June // Monthly Roundup

June's monthly round up came around super fast in my opinion, who else thinks time speeds up when we hit summer? *puts up hand* This month I've not blogged as much as I would have liked for personal reasons, family reasons and reasons that are pretty frustrating. When everything hits all at once (family, health and financial stresses) I tend to clam up and freeze, my brain sort of has an automatic shut off that's really hard to switch back on unless something majorly changes. 

I've been trying to work out some changes, how I can inject some excitement and make Sweet Elyse more of a 'life' blog incorporating health, beauty, style, current trends, home and everything fun and interesting rather than focusing on one topic and one topic alone. With the summer holidays now in action *groan* I have the next few weeks to get it all sorted, write some awesome features for you guys and to spend lots of time responding to your emails and comments. If you're a Scottish mumma bear with cubs that are on holiday I am sending you lots of love! 

Enough of me gabbing, here are the ten most popular posts published in June, did you miss any? 

Favourite Bloggers // 50 Awesome Bloggers You Must Follow | This is the one post that I am glad I compiled. It makes me feel more organised having my favourite blogs all listed in the one place and I have a go-to clickable banner on the right hand side of the blog so I don't have to go searching for this post - just click, choose and read.  I do plan to do updates and to show you guys what else is out there in the big world of blogs because there are so many awesome ones that go hidden under blog lovers radars. So many that can inspire, help and push you to achieve greatness - they really are the modern day girls self-help books aren't they. 

MAC Cosmetics // Moody Blooms | Lucky Green eye shadow and Quite The Thing lippy are the stand out for me in this collection - complete opposites but both equally awesome. Due to launch in July as far as I'm aware, it's fair to say I'm pretty excited about certain products in this line. 

Home Decor Wishlist // Tea & Bohemian Inspirations | Bunny's, elephants, pandas and tea everything are what inspired this wishlist. For me decor and making a house a home have always been about the little things, the things you can look at and smile, the things that you can move about, place in a certain order and items that show any visitors who you are without saying a word (ooh getting quite poetic there). If that's your bag then this wishlist is a must read. 

YSL // Leather Fetish Collection | A collection with a naughty name is sure to be popular, I love the palette - the rest intrigues me but I'll definitely be waiting for the swatches ahead of purchasing. I'd love to know if you plan on picking up anything from this collection? 

Yankee Candle // Indian Summer Collection | A few days until this collection launches, I've been burning my votives from the pre-launch offer and I have to say, they-are-incredible. The fragrance really travels throughout our home and the scent is very true to what you'd expect. 

Latest Purchases // Weird But Cute | They're still alive guys!! 

OPI // Nordic AW14 Collection | Ooh! coming soon guys, after I wrote this post I was feeling pretty meh about this collection. As we get into summer I've been looking more and more at fall releases and I do finally see how genius this colour line up is. I'm stoked and I want in on the action although I've not decided what's the stand out shade yet. Any ideas?

Too Faced // Smitten Kitten Collection | One of my most popular posts this month but that was no surprise because the key products in this collection are outstanding. Country and Rock N Roll provide shades and formula's to suit everyone and I really cannot fault either of those products. 

ELF Cosmetics // Moisturising Lipstick | It's soft, powerful and lasts all day for a teeny-weeny price. This lipstick excels even more so than other brands and I'd put it on par with my Dior lippies in terms of application, although this lasts longer than my Dior lipsticks. 

Anna Sui // Wishlist | So... I did pick up Anna Sui Boheme and I plan to get you guys that review this week. Let's just say this wishlist is a true wishlist and I 'will' be making my way through it easily. 

I have some ideas about where I plan to take Sweet Elyse over the next six months, I hope you enjoy the changes as they come and every change I do is based on what you guys are liking, sharing, pinning and emailing. I've found my mojo so let's do this! on-wards to July!! 

