Mad Beauty Kooky Stocking Fillers

Had I not known these were coming I would have been seriously scratching my head at what they were. I went round asking loads of people what they thought they were and hardly anyone got it. Especially when I asked what the thread spool was alone. 

So what are they? Beauty products of course and they make the perfect little gifts for ladies of all ages. They are all from an absolutely awesome company called Mad Beauty. Mad Beauty creates the kookiest, cutest and zaniest lip balms, creams and accessories for beauty lovers of all ages but makes them affordable. 

Take a peek...

  • Sew Lippy 'Spool' (£2.99) - This spool lipbalm is the perfect lip balm for crafters, lovers of novelty and kooky gifts and of course lip balm lovers. It comes in five flavours, this one is orange flavour. Other flavours include Strawberry, Blueberry, Lemon and Lime. 
  • Little Glittery Pig (£3.50) - This little glittery piggie is the cutest of the bunch. He also tasted like yummy strawberry flavour. 
  • Mince Pie (£2.99) - Clear glossy lip balm housed in a mince pie replica, I'm sure Santa will appreciate this being left out for his chapped lips. The gloss has a fruity flavour also. 
  • Duck (£2.99) - This little cuties not been released yet as he's a Christmas edition duck but keep your eyes peeled on the website as he will be live shortly. 
  • Large Tub of Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream (£5.99) -  Whipped body butter in an absolutely yummy raspberry ripple scent that's not too sweet and not too overpowering.  
  • Ice Cream Duo set (£5.99) - Includes Raspberry Ripple and Strawberries & Cream Ice Cream flavoured lip balms. 
Again how perfect are these for crafters? I know when I use to sew a lot and craft (before my time got stolen somehow) I use to receive a lot of crafting goodies to the point of being inundated with them. I've always loved beauty and would have been completely surprised to have received these because they are still within the crafting theme but are so feminine and useful too. 

These are all just so cute, do you know they even have scratch and sniff nail files? Who thinks of these things? I just love the fun element and I'm pretty sure your giftees will also. You can find these goodies over on the Mad Beauty website HERE.

SNEAK PEEK: Dior Cosmetics SS14 Collection

Dior's Summer 2014 products look amazing. I love functional colours and tend to reach for nudes, purples and pinks for typical day to day wear with the occasional pop of colour randomly. This collection isn't hugely different from previous ones but each product is so functional and wearable for most skin tones - which is awesome.

Due to be released around the end of February there is a bit of a weight but being informed now means you can plan your spring time looks well in advance.  Have a look at what's coming and please let me know if you'd prefer the images on my post to be smaller because these are MEGA sized. 

The Cinq Couleur Trianon comes in two colour-ways which are Pastel Fantasy and Pink Pompadou. These have a pearlescent finish so I'd recommend a primer if your skin is a little bit more mature. 

The Trianon Palette also comes in the two colour-ways which is Favourite and Coquette and finally the Trianon Blush comes in two gorgeous shades which are Coral Bagatelle which I'm absolutely loving and also Pink Reverie. 

Dior's Show Fusion Mono Matte shadows come in four shades which are Celeste, Fantasy, Son Jour and Mirage. I adore the finish on these and have my eyes on the Mirage shadow. 

Dior Show Trianon Mono's come in two options which are Angelic and Opaline - how amazing is the packaging though? 

Finally for this section is the Dior Vernis comes in Porcelain, Bloom and Bouquet and the Vernis Trianon Edition comes in Perle - I love these shades, they're so mellow and feminine. 

Rouge Serum de Rouge lipstick comes in Lace Coral Serum and on certain skin tones it's going to look nude and lush. Dior Addict Lip Glow comes in the gorgeous coral shade above, I'm not sure whether I prefer this or the Rouge Serum Lipstick, which do you prefer? 

Rouge Dior Lipsticks come in the four shades above, Rose Diadem, Rose Crinoline, Courtesan and Alegrance and there are four Dior Addict Glosses but I've no names for those yet sorry lovelies. 

So that's the sneek peek for the collection, is there anything that stands out? I'm loving the coral lip products. I may buy one or two products, I still have my bright pink Dior lipstick from a few years back simply because the finish and the colour is amazing. Dior products may be a tad more expensive but they really are worth it. 

