Riddle // What's Your True Fashion Style

I love quizzes and when Laura from A Daisy Chain Dream blog let me know she'd created one for Riddle I knew I had to try it out. This quiz asks you a few questions such as your favourite colour, who your fashion icon is and how specific clothes makes you feel, while they do seem like pretty normal questions I actually had to stop and think for a moment and some made me realise more about my own style than I actually realised. 

Laura has long been one of my favourite bloggers and honestly she's such a beaut', you never read about her being snotty or thinking she's mightier than other bloggers (so many bloggers do this and it can be off-putting, it has put me off commenting on my favourite blogs before). She constantly changes up her features and I have to admit, I LOVE everything she buys - I may just hire her to buy all of my stuff if I win the lottery - Laura, you up for that if I win the lotto chicky? 

Show your support for Laura by visiting  Riddle here, if you want to test it out to see if it's en-point then you can do so by answering the questions directly above. What answer did you all get? I got RELAXED

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