Bronde Hair // The New 'IT' Hair Colour

Blonde hair and brown hair have always been subdivided, with blonde's 'having more fun' and brown's been viewed as being more seriously, sultry and sophisticated. Those with blonde hair have probably considered or had brown hair and vice-versa; it's easy to consider the opposite colour when you've spent a lot of your life with one shade. 

The new IT colour for 2014 considers both of these favourites and has been called 'bronde' *sigh* when will the need to mishmash two words stop; anyhow the bronde look is as you guessed, blonde and brown but it's not as simple and defined as it seems. Bronde varies from a golden, warmer version of brown to brown with blonde highlights featuring around the front of the face to brighten up the look. Basically, anything that's in between dirty blonde, golden blonde, caramels, light browns and warm browns is now called 'bronde' and while it sounds crap I do think the bronde look is pretty fantastic. 

First up it's low maintenance as most of the highlights are small and blend extremely well into the overall look, this means that any root growth isn't going to be hugely noticeable especially if you have more of a warmer tone in your normal hair colour. 

It's great for those who have spent years damaging their hair with peroxide as you can now reduce the amount of damage with small areas of blonde allowing your hair to grow and repair while still having a blonde look. 

It brightens up the face and lifts the skin tone, it's suitable for all ages and suits all hair styles too. It really is the must have shade - I spent my teens being a blonde and my young adult years as a blonde and black haired woman. I've always wanted to go back to a lighter shade but could never commit due to the upkeep and the chance of it burning my scalp (sensitive scalp). With the bronde however, I could absolutely start by just framing the areas around my face and see how it goes, if I hate it the growth won't be a huge problem. 

I've searched high and low for the best products for the job, products that will get your hair to where you want it to be without being hugely destructive. Here they are...

L'Oreal Sunkiss Jelly // If I opt to go bronde I will be using this product first and it was this product that inspired me to write this post. It's basically a jelly version of sun in where you apply it and the heat/sun gently lightens your hair. I love that it's a jelly because you can really get specific with your application, whereas Sun In was pretty hit-or-miss with it's spray application. 

Lee Stafford Lightening Spray // The Lee Stafford version of Sun In. Citrus liquid is sprayed onto the hair and again heat/sun lightens the hair. 

Bleach DIY Dip Dye Kit // Less Sun In more peroxide, Bleach are pretty awesome and so many people are reaching for this brand to get their magical rainbow unicorn hairstyles. Dip dye is a great option but honestly, there's a lot of upkeep (unless your dip is near to your hair colour). You could use this dip dye kit to apply it to pieces of hair along the hairline to frame your face naturally. 

Touch of Silver Weekly Treatment // OK so you've hit the peroxide and gone bronde, Touch of Silver is the best product for maintaining your natural 'onde' With time blondes can turn yellow due to our crappy air, fumes, pollution, beauty products etc... Touch of Silver is purple toned which is on the opposite end of the colour scale to yellow so it neutralises it, leaving you with blonde looking blonde tones. 

John Frieda Lightening Shampoo // If you have highlights and just want to brighten them to even out your tone to a warmer caramel then this shampoo is perfect. Use as normal to get a gradual effect or apply, leave like you would do a hair mask and cover your hair with cling film (or a towel with a hair dryer) before washing out for quicker results. 

Who's joining the bronde revolution? Keep your eyes peeled for my bronde makeover and Sunkiss review (heads to Boots to purchase it sharpish). 

Favourite Bloggers // 50 Blogs You Must Follow

This is either going to be a post you love or hate. If your a list lover then I hope you have the time of your life because this post features fifty awesome blogs for you to blog hop over to. I adore reading other blogs, those I love I tend to follow on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter as I really feel an affinity with what they are putting out - those blogs that I love come from varied genres but there's always at least one thing they all have in common and that would be inspiration, a blog has to inspire me or help me in some way to keep me hooked. 