H&M & ASOS Autumn Haul

With my weight issues and my lack of confidence recently I've been very uncomfortable in the clothes I currently have. I never feel confident in sporty wear or lounge wear (unless lounging of course) and love to buy basic pieces that can be mixed up with some killer heels, boots, accessories and either a slouchy parka or a chic coatigan. 

I'd finally had enough the other night when I realised all of my favourite pieces didn't fit. I was sick of having to piece together items that just fit so headed over to the H&M website to buy some pieces. I can't buy trousers from H&M because they don't do petite sized - heaven knows how many times I've asked them to consider it but no such luck. Leggings although they aren't always a great option are what I'm used to for casual wear. There are rules I follow when wearing them though so they don't look chavtastic. 

Here's some of the cosy goodies I purchased. 

  • Slouchy Marl Jumper Dress (£14.99) - I purchased the dark grey, my last season coat was the burgundy colour and to be honest I'm so and tired of wearing that shade day in day out. The dark grey can be teamed with warm autumnal pops of colours such as hats, scarves and gloves without the dreaded clash. 
  • Striped Leggings (£7.99) - I have a similar pair from H&M and they are so unbelievably comfortable and durable. Most end up with lycra bobbles or wearing thin, these don't - whatsoever. 
  • Longline Zebra Zipped Jacket (£19.99 but £14.99 after discount)- Let's not call it a hoodie, at thirty onwards hoodies just aren't cool. This long line zebra will look fab with an all black outfit, some killer heeled boots and a loose high bun. Also on another note it would look awesome teamed with a pretty dark dress and some ankle boots. 

  • Navy Knitted Dress (£14.99) - I adore this. It's the perfect chic, shaped and slouchy dress all rolled into one. Navy is a fab base colour for autumn and with the weather getting icy cold now it's sure to keep me toasty warm. 
  • Jersey & Leather Leggings (£12.99) - I've never been interested in pleather leggings before it kind of felt really done at one point. I do love however these because they have pleather at the front and jersey at the back. It's a small detail but one that really gives these quirk and balance at the same time. I feel someone in their thirties onwards could easily pull these off. 
  • Long Vest Top (£3.99) - These are fab. I wear these for doing yoga, under sheer tops and under jumpers that are thin or a tad shorter than I would like. I don't wear anything that sits above my butt cheeks (and that's low, believe me). Wearing one of these gives me support and protection, I worry about VPL's from leggings and holes. 
  • Jersey Pyjamas (£14.99) - Great loungewear PJ's. I adored these straight away so had to pick them up, nothing worse than waking up shivering in the morning is there. With my sons at school I need to be able to wake up sharpish, these should help a little. 
  • Asos Parka Jacket (£45.00 but I used a £10 gift card £35.00) - I hate my burgundy Next quilted jacket. It's not practical anymore as it doesn't have a hood. I wanted a cosy jacket, with a hood, that was a reasonable length and would look awesome in flats, heeled boots or knee highs. This ticked every box for me and it was in the sale from £75 to £45 - I also used a £10 gift card (that I actually forgot I had but was stored in my ASOS account) bringing it down to a more than reasonable £35.

I used codes 1304 for £5 off my order and also 0747 for 25% off the most expensive item. The whole lot came to under £120 which is fab isn't it. I've just to get my winter woollens such as hat, scarf, socks etc and I'm pretty much done for my basics. Have you been purchasing your autumn wardrobe? I'd love to hear where from. 

Anna Sui AW13 Goodies - Excited!

Anna Sui celebrates their 15th anniversary this autumn and to celebrate they've created these amazingly detailed magical beauty pieces. I'm so in love, I had an international release date of November 5th but I'm sure that's changed. Take a peek at the absolutely gorgeous whimsical beauties. 

