Summer Blog Sale or Swap // Trying To Claim Back Our Home [Closed]

The sale can be found here / Edit: Finished. 

I recently asked you guys if you fancied a wee blog sale and the answer was YES! hubster has been moaning for a while because we have no room, I'm desperate to get my bedroom decorated but he says we can't until we've decluttered otherwise it would end up a shambles and after all he is the decorator in the household *sigh*. I know myself that a good clean out was needed as my skin colour, tone and of course my celiacs have resulted in things not being suitable for me anymore. 

I was previously someone who would keep a product just 'encase' it would come to use in the future. I kept things because they were current and modern even when deep down I knew they didn't suit me and I did use to have a tendency to stockpile some of my favourite products. Of course I did receive press samples, sometimes multiples of the same product - pr companies do at times send out products without informing you, especially if they have your address on file and it's because of this that duplicates happen. I mean seriously who really needs four of the same item at one time?? 

There's lots of products which are all being sold for affordable prices or available to swap. Artdeco, Sleek, Illamasqua, Vita Liberata, Skinceuticals, Verdesse, NYX, MUA and Sampar among a few brands, I'm sure there's something to suit all and most are either new, swatched (for blog pictures) or used once or twice. At the moment you will find skincare, haircare, makeup, accessories and I do plan to add some clothes and nail polishes this weekend. This blog sale will only be live for 4 weeks and then it's over to Ebay they go. 

I do accept Paypal, cheque (longer waiting time), postal orders or Swaps!!! Yes you read that right, I do accept swaps and bartering so please link to your sale or let me know what you have to swap - here are some things I love but of course I'm open to all swaps, even the cray-cray ones. 

* Anything boho & bohemian
* Home items
* Handmade items
* Ornaments
* Alternative therapy products
* Books  
* Stationery
* Cute things
* Notebooks / Journals / Paper goods
* Size 12 clothing

What you waiting for? head over to the sale page HERE or on the link above. 

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