NaturVits // CoQ10 & Omega-3

I am a supplement buff but I wasn't always this way. I found I only started to see the positive aspects of supplementing when my health was really going down the pan and I was struggling physically, even today I have to take certain supplements (prescription and non-prescription) because my body doesn't make certain ones as it should (Vit D3), what I have realised through all of the years of testing these types of products and learning about which works and which is beneficial is that some supplements suck; and others don't - price doesn't relate to efficiency typically.  

Most will say you have to spend big to get the best results and what I'll say to that is that it's not always true. Some premium branded supplements do indeed include higher levels of vitamins and minerals whereas the low cost brands offer lower amounts - however - some of the lower brands include the same levels of vitamins and they are far easier to take! for me a product palatable is huge because you want to be able to take these supplements for the long term, granted it may be at lower vitamin levels but at least you'll be able to take them for a longer period whereas taking the higher levels for a couple of weeks isn't really going to help anyone. 

Ideally you need to take supplements for at least four to six weeks as a minimum, this is needed so that your body really feels the benefits of the vitamins and they are fully cycled into your bloodstream. 

I was asked if I wanted to test out the new NaturVits supplements and I immediately said yes because they are marketed as being easy to take and are flavoured! I also chose these two vitamins because they suited my lifestyle. I've previously taken both of these vitamins but in other brands and I found that I couldn't manage to take them for long periods of time purely due to the aftertaste and the size of the tablets. It's so infuriating when that happens because eight out of ten times it's the premium branded ones that taste so bad but cost so much. Normal tastes include, chalk, beef, fish or wood *bleurgh*

Each pack of NaturVits includes thirty gel tablets which you can see above. First impressions were that these were amazing! The CoQ10 vitamins taste like orange but not bitter orange, it's more like an orange creamsicle type of taste or a parfait type taste. The Omega-3 with Vitamin D3 is flavoured with lemon and orange and it's also a creamy lemon and orange, just like those fruity mousses you get in ASDA (yum) but this vitamin has a slightly more citrus taste than the CoQ10 does. 

CoQ10 is found in so many skincare products these days because of it's ability to reduce the signs of ageing but it's so much more important than that. CoQ10 is found in every cell in the body as it helps to provide energy so our cells can grow, repair and work effectively. It's the increase in cell energy that's said to slow down the signs of ageing but also it helps to boost energy, stamina and also protects against degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's and M.S. CoQ10 is also advised to be taken for those who have cancer or those who are trying to ensure they're chance of getting cancer is reduced. A study found that a lot of people who had cancer also had low amounts of CoQ10 in the body which is believed to have been a factor which allows cancer to metastasise - CoQ10 in normal and high levels helps to boost the immune system which would normally work at fighting off cell chances that lead to cancer - you can read more on that study here

Omega-3 with Vitamin D3 are also a great all round vitamin as they help with everything from skin conditions, inflammatory bowel disorders, increasing memory function, reducing cardiovascular disease risk - strokes and heart attacks as well as easing rheumatic stiffness and pain. The Vitamin D3 in this supplement is an excellent addition because the prescription ones are like horse tablets! the non-prescription ones typically taste like gassy lemons and are so bad but these are delicious. Vitamin D3 especially helps the nervous system - if you have M.S, CFS, Fibromyalgia, Rheumatic pain, Lupus etc then this is excellent for you. It also helps to strengthen your bones and has that cancer fighting benefit also. You can read more on it here

NaturVits normally cost £19.99 from Holland & Barrett's but they're sale. These vitamins are so yummy and I love that they only use natural flavourings and colourings and they're sugar-free; if you have a child that doesn't like taking vitamins I bet they're going to love these as any child over the age of three can take them. Mummy and child vitamins! what a great way to start the day huh - after a cuddle of course.  

* PR Sample *

Harvey Willis // Mini Haul

We have the most amazing shop in my local [crappy] town centre called Harvey Willis, it stocks lots of gift products such as jewellery, candles, soft toys, figurines etc but it's the scented products that draw me in and have done for years. 