The first Rose Ring Rouge was created back in 2001, this year they've changed it up. It's no longer a rose as it's taken on a blinging gem shape. There are eight lip shades which are: 
  • Anna Red - Deep vampy red. 
  • Fuchsia - Pinky-pink.
  • Coral Pink - Creamy coral pink.  
  • Clear Pink - Jelly finish with a hint of pink, gold and red pearlescent. 
  • Dazzling Purple - Pearlescent purple with a hint of red and silver. 
  • Natural Orange - Hint of colour with a gold undertone. 
  • Glittery Beige - Natural with a gold pearl undertone. 
  • Dazzling gold - Pearlescent gold with a hint of silver. 

The 'Magic Box' can be used for trinkets or jewellery. I'm currently planning my new bedroom decor and as wrong as it seems I want to make it monochrome just so I can fit this piece in with the decor. It's so beautifully decorative that it's bound to pack a punch in any room isn't it? I'd be dreaming of it creating magic wishes, holding a sinister magical potion or some other supernatural back story. 

Anna Sui Body Balm (purple tin) is rose scented and has a teeny hint of sparkle. There is also a similar tin which is red but that's the lip balm (not pictured) and of course not forgetting the doll compact mirror above, how ornate is that? Moving on to the fab-ulous products *sigh* ...

Those nail varnishes, even if you're not a nail polish fan you can't not love the packaging can you? I ADORE it. I want them all just so they won't miss each other, there are five colours including:
  • Snow White
  • Sparkling Silver
  • Vivid Red
  • Neon Pink
  • Midnight Purple

The mascara comes in the two shades shown; Rich Black and Pink Brown (never heard of pink brown before but oh well it looks more chestnut to me personally). I'm definitely intrigued by the brown, the black doesn't excite me only because I'm truly in love with Artdeco and Benefits mascaras. 

The foundation set isn't apart of the Disney collaboration but I had to fit it in just for it's cuteness. It is an AW13 release and includes a pressed powder compact, primer and the cuteness clutch ever. I adore it and would totally rock it with a minimal outfit. Just because you hit your thirties doesn't mean you can't rock kawaii products toned down. 
It's these that have me excited. Out of everything I want need these, even if it's just a lipstick - I'd be happy with that. Pictured above is the Minnie lipsticks only seem to come in these sets so if you miss out it's going to be an Amazon or Ebay job lovelies. 

The purple gift set is called the Minnie Mouse Romantic Serenade Kit and includes the pink Minnie lipstick *sigh* and a bow shaped eyeshadow compact which includes light pink, sparkling khaki and medium brown shadows and an applicator. The red and black gift set is the Mouse Rock Song Kit and includes the red Minnie lipstick and the bow eyeshadow compact. Shades include pearl white, icy silver and diamond blue shadows and of course an applicator.

I love the red Mouse Rock Song kit but the shadows colours aren't appealing to me, I wish they'd gone deeper - more rock and roll tones. Either way I'm going to get my quirky hands on one of those lippies. 

What's your thoughts and opinions on these, which ones are you coveting? 

China Glaze City Flourish SS14 Collection

Looking forward brands are releasing details of their upcoming spring and summer 2014 collections. I love being forewarned so I can decide what I'm going to purchase and ultimately save buying things I may not love as much. 

City Glaze are releasing this collection which is called 'City Flourish' around the end of February 2014 possibly going into March. Surprisingly I love each and every colour. It feels like next years collections are bigger and better than previous ones and that's fantastic, especially if you're a polish lover. There are twelve pastel cream shades in this collection, split into two gift sets here's a sneak peek...
Colours from left to right are: 
  • Don't Honk Your Thorn 
  • Strike A Rose 
  • What A Pansy
  • Thistle Do Nicely 
  • Grass Is Lime Greener 
  • Metro Pollen-tin 

Colours from left to right are: 
  • Petal To The Metal
  • Peonies & Park Ave
  • Spring In My Step
  • In a Lily Bit 
  • Lotus Begin 
  • At Vase Value 
So pretty right? I'm absolutely enamoured by the Metro Pollen-tin yellow and the In a Lily Bit lilac. Which are your favourites? 

Guest: Coats To Suit Your Body Shape

Coats To Suit Your Body Shape

Each and every one of us has a completely different body shape. We all suit some things better than others and when it comes to buying new clothes, we definitely want the perfect fit. As Autumn is upon us and Winters following closely behind, its time to invest in a new winter coat. But which styles will best suit your body shape?

