Now Seen | Rainbow Moonstone Ring & Getting Hippyish

I adore gemstones and crystals and have quite a collection, I do use them in my alternative healing process but I've always been drawn to them ever since holding my mum and dads crystals. Over the years every gemstone and crystal collector finds a stone or two that they have a connection with (yes let's get a bit hippy here guys) and as a Wiccan I find affinities come naturally to me. As a night owl, I'm very much linked to the moon as are many females - the moon, after all, governs our hormones, the ebb and flow of the tide comes from the moons pull and similarly our female hormones ebb and flow in tune with the ocean. Full moons bring about craziness (or lunacy, lunacy comes from the Spanish word for moon) because of the moons pull and statistics show that ER visits are higher when the full moon is in action. 

So what's my point? If you've not guessed I'm more linked to the moon than the sun, I adore the moon, what it represents as well as how it looks and as a night owl I see it all the time and I'm always so taken when it's in full shine (who else thinks it's definitely got larger and brighter over the last few years?). Due to my affinity with the moon, I instinctively get drawn to moon crystals and gemstones such as labradorite, rainbow moonstone and Celestite as well as Sterling silver. 

I have a few pieces of jewellery with these stones but good pieces are so expensive! I was contacted by a PR who was informing me of a new website, typically I read it and save the release but this release grabbed me because it was about a new UK based company, jewellery and healing semi-precious gemstones - what's even better was these pieces were all affordable. Yes, I may have hopped right over to the website, I may have created a wishlist and then had my whole basket delete because I was on the website for f-a-a-a-r too long and yes I may have whittled 'said' wishlist down to a few pieces. Most blogger would have asked for a sample or a freebie but heck at these prices I wasn't going to even wait or to be cheeky in asking for a freebie. 

The website is Now Seen and they sell rings, pendants, necklaces and earrings - the usual stuff to be honest. Their pieces are mostly in Sterling silver or gold plated metals but each piece is so modern and is suited to the boho chick and the woman who absolutely isn't boho but appreciates a good piece of jewellery. 

Here's what I snapped up...

I adored the gemstone, naturally, it is a rainbow moonstone that's faceted slightly. The stone is a mixture of whites and translucent white-clear but you always get that gorgeous flash of blues and purple tones when the stone hits certain lights. I wanted to stick to Sterling because it's my metal of choice and I adored the chunky size and the raw hammered effect to the band. 

My only problem was the sizing. Absolutely my fault but my ring is too big *sobs* I presumed it was going to be a snug fit so I sized up - mega fail! this is the N size but I'm normally an M, sometimes a bit smaller and as you can see it literally falls off my finger. 

There was a return slip in the box which detailed a clear and easy returns process so I'll be returning this for a smaller size, I just couldn't hold the post any longer as I was too excited. This ring would cost £50 upwards, I've seen this ring sell for hundreds on other sites (Google it and you'll find the sites, I don't want to name and shame them) but it only cost £19! for 5 carats of moonstone and Sterling silver - pretty incredible huh. Here's my proof it was purchased with my own pennies and of course to show you the price *smiles* 

I will be adding some more pieces, mainly rings and necklaces over the next four weeks so will show you them (and my new, correct sized ring) as they arrive. You can check out their amazing pieces on the Now Seen website. 


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