I rarely hit the town centre but I had to go and collect my new glasses and sunglasses *yay* and figured I should go pick up some Yankee goodness, twenty minutes later I ended up with this little haul and I love every single item. 

First up is the Kringle candle in Warm Cotton (£2.50) - It's a Daylight Candle which is surprisingly big would you believe. It's a clean scent and reminds me of baby powder before it's put into the washing machine, it's so fresh and delicate but still powerful enough to travel round the room, I find some of the cotton scents with Yankee don't travel that far if at all. Initially I only picked up this size of Kringle candle because it was my first brand purchase, the ladies in the shop advised it's created by the same people who created Yankee and that the scents are stronger - they weren't wrong that's for sure. 

This shows just how round the Kringle candle is, this is a travel Diptyque candle and this is larger than the top of it! 

I also picked up a plain glass Yankee Votive Holder (£1.80) and my favourite clean scent - Soft Blanket in the Votive Candle size (£1.50). This is a tricky scent to explain but it's definitely clean with a hint of warmness, like warm blankets out of the tumble dryer. The notes in this scent include Bergamot, Citrus, Blackberry, Cashmere, Vanilla, Powdery Rose and Tobacco Flower with bottom notes of amber, cocoa  and musk. I get the freshness from the tobacco flower and citrus but the amber, musk and cashmere are strong in this and oh so good. I do love amber! I even have some amber resin that I keep in my undies drawer just to keep them smelling sexy (not that my drawers would honk without it of course). 

I also picked up a could of the East of India magnets because they're so cute. I'm not normally a soppy type or someone who even collects magnets (I think we have 1 on the fridge-freezer prior to this purchase) so this was completely out of the blue for me but look at them, so-darn-cute. The first one is a little wooden heart (£1.50) that says 'Fashion fades, style stays' and the second is a sweet little girl (£1.99) with 'Women are made to be loved, not understood' on her dress - both of these quotes are what sold them. 

And then there's my tumble gemstones (75p) - I do love my crystals and gemstones and I actually have so many so hubster just rolled his eyes at me when I pulled these out *haha* My favourite tumble stones are moonstone and labradorite but I didn't pick up any labradorite in this haul. Included here is serpentine, smoky quartz, milky quartz, malachite, lapis lazuli and goldstone - there's a few others I can't remember of the top of my head but I adore these. Let me know if you'd like to see a post showing their uses and how I use my crystals guys.

I purchased these from an independant local store and looking at their website I don't know if they sell online or plan to but I'll definitely ask them. I know you guys would love this shop, it's so serene and if you're a human magpie like me - it's like being dropped off in magpie heaven. Their website is here  and they have a Facebook page here also if you wanted to take a peek. 

What do you think? pretty products huh. 

* Purchased Myself *

Skin Shop // Dry Eye Gel

I blogged about the Skin Shop's Melissa and Liquorice Lip Gel yesterday and how amazing it is, I was also asked if I wanted to review the Dry Eye Gel around the same time and I said yes. I'm asked a lot if I want to review products which is really nice but typically I reject many of them - in the beginning I would have said yes to exciting products but these days I no longer see the point in saying yes to a product I really wouldn't use if I wasn't blogging. 

My eye area is a sore point for me and one that I particularly take care off because it's one of the first areas where wrinkles creep up isn't it, I also handle my smile lines too because those look horrid when they get really crevice like don't they - I don't want to wait until these issues because unfixable hence the reason I've used anti-ageing products for years (since I was thirteen would you believe, that's now well over seventeen years!!) and I'd say it's been helpful as I'm still I.D'd for DVD's and alcohol etc. Because of my longtime use of products that target these areas I'd say I'm a definite snob, I know what works and what doesn't. I'm aware of what products are all hype and what should get more hype and this gel falls into the latter category. 

