Alexis Dove Jewellery

I recently went on the hunt for a new necklace. I simply don't have enough necklaces due to them breaking or getting lost along the way and I'm at the stage now where I'm craving some new neck embellishment. 

The problem is that when ever I find a nice necklace at a reasonable price they end up being gold plated! Even my beloved Swarovski mostly sell gold plated, what happened to the solid and 9ct gold jewellery? When I was younger it was always 9ct or solid gold jewellery that was available. 

I want something that looks nice, unusual even and is affordable. I don't mind paying for an item if it's worth it but most companies are charging £300-£500+ for plain 9ct gold. After about two weeks of continued searching I came across Alexis Dove Jewellery. What I loved was that the designs are current, classic and very much suitable for day to day wear. The materials used are 9ct gold and solid silver vermeil. While it's not sterling what the company offer in terms of pricing and design made them stand out.  

Here are my absolute favourite items from the Alexis Dove website. I am SO in love with the Buddha necklace which is at the top left of the image below. 

Alexis Dove

How cute is the little owl and fox. Even the 'Olive' necklace which resembles a cut gem is just so effortlessly chic and simple. I could really see me wearing any of these pieces and I have asked Hubster if he can consider asking Santa for one of these items. Prices are very reasonable and range from £45 to around £120+ (that's the prices of my favourite products). 

What do you think of these designs? cute aren't they? I'm so glad I stumbled on to this company because to be honest I hadn't heard anything about them before, I wanted to blog about them purely because their designs need to be shared to the world and with December just around the corner (who else is freaking out??) these also would make excellent crimbo presents.  

You can purchase Alexis Dove jewellery over on their website HERE and also at John Lewis stores. 

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NARS Holiday Colour Collection

For some reason when I look at the new Nars Holiday Collection the colours remind me of the Lancome L'Absolu Velours liquid lipsticks. This particular Nars range was created to celebrate a man named Guy Bourdin. I hadn't heard of him before so some Googling told me that Guy Bourdin was a fantastic fashion photographer who sadly passed in 1991. 

The limited edition Holiday Collection features high impact finishes in bold shades, similar to the photographs that Bourdin produced, you can check out some of his work here

The range includes...

  • Cinematic Eyeshadow (£18) - This is a new formulation especially for this collection. It's velvety soft and glides on smoothly offering high-impact colour. Colours include Wishful Thinking (blue), Bad behaviour (pewter), Rage (orchid), Cambodia (pink copper) and Mississippi Mermaid (champagne). 

  • Cinematic Lipstick (£18.50) - These are also new formulations exclusively for this collection. Containing Monoi butter and vitamin E these lipsticks offer antioxidant and anti-ageing benefits. Shades include Future Red (cherry), Short Circuit (coral), Last Tango (rose), Goodbye Emmanuelle (pink) and Full Frontal (rose violet). 

  • Blush (£21.50) - Featuring iconic shades such as Exhibit A which is a matte, vivid red; Coeur Battant which is a magenta and Day Dream which is a peachy pink. 

  • Nars Nail Polish (£14.50) - Featuring a polymer system that extends wear and durability. Shades available are Tomorrow's Red (scarlet), Follow Me (fuchsia), Union Libre (pink) and No Limits (pink-violet). 

This collection will launch on November 1st and will be available over on the Nars website HERE. What do you make on these colours? 

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Benefit Introduces Under My Spell Noelle

Benefit are launching their latest fragrance this month called 'Under My Spell Noelle.' Once again Benefit inspires with their amazing packaging design, I love the gold tones and the cocktail shaker design to the bottle. It reminds me of old Hollywood for some reason - is anyone else getting that from this design? Jazz Clubs, slinky dresses, cigar smoke and gentlemen wearing trilby's? 

The scent features top notes of cardamom, black pepper, lingonberry; middle notes include wild orchid, jasmine petals, vanilla flower, fresh rose, soft violet and bottom notes of patchouli, accord oud, black amber, vanilla beans, benzoin resin and raspberry. Whoa it sounds like one sexy fragrance I can tell you that. Perfect mix of masculine notes and female notes and those ingredients are not the cheapest; Benzoin, amber and oud are found in the top perfumes and those top perfumes come with top prices. 

Benefit Under My Spell Noelle costs £29.50 and can be found at Benefit Cosmetics website HERE once launched. 

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Magazines - Which Ones Are Worth It?

Following on from my open letter to Marie Claire magazine on the sheer amount of advertising, I decided to check out some other monthlies. I mean surely none of the other magazines had stopped to the levels that Marie Claire had? If you missed that open letter post you can find it here

In a magazine you expect a few things don't you, contents, letters page, beauty, fashion, interesting stories and features, celebrity info/interviews and advertising. When I was younger advertising was mainly situated at the back of the magazines with the exception of a few key products that had paid to be featured. The Marie Claire magazine advertising shocked the living daylights out of me because the front and back were saturated in full page advertisements  the centre was filled with double page promotional ad's and on each double page, one of them was an ad. The fashion and beauty sections were saturated in product placement and there wasn't much in the way of real stories or interesting features. 

