John Frieda // Spring Curl Tutorials

I'm first to admit here that I absolutely get hair envy, I don't particularly want to have anything outrageous but I do want to be able to style my hair in classic styles such as a sweeping fringe (damn cows licks), up do's (my hairs so fine it breaks with back combing or looks flat) or gorgeous sultry curls. While my hair can hold a curl my issue hasn't been about my hair so much as the actual 'doing' I try to curl my hair but it kinks in all of the wrong places and I just can't work out what curl twists what way. 

I made a pact that I would try to do more with my hair, make it prettier simply because my youngest son Rome hates my hair. If he sees anyone with voluminous hair or pretty curls he quite loudly points them out and tells me I've to get sexy hair like that girl *blushes* 

I've tried Pinterest but I do feel watching tutorials is maybe more suited to my [lack] of skills. I absolutely love-love-love these two video tutorials from John Frieda on curls. If you're like me and learn more from the watching than the reading I absolutely recommend you watch the Big Bold Waves tutorial first of all. 


Amazing isn't it and so easy. You know I had never considered the curl coming from the top of the head, I've always attempted it as a centre or side parting and the curls sitting either on the left or right. 

If you've got that down and you love the pin-up style you're going to love this and once again it looks so easy. 


I can see so many options now just from these two tutorials and absolutely feel inspired, as soon as I get my new camera I shall vlog my attempts - if you give either of these a try do post your vlog or post links below. I'd love to do a reader roundup to show how easy or hard these actually are. 

So, to curl or not to curl sweeties? 

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