I follow lots of blogs from beauty, crafts, lifestyle, fitness and lots of boho inspired blogs. I adore ones that hold a unique appeal, offering something different whether it be the topics they discuss, the design of their blog or even their photography and style of writing. I got to the point where I followed lots of blogs but I was only visiting the same ones over and over and in all honesty, I grew board. I then decided to try searching for a mixed list of blogs suited to feminine interests and couldn't find any - none! granted there are ones with architecture, specifically fitness, specifically cooking and baking or style but no mixed ones. 

I decided to change that! Over the last week I've been compiling my favourite blogs - the ones that I follow everywhere and actually look forward to visiting. They're features are interesting, their style and overall coolness leaves me inspired and I hope, you too can find a new blog to add to your favourites. 

This list compiles 50 of the best, you may not see your favourite or the most statistically popular blog listed below - and that's a good thing! it's great to get out of a rut every so often and I have found so many of the hugely hyped and popular blogs are beginning to get too commercial and samey-samey as their competitors. These blogs are all popular but I'd still class many of them as hidden gems, I expect to see these more and more over the next few years. 

So enough rambling from me, here they are in alphabetical order...

Ana Goes Green 
A Night Owl Blog | No longer available.
A Cup of Jo
A Beautiful Mess 
Apartment Therapy
Buy Now Blog Later
Beauty Full Homes
Being Little
Cupcakes and Cherries
Cult of Pretty
Design Love Fest 
Do Not Refreeze
Dear Lizzy
Dwelling Gawker
Eighteen 25
From Moon to Moon
For Strange Women
Free People Blog
Gennine's Art Blog
Hello I'm a Paper Addict
I Heart Organizing
Kourtney Kardashian
Lovely Stationery
London Beauty Queen
Life Set Sail
Meet Me At Mikes
Moon to Moon
Made By Girl 
Oh Joy!
Paper Panda
Paper Love Story
Plant Propaganda
Pony Gold 
Poppy Talk
Rotten Otter
Sarah Wilson 
SF Girl by Bay
Sorta Crunchy 
Stoned Immaculate Vintage 
The Hippy Homemaker
The Sunday Girl 
Vampy Varnish
Wellness Mama 
Your Zen Life

Did you spot any of your favourites? Is there any blogs not listed that are your 'must visits'? Please comment with the url's as I'd love to check them out guys. 

Too Faced // Smitten Kitten AW14 Collection

Too Faced just launched their Smitten Kitten collection for 'fall' and it's a cutie guys. It's not huge but the details in this make up for the size, the packaging as usual is super sweet and for once everything is absolutely wearable both day and night. 

You can see where the Smitten Kitten theme comes from with the Cats Eye palette and I get the whole sexiness of some of the products but there is also an inner music theme going on with their Country and Rock N Roll palettes too - take a peek below and comment with which palette you would go for? are you a bit naughty (Rock N Roll) or angelic (Country)? 
Cat Eyes // This ferociously feminine eye shadow and liner collection consists of nine shades of shadow in a variety of finishes - matte, glitter and shimmers in nudes, warm and cool tones that can be worn wet or dry; there's something for every occasion with this palette. 

Rock N Roll // Smoky eyes lovers, Gothic princesses and sexy lay-dee's are going to be all over this, look at the colour line up, it's incredible! This palette contains both mattes and metallics so you can really mix up your look going all out or adding a subtle amount of smoke to your outer eyelids. 

Country // The palette has more of an innocent edge, with sparkle and shimmery shades to really prettify your look. 

La Creme Lip Balm // Six buttery soft tinted lip treatments with black currant seed oil and hyaluronic filler that leaves your lips temporary plumped up and white lotus flower which works as an antioxidant - what's not to love? The available shades are; Like Buttah, Honey Bunny, Pink Slip, Peachy Keen, Just Kissed and Plum Craze. 

La Creme Colour Drenched Lipstick // One shade but it's an awesome shade which is really suited to all skin tones. It's called Country Star and I do feel really excited about this one for sure. 