So here's the facts on the top 4 glossy August to October mags: 

  • Marie Claire Magazine 

Costs: £3.90 
Total Pages: 434
No of Pages Until First Readable Feature: 49
Total Readable Pages: 220 but, 114 are filled with paid product placements. 
Ad Pages: 214  - 328 if you include the above product placements. 

Clearly there seems to be a pattern with Marie Claire. There really is only a teeny amount of content that seems to be unpaid or non-advertising in this magazine, it's also the most expensive magazine at £3.90 where as only about £1 of that price is worth the content - Are you happy to pay the additional £2.90 for a magazine filled with ad's? 
  • Instyle Magazine 

Costs: £3.90
Total Pages: 258
No of Pages Until First Readable Feature: 32
Total Readable Pages: 121
Ad Pages: 137

Instyle is one of the more expensive magazines and is on par with Marie Claire. It also contains around the same amount of pages as it's lowest counterparts, how does it compare though? Just under half of the magazine is readable and although it's expensive for half of a magazine the content is interesting and the features are quality. 
  • Cosmopolitan 

Costs: £3.60
Total Pages: 210
No of Pages Until First Readable Feature: 13
Total Readable Pages: 110
Ad Pages: 100

Cosmopolitan (Cosmo) was the only magazine that included more than 50% to be readable features. There was an acceptable amount of relevant ad's and the content was fresh and interesting. It also only took 13 pages to get to the first readable feature - comparing that with Marie Claire's 49 pages shows how shocking Marie Claire has become. 
  • Glamour Magazine

Costs: £2.00
Total Pages: 332
No of Pages Until First Readable Feature: 20
Total Readable Pages: 161
Ad Pages: 171

Glamour magazine's the cheapest out of the 4 at only £2. It also contains the second highest number of pages and just under 50% are ad's. Although this is high Glamour made it blatantly clear that the promotional pages were promotional and they hold a clear advertising section at the back. It feels like Glamour care about their readers, they're not trying to con us out of money or trying to be sneaky with their advertising.  

Personally Glamour was the clear winner. They had quality features, interesting stories, products and news and were so affordable. Glamour also regularly include awesome freebies with their magazines too which far exceed the price of the magazine. I've had plenty of branded beauty products such as Nails Inc, Stila and Neal & Wolf. 
I'd love to hear your thoughts on these facts and figures? Have these facts changed your opinion or will you now try another mag on for size? I think as consumers we have the right to ask for quality readable materials that exceed 50% of the magazine - I get that advertising is how they fund a major part of their business but at the expense of their consumers, surely they need to think of another tactic that doesn't disrespect us paying readers? 

Tweet me your thoughts here

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Get Olivia Wilde's Style With Ebay

There are a few celebrities that are on my girl crush list; Megan Fox, Zooey Deschanel, Whitney Cummings, Nina Dobrev and Olivia Wilde. They're all different but there's just something that makes these ladies stand out I feel, they're not overly glamorous and they rock red carpet wear and casual wear equally. Maybe that's it that they look confident, natural and not too high maintenance. 

This celebrity style feature is all about Olivia Wilde. As soon as I saw this picture of her rocking her sheer-paneled Theyskens Theory dress while attending the Letterman Show I HAD to do a thrifty version for you guys. As much as her dress is absolute perfection the n hefty price tag of around £400 - £600 onwards isn't in everyone's budget. This particular dress is from the Theyskens Theory resort 2014 collection and isn't available for purchase but a similar dress from the brand here costs £479. 

Olivia wears her dress, a simple gold bangle and some nude strappy heels. I'm not 100% sold on those shoes with the white dress and to be totally honest trying to find thrify Ebay versions were hard - I failed on that aspect. Here's how you can shop Olivia's style over on Ebay....
Olyvia Wilde
Dress  | Nude Shoes | L'Oreal Riche Lipstick | Bourjois Ombre Stretch Shadow | Hair Oil  

What do you think? would you be brave enough to wear a white dress like this in Autumn? 

 photo NEW.png


The Cutest Halloween Accessories by Charlotte Olympia

I'm a huge fan of Charlotte Olympia's shoes. Those cute kitten pumps you see in the shops, she was the original creator. Charlotte Olympia's shoes are definitely not cheap but they're so fun you can't fail to not want them and this collection makes me want them ALL. 

Charlotte likes to bring a sense of fun to her collections which is definitely apparent in this line. I love that she's not scared to break the boundaries of what's right. She also designs some kooky heels but they are so wearable which is what makes them very attractive. Charlotte is inspired by her two sons, I totally get that. My sons inspire me so much and if I was a shoe designer I guess I'd pretty much do a Halloween line just as Charlotte has. Sons are amazing aren't they (so are daughter's but as a mummy to boys I'm biased). 

