And The Colour For 2014 Is......

Radiant Orchid - Pantone shade 18-3224 is the colour for 2014. Who would have thought this lilac,lavender and pink hybrid would make the grade. Personally I would have gone for Grayed Jade or Linen but then I'm not the trend maker over at Pantone. 

I do know there will be loads of ladies who adore this shade, if you love it you should totally work it. For me, I just feel like I've been there and done that and looked like a dogs dinner - purples don't work on me *sobs* 

Apparently this shade inspires confidence, emanates great job, love and health. I'm not going to start doubting the powers of colour therapy now so I will give it a bash - probably. I want confidence, great job prospects and health; who doesn't? 

This winning colour also made it's way into the Pantone Fashion Colour Report Spring 2014 so it is being picked up by major designers, it's said that Jackie Fraser-Swan, Yoana Baraschi and Juicy Couture have already planned their Radiant Orchid touches on the SS14 collections so if you're hating on this shade chances are you're going to hate the spring and summer styles on the high street. 

Will you be rocking Radiant Orchid or giving it a miss? 

Burberry SS14

Burberry are showcasing pretty pastels for SS14 and this polish collection embodies that trend perfectly. The shades are still vibrant enough to take you into Summer but, they're more muted - I love muted tones as they really can really be worn through all seasons. 

The collection consists of six polishes in the typical Burberry chic packaging, here's a peek at the collection gift boxed - warning it will make you want it.... 

The shades available are pale grape, rose pink, mink, mauve, pale yellow and bright forest green. Which is your favourite? I'd love to get rose pink on my nails with mink as a focal nail or French tip. 

The make-up collection consists of the Effortless Mascara in midnight blue, the Complete Eye Palette, Pink Heather Lip Mist and Trench Kiss Lip Mist. *Sigh* so gorgeous. I love those shades and would totally wear these every day, plus the packaging is so chic you'd be forced to keep it on show wouldn't you? 

The collection is released in January 2014 so you won't have to wait too long sweeties. 

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Zoya Naturel Collection 2014

N-uuuuu-des! I love me some nudes and this collection is outstanding. It's the Zoya Naturel Collection which is due for release in America in January 2014, it will probably arrive here around February time to be fair. 

The collection consists of six polishes all in buttery nudes and mauve shades. Each of the polishes offer a full coverage glossy finish and can be worn on their own or coordinated with each of the other shades in the collection. 

How amazing are these shades for the start of a year though? I love New Year not because of the parties or anything as exciting as that, but purely because it's like the slates been wiped and you have a new chance at doing something amazing. I get very purity focussed at the start of a new year in the same way that I did after having each of my sons - kooky I know but it's all me and my Zen loving ways. 

So here's a peek at the darker of the six shades. These are more mauve-purple than the other three, colours include ZP707 Brigitte (Bombshell Mauve Cream), ZP708 Odette (Sultry Maroon Cream) and ZO709 Normani (Sable Mauve Cream). I hate that they use ZPnumbers because it makes it feel so formal, there's no real connection to the shade with those formats. 

The lighter of the six and my favourites are these shades. How perfect do they look together? These shades are ZP704 Chantal (French Vanilla Cream), ZP705 Taylor (Light Toffee Cream) and ZP706 Rue (Boudoir Blush Cream). 

I know most of you will have tried Zoya or at least know of the brand, if you don't I can tell you that all Zoya polishes are made without formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, dibutyl phthalate, toluene and camphor. These ingredients are nas-tay let me tell you that so the fact that Zoya has acknowledged that and created these polishes deserves a round of applause. The fact they've created these creamy nudes deserves a big E-hug! 

You can pick these up on January 1st 2014 from Zoya here if you live in the USA and either Nail Care Club here or Nail Polish Direct here

Did You Hear About These Crazy Rumors

Vegan, natural and yummy. This isn't how I remember crazy rumours starting but, this is a different type of crazy rumour - this crazy rumor is actually a lip balm brand. 

The balms made by the brand are 100% natural, certified organic and contain fantastic ingredients such as organic Shea butter and organic Jojoba. Created in 2003 by an American couple who found it difficult to find a lip balm that was natural, kind to the skin and worked exceptionally well. This led them to create their own - I'm all for couples or friends creating products and starting businesses I find it highly inspirational, don't you? 

Well, they're making their way to our shores this month and will be stocked exclusively at Holland & Barrett stores. Priced at £3.49 these are affordable for all budgets and make great little stocking fillers too. 

