SS14 // Releasing Your Inner Bohemian

I am screaming with excitement on the inside I promise you, I absolutely would class myself as a bohemian even before the whole 'boho' movement went crazy, although I was classed as a modern hippy - but, even so boho style is here to stay and it's one of the easiest to style and with the least amount of rules but there are still rules. 

So what is a bohemian? Boho can be described as a style that's worn by free spirits, those who go against the grain, those who see beauty in the small details rather than seeing beauty in price alone and those who appreciate quality items, textures and feelings. It's about wearable fashion that can be mixed up and dressed down and suits all body types. Fewer rules more wearing what makes you happy with a link to spiritualism and happiness. 

Bohemian clothing styles tend to be less tailored, looser and more lightweight materials or made from materials that are textured such as faux furs, crochet, macrame, tassel's, bindi's and embroidery. Does the clash of colours, layering or embellishments scare you off this style? Are you scared of losing your shape or looking like a hobo? Fret not. Here's how you can get your boho on for spring-summer 2014. 

If you don't like showing your legs boho style is perfect for you, maxi skirts, flowing lines and looser trousers are all perfectly suitable for this style and are typically the easiest to get right. If you don't want to fully cover up why not team your maxi with a cropped sweater. If your maxi is a soft jersey material why not team it with heavily embellished materials, materials that are both textured and lightweight such as a lace top with a kimono overlay. 

Looser trousers also team well with cropped sweaters and shirts. Normally I'd advise steering clear of shirts and loose trousers in matchy-matchy prints but in this case, absolutely go for it. I would recommend tucking in the shirt so you're shape doesn't become too boxy and yup you can still accessorise and look awesome. Again if you're not a double print gal you can absolutely slink on a vest tee with these trousers and layer up with a sheer overlay such as a no button cardi (sort of like a faux-kimono) or kimono - kimono's are your friend this season too. 

Flats, sandals, ballet flats and earth-toned calf boots such as the cowboy style are excellent contenders for footwear and go with absolutely all pieces of folky or boho wear. Ideally stick to tans, browns, creams and well anything other than black otherwise the outfit will look to harsh. 

Playsuits fit into this equation too, looser lower halves, shirts, buttons and nothing that screams I like to wear bandage dresses on the weekend work. Team your playsuit with a floppy hat and some wedges or flats and an across the body bag and you're good to go.  

So where does that leave the accessories? surely all of these bright colours and clashing prints won't leave room for jewellery? with boho, there's always room for jewellery especially a clashing arm party or two. Again it comes down to colour, pattern and texture. Woods, leathers, threads and varied metals are great starting points, colours don't have to go but mixing brights with darker earthy tones or metals seems to keep the look flowing. Enamel patterns, earthy gemstones and even small details such as cut out patterns, leaves and twiggy designs all scream boho - you want to stay away from anything that will look good at a prom, ball or on a celebrity (bling is a no-no). 

Wear your clothing loose, wear your accessories piled high so that you jingle-jangle and wear your loose bedhead waves with pride because gurl you are awesome. Go forth and spread the boho word cause it's here to stay. 

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