With an hourglass figure your bust and hips are closely aligned and your waist is well defined. To dress an hourglass you should focus on both the upper and lower body whilst choosing garments that show off your waist. You need to find a cut that doesn't flatten you, a single breasted coat with a skirted bottom will flatter your body shape. Adding a chunky belt will also show off your waistline.

Busty figures are top heavy and sometimes referred to as inverted triangle. Look for clothing that balances out your upper and lower body without wearing too tight clothing on top and baggy on the lower body. Avoid double breasted coats as these will flatten your assets and look uncomfortable. A v-neck line will help streamline your look and show off your figure.

Apple shapes tend to carry weight around the middle of the torso and don't have such a defined waist. Opt for a cut that creates new curves and accentuates your best assets. Avoid shapes that cling to your curves and opt for a coat that wraps across to create an a line shape. This will flatter your figure without drawing unwanted attention.  

A pear shape typically means your hips are wider than your bust and you have a well defined waist. To dress this body shape aim to enhance the upper body and balance out the lower half. Choose a style with a large collar, perhaps fur or oversized to draw attention towards the shoulders. A straight shaped coat will help balance out the curves below your waistline.

Broad Shoulders
Also often referred to as an inverted triangle, you will have a predominantly larger upper body with wider shoulder, bust and hips. Try to choose clothing that fits comfortably and isn’t straining you across the shoulders thus restricting movement. A structured coat may not fit comfortably, so choose a softer shoulder and oversized lapel which will flow effortlessly instead of straining your upper torso.

Straight frames have narrow hips and a small bust, so finding clothing that creates new curves rather than hides your figure completely is a must.  If you have a straight frame there are a few styles that will completely change your figure and create the illusion of feminine curves. Strong shoulders with double breasted details will enhance the upper body whilst a peplum style middle teamed with a belt will pull you in at the waist and create new curves.

Petite figures have narrow hips and a small bust so if you have a petite frame the last thing you want to do is look like your drowning in material. Choose a style that's no longer than your hips. Avoid busy patterns and excessive embellishments, instead look for rich, dark colours.

If you have a tall figure you can show off your assets in lots of different clothes. Flare jeans can make your legs look even longer and you can pull off longer length coats without it creating the illusion you are short. Avoid clothing that is too short, as it may appear ill fitting. If you rock the crop look team with high waisted bottoms to pull off the look. Long and lean figures can suit long lines coats perfectly. Choosing a funnel neck will further accentuate a streamlined shape.

Short Torso
For a shorter torso you should choose tops that fall slightly longer  than average and avoid tucking tops in. A longer style blazer will help to elongate a shorter torso but remember to avoid anything longer than your hips. This style of coat will help show off the length of your legs.

Short Legs
High waisted bottoms will help accentuate your legs so they appear longer. Choose a coat that covers your hips but again is not too long that it makes you appear shorter. A belt above your natural waistline will instantly create the illusion of longer legs.

As every woman is different, you may fall into more than one body shape category. Combine tips from each style to find the perfect fit for you. Also take col ours and patterns into consideration. Loud colours and designs will draw attention, which you may or may not want. Darker colours can be slimming and lighter colours are good for creating curves.

Emily Matthews works in e-commerce at Sports Direct. After graduating in design she now creates blogs and social media content specialising in sportswear, jackets and coats, collaborating with fashion bloggers to advice and discuss topics relevant to this category. For more information you can visit the sports direct website here.

Clear Start By Dermalogica Launches

Dermalogica have created a new sister branded collection named 'Clear Start.' This collection is aimed primarily at teenagers and young adults but you and me know that it's suited to all skin types, especially those with combination, oily, pimple prone, hormonal and just skin that acts naughty. 

Developed to prevent the signs of acne, pimples and blackheads these products are tough but kind. They do not contain alcohol which strips the skin of essential oils, artificial fragrances or colourings or aggressive chemicals which will ultimately irritate and harass your skin. What I especially love about this range is that it's affordable, it's widespread enough to cover all skin complaints - as someone with skin that is naughty I really can't wait to get my hands on this to try it out. 