I plan to get my paws on a few flavours all going well, as soon as they're available I'm planning on snapping up Gingerbread which is a limited edition flavour and then going forward possibly the coffee inspired ones, that is if Holland & Barrett stock them. I'd love to hear what your thoughts are on this brand? 

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Clinique 16 shades of Beige Collection

Do you remember when I posted about the Christian Louboutin nude collection? I absolutely loved that Louboutin's where finally launching shoes that suited all skin tones and not the standard pinky-peace nude. 

Imagine my delight when I heard that Clinique were launching a limited edition collection called '16 Shades of Beige' which is due to be released around February 2014. This means that polish lovers can actually get a real nude manicure rather than a nude for some girls type manicure. 

What I love about this is that every single colour in this collection regardless of actual skintone is wearable. Imagine the gorgeous nail art you could do with this, ombre anyone? The collection consists of eight nail polish shades and an eyeshadow palette.  You could completely wear this to work, during the day and then out at night, just add some darker tones to complete a gorgeous smoky eye or add a focal nail in a darker shade with some diamante or glitter bling.

The polishes have been made so that even the most sensitive skins can wear them with comfort. The shades available are from light to dark: 
  • Room Service, Peek a Boo I See You, Birthday Suit, Pajama Party, Tickle Me, Do Not Disturb, Chocolate On My Pillow and Nighty Night. 
What do you think lovelies? Pretty amazing and a step in the right direction. I do think most brands should cater to lighter and darker skintones instead of sticking to middle tones. 

NanoKeratin System // After Care Products

Keratin products have exploded onto the market over the last few years, I know a lot of people in the past who had keratin treatments done - here and abroad and their hair was completely ruined. There's a lady I know who had a keratin treatment and her hair is frizzy, doesn't grow and is still fine and brittle years after. Apparently the issue is with formaldehyde as a lot of companies were using levels way above the recommended maximum which is utterly shocking. 

Initially the keratin horror stories scared me into staying well away from any keratin products but, having read many reviews and finding a lot of people have tried recent keratin based products with success it lead me to find NanoKeratin System.  NanoKeratin System is used by the likes of Toni & Guy - you know when a major hairdressers and haircare brand are using another brand it's got to be fabulous. Oh and that issue with formaldehyde and your hair being ruined doesn't factor in this case as Toni & Guy even sent away random bottles of NanoKeratin away to be tested and they were a-OK! 

I've been testing three products from the brand which fall within the after care category, because I have coloured hair I was sent products to suit my hair type - these have the green tab at the bottom. The first is the Replenish Colour Preserving Mask. The mask is designed to obviously replenish the hair adding moisture and life to hair that's pretty dull, uninteresting and lack-lustre. It went on like any hair mask would but I found once I washed it out it didn't leave that horrible residue in my hair, you know that residue that makes you wonder if it's actually out or not.  

The other products I received where Recondition Colour Preserving Conditioner and Preserve Colour Shampoo, these also work to mimic and place lost keratin while improving the hairs look and feel in the same way that the mask does. All three of these products work to improve your hairs health in a positive way and they feel delicate and silky on the hair but they pack a hefty beneficial punch. My hair felt soft, shiny and just more manageable in every way and I found there was less frizz from humidity (which normally annoys the living daylights out of me) and my combination hair has kept it's shine and bounce for that little bit longer - coincidence? I doubt it as my hair played nice the whole time I used these products. 

To test my theory on it not being a coincidence I changed my products to Vosene (to keep nits and bugs at bay for my sons) and my hair and scalp feel like it's needing pulled off and rebuilt as it's so dry and uncomfortable. My hair also feels dry, limp and frizzy which is a big disappointment as it was doing so well with the NanoKeratin products - over all without these products my scalp feels terrible and I do too. 

NanoKeratin System offer in salon treatments that will de-frizz, repair and improve the look and feel of your hair. It's a girl's dream situation right. I plan to get a salon treatment for sure but only in a salon that uses NanoKeratin. You can of course purchase the home products over on the Toni & Guy website here and you can find out more about the brand and products over on their website here

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Cynthia Rowley & Birchbox Collaboration

Wowsers. Cythia Rowley is dipping her toes into the beauty world with her collaborated cosmetic collection with Birchbox. I wonder what lead to these to brands coming together and if it was Rowley's team that contacted Birchbox or vice-versa? Overall there will be three limited edition products launched, you can take a peek at one of them below in closer detail...