24 Hour Bulletproof Liners // Eight shades that are suppose to last 24 hours, completely blendable and you can wear as a liner or as a full coverage eye shadow without the crepiness. I've not tried these so can't vouch for the full coverage finish but I definitely love the look of these especially heading into autumn. Shades available are; Blackout, Dirt Bag, Get Lucky, Mink, Purple Rain, Ooh & Aah, Silver Lining and White Lie. 
Hangover Replenishing Face Primer // Touted as being an energy drink for your skin, this face primer not only gives your makeup a secure base to adhere to but is said to leave your face looking hydrated, revived and radiant. 

The collection is available right now in the US from Ulta and hopefully will make it's way here next month (hopefully) I honestly don't know the date for the UK yet but will keep you posted. 

Latest Purchases // Weird But Cute

I go through little moments where I absolutely 'need' to have something. Typically it's home decor items or jewellery and rarely makeup but my recent urge to purchase was cacti - I owned lots of dinky cactus plants as a child but growing up but as soon as I moved into my own home I lost my green touch and could never keep any plants alive, dammit I tried really hard but nope I managed to kill even the un-killable ones. This put me off buying anymore because I didn't want to end up killing them, especially cute cacti but I couldn't shake the need to own one or two. I did lots of research and searching and found nothing affordable (for a possible plant killer like me) or nothing that was already grown (there's lots of seeds but who has time for that?) that is until I was shopping in ASDA and found these cuties! 

I couldn't believe it, three cute cactus and succulent plants in dinky coloured pots - I do plan to change the pots to geo styled ceramic ones, I just need to get my finger out and get my craft on. I'll post the tutorial for the pots once I get round to it - promise. 

The cactus collections cost only £4 and come in various styles, coloured pots and plant shapes. These three remind me of some of the ones I had as a child so I grabbed them straight away, I want a fuzzy chubby one that grows pink dainty flowers, just need to figure out the name of them so if anyone knows that would be fantastic help? 

This little fella was a spur of the moment purchase. I'm not normally an ornament girl because I simply don't have the room in my dinky house (it's a small two bed, with five hoo-mans) but every so often I spot one that I have to take home, the last was my sage green Buddha from B&M's of all places - this came from Ebay but it's in amazing condition as you can see. 

It's a Disney Traditions Mad Hatter ornament - I adore Alice in Wonderland and especially love the Mad Hatter and Cheshire Cat, the Mad Hatter in particular has a really deep meaning for me which I know sounds crazy but I do make affiliations with things that I can't shake. The affiliation with this is that you can have a touch of the crazy's, a background of mental health problems or a family history of mental health and still be awesome just like the Mad Hatter. Growing up my family did have problems and I hated the stigma attached to it, I grew up assuring myself that I would not fall prey to mental health issues but, I did. I was very aware and got help thankfully but I still felt ashamed, dirty even that I was outcast with this stigma. 

Everytime I see the Mad Hatter whether it be in a book, an illustration or in collectible form it reminds me that it's OK for me to be myself. It's OK to not have it all together all of the time. If I ever feel down and I see this little guy it pulls me right back out of my funk and I feel so lucky to have it, it really was a spur of the moment purchase while looking for a birthday present late at night on Ebay - I was feeling down at the time so maybe it's karma? who knows. 

Do you have any recent purchases that are out of your normal shopping habits? I'd love to hear about them. 

Burberry // Summer Showers Collection

I'm always somewhere in the middle with the Burberry beauty collections but every-so-often one comes along and I'm all over it. Burberry Summer Showers is one of those 'all over it' collections as it's so juicy and happy. 

I love how streamlined they've made this collection, rather than have ten or twenty various shades with names that bear no resemblance to the shade, with colours that are so far off the scale and packaging that's kawaii or kooky they've gone in a complete opposite way to other brands with a collection that's sleek, chic and sophisticated - I love it! 

