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Monkey feet socks. I picked these up while mini-hauling at John Lewis along with an Origins and Kiehl's perfume (posts on those soon). I recently blogged about where I was at the outside of blogging and briefly mentioned these. I badly wanted to style up my yoga wear and figured these were the best to start with. 

These are the Gaiam Yoga Socks, the name needs to explanation really do they. Gaiam is a major brand that creates the coolest yoga wear and yoga accessories, I utterly adore their yoga trousers but they always seem to be out of stock clearly because they are awesome. 

So why would anyone specifically buy yoga socks? yoga socks for me are a way to stop the slip and slide that happens during downward dog - when you're doing any sort of leg work you need some support and that comes typically in the form of your yoga mat. These socks, however, allow you to get your yoga on with no mat - they have some serious gripping that allows you to pull off your moves without any sort of slip and slide, I'd say I even prefer these to a yoga mat and have since contemplated buying the Gaiam yoga gloves to support any headstands and moves that require a solid hand base. 

I also find it more comfortable wearing socks, I'm not a foot person and bare feet on a solid ground gives me goosebumps, I just can't handle the dry, chalky feeling that you get from a gym floor, floorboards and even lino - urghghgh. The only flaw I've found with these isn't actually a product flaw, once you try these and then come to realise you feel safer with these rather than a yoga mat it's instinctive to want more, that instinct could become very expensive *eeek*. 

These cost me £7.95 from John Lewis which is OK to buy buying multiples may be less purse-friendly. If you want to get into yoga, currently partake in yoga or just fancy your own monkey feet you can get your own here


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  1. Great atmosphere, happy people and lots of amazing Power Flex yoga pants. The energy is fantastic and the teachers are really cool, there is a real sense of community. It is my happy place and I've made so many good friends just by going to class. Highly recommended!


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