. 
  • Fun Size - Centred around Halloween Wren is forced to go trick or treating with her little brother and best friend April. Her brother goes missing and in the end, well I'll let you watch it to find out - it's really good. 
  • City of Angels - Seth's an angel, after seeing Dr Maggie Rice he falls for her - literally. Finding love together wasn't easy, I'll not say much more but if you haven't seen this yet I completely urge you to do so. 
  • The Twilight Series - 'Look After My Heart, I've Left it With You' *sigh* Words can't explain my love for this series. It's the perfect mix of romance, darkness and angst. 
  • Byzantium - Just watched this film, mother and daughter try to hide their secret. But, the daughter meets a boy and stuff gets tough. 
  • Practical Magic - Sandra Bullock and sister Nicole Kidman take care of a little male problem will being accepted by their town eventually. 
  • Hocus Pocus - Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker pre-Sex and the City. Hilarious retro movie about witches. 
  • The Craft - Bad ass coven getting all magical and powerful and crazy. It's good stuff. 
  • The Amityville Horrors - This is supposed to be based on a true story which is what makes it even freekier than a standard horror. A lovely family move into a new home, the husband slowly starts to lose it. Trust me it's a watcher but you may want to go pee before pressing play. 
  • The Wicker Man - Nicholas Cage stars in this horror as a police officer who tries to solve the strangeness of the small island that houses a small pagan community
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Lanolips || Everyday Hand Baaa-lm (forgive the pun)

Lanolips, iconic lip balm company or what? Lanolin was once thought to be a big no-no and of course, I know vegans can't or won't use lanolin based products. Lanolin's molecular structure resembles that of human skin lipids, it also moisturises will providing a breathable layer which is uber important - the skin needs to breathe people. 

I love the Lanolips product packaging, it's always so simple but cute. This watercolour illustration is so my style that I can't throw the box out - it's so cutesy and feminine. 

This is the Everyday Hand Balm, it comes in a large 120ml tube and smells of rose. I love rose so can handle all strengths but this is quite delicate and smells like true rose rather than chemical rose. 

The cream has a balmy texture to it once it's been rubbed in, it's fantastic for hands but also for cuticles - may as well kill two birds with one stone and apply to the cuticles after each application. This costs £10.20 over at Boots but it's currently on 3 for 2 mix-and-match so you could receive this for free if you're purchasing two similarly priced products *yay* 

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Aqua Manda || RELAUNCHING!

Hippy Chicks rejoice!

Iconic Aqua Manda is being relaunched any day and  I am in fragrance heaven right now. I've blogged about this before and I've also spent far too much time trying to track down a bottle of the 70's edition, I even contemplated spending silly money on it over on Ebay - like really silly money. I feel like a weight's been lifted because I can stop my search, save a lot of money and just wait now for it to go on sale. 

Here are the products that will be released with the new relaunch...
Chances are you've either heard of this brand or you haven't. If you're a seventies chick, a retro lover or someone who appreciates a good spicy oriental scent then you're going to know about it, or at least, should know about it. If you love sweet, delicately floral scents that are very feminine and light you may not want to know about this. 
Aqua Manda is actually a 40's fragrance that was relaunched in the 70s. Created by Christopher Collins, it became the scent of the 70's and reached incredible iconic status before eventually becoming discontinued. Collins is coming back as an advisor for the 2013 relaunch which is fantastic, I initially worried it would smell completely different but it really shouldn't with the original creator on board.  Another fab little thing is the packaging, they stayed true to the original print which I adore. 

I know it's not going to suit everyone but that print is gorgeous. I remember us having wallpaper like this in our kitchen-dining room area. The bottles also remind me of apothecary styled bottles which are far better as because perfume should be stored in the dark. These bottles should stop your perfume from going rancid or out of date more quickly. 

Notes include Citrus, Mandarin, Sweet Herbs, Coriander, Rosemary, Parsley Flower and Jasmine. As you can see there's a few product options from the 30ml purse spray (£27.50), 100ml fragrance (£39.99), 100g Body Powder (£14.50), Beauty Soap (£4.00) and the gift set (£39.99) which includes the purse spray, body powder and soap. 

What I'll say is that if you're purchasing the fragrances why not consider the gift set? it's value for money for sure. Will you be purchasing any of the Aqua Manda products? I really feel like I should do a major haul and stock up in case it ends up being discontinued once again. 