The exclusive collection include a black liquid eyeliner, this gorgeous smoky pink and plum eyeshadow palette and a gorgeous gilded beauty bag. There's talk that there will be more releases from this collaborative brand duo in the spring but seriously I'm just blogging about this because of this utterly sexy palette. 

The worst part - so far it's only hitting America. I hope that Birchbox UK bring this over here because I would sign up or purchase this in an instant. Out of all of the beauty box subscription brands I do love Birchbox, they're products are always quality and are consistently good. Other brand boxes have been pretty hit-or-miss. 

Of course if I find out anymore I will keep you all updated. 

Binky London Launches New Polish Collection

Yup I unashamedly watch Made in Chelsea. I'm not sure why as most of the characters really annoy the living daylights out of me - Especially Spencer Matthews. I don't watch a lot of reality TV to be honest but MIC has just become a habit I suppose. 

One of my favourite characters is Binky Felstead as I understand her, she seems to be the one everyone goes to with their problems, the one that attracts the less amount of drama and she's just so friendly isn't she. I like her. 

What I didn't know is that Binky has her own nail polish collection under the brand 'Binky London.' She's just unveiled her new nail polish collection which includes two sets of five polish (pictured above). These sets are gel effect polishes with pearled top coat, the other set is a Christmas themed set with a free glitter top coat. 

These will be sold over on the Ideal World TV website and I presume channel. In January the full range of 38 shades will be released and they will be priced £4.95. You might be reading this thinking 'meh' why would I want 'Binky' polishes? If you adore Models Own, Me Me Me cosmetics, Kubiss, ASDA, Collection 2000 or Smashbox cosmetics then you may be slightly more intrigued to know they're all made by the same company. 

Personally I like the colours and for me I'd purchase most polish brands if I liked the colour and I knew it was a good formula. I'm definitely intrigued to find out if these match say the gel effect polishes by Nails Inc as they're definitely lower cost. Do you find you stay within a few brands or are you someone who likes to test the polish waters? 

You can find these over on the Ideal World website here

Nina Ricci & Laduree Collaboration : La Tentation de Nina

Nina Ricci perfumes are the epitome of feminine beauty and class. For those who have sniffed the scents in their back catalogue you'll know what I mean by them being addictive. The fragrances come in apple shaped bottles and this collaboration with Laduree of all brands is no exception. 

Laduree are a premium macaron company based originally in France. They have seriously tasty flavours of macarons such as Caramel and Salted Butter, Orange Blossom, Madagascar Chocolate and yummy Lemon. Look at how amazingly pretty these gold leafed macarons are for example. 

At first I was thinking it was strange that these two brands would come together, that is until I delved a bit deeper. The main accord of La Tentation de Nina is of course macaron, other notes include Italian Bergamot, Citrus Facets, Grapefruit, Raspberries, Almonds, Lemons and Bulgarian Rose; these notes sit on a base of Bourbon Vanilla, White Musk and Sandalwood. 

I want in! had it just been the sweet notes I would have given it a miss, those fruity and sweet notes coupled with that sultry base wow-wee, it sounds delectable and I want to smell like a sexy macaron. 

The bottle itself is simply gorgeous, it's very girlie and feminine without being too young. The fragrance will be released on January 27th and will cost £40 for 50ml from the usual stores sweeties. 

Eye of Horus Smokey Eye Pencil

I've heard a lot about the Eye of Horus brand over the last few months but initially felt frustrated that it was another brand that looked fantastic but wasn't available in the UK - well, its finally arrived! Eye of Horus are an Australian beauty brand that create products that use naturally derived ingredients. It's achieved cult status in it's home country as well as New Zealand and the Philippines, it's now our turn. 

There are a few products in the range, I chose one of these products as a PR sample (thank you Eye of Horus) and it came packaged in this utterly gorgeous gift bag. So do you want to see what product I chose?... 

The Goddess Smokey Eye Pencil comes in seven shades, I have the Smokey eye pencil but you can also choose the Emerald (dark green), Bronze (bronze), Charcoal (slate black), Nubian Brown (dark brown), Serpentine (olive green) and Teal Malachite (teal). 

It's duel ended as you can see with the pencil on one end and the smudger on the other. I love that you can apply this as a bold dark line or you can smudge it out to give your peepers the perfect sultry smoky-eye. 

