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When it comes to jewellery my tastes have changed - a lot. I used to love anything that was 'out there' and crazy and bold but these days I shudder at the thought. I can definitely admit to going through stages especially as a young adult, I would wear what I thought others expected me to wear rather than what the real me wanted to wear - I bought was was in style because everyone else did and while I thought I showed personality I can now see this wasn't the case. 

I blogged about making 2014 a year where I planned to build up my jewellery collection - I use to have a lot of gold, silver and white gold jewellery with an array of coloured gemstones. I especially loved Malachite and blue topaz but when the damned financial depression hit the U.K and we found hubster out of work I was forced to sell my gold in the 'sell your gold rush' it was too good a deal not to, especially when you're trying to put food on the table for your children. Now however I regret it, I wish I had more jewellery because when it comes to accessorising I'm all about real gemstones and metals. 

While I've definitely matured in my jewellery style I still like pieces that are functional and fun. I'm allergic to a lot of things including metals - this was a deciding factor in the change from cheap vs luxury jewellery and I've also found a lot of stores and big brands (Swarovski, Tiffany's even) are now selling more and more plated pieces - I can't wear plated and gold seems to be extortionate or non-existent in the affordable jewellery categories these days. 

Bring on Duepunti, the answers to my every need... 

Duepunti launched into the UK late last year and are the first company to set a real diamond into a silicone ring or bracelet. There are also nineteen colours to choose from such as navy, graphite, yellow, plum and even baby pink but as you'll see I loved the white, turquoise and the red the best. It was too hard to choose from but factoring in the rest of my wardrobe, these colours went the best. 

Initially, I did worry before adding them to my Christmas list. I ummed and ahhed about whether they'd be durable whether the stone would fall out if they'd snap or break if they snagged in something and if they'd actually be comfortable. Well, after wearing the red bracelet now for nearly three months I'm happy to say it looks brand new. It's so tough and durable that it doesn't have any scratches on it and the diamond is set firmly into the bracelet - more sturdy than some of my diamonds and stones that are set into metal. 

I don't take my bracelet off and it doesn't aggravate me what so ever, it feels light and so many people compliment me and enquire about where I got it when they see it. The rings are also far more comfortable than any other brand, they don't swirl around the finger like metal does although the white ring was too big. I love that I can wear luxurious and fun pieces that represent my personality without breaking out in a rash. I've noticed that Duepunti also just released a fluorescent collection across the pond, I hope it arrives in the UK because it's amazing! I need the fluoro pink bangle to clash with my red - I love a good clash.  

Each piece is set in Sterling Silver and holds a 0.02ct brilliant diamond. They were made to be non allergenic and if you fancy joining me in this colourful revolution you can pick up your own piece from Ernest Jones or Argento. The trouble is, which colour would you choose? 

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