MAC Cosmetics // Maleficent Summer 2014

The kids movie that maybe just a tad too scary for kids apparently. Either way I adore Angelina Jolie's costume and makeup and although I've yet to see Maleficent I do plan to catch it when I can force one of my sons to come to the cinema; so far none of them are interested, they just don't understand the theatrics of it. 

It does feel like we've been waiting years on this collection, the truth being it was only last year we were told this was coming. Looking at the promo shots I lurve this collection, it's dark, sultry and absolutely wearable for both day and night. 

Here take a peek...

Beauty Powder // This comes in Natural only. 
Sculpting Powder // Also one shade which is Sculpt. 
Nail Lacquer // Three shades, Nocturnelle, Flaming Rose and Uninvited. 

Eyeshadow Palette // There's four brooding shades in this palette, those shades are Ground Brown, Concrete, Carbon and Goldmine. 
Prep + Prime Highlighter // Also one shade which is Bright Forecast. 
Lipstick // True Loves Kiss 
Pro-Longwear Lipglass // One limited edition shade which is Anthuriam. 
Pro-Longwear Lip Pencil // Also one limited edition shade in Kiss Me Quick. 
Eyebrow Pencil // This comes in Fling only. 
Penultimate Eyeliner // Rapidblack only. 
Eyelashes // These limited edition lashes come in No.30 and No.36

So what do you think? I know this maybe a little 'normal' for some crazy bright makeup lovers but I can absolutely see the possibility of natural looks and some pretty mean and sultry looks for the evening. I adore the shades and they remind me of vintage classics, very va-va-voom and womanly and I just love them - especially the reds and the chocolate browns. 

I'm not sure of the official UK release date, this collection is due to launch on May 15th in the USA so hopefully it will be around then or slightly after for the UK. Once launched you'll be able to pick these up *hopefully* on the MAC Cosmetics website. 

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