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I am a supplement buff but I wasn't always this way. I found I only started to see the positive aspects of supplementing when my health was really going down the pan and I was struggling physically, even today I have to take certain supplements (prescription and non-prescription) because my body doesn't make certain ones as it should (Vit D3), what I have realised through all of the years of testing these types of products and learning about which works and which is beneficial is that some supplements suck, and others don't - price doesn't relate to efficiency typically.  

Most will say you have to spend big to get the best results and what I'll say to that is that it's not always true. Some premium branded supplements do indeed include higher levels of vitamins and minerals whereas the low-cost brands offer lower amounts - however - some of the lower brands include the same levels of vitamins and they are far easier to take! for me a product palatable is huge because you want to be able to take these supplements for the long term, granted it may be at lower vitamin levels but at least you'll be able to take them for a longer period whereas taking the higher levels for a couple of weeks isn't really going to help anyone. 

Ideally, you need to take supplements for at least four to six weeks as a minimum, this is needed so that your body really feels the benefits of the vitamins and they are fully cycled into your bloodstream. 

I was asked if I wanted to test out the new NaturVits supplements and I immediately said yes because they are marketed as being easy to take and are flavoured! I also chose these two vitamins because they suited my lifestyle. I've previously taken both of these vitamins but in other brands and I found that I couldn't manage to take them for long periods of time purely due to the aftertaste and the size of the tablets. It's so infuriating when that happens because eight out of ten times it's the premium branded ones that taste so bad but cost so much. Normal tastes include chalk, beef, fish or wood *bleurgh*

Each pack of NaturVits includes thirty gel tablets which you can see above. First impressions were that these were amazing! The CoQ10 vitamins taste like orange but not bitter orange, it's more like an orange creamsicle type of taste or a parfait type taste. The Omega-3 with Vitamin D3 is flavoured with lemon and orange and it's also a creamy lemon and orange, just like those fruity mousses you get in ASDA (yum) but this vitamin has a slightly more citrus taste than the CoQ10 does. 

CoQ10 is found in so many skincare products these days because of it's ability to reduce the signs of ageing but it's so much more important than that. CoQ10 is found in every cell in the body as it helps to provide energy so our cells can grow, repair and work effectively. It's the increase in cell energy that's said to slow down the signs of ageing but also it helps to boost energy, stamina and also protects against degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's and M.S. CoQ10 is also advised to be taken for those who have cancer or those who are trying to ensure they're chance of getting cancer is reduced. A study found that a lot of people who had cancer also had low amounts of CoQ10 in the body which is believed to have been a factor which allows cancer to metastasise - CoQ10 in normal and high levels helps to boost the immune system which would normally work at fighting off cell changes that lead to cancer - you can read more on that study here

Omega-3 with Vitamin D3 is also a great all-round vitamin as they help with everything from skin conditions, inflammatory bowel disorders, increasing memory function, reducing cardiovascular disease risk - strokes and heart attacks as well as easing rheumatic stiffness and pain. The Vitamin D3 in this supplement is an excellent addition because the prescription ones are like horse tablets! the non-prescription ones typically taste like gassy lemons and are so bad but these are delicious. Vitamin D3 especially helps the nervous system - if you have M.S, CFS, Fibromyalgia, Rheumatic pain, Lupus etc then this is excellent for you. It also helps to strengthen your bones and has that cancer-fighting benefit also. You can read more on it here

NaturVits normally cost £19.99 from Holland & Barrett's but they're sale. These vitamins are so yummy and I love that they only use natural flavourings and colourings and they're sugar-free; if you have a child that doesn't like taking vitamins I bet they're going to love these as any child over the age of three can take them. Mummy and child vitamins! what a great way to start the day huh - after a cuddle of course.  


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