The pencil definitely applied like a kohl pencil in that it's soft and creamy. It blends easily but don't be mistaking for thinking it's going to come off once applied, because it's not. Once applied this remains firmly in place and is best removed with make-up remover. I've never found a liner that stays put so this is a real treasure for me as I do have oily eyelids. 

Also included in the collection is Goddess Mascara (£17), Liquid Define (£13) and Goddess Pencils (£13). The Goddess Mascara is suitable for sensitive skins and contains Moringa Oil which is full of vitamins and fatty acids, these help to strengthen your lashes and the overall lash structure. Liquid Define is a felt tip pen type black liner that allows you to get a perfect cat eye fast and effectively - I've used felt pen liners before and I really wouldn't ever go back to ink liners. With a felt you get a perfect line that's all evenly coloured, with ink it's pretty hit or miss depending on the brush, your shakiness and how your oily or dry your eyelids are that day. 

Overall just trying this one product I really want to try the rest, you know how it is when you expect a product to perform well and it exceeds your expectations it makes you want more, similarly if something's rubbish it stops you from purchasing more from that brands - at least for a little while.

You can check out the products over on their website

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NOTHS Wishlist - Christmas Gift For Her

NOTHS Wishlist

I'm trying to tie up the lose ends with my Christmas shopping and headed straight to Not On The High Street (NOTHS) for some custom and personalised items. As usual though what plans to be a quick on and quick off online shops results in hours being spent perusing the imaginary isles of the NOTHS website. 

I figured I should do a Christmas gift guide with ten gorgeous items suitable for 'her' (aunts, sisters, cousins, grans etc). I love NOTHS because you really do find items that are absolutely unusual and out of this world - you cannot get this from the high street and you certainly can't get this level standard in a gift for the affordable prices you see on the website. 

I'll be back with a few more gift guides over the next week so if there's a gift guide you especially want to see or, you're having trouble purchasing a gift for that certain someone, drop me a line and I'll do my best to help you out. 

I hope you enjoy this quick gift guide and Happy first of December sweeties (it shall be the second as you read this though). 

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My New Boots - Imogen by Simmi Shoes

'Hey I put some new shoes on and everything's gonna' be all right...'

I recently purchased these beauties below from River Island which cost me £60, I love them. They're simple, functional and comfortable but the detailing on them brings them up to date. 

I figured with that impending snow warning flats were the best option but, when it never arrived I missed me some heels. So... I found one's that are so spookily similar but they have heels. The best thing is that they only cost £38; these are called 'Imogen' and are just amazing. 

I've worn them on the long school walk and out shopping and they never pinched or nicked my heels at all, sizing wise they're true to size. I'm a 3.5 but got a 4 and I wear these with socks so they fit perfectly. The River Island ones however are also a size 4 but are quite big, I probably could have done with a size 3 but apparently they don't do size 3's in all styles *booo*

I plan to wear these with my Christmas dress because I think booties like these look so cute with the right dress, day to day wear I've worn them with leggings (as shown above) and also super thick tights, skirt and my shirts. 

Simmi's website offers lots of gorgeous footwear, I especially love the cut out style booties but figured it was pointless because of the impending snow but now I've got mine, I badly want the cut outs now. For example these flat Robyn boots with the cut-outs and tassle were one of the pairs that I debated getting, I still really want these. What do you think? Should I purchase these? 

Have you purchased any new boots or wellies in preparation for the winter weather? You can shop these boots and lots of other boots including top brands such as Converse and Dr Martens from Simmi Shoes here

2True Pro Sparkles Glitter Powder For Nails

Sparkles, how I love sparkles. 

I was absolutely in my element when these beauties popped through the door, having previously reviewed the Kimberly Pro Glitter here I was  excited to get my glitter on. These three glitters are by 2True which are stocked in Superdrug's across the UK, the brand offer a range of beauty products at low prices but they're products are really good in my opinion - I'd say they're on par with Bourjois although Bourjois have a higher price point. 

The glitters I received was Alesha (multi-coloured), Cheryl (pink-red) and Danni (gold). I did mistakenly think that Cheryl was a red glitter but as you'll see below it definitely takes on more of a pink shade which is still very beautiful. 

Here's a swatch-a-thon of the sparkles...

From left to right is: 

Alesha on it's own, Danni on it's own; 3 layers with Alesha at the top, Danni in the centre and Cheryl on the bottom, Cheryl on it's own. Danni delicately sprinkled on top of a red base polish and Alesha sprinkled on a black polish base. 

