Childs Farm Hand & Body Lotion

Having previously blogged about Childs Farm products (review here and here) and loved them, the kind peeps at Childs Farm kindly asked if the kiddos wanted to put their hand & body lotion to the test; my response? HECK YES! 

I adore skincare and I am one of those parents that whips out the creams and the balms at the first sight of dry skin or skin that goes bumpy (as kids arms tend to do don't they?) I do it so much that my sons now come to me when they're feeling a bit dry or if they see me applying creams to my own arms and legs - honestly, they just love rubbing it in themselves and getting covered in cream, Cooper my middle son just looking like WWE's Sheamus! Google him you'll see what I mean and why he resembles him with cream on. 

When it comes to my sons however I take a lot of persuading when it comes to what I actually apply to their little bodies, they are after all my pride and joy and being an overprotective Mumma bear I absolutely go conspiracy cray-cray when it comes to parabens and carcinogens and would absolutely never take the risk with anything that has an ingredients list as long as my arm. If I use it and it reacts in any way shape or forms the boys will never have it applied; regardless of how child friendly, it claims to be (yes Johnson's & Johnson's I'm looking at you!). 

So long story short I did use this myself and yes it also passed my rigorous Mumma bear testing, so much so the boys have been using it for weeks, daily. They love that they can get the cream out themselves because you simply press down the pump just as they do with hand wash. The cream itself is a lotion but is absolutely more hydrating and nourishing than typical lotions, it absorbs into the skin but the soft silky feeling that comes from applying this cream lasts longer than most high street brands also. 

The scent is delicate but fresh as the fragrance is created with organic tea tree oil and organic grapefruit essential oils. Personally, I can't smell the tea tree but the grapefruit certainly smells zingy but with an edge - a good edge which I'm guessing is the tea tree. For those that love natural and beneficial oils, grapefruit and tea tree are both amazing antibacterial oils that also reduces mental confusion and improves mental clarity. I do love grapefruit and tea tree and use them as pure oils in my sinks and as antibacterial sprays (homemade), the boys are so used to tea tree now from me adding some to spray bottles as homemade hair sprays to stop any nits from making home (so far so good) and I use those oils as bathroom cleaners and a ton of other things. 

What I do love about Childs Farm and other 'real' kid-friendly brands is that they take their no paraben policies extremely serious. Childs Farm also does not have any SLS's, mineral oils, artificial colourings or perfumes and is actually made from 98% natural ingredients - that's pretty amazing huh. So if you have sensitive skin, little bubba's or even just want to use a cream that's not going to ''possibly'' causing untoward health issues down the line then I would recommend Childs Farm; otherwise, it wouldn't see the light of day on Sweet Elyse Blog if I'm being honest because I would not recommend a child's product that didn't surpass my high expectations. 

You can get your hands [and body] on this over on the Childs Farm website, oh also if you enter code EASTER14 at checkout you'll get 30% off your order until the end of Easter Monday.  


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