Each of these products were created to give a translucent wash of colour to highlight your natural beauty and give you a healthy glow. The formula consists of 50% water (Fresh Glow Blush and Lip Glow Balm) so each application will feel really light and natural on the skin. There are three shades available in each product; Orange Poppy, Pink Peony and Pink Azalea

Burberry Nail Polishes (£15) // These polishes promise a high-gloss finish that lasts all day, quicker drying times and a rock hard, chip free formula. You know these sound too good to be true right? I so badly want to try these just to road test their promises. 

Burberry Fresh Glow Blush (£26) // A sheer wash of colour that aims to leave you looking naturally flushed and dewy. The 50% water formula leaves you feeling cool, comfortable and chic. 

Burberry Lip Glow Balm (£23) // Tinted balm that contains SPF, tea extracts, rosehip and lavender to protect and soothe your lips all day long. 

Burberry Fresh Glow BB Cream (£30) // This hasn't been pictured but the formula works in the typical BB manner - hydrates, covers but not heavily, conceals blemishes and irregular skin tones and contains SPF20. What's not to love? Protection - coverage and comfort. 

You can actually purchase this collection right now from John Lewis and Harrods. 

Orly // *whispers* Sparkle Holiday Collection

Don't hate me but, Orly Sparkle Holiday 2014 Collection has to be featured cause it's so shiny and purdy. I know it's a holiday collection and I know it's still Summer but it's best to plan ahead huh. 

Due for release in September this collection consists of six gorgeous [festive] polishes that are jam packed with shiny glitter particles in all shapes and colours. 

Bling // Dark gold 
Explosion of Fun // Shimmering electric pink and purple. 
Glitterbomb // Multi-coloured glitter. 
Mirrorball // Holographic silver. 
Steal The Spotlight // Shimmering turquoise. 
Tinsel // A festive mixture of green and red glitter pieces. 

Here's the picture of the glitter pieces, there's varied sizes so there's something to suit all tastes - personally I love Tinsel, which funnily enough reminds me of cherries too for some reason? 
While you maybe hating these right now with the sun shining and the trend for whites, neon's and pastels going on I can assure you come autumn, you're going to love these. I adore warm shades of gold, pine tree green and reds in the darker months and can absolutely imagine myself rocking these from September on wards. 

My only irk if I had to be picky would be the pink, I wish it was burgundy, wine or red - anything but pink. Don't get me wrong I adore pinks but in the autumn not so much. Once launched you'll get these from Nail Polish Direct (which are my go-to polish brand as they offer current polishes at lower prices and their customer service is fab). 

So.... do you hate me yet? 

Dior // Colour Icons Pre-Fall Collection

Dior's Colour Icons Collection is due for release next month in Nordstrom - hopefully it will make it's way here as it looks lovely. Dior rarely if ever create a pre-fall collection but having been inspired by Raf Simons' pre-fall fashion line, this collection consists of warm and inviting colours and clean lines - fall shades at their best. 

Dior Nail Artistry Box // A little bit different, this limited edition box contains one Dior Vernis mini lacquer in Chrome, one Dior Gel Coat, one sheet of Swarovski Elements Crystal Sparkling Stones, one set of precision tweezers so you can apply the Swarovski and two Dior stencil sheets consisting of Lucky Star and Clover Charm; there's also a handbook that comes with the kit filled with illustrations, pro tips and tutorials so you can create lots of fabulous nail art looks. 

Dior Vernis // Three limited edition polishes available - Reflects, Night Shock and Tout paris.  

Dior 3-Couleurs Eyeshadow // Wow-wee I adore this, it's absolutely exquisite. Shades of gold are always perfect for Autumn (who else just want to call it fall?). The official limited edition shade is Smoky Gold. 

Diorblush // One shade, Rose Libertine but it's a good one. Rose blush is 'in' every season.

Dior Fusion Mono Eyeshadow // Two shades of fabulous shimmery shadow - Trompe L'Oeil (smokey blue) and Reveuse (shimmering silver). 

