Lipstick Queen // Vesuvius Liquid Lips

Lipstick Queen are launching their new Vesuvius Liquid Lips collection this February. The collection consists of six gorgeous shades of liquid lipstick which offer a high glossy shine and a moisturising formula. I have to say I love the look of some of the Lipstick Queen lippies - the brighter the better. I've noticed mostly that the stand alone lipsticks are better shades than say the gift packs. Had I come across these Liquid Lips I would have absolutely chosen these over the lipsticks that they offer. 

The thing is I normally look at a new collection and contemplate whether it's something I'd part with my cash for, normally I swither because I'm not sure if they're really going to perform like they're marketed as - Lipstick Queen lipsticks and these Liquid Lips I absolutely have no qualms about their performing ability because the brand does make good on it's promises... always. There's only a few brands I can really say that for with those being,  Lipstick Queen, Illamasqua, Lime Crime and MAC Creme formulas. 

The shades available will be Vesuvian Bare (shimmery nude-gold), Vesuvian Coral (bright fiery coral), Vesuvian Red (scarlet red), Vesuvian Blush (smouldering natural peach), Vesuvian Candy (warm elegant pink) and Vesuvian Fuchsia (scorching hot pink). 

These will cost £22 and are available from Space NK here on pre-order right now. According to their website they're expected to become available for shipping on February the 14th. Must be love right? 

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