Products in the range include: 

  • Breakout Clearing Foam Wash (£13) - Ingredients include orange peel and tea-tree to energise and refresh the skin. 
  • Breakout Clearing All Over Toner (£13) - Controls excess oils and eliminated breakouts on the face and body. 
  • Blackhead Clearing Pore Control Scrub (£13) - Scrub away dead skin cells with the gentle microbeads. I wish they'd used something a bit more natural as microbeads are hazardous to sea animals. 
  • Breakout Clearing Daytime Treatment (£16) - Lightweight moisturiser that breaks up bacterial to help wipe away excess oils. 
  • Oil Clearing Matte Moisturiser with SPF15 (£16) - Contains African Whitewood Bark to absorb oil and lightly moisturise your face. 
  • Breakout Clearing Emergency Spot Fix (£13) - Formulated with seven botanicals including lavender, tea tree and camellia sinensis. 
  • Breakout Clearing Cooling Masque (£16) - Helps to clear skin. It contains plant and fruit extracts such as liquorice which soothes irritation and targets pesky breakouts.
  • Breakout Clearing Overnight Treatment (£13) - Contains camphor and meadowsweet to reduce oil production.  

You can check out the Clear Start collection over on the Dermalogica website HERE. Is this a collection that you would consider purchasing? does your skin act naughty? 

The Vegan Kind Box

It's here. I have been really excited about this box service because there's nothing like it out there. My ideal world would be one where I was 100% vegan, that includes making or buying eco friendly-vegan cleansing products, beauty, fashion and home interiors. I already make a lot of home cleaning products and I use to make some body creams and perfumes but work and life got in the way so that kind of went out of the window. 

This box makes things easier, it includes a range of products to suit for health, beauty and lifestyle. These boxes cost £10 and are monthly boxes. Here's what was inside mine... 


  • Clearspring Organic Miso Bouillon Paste  (£2.89) (concentrated vegetable stock) - Contains 4 sachets. I adore Miso and use it quite a lot, if you haven't tried Miso before I really recommend it. It's fermented soya that tastes really rich and homely. 
  • The VEGG Vegan Egg Yolk (£4.45) One teaspoon mixed is the equivalent of 2-3 egg yolks. Fantastic for French toast or even Vegan cupcakes. I've not used it yet but I'm very excited, I have some cupcakes planned for it. 
  • 25g Packet Of Good Stuff Sour Cherry Sweets (£0.35) I love this brand, we buy the peach sweets regularly. Good Stuff contain no gelatin, fat, dairy, artificial colourings or artificial flavourings but taste absolutely amazing.  Needless to say these have been munched and they are s-u-p-e-r sour. 
  • Living Naturally Soapnut Shells Sample Pack (£3.49) I love soapnuts and use them regularly, for those not in the know soapnuts contain saponin which is what gives soaps their 'bubbles'. Most companies use harmful SLS and SLE to give their products bubble but these ingredients are carcinogenic. Would you chance using something that's possibly cancer inducing on your children? Soapnuts are natural and do not increase your chance of cells mutating and causing a range of health issues and cancer, it can also be used as washing liquid, all purpose cleaner and face and body cleansers. A little goes a long way as it takes around 4 soapnuts to clean a heavily dirty load, you just pop them in the muslin bag provided and chuck it in the wash. If you want to create a 'scent' you can grate up some of the soap, make a wash 'gloop' and add some essential oils to your gloop. I'll post more on the washing gloop in a separate post. 
  •  Rose Castille Soapnut Soap 90g Sample. Can be used on your face, body, grated in your washing, grated and added to an soapnut all purpose cleanser... the uses are limitless really. 
  • Soapnut Liquid Laundry Detergent - I've not used this yet but I will do so tomorrow. This comes in a heavy amber glass 10 or 15ml bottle. 
  • Bonus items - Include a TVK badge and a glossy recipe for 'Vegan Vox's Slow Cooker Leek and Potato Soup, this looks scrummy and I'm currently addicted to my slow cooker. I use it every single day! A recipe card will come with each delivery and in your third subscription month you will receive a ring binder as these have punched holes for quick filing.  
Overall I'm super impressed and really excited to see where the future takes The Vegan Kind. I found making the change from vegetarian to vegan (I'm currently still on pledge) frustrating, I've always reverted between vegetarian and vegan simply because I found it difficult and expensive to stick to only vegan meals - The Vegan Kind allows me to try products I may have not considered and just makes the conversion so much more simple. 