Dior Addict Fluid Stick // Two limited edition shades - Rose Tricheuse, Mona Lisette. 

Rouge Dior Lipstick // Available in La Vie (Classic red) and Tout Paris (vibrant fuchsia) - I get the red, the fuchsia not so much. 

Diorshow Art Pen //Cruise Blue Blue is a deep navy that adds depth without being overly Gothic, I adore this shade.

You can pick these up next month from Nordstrom and Nordstrom online who do deliver to the UK. What do you think? I adore those gold tones personally.  

Giveaway // David Designer Swimwear & Pamela Mann Tights Competition

I was kindly offered the chance of reviewing a piece of swimwear from Patricia Eve Ltd who stock lots of designer swimwear brands, the piece I chose is the David Swimwear black and white circles one piece. I'm a mummy to three boys, my body was stretched beyond limits when pregnant due to having big babies, pre-eclampsia and gestational diabetes - it stretched so much the bottom part of my bumps skin went completely numb, the skin had stretched too far and now I do have loose skin that won't ever go back to normal (totally worth it as I have 3 awesome boys). Because of that there's no way I'd rock a two piece and you know I'm OK with that because I do feel you can look incredible in a one piece. 

I chose this piece because it has moulded breast cups so you don't have to worry about sagging or falling out of your costume, it has a tummy control panel and a wrap effect to really give your silhouette definition and excellent lines. I found it was really comfortable and didn't ride up when I walked about, getting out of the water it doesn't creep into places that requires you to hoick it out leading to some funny glares (I know you all know what I'm talking about).  

The David Swimwear range is an Italian brand that's split into three groups - a young dynamic range called ''David Fashion''; a shaping collection called ''David Solutions'' and ''David Iconique'' which consists of a range of cover ups and kaftan's. Clearly my piece is from the solutions because that's what I needed, a solution to my jiggly bits, to improve my confidence and to allow me to go to the beach or out swimming with my sons. 

I've tried other 'shapewear' type of swimsuits and to be honest I found they were either made of flimsy materials that did indeed ride up in the wrong places, the legs were cut too high or the bottom too high or the tummy panels didn't hold me in leaving me feeling self-conscious and uncomfortable. I particularly love that this is dark because see through light tones are never pretty when getting out of the water - ever! 

Here's a close look at the support. Nothing digs in and nothing pops out - you're all good in this piece. 

Pamela Mann tights are also one of my favourite brands for hosiery, I've featured them before and have headed to My Tights on many occasions to purchase tights and stockings. They literally sell all styles, colours, brands and designs but at affordable prices. 

These tights are the Tight Rope Walker tights in clear and in black. They show a little tight rope walker walking along your thigh, just a small detail but one that's super cute. 

I'm hosting a giveaway at the moment as a way of thank you for being awesome. There's two prizes up for grabs which are... 

Prize One: David Black & White Circles Swimwear kindly donated by Patricia Eve Ltd and a selection of mystery goodies donated by myself. The one piece is a size 12 but is suited to size 10, 12 and a 14 in my opinion. This total prize is worth over £100. 

Prize Two: Pamela Mann Tight Rope Walker Tights which are 'one size' these are absolutely gorgeous and so unique, these were kindly donated by Pamela Mann. I am also donated some mystery goodies which I know you guys will adore. 

So how do you enter? 

Click the 'Summer Giveaway' image below to be taken to the static page with all of the deets' and the Rafflecopter form. It's also available on my Facebook page (they're linked so your entries on here will be the same on the FB Rafflecopter). 

Edit: This has now ended. 

* PR Sample / Giveaway Collab* 

Celebrities // 10 Awesome Pics

It's easy to find inspiration in all things for me it tends to come from online sources - quotes, images and photographs. I rarely feel inspired by celebrity images because let's face it they're usually promoting something, bragging about something or just show offy. 

These ten images stood out to me for one reason or another and I figured I'd change things up here on the blog and post them. Some have done the rounds on the net, others you may just be seeing for the first time. Here goes... 