The gel is created using no animal products *yay* and only includes natural ingredients, I love this and would much prefer to use a natural ingredient based products than a chemical laden one even if it meant using the product for longer to see results. Skin absorbs what ever's put on it and the delicate eye area absorbs far more quicker than say the cheeks, because of this you really need to consider what's popped on there - would you chance damaging your eyes? your health? nope neither would I. The star ingredient is Cardiospermum which comes from the soapberry family and is also *chuckles* known as Love in a Puff *hahah*. Funny name aside this ingredient is an antioxidant, collagen booster and an anti-inflammatory and is perfect for reducing under eye puffiness, renewing collagen production and congestion - these of course will lead to darker 'bags', fine lines and discolouration. 

On the skin the gel is cooling, absorbs quickly and feels light on the skin. When it was hot last week I popped it in the fridge in the morning because I had got burnt (badly polymorphic due to allergies, medications and poor health), come night time applying this was amazing and so soothing. I really recommend this for those who wear glasses also, have eye strain, want to tackle the first signs of ageing or just want to nip any signs of ageing in the bud!

The Dry Eye Gel comes in a 15 ml tube just like the Lip Gel but this costs £6.95 from the Skin Shop. Similarly a small amount is needed and this will last months if you're using it twice daily for sure. 

* PR Sample *

Liquorice & Melissa // Lip Gel

You know when you come across a product and think why the heck did I not know about this? well I had one of those moments with this product - the Liquorice & Melissa Lip Gel is formulated with liquorice and melissa oil which contains the herpes virus busting ingredient, glycyrrhizic acid (GA). If you're someone who suffers from dry, chapped or cold sore prone lips when the weather changes then you're going to lurve this gel. 

I normally pick up a lip balm when my lips are struggling to stay hydrated, typically it's The Body Shop Hemp balm. I would have never thought of buying a gel just because it's not something I would initially think of putting on my lips. The last time I ever used a gel near my lips was when I was tiny and Bonjela was the product my mum and dad pulled out for mouth ulcers - although I'd never tried a gel, I was all for testing this out and seeing if it was any good. 

The product itself comes in a 15 ml tube, the branding is simple but effective and the application tip is slanted to ensure you're applying the right amount of product directly to your lips - nothing is wasted with this gel. I don't tend to suffer from cold sores but I do suffer from dry stingy lips that really suffer when there's any sunlight - if this product could improve the texture and the comfort then in my eyes it's a winner, of course I would never be able to review it on it's cold sore combating skills. 

The liquorice and melissa oils both have strong antiviral properties but unlike other cold sore products these ingredients are more natural on your lips and body as a whole, keeping in mind whatever you put on your lips your going to ingest, do you really want to ingest some nasty chemicals that ''maybe'' safe for you? - liquorice specifically aims for the genes that initiate the production of cold sore cells to break out. Part of me wishes I could have tested it out for you guys because I know so many people who suffer from these outbreaks, the results however should make you a bit more happier as 83% of subjects who used the balm reported that their outbreaks were less severe with this product than with the typical high street brands. They also reported that any outbreak they had cleared up in half the time when this product was used *yay*. 

As a healing lip product what I will say is that this is so cooling on the lips, for the first few days I applied it constantly throughout the day and evening as I wanted to see how long it would take to improve my lips. My lips at that point were absolutely chapped, I'm a lip biter so they were all raggy especially in the centre of my lower lips. Around the third day mark my lips were soft, I no longer had to apply the gel but I did because it feels so nice on, really light and as I said it's cooling - it also stopped me biting my lips. By the fourth day my lips were absolutely normal; no raggy bits, no bits of skin that needed biting off and no chapped skin whatsoever - just normal, even looking, soft lips *yay* 

I also found that I got more kisses from hubster when I had this gel on *wink* Overall it's a win-win with this product and I'm so glad this came into my life. It's one of those products that may not come with bells and whistles and multi-million pound advertising deals but it bloody should because it's awesome. The 15 ml tube costs £7.95 and you only need a tiny amount, I've used mine now for ten days and it's still brand new - this will last for months. 