My favourite is the Alesha multi-coloured sparkles on the black, you can't see the sparkle as much in the photo but these babies really glitter and shine. You can use them to cover your whole nail, a section of your nail or delicately sprinkle on top of your polish before adding a top coat to seal. 

My genius beauty therapist cousin Gina adds these to her Shellac mani's and it looks so beautiful so you could definitely work these in with your Gelish or CND gels without them melting or bleeding. On a similar multi-functional note you can add some to your hair or mix with some moisturiser to get your glitter on for partying this New Year - of course a little goes a long way as this is very sparkly but it's fine so won't look out of place. 

You can purchase 2True Pro Sparkles products instore or online at Superdrug's here. Cheryl and Danni are currently only £2 where as Alesha is £4 but these will last a long time - promise. 

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Barry M Majesty Polish From The Royal Glitter Collection


I was out shopping at my local River Island last week and came across this Barry M polish. While most Barry M polishes don't tend to catch my eye - purely because I know they're so readily available this little beauty had to jump into my shopping basket, oh along with a One Direction colouring book for my niece (she's going to LOVE it). 

You maybe wondering why there was a love at first sight moment with this polish, after all it's just a polish but I absolutely fall for any liquid sand - textured type of polish. I can't get enough of them. It all comes down to me being a lazy nail girl as I find liquid sands are far more durable and last longer than a smooth coat, this of course means that my mani lasts longer and I can go about life as normal without stressing about major chips *yay*.

This is 'Majesty' (TNP6) and it's apart of the Royal Glitter collection and is perfect for Christmas don't you think? Here's a quick swatch...

It's a one coater but, I add another coat just to ensure it lasts that little bit longer. It dries to a liquid sand but it's a full coverage glitter too - it sparkles a lot which isn't really clear in this picture. I forgot to take a photo of my manicure but this snap that I took for the Jewelcandle jewellery shows Majesty in action, this was four days in and it still looks fab on. 

You can pick this up for £3.99 both in Boots and River Island. I'm definitely going to pick up the rest of the collection because it's so pretty. If you love glitter, sparkle or liquid sands then you're going to love these Barry M polishes. For £3.99 the coverage is amazing and it lasts, I'd say it on par with OPI's liquid sands in relation to lasting power. Check out the rest of the range over on the Barry M website here

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Rituals Laughing Buddah Range || Good Luck Scrub

'The amount of good luck coming your way depends on your willingness to act on it

The quote above is apparently by Barbara Sher and it's an exact representation of this brand and this product. As a bohemian woman I am naturally drawn to brand and well, anything that portrays these beliefs. I am a Rituals brand convert mostly because their products really pack a spiritual punch and because I can always relate to the deeper meaning behind each product. 

Pictured above is the Good Luck Scrub which is part of the Rituals Laughing Buddha range. Scented with sweet orange and cedar wood I promise you this smells a little bit naughty with a hint of zingy. 

The Laughing Buddha range was named after a famous monk from 1100 years ago that was said to have spread happiness everywhere he went. The tradition of rubbing the Buddha's belly to symbolise happiness, good luck and prosperity came from this particular Buddha. Rituals wanted to extend this symbolism into a range of products which includes  scrubs, body oils, shower foam, body cream, deodorants, perfumed oils and a room spray. Basically the range covers everything from cleansing to scenting your body and home. 

This scrub is made using organic sugar and softening oils, as soon as I pulled back the seal the perfume hit me and I couldn't get enough. It's fruity, vibrant with a hint of seduction - seductions good, I can never turn down something that's going to me me feel all womanly and sexy. I'm sure this scent will also make you smile too. 

I use this on the weekends to really cleanse and exfoliate my body. I steer clear of my face due to it being scented and the sugars are quite grainy which isn't suitable for the delicate facial area. As a body scrub however it's perfect. When you scrub with this it disintegrates into a gorgeous creamy oil that nourishes your body leaving it soft and glowing, it's so lush to use and the scrubby sugars don't nick or sting your skin even if you have cuts or tender parts. 

I fully believe in the law of attraction, as much as it sounds like hippy-dippy stuff it really works. I love that when I go into the bathroom this vibrant orange tub automatically makes me think of good luck and happiness. I'm pretty sure it's this positive mental attitude that's helped to bring forward all of the good things that's come our way recently. Positive is as positive does. 

You can purchase the Good Luck scrub, and also the rest of the Laughing Buddha Rituals collection over on the Rituals website here. However, if you're after a bargain you can go through Quidco and get free delivery and 7% cash back.  

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