Gaga looking semi normal. Love it, although her bath water looks gross! I just don't get the wig? I've also been trying to find out what those products and candle are in the background, any ideas? 

I so badly want Ashley Tisdale's hair which is why this is being featured, the cut, shape and everything is so gorgeous - I'm seriously debating getting this cut. Thoughts??

I may get some hate for this but Cheryl Cole's not a great singer, she is a fantastic dancer though and I love watching the dance segments in her live (pahahaha) shows and her latest advert - WOWSERS! Her body and fierceness in this image is so inspiring and makes me want to get up and move and let's be honest she looks so much better without those noughties long wavy extensions.  

At first I thought Erin O'Connor was posing for a modelling project with a prosthetic bump. I was wrong, she is in fact 8 1/2 months pregnant and in my opinion superhuman. She looks incredible - don't you think? Brave but yet beautiful, I wish I had pictures like this of my three pregnancies but I looked like a flubbering whale (being petite with big babies is not flattering). 

Who would have thought these two would be BFF's? Imagine how incredible it would be to hang with these two. I use to think Nicole was too prissy, hated her on her first American Idol/X Factor USA (can never remember which it is) judging role as she seemed too bitchy but when she came over here she rocked!! P.S who else is crushing on Kelly's hair? 

OK I know she's so skinny but the reason I love this picture is because Milly Mackintosh has been working her butt off to get 'fit'. Increasing her muscle tone and fitness overall is a positive thing to do and although she's skinny, you can see the work that she's put in. She also inspired me to get fit *groan* 

Jennifer Lopez's #iwokeuplikethis #realface selfie has been making the rounds. I love that she's showing you don't need makeup to look and feel beautiful. Not sure she woke up like that though? Maybe some primping somehow as she looks illuminated, dewy and primped slightly.

Justin Bieber's has gone off the rails but recently he's been trying to make changes to put it right apparently. He's started going to Sunday school or church and apparently he's back with Selena, as much as I'm not into celebrity gossip the mother in me wishes he would sort himself out. This picture is a nice change from his usual crazy images of partying and wild moments. 

Wow-Wee beautiful mama! Kelly's going to be joining mummy club, it's reported that she's having a little boy - she looks so radiant and beautiful. 

I love this simply because Rosie's (Huntington-Whiteley) bunny ears are incredibly beautiful. I can't stop wishing I owned them, no idea where I'd wear them too but incredible all the same. 

Have you seen any inspiring or interesting online images recently? 

Personal Truths // Asking For Help

When I started this blog a few years ago it was always intended to be a source of inspiration - a place here others could enjoy features based on real life, real stories that show triumph and real reviews with products that are judged on their usefulness and not because they're 'hyped' or I've been asked to review them. 

I've noticed that the real life posts aren't that popular but the emails I receive from others who totally get those posts mean the world to me. I write many of my real life posts from a place of understanding, I realise there are others who are suffering greater experiences than I am and to those people I reach out. My overall aim in life is to help anyone and everyone - I live to help (too much to be honest) others where possible because if someone is struggling that little glimmer of hope that comes from someone helping you unconditionally, expecting nothing in return can turn that crappy situation round or at least get you through the day knowing you're not alone. 

I rarely ask for anything in return. I find it hard to ask for help and to trust (I know a lot of people can understand this) but I'm working on it. When you've been hurt so much it takes time to build yourself back up. When you're going through bad situations, it takes a lot of time to get yourself back to normality and when you're ill - days feel likes years and months like eternity. 

As I write this 'honestly' I am in tears. I feel bad about crying because I rarely do it but there comes a point where everything gets on top of you and the only outlet is to cry. For the past five years my health's plagued me. Factoring in my small children and being ill I was left feeling like a failure, I do have mummy guilt about being ill and I've worked my butt off trying to reclaim my health. Eventually after taking some pretty strong injections suited to cancer patients (I don't have cancer) I reclaimed my life back to the point of being able to take my kids to school. To clean the house, to start my blog and to get back working. 