If you fancy checking it out you can pick it up from one of my favourite stores the Skin Shop who sell the best natural branded beauty and skin products. Can you feel the love in the room guys? I can. 

* PR Sample *

Orly // Bargain Polishes Are Even Better

I blogged (here) about the Fragrance Direct Orly bargains a few weeks ago now and did mention that I'd picked up a few bottles and here they are. The colours I chose were completely chosen based off their colours and wear ability and what I already have in my arsenal - I love Orly because even their shimmers are so delicate and fine and absolutely cute, I find that Orly are the best at shimmers - typically I hate shimmers as they look ageing on me. 

So enough about me, let's take a peek at the colours. 

Basket Case // This is apart of the Valentine's Day Collection and is a two layer opaque creamy hot pink. 

Lift The Veil // This is also apart of the Valentine's Day Collection and is another two coat creamy pink but more of a baby powdery pink than any other pink I have in my collection. 

Kiss The Bride // This is apart of the Orly Classic Collection and is a super opaque, creamy white polish that's so glossy - if you team it with Lift The Veil it does seem to look as though it has the smallest hint of pink in it but it actually doesn't. 

Life's A Peach // This is apart of the Hot Stuff Collection and is not peach in the slightest. It's an opaque on three coats polish that's more of a warm tangerine with the finest golden shimmery sparkle in it, those little dust particles in the image above are actually the sparkles and not dust. 

These normally cost around £10.50 but these beaut's and lots of other colours typically cost £3.99! bargain or what, you know what's even better is that they're now only £2.99!! You can check these out on Fragrance Direct. They also have lots of Ciate and Essie polishes and gift sets too. What do you think of these colours? Summery aren't they. 

* Purchased Myself *

Linzi Shoes // Jelly Shoes Are Back!!

My love affair with jelly shoes or joob-joobs as my dad called them was when I was around four years old. My first pair had a teeny heel and were clear with silver sparkling glitter throughout them - they were divine. My second pair were at the age of five and were neon pink - those babies were flat though and I think I wore them out, I seriously thought I was invincible when I wore those shoes. 

Then... the jelly shoes seemed to disappear. They made a return a few years back and yup I was straight on that jelly shoe bandwagon with a pair of Topshop babies, I was really gutted when they never made a return the summer after but, they're back now! Oh yes this summer is going to be awesome. 

I just found out about Linzi shoes because I'd seen other bloggers wearing their shoes, it was in particular the ankle cut out boots that I fell in love with before Christmas but I ended up buying my River Island ones before I realised Linzi shoes sold them. Imagine how excited I was to find they had these in their 'new' section! 

I initially went on because I was looking for a new pair of flats, I have ordered some flat shoes (not ballerina) and have quite a few on my wish list but I'll blog about that separately. I love that they have boho inspired shoes, some will hate them just like these jelly shoes but I lurve them so much; I think this time though I will be picking up some opaque ones rather than glitter, and unlike my younger self I'd rather keep to a shade that's not as neon as my previous neon pink ones. There's two styles available, the Christie is more streamlined and the front is a bit more feminine, the Sandy style is more chunky - it has the striped bar fronts which is really the typical jelly style. I prefer the Christie, especially in the coral and light blue although the black is so multi-functional. 

Here are the colours available...
  • Sandy - orange (not pictured), clear glitter, dark glitter, black, opaque white, cream, mint green, lilac and pink.
  • Christy - bright yellow, clear pink, clear grey, black, white, mint green, baby blue, clear, coral and pink.
So if like me you're loving these *high five* the Christy style costs £10 each or two for £18 and the Sandy style costs £12 or two for £22, they're all available from the Linzi shoes website. Who's going to put their jelly foot forward this Spring?

Which colour would you choose? 

 photo NEW.png

Empties // March 2014 Beauty

Slightly later again with the empties *oops* but better late than never. I decided last month onwards that I was going to use up the products that I'd started to use so when we moved house we weren't having to throw away any partly used products. Needless to say we're no longer moving (long story) but at least we got our house spring cleaned (yes I packed everything up and then had to unpack everything - not fun!) and used lots of products in the process. 