I think there TVK is definitely filling a gap in the market, we have plenty of beauty boxes and some lifestyle boxes but nothing that caters to vegans. Oh and I've even managed to recycle the posting box. My sons came home telling me the shoebox appeal collection was back on. Here's what we filled it with, ready to be sent tomorrow (anti-bacterial hand gel, sanitary protection, hand and body wash, pencils, little toys, toothbrush, shampoo, floss, candles, a heart decoration, books, lip balm, hair bobbles and ribbons and other bits and bobs). 

You can also join in the vegan fun by signing up over on The Vegan Kind website.

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* PR sample - All words are my own *

Christmas Birchbox Sneak Peek

When it comes to beauty boxes it's pretty hit or miss. There are a few branded boxes I just don't bother with anymore - Glossybox being the main one. Having tested all of the beauty boxes I found Birchbox was by far the best. The products were relevant and seemed to be well thought out rather than just thrown in to take up a space. 

I normally wouldn't post a sneak peek up of a beauty box because they are so common but this one looked awesome. It's limited edition and includes brands such as Molton Brown, Liz Earle, Macademia, Givenchy, Teapigs (adore their chai tea) and Twistbands. I love Twistbands and use them everytime I pop my hair up, it was Birchbox I received mine from last year. 

The Christmas box will go on sale from November 18th over on their website HERE.  

Clarisonic & Lancome Christmas Gift Sets

Clarisonic is collaborating with Lancome on the perfect skincare gift sets. What I will say is if you've asked Santa for a Clarisonic this Christmas you may want to reconsider and ask for any of these gift sets. 

The first gift set will cost £125 and includes the Clarisonic Mia 2. Also included is the Lancome Gel Eclat and Lancome Visionnaire. This is definitely being released in the UK. The next gift set is definitely being released in America but I'm not 100% sure if it's heading this way or not, I shall try to get some comments from the company and update you as soon as they respond. 

Clarisonic & Holiday Gift Set

Includes the Clarisonic Aria Sonic which has 3 speeds and charges via a USB. Lancome products include Lancome Creme Radiance Clarifying Cleanser, Lancome Genefique Youth Activating Concentrate and Lancome Visionnaire Advanced Skincare Corrector. 

They both look amazing but the second looks better because it has more. I wish America and UK releases were similar, it seems the UK get the poorer sets from most brands don't they? either way I'd fully recommend the initial gift set because it's value for money. Don't you just love Christmas gift sets. 

You can visit Clarisonic's website HERE where it's already being stocked and the Lancome website HERE

Queen Cosmetics Eye Make-Up Remover Review & Vlog

I was recently contacted by Queen Cosmetics and asked if I would test out their Eye Make-up Remover, I had heard of the brand but hadn't purchased anything so I was definitely excited about testing out the remover, I find most removers don't meet my high standards. Testing a remover out on Benefit's They're Real Mascara seems to be my normal way of testing how good make-up removers are. 

Most remove some of the mascara but the next day I'm left with spider lashes or panda eyes, the worst offenders don't really do anything to the They're Real Mascara. Take a peek at the video and I'll explain how this remover works and if it was in fact any good. 

You can see why I had to create the little video. Photo's alone didn't really show how it worked because it simply looked like a standard face cream or cleansing cream - it isn't obviously. Apologies firstly for the quality of the video, it was taken with my mobile literally as a spur of the moment idea and was done one handed. 

The Queen eye Make-Up Remover comes in a 50ml sized post and costs £15.50, considering how long this is going to last (and I'd say it's going to last around a year to be honest) means that it's super value for money. I spend a lot of money on removers so this was a real breath of fresh air. The novel idea of making it a melt-able solid is genius. 