Once released you can check it out over on the Aqua Manda website. 

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Dolce & Gabbana || Sicilian Jewels Collection

Purple lipstick. As much as I've tried to move on from my infatuation with the purple lippy's I can't *sobs* they just make me go weak, I am so weak. Moving on from my purple lipstick sob story I had to feature the new Dolce and Gabbana Sicilian Jewels Collection because of the sheer awesomeness and colour these products provide. 

I'm normally hit and miss with collections, I think that's what's good about seasonal releases is that there always tends to be something I like - a great collection will leave me wanting everything but that rarely happens. This collection, however, I want everything but the reality is I'm not sure I'm brave enough to pull off the green lipstick. 

The Sicilian Jewels Collection is their limited edition range for Christmas. It comprises of four lip colours and four nail polishes. Shades include Amethyst (bright purple), Emerald (green), Ruby (deep red) and Amber (amber-gold). The lip colours are all cream formula's that will leave you with a glossy creamy pop of colour. 

The packaging is pretty but I'm not completely sold on it yet. It feels slightly eighties to me somehow as it's packaged in a golden cylinder tube with a matching gemstone type top in the same colour as the lip colour that's inside. Here's an image... 

What do you make of the packaging? 

The collection will be available from Harrods on November the 1st, I'm guessing these are going to sell out fast, could you pull off these shades? 

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Flowerbomb Crystal Edition 2013 by Viktor & Rolf

First came Flowerbomb which was hugely popular and now there is the latest edition - Flowerbomb Crystal Edition. This edition is a couture collections edition that's due to be launched for Christmas. 

It's so pretty *squeeled* It comes packaged in the iconic Flowerbomb style bottle but it's adorned with sparkling white crystals. Notes include Tea and Bergamot, middle notes of Sambac, Jasmine and Orange Tree and bottom notes of Cattleya Orchic, Freesia and Centifolia Rose on a bed of Patchouli base. 

A 50ml bottle will set you back £75, if you planned on purchasing this for yourself or as a gift I recommend splurging on this edition otherwise have a sniff beforehand to check you really do like the fragrance. I like it but I don't love it, I do love the packaging though. 

What do you think? 

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Christmas Gift Guide || Stocking Fillers From Burt's Bee's Under £15

Burt's Bees, creators of amazing natural products that are appreciated world wide. You know you're going to be the good books when your giftee pulls one of these out of the bag. I've already tackled Laura Ashley for Christmas gift ideas and now of course Burt's Bee's are up. These picks are ideal for stocking fillers and even secret Santa's  They are all under £15 and suit young girls, teens all the way up to maturer ladies and even gents. 

Beeswax & Banana Hand Cream (£9.99) - I recently blogged about the awesome-ness that is this banana cream. 

Almond & Milk Hand Cream (£9.99) - This is the same formula as the banana hand cream but smells like yummy marzipan.

100% Natural Moisturizing Lip Treatment (£4.99) - Made with kokum butter this is a great unisex stocking filler.

100% Natural Tinted Lip Balms (£5.99) - These are amazing! so much better than the standard lip balms. Pictured above is the Petunia and Sweet Violet but there ten shades in total including Hibiscus, Caramel and Red Dahlia.

Nature's Necessities Collection (prices vary) - Includes Lemon Butter Cuticle Balm, Replenishing Lip Balm, Original Lip Balm and a 50g Ultimate Care Hand Cream.

Burt's Bee's Basics (£4.19, was £5.99) - Includes lemon butter cuticle balm and replenishing lip balm with pomegranate oil. 

Would you like to see any Burt's Bee's products under your Christmas tree. 

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Childs Farm || Bubble Bath for Buccaneers

Without sounds like a prissy momma bear I truly care what goes on and in my children's bodies. I am an overprotective parent to a flaw and when it comes to bugs and germs I am slightly (well OK I am) OCD in that it all scares the bejeezus out of me. When I hear my neighbours throwing up or coughing I simply can't sleep for fear of it coming through the walls *haha* I laugh but it's true and I know it's completely cray-cray, I'm dealing with it, though. 

So you know all about my cray-cray so you can imagine how tough I am on any product that is marketed towards children, I wouldn't just review any product on them because I'd hate for them to get a reaction; products I do tend to review are ones that have passed my mummy test. Ones that are gentle, contain amazing natural or nearly natural ingredients and aren't offensive to the eyes or nose. 