Here goes... 

Skinetics // I have featured this quite a lot in my empties posts purely because it's amazing. Initially I tried this two years back and wasn't impressed but coming back to it when my skin was at it's worse, I then realised just how gentle but tough this was. So far I've repurchased this four times and used it my initial press sample and beauty box samples. 

Childs Farm Bubble Bath // (review here) We absolutely adore this brand and absolutely recommend this bubble bath for any skin conscious family. 

Nivea Men Invisible Deodorant // Another ASDA boo-boo, did you expect any less? I always order female deodorant and for some reason they always send me the mens *sigh*. Needless to say I did use it and it was OK although I much prefer the female Invisible deodorant to this one. 

Nivea Powerfruit Refresh Body Wash // Not a huge fan of Nivea in particular as I feel it dries out my skin but these smelled nice and they're good for shaving my legs haha. The hubster loves them as it's him that typically picks them up when he goes for the shopping - such a lucky lady I am huh. 

Nivea Powerfruit Relax Body Wash // As above. 

Milton Antibacterial Hand Gel // We love this stuff, it's very fluid and although it's marketed as a gel it really doesn't have any gel like properties to it. It's fluid! It doesn't smell like vodka, it's easy for little hands to use, lasts longer and doesn't dry out your hands. 

Pulpe De Vie Sample // (review here) Honestly I have nothing bad to say about this product, it smells like fresh berries and performs amazingly. It's also a natural skin option and works as an amazing cleanser as well as moisturiser. 

Sjal Pearl Enzyme Exfoliator // (blog post here) I adore Sjal but couldn't warrant their price tags. I've featured other samples in empties posts and loved those too, I'm slightly gutted as my samples have now completely finished *sobs* 

Sjal Balans Pore Cleanser // (blog post here) Normally premium products carry a hefty price tag but don't 

Diptyque Volutes Sample // I received a couple of samples with my Indian Incense candle order and initially hated Volutes as it was really woody and dark. 

Quinoderm 10 Cream // Don't use it. Seriously don't. It's basically a bleach type of skin that takes off the top layers of skin, if you're into the concept of skin peels you may be drawn to try this acne cream but don't. You apply it and it does cause some burning and stinging in certain areas, over a few days it does improve the skin and the cysts or acne spots BUT.... once my skin cleared up I broke out in serious redness across my whole face, my skin puckered up and it hurt like hell. I would scoop out balm and apply it like a face mask and my it would just soak into my skin like a sponge and then pucker right back up. It reminded me of a serious burn I once got but on a larger scale! this went on for just over a week. So not worth the damage guys. 

And there's more... 

Umberto Giannini Overnight Balm // I've had this for a while and I pushed myself to use it, it's OK but not amazing. I say that because it's serves it's purpose but just doesn't perform that well that it makes a noticeable difference, honestly I found after a few months my hair just went so dull which is what lead to me not using this for months on end. 

REN // This came in a kit for combination skin. It didn't work that great. End off. 

Steamcream Precious Tin // I ad-o-re Steamcream, the sweet, herbaceous lavender scent is just amazing and my sons all want to apply it [liberally] whenever I have some in my possession, it never lasts long in my household however which is enough to tell you how awesome it is. 

L'Occitane Immortelle Precious Cream // I loved this cream for years and years. Since blogging I ended up just liking it; it's a fab cream but I found the scent too overpowering and with the influx of new products that I've tried over the years I found this falling lower on my favourites list. 

Australian Bodycare Shampoo // (review here) My favourite brand of shampoo especially since scalp blisters outbreak! because so many products contain wheat or wheat by products I struggled to find a product that helped the itchiness of the blisters as well as cleaning my hair effectively - this brand ticked every single box. 

Monu Spa Body Cream // (review here) If you love Dermaco then you will love Monu as they are the partners (and creators) of the Dermaco brand, they are however much cheaper and you get much more in the jar *yay*. 

