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I adore cutesy brands and especially love anything Korean. It's the packaging that suckers me in although I do tend to limit my cutesy purchases because I don't want to look like a hipster. In your teens and twenties it's cute, in your thirties there has to be a line that's drawn to separate the cutesy from the trying too hard?

I saw this top coat polish while specifically looking for cute non-UK branded polishes, I love that it has a hint of cute but without the childish packaging. I had initially been eyeing up the Etude House XOXO Minnie Mouse collection but found the Minnie head glitter was always sold out and the packaging did veer too much on the childish side so I left it; just as I was about to give up I found this little beauty - a top coat with teeny pearl iridescent glitter particles and larger pink hearts suspended in a clear base. It really looked perfect because I wanted something that had personality but I could wear, clear bases are far more wearable that coloured polishes aren't they. 

Here is what was received...

At first I was happy. I had actually forgot that I'd ordered this to be honest and it really brightened up my day, I've been feeling poop recently and my mums back in hospital so these cute hearts were enough to make me smile. 

As you can tell I rushed to try it out (this was taken in the kitchen), no fancy filters or backdrops for this polish unfortunately. My initial reaction was excited but it went down hill from there see the hearts and glitter particles were all clumped in the centre of the polish and no amount of shaking would separate them. The clear polish was also quite thick and gloopy and it wasn't crystal clear, as you can see it's quite cloudy - not a huge issue but I did expect it to be clear like most branded ones are. 

Trying it out I found the layers were thick, easy to apply and the bottle was excellent for gripping while applying. The brush was OK, I didn't notice any issues applying the polish with it but the hearts did not want to stay on my fingers, I had to literally scoop out a few hearts to dot them on which left the overall finish clumpy and gloopy. Two hours after application the hearts flaked off and it had chipped. The teeny iridescent particles are very pretty and those alone make this polish worthwhile. 

I think had I applied this, added the hearts and waited for it to dry and then, applied another coat to even it out all would have been fine. Failing that I do plan to purchase some teeny metal ball bearings to add to the lower priced bottles to ensure they mix well when shaken, those little balls do the world of good and I find the best polishes all have them. I would recommend this though as a low cost, fun polish and especially great for little girlies who want to use polish but don't want a huge mess - I purchased this from Ebay for 59p and £2.39 postage. 

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