Childs Farm are based in the UK they create a range of fun and friendly products that are natural to little and large bodies. Their ingredients include coconut oil, argan oil, glycerin and natural essential oils. There are a few varied products in the brand repertoire such as hair and body wash, bubble baths, shampoo, conditioner and gift sets. Prices also range from £2.50 for 100ml products up to £15 for gift sets. 

I tried the bubble bath which is called the 'Bubble Bath For Buccaneers' it's aimed at boys but of course, can be used by boys or girls. It contains sweet orange essential oil which smells absolutely gorgeous, my middle son Cooper couldn't stop sniffing it because he loved the scent. We use this as a bubble bath and also a body wash, it's the perfect consistency as a wash and because it's actually good for the skin there's no worry with causing rashes or drying of the skin. 

This costs £4.69 for a 250ml sized bottle, it's going to last a long time because it really does go a long way. Although this doesn't contain nasties such as Mineral oils, artificial colour, parabens, SLS and chemical fragrance it still lathers up very well - you're tub will be all frothy white and bubbly.  As much as this is marketed towards children I do feel this is a great product for  those who are eco-friendly, have sensitive skins, those prone to allergies or people who simply want a good product that does the trick without ruining your skin. 

Stockists are varied throughout the UK, it looks like Ocado and John Lewis are stockists but you can check their stockist page to find local stockists too. You can also purchase directly from the Childs Farm website and they take Paypal too! 

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Weleda Citrus Duo Gift Set || Christmas Approved

These cute handbag duo gift sets come in a few variations. I have the citrus variation but you can also pick up pomegranate, wild rose and sea buckthorn. I wanted to feature these because they are awesome gifts for ladies and gents of all ages, I also truly love the Weleda brand because it's made with good stuff that works, in some cases even better than it's competitors who easily charge double the price. 

In each gift set you will find two full sized 200ml products which are the body wash and body lotion. The citrus set contans the hydrating lotion and creamy body wash and they smell amazing. fresh, clean and citrus sharp - perfect for the whole family. I previously reviewed the citrus body oil (here) so I can vouch for how amazing the citrus products smell for sure, so invigorating and I normally dislike citrus scents. 

The gift sets are all individually priced, this gift set is an affordable £21.90 and the Pomegranate is the most expensive at £30.90 most probably due to the ingredients in the products and the fact that the pomegranate has absolutely amazing anti-ageing benefits. Do you remember my Pomegranate reviews? if not you can check them out here

There are a few other gift sets over on the Weleda website here, the cutest and cheapest that I can see are the starter kits at £6.95 and comes in the sea buckthorn, almond, wild rose and pomegranate versions (they're really awesome, check them out). 

Did you all alter your clocks to fall back on Saturday night? Oops I didn't until Sunday afternoon. I was wondering why the heck I woke up so early. 

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Hey Hot Lips, Rock Your Red

Red lipstick the classic shade for ladies everywhere. Red suits everyone regardless of your skin tone, age or colouring. While it's become the norm to swipe on your favourite colour of red it used to be a huge no-no because it was believed that cool skin tones should only wear reds with blue undertones and warm skin tones only wear reds with orange undertones. 

While these rules do work especially if you're looking to improve your natural beauty they don't work for everyone as it comes down to your complete colouring and not just skin tone. It's become the norm for warm skin tones to pull off the deepest darkest blue undertone reds for that sexy Gothic pout just like Beyonce above. 

One person that it doesn't work for who I thought would be ideal for showing the differences is Zooey Deschanel. The images on the left and right are orange undertoned reds, the centre is a blue undertone red. The wrong colour can clearly dull down your overall shine, it ages and really does nothing other than provide that pop of colour we all look for. The orange tones on her cool complexion lift her skin, it makes her shine and give off so much radiance it's cray-zee. 

So, how do you know what's right for you? Here's how you can find your perfect red. 

First off what colour is your hair? if you have a honey blonde, chestnut, orange, ginger-red, black with red undertones or light caramel brown shades your hair is warm. If you have platinum blonde, ash blonde, dark brown with no red undertones, black with blue undertones or even coloured hair like blue, purple or grey then you have a cool colouring. 

Now on to your skin. This may sound strange but look at the veins on the inside of your wrist, are they more blue or green? if they're blue your cool toned, if they're green your warm. Also, when you're in the sun do you tend to burn or do you tan more often than not. If you're a tanner you're warm and if you burn you're cool. Finally when you hold gold and silver in your hand which suits you more? if you said gold again you're warm toned and silver of course, is cool toned. 