Alvera Hand Cream //  Argh, hated it! I got this in a beauty box and while it instantly hydrated it left a dry oil feeling which I hated. 

The Body Shop Hemp Body Butter // (review here) I first tried the Hemp body butter back in December and I instantly thought why the heck hadn't I purchased it earlier! it's my favourite out of the huge body butter selections at The Body shop and I will be buying this again for sure. 

The Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter // (review here) This is just the same as the Hemp in terms of hydrating and longevity but it smells like sweet strawberry - it's so summery and beautiful. 

Mark Hill Argan Hair Oil // (review here) I adored this hair oil because it really left my hair shiny, soft and manageable but since my gluten lead scalp blisters (this product didn't cause that) I've really been wary about what I use in my hair. If you don't suffer from celiacs I'd recommend this over all hair oils. 

Batiste Dry Shampoo // I have fine combination hair so I have to wash my hair daily, I picked this up because I wanted to at least eek it out to two days because daily washing isn't great for the hair. Well I tried, I failed. The white dry shampoo in this is horrible and I also feel that it leaves my hair looking so limp and dull that I'd just rather wash it. I know I'm probably going to be hated for saying that but for my hair it just doesn't feel too great. 

What empties have you loved and hated recently, link up your empties posts below guys. 

* Some PR Samples & Some Purchased Products *

Dior // Cannage Dior Blush

Dior always pull it out of the bag with their packaging, especially their embossed designs. The latest are these utterly gorgeous Diorblush Cannage Edition blush in coral and pink which come packaged in a chic silver compact, the embossing this time around is the Cannage print which is so simple but really wows although I don't think the pattern is as stunning as the Dior Rosy Glow (which just has Dior printed on it but it's lush). 

At this moment in time it's only in the US, Saks in particular as I hear it's exclusive to them. As you know an exclusive item always makes it's way elsewhere and I'm hoping it's going to hit the UK soon - very soon because I can absolutely imagine wearing this in the Summer holidays. 

Use it on your cheeks, eyes, as a highlighter or even on your lips - adding a touch to the cupids bow will give you a lifting plumped up effect. If it does hit the UK I have no doubts that Escentual will stock it because they seem to stock all of the other premium makeup nearly as soon as it launches - love them! 

So... what do you think? is your heart fluttering slightly? 

* Nothing to Disclose *

Joe Browns // OOTD Boho Style

I couldn't have a boho theme going could I without showing you some of my lovely new bohemian clothing? I plan to wear this at the weekend but wanted to post beforehand to see what you think, I adore fashion and style but I always realise when I blog about it or read other blogs that my sense of style is so completely different from other bloggers out there. 

I am a dress addict. I would quite happily wear dresses every single days if I didn't have to suffer razor burn from daily leg shaving (waxing is too tough on my sensitive skin and I'm a wimp). The plan was to wear my new outfit *squee* but hubster has to work *boo* so I am saving my shiny duds for the weekend when we're hitting the Edinburgh Museum (it's fun, honestly). 

My outfit consists of...

Perfect Paisley Printed Dress // I am so glad I ordered the size 12 because my swelling has lead to me having to opt for a larger size 'just incase' I use to be an 8 but these days I vary between a 10 and a 12. However, this dress doesn't have any stretch so my boobies just fit nicely in the top section. I am a B cup so if you have larger boobs I'd recommend you size up. The dress itself is so pretty, it's a modest length which I love because I hate having to worry about pulling a dress down or showing my butt when the wind blows (I stay in Scotland, that is all of the time). The detailing on this is also amazing, embroidery, beading and even embossing on the teeny heart buttons on the bottom of the dress all show me this was created with a lot of love. 

