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It's no secret that I suffer from celiacs and I have been having a skin and hair care issue for so long, it's actually still on-going and really upsets me. I've tried changing my products, I've tried using little to nothing to using the most scientific products around. I've tried antibiotics, herbal treatments, liquid skin antibiotics (currently still using) and even apple cider vinegar (when you get that desperate walking around smelling like a chippy isn't the worst thing). 

I've cried over my skin, I've cried over my hair loss and I've had appointment after appointment with doctors with each giving different reasons, it comes down to hormones and allergies to simplify it. When I use a shampoo that my body doesn't agree with it affects me in a range of ways depending on the offending ingredients strength, symptoms range from itchiness (which drives me crazy), face ulcers, boils, face swelling, blood blisters, huge weeping sores and hair loss. 

For the past month or so every single day at bath time I've broken out in a flat rash on my stomach and my inner arms. I literally looked like a crazy woman in ASDA, crouching down reading the ingredient list on ALL brand they stocked when I ran out a few weeks back - the only product that didn't contain a whole paragraph of nasties was Timotei Pure (£1 ASDA's). Timotei Pure doesn't contain parabens, silicones or colourants but did contain SLS (which most high street stocked shampoo's do). I wasn't happy about the SLS but I was desperate! 

Trying it out I found my rash wasn't as bad, still faintly there but not as bad. It cleaned my hair but not as well as the Vosene did and I struggled to get the bubbles out, only noticing them when I was out and brushing my hair (after rinsing multiple times). Anyhow my hair looked clean, healthy and shiny and my fall out never increased. I was worried though because most brands such as this one do really well for one to three weeks and then my body ATTACKS! as though it enjoys me falling into a false sense of security. 

I decided to keep searching for something that would really work and work for longer than a month. I wanted the rash to be gone and further down the line, I wanted my clear skin and healthy hair back. This search leads me to JASON's new Gluten-Free range, I have been avidly searching for a gluten-free range that looks equally attractive. I literally spoke about this to my cousin six months back and I'm sure I mentioned it on here about the lack of brands taking into consideration gluten and wheat allergies and conditions especially given the number of ingredients that come from these sources (Vitamin E, wheat germ, butter, corn ingredients and keratin's, etc). 

The JASON range is certified gluten-free but the GFCO and all are fragrance-free. I picked up the shampoo and the body lotion for obvious reasons.  The shampoo costs £6.49 for a mahoosive 480 ml bottle and contains Babassu Oil, Vitamin E, Rosemary and Chamomile to help soothe the scalp and give shine back to the hair. 

You know what....? 

I got no rashes from this product whatsoever. It left my hair clean, shiny and soft although you have to use slightly more product due to it not having SLS in it - I'd rather use more product to get a good lather than use a little product with a ton of nasties in it, wouldn't you?

The Hand and Body Lotion costs £7.99 and also comes in a decent sized 250g tube. Again my skin has gradually been improving I do feel due to the liquid antibiotics, normally the addition of a new cream 'may' have left it breaking out of inflamed but this has soothed my skin so well, I also use this on my three sons and we've had no dryness, flakiness, rashes or other dodgy side effects which I do feel is due to the addition of Aloe Vera and Avocado Oils. 

JASON also offers conditioner, body wash and hand soap which are all sold at affordable prices. I am so in love with this range because it looks pretty left out (I know, I'm so sad huh) and it does what it's supposed to without causing upsetting side effects. 

I'm also impressed at the sheer size of the products - if you're a thrifty, mindful mama *high-five* or an avid skincare user you must give this a try as you will without a doubt see a positive change in your skin and scalp. Those with celiac disease or even wheat intolerance, don't hesitate to purchase or consider this as a viable and safe option because you do not want to leave it until the point of having to deal with a face and head full of ulcers. It's not nice guys - You may not have symptoms now but this doesn't mean things can't change quickly. 

If you want to check out the range you can do so on the JASON website


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