You can pick this up over on the Queen Cosmetics website HERE if you want to get in on this action. Believe me you want to, especially with party season coming up fast. 

Aromatherapy Associates Skincare

This is my first foray into Aromatherapy Associated skincare range, I've been trying to take steps to get healthier and to change my lifestyle to the one I wish I had. What especially stands out about this brand is that it's suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Natural skincare these days is so technologically advanced that I've yet to use a product I didn't like. 

Pictured above is the Aromatherapy Associates Soothing Treatment Mask 100ml (£51)and the Aromatherapy Associates Mattifying Purifying Facial Scrub, Balancing & Refining, 100ml (£27.99) above and I've been testing these beauties out for the last 10 days. 

The Soothing Treatment Mask is an anti-inflammatory mask that soothes, plumps up the skin and hydrates. It's quite thick which means you only need a really small amount to cover your face and neck. Active ingredients include liquorice and cotton thistle which work to smooth the appearance of fine lines and uneven texture. It's one of those products that leaves you amazed by how well it works, but it's really difficult to explain what makes it so good in comparison to other thick natural masks. It does carry a hefty price tag but given how well it works and the premium ingredients that's within it I really think it's an excellent - but worthy, investment. 

The Purifying Facial Scrub is lovely and thick, you mix it with a little warm water and apply like you would any scrub you only need a little as a little goes-along-way let me tell. Ingredients include petitgrain, geranium and corn granules to give it the scrubby texture. The natural clay in the scrub helps to draw out impurities and I did break out slightly after the first three uses but it cleared up quickly. Overall it has helped to balance out my oily skin leaving it feeling clean, normal and comfortable and that's all I could ever ask for. 

Another tiny detail that I absolutely adore is the packaging. It's a simple opening lid but look at it, it's not a run of the mill box opening which makes me love it so much more. I really adore unique packaging. You can purchase these over on the Aromatherapy Associates website HERE, they have lots of yummy skincare for all skin complaints. 

October 2013 Empties || Thoughts & Opinions

Phew this months been a bit more productive as you can see, I've still got a fair bit that just coming to an end - luckily for me because this post would have been mega long. You'll see it's been all about the creams and lotions for the past few weeks and I've no doubt November's going to be the same as I try to search for some form of peace with my naughty skin and it's sudden sprout of pimples. 

I also have some male products in here just for good measures, well it was actually ASDA's fault for sending me male products instead of the female versions I actually ordered in my home shopping *naughty ASDA's* 

Here goes with the list: 

Mark Hill MiracOILicious Hair Oil (review here) - I will be buying more of this tomorrow for sure, I doubt I could ever go without this product now. I've found my hair has tamed a lot, it's gotten shinier, more manageable and I rarely have to use conditioner. I use to have to condition it every single day which is never a good thing. 

E45 Nourish & Restore Body Lotion - I was sent this to review from Bzz Agent and I've had it for a while now simply because it's not great. It absorbs quickly but it leaves this funny feeling that's neither moisturising or well anything, it's also scented but too scented for my taste. I won't be purchasing this again. 

Next Define Body Spray - This has always reminded me of Georgio Armani SHE perfume, I actually picked it up as a handy travel spray, I forgot to pop my perfume in my bag and seeing this thought I'd purchase it. I still like the scent but not as much as I use to say seven years ago when I first sniffed the fragrance.

T-Zone Tea Tree Roll On - You can pick these up in ASDA's and even Poundland I believe, I loved this as it did help my skin so I will be purchasing it again sharpish. 

Etat Pur Light Moisturizing Lotion (review here) - This lotion is surprisingly moisturising given how light it is, it has a unique texture that feels amazing on. I'm also sure this helps normalise my combination skin type. I will be buying more Etat Pur items for sure. 

Apothederm Stretch Mark Cream (review here) - This carries a hefty price tag and while it did do what it was suppose to I doubt I would be able to repurchase this again so close to Christmas time *sigh* 

Nivea Cream - I found this hiding in the bottom of my drawer and it's been getting used nightly on my tootsies, while it's far too heavy for my face and it leaves a dry oil feeling on my hands and body it has been perfect for my feet. It's iconic isn't it, I doubt this will ever go out but I don't see myself repurchasing it through choice. 