I debated which dress to choose because I knew I was going to get a new outfit but which one racked my brain for well over 10 days. I picked a few but then realised that they wouldn't suit my shape, were maybe too restrictive or weren't going to be worth the cost per use. This dress is never going to go out of style, boho is firmly here to stay and at £29.95 it's so affordable. It's comfortable so can be dressed up or down, granted it's never going to be worn to a ball or cocktail event but as a summer dress or casual event it's so lovely. It has large slouchy in built pockets in each side and it's just a dream - I love it. 

I knew I had to get new shoes, I love shoes and really never need any excuse but don't tell hubster. I didn't initially plan to purchase any but I saw the dress and then I saw the shoes and they just went together like rhubarb and custard or cupcakes and sprinkles. 

Wonderful Tan Summer Wedges // These are the purfect bohemian shoes. Not too high, not too flat and are created with a soft tan material and a raffia type wedge. Because the ankle strap is adjustable I don't need to worry about puffing up in the heat or these being too big (I'm a 3.5, these are a 4). These also look amazing with skinny jeans, they're just so multipurpose and again are never going to go out of style. 

You'll see from the picture some of the products I will use to achieve my bohemian look, the hair products are simply to help me maintain my just woke up hair and were on offer at ASDA's. The bangles and sunglasses were last years Primark and the geode necklace I'm sure it was Not On The High Street. To finish off the boho look I had to use my favourite perfume which is the Aveda 5 Chakra spray which I purchased at the beginning of the year and reviewed here

What do you think? I just want to dance in a meadow of cornflowers this weekend and make some daisy chains for my hair. You can check out Joe Browns bohemian fit clothing and accessories over on their website. I urge you to do so if you like ethical, awesome clothing that's made to last. I'll update you with my 'OOTD' this weekend guys. 

NYX // Macaron Lippies Collection

If you love the bright pastel colours from Lime Crime or OCC Lip Tars you're going to love this more affordable collection which has been released in the US today by NYX. The collection which has been called the Macaron Lippies collection consists of twelve yummy macaron coloured creamy lipsticks - this collection certainly isn't for the faint hearted. 

While this has launched today over on the NYX website we do have a while before they hit the UK *sobs* NYX USA do offer international delivery but chances are you're going to get them far easier by either waiting or trying 

If you're a fan of bright colours you're going to love these bright oranges, limes and blues but if you're not a hipster or just aren't adept at having lots of people looking at your lovely lips then this may not be the right collection, I fall into the latter group and absolutely hate (in person at least) drawing any type of attention to myself. I would absolutely wear the two purples, the pink and I'd like to give the light grey lippy a shot even if it never gets worn except on Halloween. 

The shades in the collection are...

Rose // Lavender pink
Orange Blossom // Orange
Key Lime // Lime green
Blue Velvet // Electric blue
Violet // Royal purple
Pistachio // Mint green
Citron // Yellow
Earl Grey // Powdery blue
Lavender // Lavender
Black Sesame // Light grey
Coconut // White
Chambord // Black 

The lipsticks cost $6 on the NYX website which is around £3-4  although I do think they'll be around the £6 mark when they launch in the UK. I'd love to know what your thoughts are on this one and if there are any colours that you would try? 

* Nothing to Disclose *

Today I'm Me // 2D Makeup Bag

Today I'm Me is a brand that I only recently heard about while I was looking for something a little bit different to normal high street offerings. What I have noticed is that the older I'm getting the more I'm appreciating [and somewhat craving] good lines, classic colours and less overall fuss. Don't get me wrong I love a good pattern and colour palette and I could literally turn my life into a rainbow but I find I become quite cluttered and disorganised; kinda like a kid in a candy shop. 

Recently I've changed quite a lot of things in my life from my decor, makeup and clothing to a much more subdued palette. I was just moaning to hubster that I would like new bedding - plain white with no colours but some detailing ideally from lace, textured or embroidery. Just like the bedding I've been craving more neutral everything - hair, walls, carpets and well everything.