This is some of the capsule collection: 

Bite Me Kitty Flats in black and purple and the The Boo! Flats in the centre. Those kitty flats are iconic and I love the little twist with the fangs and red eyes. The Boo! flats are cute but would you wear them outside of October? 

Minerva's Web Booties - I'm truly in love these are just so breathtakingly beautiful. The white pumps with the bats on are cute but not really my style, in comparison to the other shoes they don't look as chic. 

Blood Red Suede Vampire Pumps and black cat pumps. I don't have an official name for the black cat pumps yet but I love these two pairs so much. Imaging wearing these to work! 

Glow in the dark bone heels  and purple bat platforms. I'm loving how simple the bone shoes are but I'm not entirely sold on the purple platforms. 

The Boo! Pumpkin Clutch and the gorgeous Sucker for Pandora Clutch Box. The clutch box is so gorgeous I love that there's so much depth to it and it's so unique.

There are a few other bits not pictured here as the peeps at Charlotte Olympia are trying to keep everything hush-hush until the launch date. I absolutely love the Minerva web booties as they would be ideal all year round wouldn't they. There's a bat shaped clutch not featured here which is so damn cute too. 

The capsule collection launches on the 7th of October and can be found online at Charlotte Olympia's website HERE.

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Lancome L'Absolu Velour Liquid Lipsticks

Oooh pretty colours huh? These gorgeous pigmented glosses are by Lancome and are apart of their L' Absolu Velours range and the best news... they're available now. 

While these are marketed as glosses I'd say they're more like liquid lipsticks. They are six times more pigmented that standard glosses and are made with a creamy, moisturising formula. These won't leave you looking glossy and sticky however as they are suppose to leave the lips matte

There are nine shades to choose from including: 

  • 172 Velours d'Etincelle - Red
  • 193 Velours de Caprice - Vibrant Red-Pink
  • 197 Velours de Grenade - Wine Pink
  • 362 Velours de Peche - Peach Pink
  • 363 Velours de Petale - Petal Pink
  • 373 Velours de Magenta - Magenta Pink 
  • 375 Velours de Framboise - Raspberry Pink
  • 385 Velours de Pourpre - Purple/Lilac 
  • 493 Velours de Violine - Purple 

They cost £20 each, I have my eye on the three purple shades 375,385 and 493. I'm definitely intrigued because when it comes to lipstick I love vibrant shades, I love balmy textures because dry lips when you're wearing lippy never looks good and the fact that they have a balmy matte finish is really the best of all worlds isn't it. They contain illuminating pigments also which is said to contour and define the lips. 

You can check them out over on the Lancome website HERE. Which colour takes your fancy? 

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Nails Inc. Galaxy Polish Collection

I adore cream finishes, everything else needs to blow me out of the water to really make the grade. I rarely adore metallics and pearl finishes and glitter can be hit or miss. I previously blogged about an amazing Nails Inc. glitter that was released for Prince George's birth (here) well, they've gone and done it again. 

Nails Inc. released their Galaxy Collection which are four full coverage glitter colours, heavily inspired by current fashions and their fashion creators such as Christopher Kane, Gucci, Chloe and Alexander Wang. 

Here they are: 

Buckingham Court -  Iridescent Red

Knightsbridge Road - Iridescent Bronze

Trafalgar Crescent - Iridescent Pearl Silver

Westminster Bridge Road - Iridescent Blue & White

They each cost £12 and I have all ready purchased the Knightsbridge Road, Iridescent Bronze shade. I figured with party season just around the corner this was going to look s-o-o-o good with everything and a bit of glitz and glam around the clock is enough to make my serotonin sky rocket. 

You can check these out just now over on the Nails Inc. website HERE.

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Rita Ora to Release a Rimmel Collection

Love her or hate her she is definitely the queen of hipsters. Rita seemingly came out of nowhere in 2012 with her single 'How We Do (Party)' but had actually been signed to Jay-Z's label since 2009. 

Since 2012 she's been seen on the X-Factor UK as a guest judge - she did an awesome job; she's also had a string of top 10 hits and has been spread across many magazines and publications. In her spare time she's been known as the girlfriend of Rob Kardashian and the BFF of Cara Delevigne. 

When you think of Ora what comes to mind? is it any one of those mentioned above? or is it her bright red luscious lips? It seems that Rimmel have clued into Rita's ability to keep on trend and have collaborated with her on a collection that's due for release around February 2014. 

The capsule colour collection will include lip and nail shades - the aim of the collection is to bring wearers a 'Young, fresh, and modern' look. You know there has to be a red lippy in this collection, I'd be very surprised if there isn't but then again Kate Moss did a red and Rihanna for MAC done a red so I do wonder of Rita's [possible] red will be better than the Kate Moss products? 

Here are some of my favourite make up looks for Rita: 

I'll keep you posted on the product images as they come in lovelies. 

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