Stopping the injections resulted in some side effects but all I could care about was having my life back for my sons. Hugs, playing, walking - I could do it all without pain. You may have noticed recently that I've discussed the physical things such as allergies, cysts, bumps and such and while they are deeply upsetting I rarely discussed the other issues that clearly were the factors that were causing the physical symptoms described above. 

I have tried everything and nothing seems to be improving my situation. I'm so frustrated and feel as though I'm fighting my own body, to keep my life, to do more with my sons and to never EVER go back to the point of not being capable of lifting, cooking, walking and getting out of the house. I studied for a degree in health and medical sciences to try and find a cure for my issues, I study daily (no joke) reading up on health and medical journals, alternative medicine and diets that ''could'' help improve my symptoms just hoping to one day have a month without symptoms, for me that would be a dream. 

The mummy guilt eats me up most nights. Knowing that I'll be in pain for days after going to the park or lifting up my son to play is just not fair, they've adjusted exceptionally well but I just hate how unfair it is on them. I hate them having to see me taking my medications, I hate them seeing me wince in pain when I've done something tough or see me grab a wall as I'm ready to black out from dizziness. I hate them also thinking that mummy's just 'tired' all of the time, that mummy must be lazy because she can't do what they do or even worry that they might end up getting this when they're older. When you have poor health it's easy to see who you can rely on and that stark truth hurts even more than the pain - you'll see best friends and family members turn their back on you just because they can't see the conditions - you can't see heart disease, liver disease or mental health but those conditions are readily accepted as bad (on occasion) conditions, so why can't auto-immune and hereditary conditions be viewed in a similar manner? 

I've personally tried, acupuncture, magnet therapy, reiki, positive thinking, colon cleanses, eating 100% gluten free including skincare, beauty and hair care products (still doing this), I've tried 100% raw-vegan, I've tried 80/10/10, I've tried eating a banana diet, I've tried enema's (lots of variations), alkali diet, paleo diet,  I've tried drinking potions, applying lotions and lots of wonderful pulse point tricks, supplements and exercises. If it's affordable chances are I've tried it. I never give up hope. 

See my issues are that I try something and it works for a week or two, possibly three. As soon as my body gets use to it, my body fights back. The results are rashes, scabs, huge cysts, GERD (at extreme levels), migraines (daily), nausea, sickness, blacking out, head scabs, hair loss, pain - SO much pain!, colitis flaring up, severe heart palpitations (that suffocate me as they hold for too long), heart shaking, breathlessness and a whole lot more....  While many of these symptoms are manageable normally, I tend to get them bad. Huge cysts all over my face and scalp, rashes that cover my neck, inner arms and stomach and breasts constantly and hair loss. This alone is enough to affect your confidence.  

If I try a natural skincare product that contains anything lab grown or grown from GMO (SLS, Parabens, Synthetic anything) then I can be sure the symptoms will start after one to two weeks of use. I've taken my routine as natural as I can in my diet and skincare routine but of course the two worlds coincide. If you eat something the symptoms come out on your body and skin, if you apply something then it can affect you internally. For me it feels like a no-win-situation. I know reading this it may sound a bit prissy - some spots, allergies who does this girl think she is? The reality is that I do have many conditions, most auto-immune and most are pretty hellish - I don't want to list them because I'm never going to be someone who looks for attention or looks to get sympathy for something others are struggling through (and worse). 

I mentioned that I rarely ask for help, I am now asking if anyone can help me? Have you gone through anything like this? Did you find something to help you for the short or long term? Have you found products that you could use that caused no side effects? How did you manage mummy guilt? You can email me on sweetelysepr@gmail.com if you don't want to comment below or Tweet, hopefully some options will be enough for others to get some help too. Let's help each other if we can. 

Normal blogging will resume tomorrow, I promise. Much love to you all.