Let's make it even more, confusing and throw in some eye-colour just for kicks. If you're blue, blue-gray, grey or black your cool toned and colours such as green, green-grey, hazel and browns and warm. 

If you found your skin was warm, your eyes are warm and your wrists were cool but your hair was warm then you are going to be warm toned. It's OK to have a mixture of cool and warm tones - actually, it's completely normal to have mixed tones but you just take the majority tone to decide which suits you better. 

Take my picture for example. 

My skin tone is cool, my wrists are cool but my eyes and hair are warm. I found that I suit cool blue toned reds (as pictured above) but basing it on the old rules blue tones should not work for me and my cool skin tone. 
If you're cool these blue toned reds are going to be perfect and similarly these orange reds are chic for warm skin tones. 

So which are you? cool or warm? 
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Transformulas Radiant Lift Mask || Is It Any Good?

Transformula's Radiant Mask aims to reduce fine lines and wrinkles within 28 days. While I can't really vouch for those claims due to hormone issues and using other products in-between and poor health what I can vouch for is its ability to leave you with an awesome skin. 

This formula contains fruit acids and glycolic acids which work by exfoliating away dead skin cells so healthy cells can regrow, this stops your skin looking dull and lacklustre. Also included is one of my favourite (non-eco-friendly) ingredient which is Syn-ake. I've blogged about snake and viper marketed products before. The magic snake ingredient is actually peptides that mimic the venom from a temple viper and not physical snake venom. Having used Syn-ake based products before and been completely blown away, I do feel this helps the overall appearance of your skin. 

You apply this in the same way as any other mask. It's a thick clay based cream which applies really evenly but what I did find is that it can sting. It took me a few tries until I felt comfortable actually leaving it on, I then started using it on my problematic areas as a spot treatment and then onto my t-zone. Although there were the initial difficulties I continued to persevere simply because the end results were exactly what I was hoping for. 

Recently my skins had a mind of it's own, it's been very upsetting because as much as I try to get it under wraps it continues to do it's own thing. My forehead, nose and chin have broken out, there's redness on my t-zone and my forehead and nose are so oily it's ridiculous. On those days where it becomes too much I whip out my mask, apply and as soon as I was it away my skin feels softer, the redness disappears and my oiliness dissipates for a few days at least.  

I will purchase this again when it finishes, which is soon to be honest possibly in the next week or so. You can purchase this from the Transformula's website if you wanted to get in on the action. 

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Nourish Skincare || Peptide Serums

I have read so many reviews on Nourish skincare that I had to get in on this. My first foray into the wonderful world of Nourish was with these two Peptide Serums. Nourish Skincare was created by a scientist called Pauline Hili. Rather than take the brand down the conventional science route with chemicals and specially formulated compounds she decided that Nourish would be a friendly skincare brand, contains as much natural and organic ingredients as possible. 

The hippy chick in me absolutely gets excited at the prospect of trying brands like Nourish, I love that companies are cottoning on to the benefits of natural and organic ingredients that actually work and are safer in the long run. 

Nourish Balance Nutritious Peptide Serum Combination Skin - Responsive fortifying system to regulate moisture balance and refine pores. 

This serum is so light on the skin and feels like cool water without being runny. It softens the skin while diminishing the sign of ageing with continual use. It's 80% organic which is absolutely fantastic and it works to brighten the complexion.  I've not been using this for too long so I can't vouch for the anti ageing and brightening benefits yet but I have faith that it will come through with it's promises. 

Nourish Protect Replenishing Peptide Serum Dry Skin - Quenches thirsty skin and stimulates collagen replenishment to firm and soothe.

This resembles an oil serum unlike the Nutritious Serum which is clear. This serum works to lock in moisture while smoothing and protecting the skin against further damage. This definitely feels more moisturising and takes a little bit longer than the other serum to sink in. Again long-term benefits are anti-ageing and tightening and it's 80% organic. 

It's advisable to apply these as your last step. I've found they work better when I apply them before I moisturise as they sink in faster. It's fair to say I'm absolutely hooked on this brand, I've had no breakouts, rashes, redness or dry areas since I started using this brand and that's all I can ask for; anything more is an added bonus. 

You can check these out over on the Nourish Skincare website. They have lots of goodies, you have been warned. 

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