Clean & Clear Deep Cleansing Lotion - It was this finishing that lead me to purchase the L'Oreal Mature skin toner that I adore. It's formulated for sensitive skins but it is strong - it will sting but in the war against spots it does the trick. 

Vosene 2 in 1 Anti-Dandruff Shampoo & Conditioner - Initially purchased for my sons but decided to be frivolous and give it a whirl. It is a-w-e-s-o-m-e! the best shampoo I have tried recently put it that way. It's a new formulation but my hair ends up so soft, shiny and manageable. 

Palmolive Men Revitalising Sport Wash - Bleurgh this wasn't great. Too scented, too fake and just wasn't nice to use. I think it's definitely a mans wash or someone who likes to wash and go. I won't be purchasing this and didn't plan on having this but ASDA send me this as a replacement - cheeky mares. 

Right Guard Xtreme Invisible Body Spray - I reviewed the the female version a while back and also Instagrammed a picture of how well it works by comparing it to another brand, I sprayed both brands on a piece of black paper - the other brand left major white marks, the Xtreme Invisible Spray left nothing! It was the female one I wanted and while the male versions good it's not quite as powerful as the female version as it left 'some' marks. 

Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Oil Balancing Face Cream (review here) - I love this. If you don't like tea-tree this isn't the cream for you, it's light, fresh and helps spots and combi skin types. I could write that I'm going to purchase it again but I already have. 

Right Guard Woman Xtreme Invisible Roll On - Sorted the issue of ASDA sending me the male deodorants, I decided to purchase the roll on and I'm glad I did. It lasts twice as long and stops me perspiring and leaves NO white marks *yay* 

Green People Nurture Body Lotion - This has a citrus scent, I'm not a fan. It moisturises but I wasn't too keen on the texture or the scent. 

Cuticura Anti Bacterial Hand Gel - I purchase this every single week from ASDA's. It smells really nice and doesn't leave your hands feeling completely dried out. I will continue to purchase this as we all like this brand. 

Bliss Fabulous Everyday Eye Cream - I got this in the Bliss starter pack which was on sale at House of Frasers. It's OK and it does what it says on the tin but it didn't give me that wow factor that I look for with most products. 

Glamglow Mud Mask (review here) - I adore Glamglow products and really should be signed up to an affiliate service with them as I'm always telling people about how awesome it is. I will continually use this brand and the mud masks. 

Rapidshield Daily Conditioner (review here) - This is crazy amazing, my lashes are long-oh so long. I actually loved the daily conditioner more than the lash growth serum and I really think they both do the same thing? 

Burberry Body Perfume - Absinthe, Peach and Freesia what's not to love. This has a grown up musky note to it. If you love sweeter than sweet fragrances you're not going to love this but if you like something a bit more sophisticated I fully recommend this. 

Sampar Prodigal Pen Roll On (review here) - It treats spots, migraines and I used to use it nightly to soothe my mind and also prior to meditating. It's wonderful, I will be purchasing a replacement for sure. I'm a Sampar convert. 

Bubb & DIMPLES Ltd Edt Body Cream (review here) - Rose scented goodness, this cream has the perfect consistency and lasting power. I've been using it as a hand and cuticle cream and it's improved my life so much. Sounds silly doesn't it, but after getting lots of Gelish manicures the nerves in my fingertips and nails were on hyper mode. Anytime I touched paper (which is all the time) or anything that was remotely textured or dry my whole body hurt and shivered resulting in mega goose-pimples. It also hurt my teeth. This cream helped provide the moisture and barrier protection needed to enable my nails to repair. Although the issue isn't fully resolved I can now wear polish, use toilet paper and read a magazine without feeling like throwing up. 

L'Occitane Divine Cream - This was a sample I was sent a while back from a L'Occitane purchase, I love that they send you some samples with your order. I adore the Divine range but this time around, with my skin definitely eeking on the side of oily and spotty it didn't sit too well. It felt too oily and too heavy. I still love it though. 

What empties did you use last month? Does anyone else feel like this year has flown by?