So how does my need for change relate to Today I'm Me? well the brand makes the most awesome bags that link my love of fun style but in a sophisticated way that my newly found classic edge approves of, chances are you've seen the latest 2D and 3D Pixelated style bags that are growing in popularity, you may have bought one or you may have 'wanted' to buy one but realised you weren't quite hipster enough to rock it - I nearly bought one, but realised I would look too hipster! as a 30 something with 3 sons this was a huge no-no in their opinion. 

Today I'm Me's bags are the same sort of style! take a peek at some of their range in the header image - awesome huh. The smaller monochrome clutch bag pictured above and below is what I chose and here it is... 

It's the lowest priced bag on the website and is marketed both as a clutch or as a makeup bag. I personally love it as a clutch but I did try it out as a makeup bag initially and it fits so much product which really surprised me because it looks as though it wouldn't that much at first glance as do all of these styled bags, but this really does fit everything you could need. 

It's made from a wipeable rubber material that's flexible so you don't need to worry about your mascara running and bleeding through or your phone getting damaged from the rain (or by being dropping). As I mentioned I did use it as a makeup bag but then needed something small and unofficial at the weekend and this ticked every box, hubster wasn't too chuffed by the makeup pile on the floor after it all got dumped out while I was rushing though haha. 

The price range varies for these bags and they're definitely save worthy pieces that are going to last you a long time. This particular clutch however is an affordable £27 and you can check it out as well as the rest of the Graphite Me and Colour Me collections on the Today I'm Me website. 

Living Nature // Summer Bronze Pressed Powder

I'm a huge fan of the Living Nature brand and feel so happy that they received a few highly commended awards in the latest Natural Beauty awards. It was this product in particular that made the cut in the blusher category and I absolutely agree it deserves it's place in that category - I'm surprised it never won if I'm being completely honest. 

I've reviewed a few products from Living Nature and I've always been blown away by their performance, I also love that they are ethical, natural and SAFE! Other winners in the Natural Beauty Awards from this brand includes the Living Nature Soft Lights Illuminating Foundation (£29.50), Clear Lights Tinted Moisturiser (£28) and of course the product I have below; Living Nature Summer Bronze Pressed Powder (£29). 

The bronzer comes in a heavy black metal flip up case with it's own soft bristled brush, it feels really substantial in weight and just so luxurious. The bronzer is quite large so is going to last for a long time and I especially love the branded embossing on the powder - what can I say I'm a sucker for a good pattern. 

This bronzer is not like most others where you have to match the shade to your skin, you have to apply it liberally for fear of looking caked or the type of bronzer that settles into creases - at first glance this like many others looks quite matte but as soon as you take a closer peek you'll notice it shimmers with the finest golden highlight. The formula itself is created with minerals and if you've ever used mineral cosmetics you'll know just how light and natural they feel on the skin, this bronzer is no exception, I do feel it's the lightness of the minerals that stops it from sliding all over the place and settling in creases on the skin. 

You'll see from the swatch that it initially looks matte, this mattifying effects helps to give the skin that HD sunkissed look everyone's trying to achieve at this point in the year. I am super light skinned so had it stayed that dark I wouldn't have been able to use it; if you blend it in you're left with this most amazing sunkissed golden shimmery tone (on the right) that just highlights the right places on your face to leave you looking radiant. 

I also use this as an eyeshadow because I am loving my nudes right now, most nudes can leave you looking too nude but because this has that shimmer it absolutely looks amazing as a stand alone blusher or eyeshadow also. If you suffer from oily eyelids I would recommend also using this as a nude base before applying colour or as your daywear shade because it seems to have some type of anti-ageing property where it smoothes crepey skin and evens out the skin tone while staying firmly put all day long. 

You can check out this product and the rest of the collection from if you fancy ordering I suggest you either call Botanical Brands who are the UK official retailers of the brand on 0845 2508455 or email them on They are social so you could ask any questions by Tweeting them or visiting their Facebook page *phew* plenty of options. If you're like me chances are you'll have a ton of questions about any new brand you're trying out - I personally have always found them more than helpful and I absolutely believe they are one of the most ethical and caring brands out there for worry worts like myself.  

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